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JetBlue passenger kicked off flight after yelling at Ivanka Trump

  • JetBlue kicked a male passenger off a flight Thursday after they verbally harassed incoming first daughter Ivanka Trump. 
  • “Your father is ruining the country,” a male passenger yelled at Trump, who was traveling coach from JFK Airport along with her three children.
  • “Why is she on our flight?” the man continued, “She should be flying private.”
  • When JetBlue employees removed the man from the flight, he reportedly yelled, “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?” Read more

Trumpsters are slitting their wrists and pretending to care about women after a man told Ivanka Trump that her pussy grabber of a father was ruining the country during a flight on JetBlue yet they were radio silent when 1) Michelle Obama was called an ape in heels and her family was subject to countless racist remarks for 8 years, 2) the pussy grabber said if she wasn’t his daughter he’d be dating and 3) when asked what he had in common with her during an interview said pussy grabber answered with “sex”. I love double standards🤔

It’s You || Ashton Irwin

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I M A G I N E 

You were sat on your couch watching TV. There was nothing better to do, considering your best friends are in a band together travelling the world to spread their fantastic music. As much as you wanted to come, their management said that I’d only be a distraction and wouldn’t be able to help much. And as much as you wanted to be offended, you know the management just wanted the best for their careers, as well as you did. But they did a lot of serious damage between you and your boyfriend, Ashton. 

Today was his birthday, and of course you were intending to fly over to celebrate. But, as you were sorting out the details to do so, you received a call from the management. They were not pleased with your relationship with Ashton and would act as a distraction for him. They convinced you not to come, or else you would ruin his career… or so they claimed, anyhow. It was a heartbreaking and difficult decision, but you stayed home and told Ashton that you couldn’t come because you didn’t have much money and needed to work for the rent. And as many pleads as he did to send you money to help you out, you refused it and stayed. It was a sick lie that not you still have not gotten over.

Now here you were at home, alone, as your boyfriend celebrated his birthday without you. And truthfully, you hated it. Because Ashton would always call you, saying how he would do anything to get you there to celebrate his 22nd birthday. It made you frown and hate yourself for not standing up to the management. You doubted that you’d ruin their careers by just celebrating with them. You should’ve ordered that ticket when you had the time and flew out there without their consent because you loved those boys more than they ever could. Suddenly, your phone rang, interrupting you from your frustrated thoughts. You saw that it was Ashton and lightened up. 

“Ashton! Hey! Happy birthday, baby!” You picked up and cheered, smiling widely. But, you were greeted with silence and a few sniffles. Someone was… crying? “Ashton, is that you? Are you all right?”

“Y/N…” Ashton finally spoke in a hush tone. “The management tried to do something that I was completely not okay with and refused to do. And I think they’re a bit mad but can’t do anything…”

“Baby, what happened? Why are you crying?” You tried to coo, shutting off the TV to listen to your crying Australian on the line. You even stood up from your couch to walk around and hash this out with Ashton, whatever the issue was. 

“I… they almost made me hookup with a model to get more publicity…” Ashton said quietly. He sniffled once more before resuming to talk. “I-I almost did it, but it’s just… it’s just…”

“C’mon, Ash, you can do it,” you encouraged him to continue.

“It’s you, Y/N,” Ashton blurted out. “I can’t be with anybody else if it isn’t you. It has to be you. You’re the only one who was perfectly made for me and me only. I couldn’t be with someone I hardly knew for publicity because I had someone already who loved me as a person, not as rich, rockstar Ashton Irwin.” 

“Ashton, I don’t know what to say, I-” you tried, but Ashton couldn’t help but continue his shaky rant.

“It’s you, Y/N, it will always be you. Because you know what, Y/N? I fucking love you and I want to be with you until the day I die. Not even- for the rest of time, alive and dead and everything after. I’m desperately, absolutely, positively, most definitely, and tragically in love with you, Y/N.”

“I love you, too, Ashton…” you whispered at the phone, feeling tears leave your eyes and roll down your cheeks. Ashton just touched your heart more than he already has with his words and it hurt not to be there with him on his big day. That’s all you could ever want right now.

“Y/N, can you fly out here right now?” Ashton asked, his voice calming down. He has stopped crying now and asked with more confidence. “I miss you so much, and I need you by my side for now and the rest of time.”

“I’m getting my laptop now!” You said as you rushed to your room to turn on your laptop. Turning it on, you get on JetBlue and browse the flights. “One ticket to my lovely boyfriend, coming up!” You informed him, having Ashton laugh his perfect laugh through the phone. 

You really loved this boy, and you weren’t letting anybody get between the two of you. Not ever. 

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Severe turbulence on a JetBlue flight sent 24 people to the hospital

Thanks to what’s assumed to be harsh weather conditions, JetBlue Flight 429 from Boston to Sacramento had to be diverted to Rapid City, South Dakota, when the turbulence got so bad, customers were literally flying out of their seats. Of the at least 24 people taken to the hospital, two were crew members. The photo of the toilet seat being ripped out shows how bad it was.

Strangers on a Bus Ch. 4/4

This was originally just supposed to be three chapters but I didn’t want to let the universe go just yet so this happened.  It’s basically just 3,300 (good God) words of domestic fluff.
Chapters I, II, and III

Clarke was pretty sure that she had never been this nervous in her life.  Not when she took the SAT, not when she gave her valedictorian speech at her high school graduation, not when she opened her first acceptance letter from med school.

She was standing in the arrivals area of Boston Logan Airport’s Terminal A waiting for the arrival of JetBlue flight 118 from New York’s JFK.  Bellamy’s flight.

It was the first time she’d seen him since he, Octavia, and Lincoln dropped her off at the bus terminal the day after Octavia’s wedding four months ago so Clarke could go back to school.  She’d missed him violently ever since and had been counting down the days to this moment ever since he’d booked his flight (at an extremely low price thanks to his flight attendant cousin).

She anxiously checked the flight arrival board for what had to be the hundredth time.  There was a slow but steady trickle of people coming out out the sliding doors but apparently his flight hadn’t landed yet.  It was late, which she had known already of course because she’d been religiously checking her flight tracker app all day (sue her, she’d missed him).

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My baby girl caught a cold or a stomach bug yesterday, so she spent most of the night projectile vomiting, like, everywhere. My apologies to the entire housekeeping staff at the Royal Pacific Resort. I hope you found the giant tips I left for y'all.

While my baby girl woke up this morning feeling and looking much better, the baby barf situation is still touch and go. I fed her a bottle when our plane took off, but I am praying to Every Known God and Goddess that she’ll keep her formula down during the flight.

The good news is that my baby girl has been sleeping nicely since take off. The even gooder news is that there’s wifi on the plane.

Advanced apologies to the entire crew of JetBlue flight 28 and to everyone seated in the general vicinity of seat 15C.