Keith: … I don’t know where to start, but I know for sure I’ll never be the same again. Expect me snuggling into you every night out of instinct only to find the empty space next to me. Talking to you out of habit and getting no answer. I’m not used to being without you, Jena. We’ve been together since… seventeen? It feels like eternity, but this eternity was so short in fact. So not enough for me. I have to be strong, because our kids and grandkids need me, but I can’t. These memories that we shared are just going on and on like an endless movie in my head. Our first meeting at the skating rink. How we were too shy to confess each other, and I finally put myself together and kissed you at the spring festival. All the nights you spent with me after the fights with your mother. Our wedding. The birth of our kids. My bad jet ski accident and you bringing me back to life, even though the doctors said I’ll stay in a wheelchair forever. Many other beautiful moments with you, because every single one, happy or sad, was my life. You were my life and… and always will be. (sobs) I miss you, girl…

Usher's 11 year old step son is brain dead due to a jet ski accident i'm over here crying, i usually don't get too emotional over things like this because i don't know them but he's only 11 years old and now he's brain dead, he won't be able to experience things most of us take for granted like having his first child, driving a car, having a wife. none of that. and to make things worse something like this happened to one of my friends like 2 years ago

i could care less about what anybody has to say about me for this post. it needs to be said


Ushers step son Passes after Jet Ski Accident 

July 21, 2012 11 year old Kile Glover has passed away after being admitted into Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, GA from a Jet Ski Accident.

Kile was considered brain dead shortly after the accident. Source say that the family is in need of prayers and support for such a loss. 

The 15 year old female that was also hit suffered from a laceration to the head and a broken arm. Kile took the major hit to the head.

The accident is still undergoing an investigation.

Near-death experience last night...

This was the most terrifying night of my life! I was on a Jet ski with my friends and we were tubing. My friend on the tube fell off so while he was trying to get back on, the jet ski filled with water. We were too far out for anyone to hear us yell. We were all in the water at this point. (not to mention it was FREEZING) We started pulling the tube which had a rope connected to the flipped-over jet ski. We were pulling for about 10 minutes till I had the idea that someone had to start swimming to shore. My friend Jacob started swimming immediately knowing that this would be the only chance of us getting back to shore and getting help. A couple minutes after he started swimming, I started to swim also. My brother and his friend were still sitting on the tube waiting for help. I caught up with him completely terrified of shark in the area. After about 30 minutes of swimming, we saw a boat coming our way from shore. The people on the boat helped us aboard. We rode back to shore on their boat and stepped onto the dock. My dad, sister, 3 EMT’s, and a cop were waiting for us. The four of us that were stranded in to water followed the EMT’s to the ambulance and sat in there till we were warm(in case of hypothermia). They said we were fine and okay to go home. I must thank God for keeping us alive.

I will NOT be going on a jet ski or to the beach for a while… I swore I saw sharks beneath me in the water! 

*please be careful when out in the water*

I was talking to my mom earlier and that one Will Ferrel movie was on where he coaches that soccer league and my mom was all like.. “Will Ferrel was a great guy. It’s a shame he had to die so young.” And I was like what? And she went on to explain how she thought he was involved in a double homicide and he died like five years ago and that she had watched the memorial service and I was like.. What?

If everyone can say a quick prayer for this amazing girl that would be amazing. She used to cheer at my old gym and She got into a tragic jet ski accident yesterday and lost her entire left hand. She’s in the Trauma center starting the recovery process. Please pray for her! #prayersforrachel