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this jet video is confusing. tom didnt get on her jet then? or what is going on?

okay… guys it’s not that hard to understand… let’s do this one more time….

Tom was papped getting on Taylor’s private jet on Saturday, August the 13th, NOT the 14th like it was captioned… the photographer messed up the dates.. it has happened before, not a big deal…

Here is Tom boarding the jet ( please notice the guy in blue okay? and also notice the color of the jet… i’m pretty sure Taylor remodeled her jet not long ago and painted the outside of it )

Now look at Taylor’s jet ( notice the paint and that hole next to the wing that i have no idea what it is lmao ) yes it’s the same one

okay now this is Taylor “arriving” to RI on Saturday evening ( Taylor is n the right corner but i want you to focus on the guy getting of the jet…. yep that’s the same guy in the blue shirt that helped Tom with his luggage, if you watch the video you can see him a little better )

Now… Taylor was 100% in RI on Friday… according to her Insta story, you know the one where she is gardening with her parents and then the next day Kelsea posted a video on the slide at her RI house so obviously Taylor wasn’t in LA… we know she was in RI so the video caption is 100% incorrect… 

Also… in that video she is literally getting on the jet not down so she was probably saying hi to Thomas and also checking the jet because it spent a few days getting service or updates done… 

So long story short, the jet flew to LA to pick up Tom then flew back to RI and Taylor went to the airport to pick him up and got on the plane to check whatever it was done to the jet, the end! 

Unpopular Opinion.  The Hagais’ shouldn’t have been in Jak 2.

While I will go to my grave thinking Jak 2 had the best story in the JnD franchise, I will concede that it was a bit overzealous with all the stuff they were trying to cram in.  If they had cut out a few things that weren’t necessary, they’d have room for a more cohesive story.  And two things I certainly deem unnecessary were Keira and (old) Samos.  If it had just been Jak and Daxter that get sent to the future at the start of the game, I feel like the story would’ve benefited from it.

Now this may trigger a knee jerk reaction from some of you.  You may claim the Hagai’s were super important and couldn’t be done away with, but think about it.  In game, Old Samos doesn’t even show up until the start of the third act, and Keira only exists to give you the jet-board, introduce the racing portion and be part of some forced love triangle involving Jak and Erol.  

Their involvement in Jak 2, on top of being minuscule, also kinda tarnishes what made them endearing back in the first game.  It starts the trend of Samos, the cranky but well meaning father figure, becoming more and more useless as the games go on.  Keira, the plucky and talented mechanic, acts in such an unlikable manner, that her fans have created a plethora of fics either justifying or straight up retconning her behavior.  Not to mention she also becomes more useless as the games progress.  These two would’ve been remembered more fondly if they had just stayed in the first game.

And with those two out of the story, there would be plenty of more space to explore other plot elements.

  • Give Dark Jak more narrative significance.
  • Explore Erol as a villain and how badly he screwed with Jak, instead of the “Haha, Keira will be mine!” that we got.
  • A scene with Ashelin and her Fucking Father that we never got! 

Also, here’s a list of how you can rewrite crucial plot elements connected to Keira and Old Samos.

  • Just have Jak and Daxter find the Rift Rider on their own, one piece at a time if need be.
  • Young Samos would still be there and that alone is enough to explain the eventual “from the future” reveal.
  • Just have Krew own a racing team and employ Jak to race for it.

I get that ND kept the Hagais for the sake of familiarity.  But if they were gonna make a game that was such a turning point for the franchise and introduce so many new characters and plot elements, I feel like the two main characters would be all the familiarity that we need. 

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The media is fucking idiotic. The one that posted the pic of tom boarding the jet is saying how she is taking a break from gf taylor whi he hasn't seen in tqo weeks. If they only did their fucking research they would know that it is in fact taylors jet. Lmao

they are sooo lazy, they are always giving wrong facts…. that’s why i don’t read gossip sites

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Show me one pic. ONE PIC. Where Taylor was pap'd boarding her jet at Burbank. ONE? You can't. Nor can your anon. So that is why you will not post this.

Why are you being such a twat??????????????

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Her fingers lightly placed themselves across the smooth, jet black finger board. Ida strummed a in a rhythmic pattern; up, up, up, down, with a smooth yet slow speed. The sound the ukulele produced was simple yet, in its own unique way, captivating. There was nothing too intricate to the simplistic tune she was playing.

The redhead’s toes were dipped lightly in the body of water before her. She was currently residing along the evening, starry seaside of a desolate beach, currently unoccupied. In front of her lay the drafts of her current literary work that she’d been working at for some time. Ida never had the time of day to work at her true, benign passions.