Happy birthday to Jet Set Radio!

On this day in 2000, Japan got Jet Set Radio on SEGA Dreamcast! Later that year, Europe and the Americas (Known as Jet Grind Radio in the US) would also learn to Understand the Concept of Love (From the sequel which I believe was more popular), how to Jump Around and Rock it On, the Recipe for the Perfect Afro, when That’s Enough, and that we should all just Let Mom Sleep!

As you can see, the games became popular for their amazing soundtrack, created mostly by Hideki Naganuma. They now are referred to as classics in the SEGA library and are a must play for any SEGA fan or anyone who has a love for Japanese street culture, art, etc. 

In Jet Set Radio, you play as a graffiti artist and member of the GGs, a gang that skates up the streets of Tokyo-To. Your mission is to tag and take over the entire city and engage in turf wars and battle the police.

Did you know that the game was completed in 10 months with a team of 24 people?

If you have never had the fun of playing the original game, you can get it on Steam, XBL Arcade and the Playstation Store. 

There has not been a remake of the sequel to this game, Jet Set Radio Future, but I’m sure there will be one in a few years if we continue to show SEGA we want one!

Art is mine. You can favorite on dA here!



Some guy in the drawthread requested that I draw Elesa, but didn’t give any other parameters. Her cool shades and headphones always reminded me of Jet Set Radio, so I styled her like so.

I originally intended this to be a quick sketch, but I decided to go the extra mile and make it my first proper lineless drawing. All things considered, I think it turned out pretty well.

Big shoutouts to the other /vp/ drawfiends for their helpful input throughout this project, it means a lot to me.