You’ll never hurt another person ever again!

Captain America vs. Arnim Zola from Captain America #9 (Vol. 7)
by R. Remender, Romita Jr., K. Janson, S. Hanna, tompalmerillustration & deanwhitecolor

You’ve already got people saying it’s “libellious” (against Remender) to say Remender wrote Sam as a statutory rapist because Jet says she’s 23, in convenient  contradiction of everything else the comic said before the scene where she has sex with Sam. 

Can we just look at the visual cues in this setup?

Let’s talk about the ramifications of having her be the aggressor in the line about her age. And the clothes–which–is she dressed as Lilu from the Fifth Element? So we’ve got all the victim-blaming visual cues in there, plus a reminder of her villainous upbringing (such a bad girl!), with Sam saying he’s had enough and her pushing more booze on him, claiming she’s older than the book has said in the past, though we have no other corroboration of that (and, since we’re out of Dimension Z, no way to ever tell for sure), and using that as an excuse for both of them to drink and “live” more.  

At the same time, markers of Sam’s blackness are foregrounded in his homespace: “Crisis” Magazine (NAACP publication), a poster featuring an African-American Jazz musician, all the cues to say I am really really black here :D

And behind the slightly distorted glass, the bed. 

I realize that the writer isn’t fully in control at all of this, but Jesus, tell me this is not incredibly charged in  terms of racial and sexual politics. Tell me we shouldn’t be reading this and thinking hoooooooooooly shit, on behalf of both of these characters.

They, and we, deserve better than this. 


Things I am really hoping: That’s not Jet. That’s a clone Jet and real Jet is the one in the background. I mean, she has this tachyon sense of battle awesome or something, right? So she would have definitely known she was about to get shot in the face. Though she doesn’t seem overly concerned.

Things that would be better than what they are right now: Jet knew this, Cap didn’t, Cap really went super nuts for a second but it’s okay bc it wasn’t the real Jet.

Things that would make this actually okay: Cap and Jet are working together to get Ian back because Jet has stopped trusting Zola and this is part of some sort of plan.

I’m just. I’m not cool with Cap just shooting her in the face.