Bucky Imagine

A Bucky x Reader where the reader falls into really really cold water during a mission, and later at the Avengers tower she gets so sick she faints and Bucky takes care of her?

You ran after the agent as quick as you could through the 2 inches of snow that covered the ground. “I’m following the agent West towards the water,” you spoke into your comm.

“Y/N, keep on his trail,” Steve’s voice rang in your ears. “Bucky is coming from the North and Natasha is on your heels. They’ll be there for backup. He cannot leave, we can’t risk him spreading the information to HYDRA.”

“Copy,” you said short of breath and kept after the man. You continued to follow the man until he stopped at the edge of a small cliff. “There’s nowhere to go now,” you told him. He suddenly pulled a knife from his pocket and went after you. You blocked his attack and reached for the gun you had in your tactile belt. Before you could get a shot off sudden kick sent the gun skidding against the snow. “Y/N, I’m close by,” you heard Bucky’s voice come through.

You got a couple hits to the agent before you could grab your knife and go after him with it. You swiftly cut his arm and thigh as you fought the skilled agent and heard Bucky’s footsteps coming towards you. You flipped away from him, reaching your gun from it’s spot near the side of the cliff, and aimed at the target.

You shot at the man but it was dodged you had to block his feet as they came after you. The man heard Bucky approaching and got his knife ready to throw at his chest. “Bucky,” you yelled a warning and punched the agent who turned and, with a swift kick, sent you flying over the cliff towards the icy water.

You heard a shot as you fell just before you crashed into the cold water. You sunk quickly from the weight of your weapons and struggled towards the top of the distancing top. A crash from the water caught your attention and you saw Bucky swimming down towards you. He grabbed you around your chest and swam with you up towards the water. You gasped for air as you two broke the surface.

“Damn heavy snow boots and dumb Stark tech,” you said kicking off your shoes and tossing your weapons as soon as you were dragged to shore.

“Y/N, are you ok,” Bucky said looking over you with worry written on his face.

“I’m breathing so that’s good,” you said breathing heavily. “Hey,” you said looking at his worried demeanor, “I’m ok. You saved me. Thank you.”

“I’m your boyfriend, and your teammate, it’s my job. Come on,” he lifted you up and put an arm around you for support. “Let’s get back to the quinjet.”


You shivered again which made Bucky immediately jump to your side. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Just cold still,” you told him. As soon as boarded the jet you stripped off your wet clothes and put on an extra shirt and jacket that Bucky found on board.

“We’ll get you in front of a fire and get you some warm clothes when we land, ok?” You nodded with your clattering teeth.

Once the jet landed Bucky walked beside you as you shivered down the hallways, heading towards you and Bucky’s shared room. Your shivering worsened and you felt like your legs were ice blocks, barely carrying your weight. “Y/N, maybe we should stop a second,” you heard Buck say. “Or I could carry you.”

“I’m fine Buck,” your voice came out slower and quieter than you thought.

“You’re shivering a lot worse now, ba-”

“I’m fine Bu-,” you said before your vision disappeared and you felt unconscious.


Bucky caught you as you fell and felt just how cold you actually were. He took you in his arms and ran towards the medbay as fast as he could. “Cho,” he yelled as he carried you into the bay.

“What happened?”

“She fell in cold water on the mission. She’s ice cold and shivering really bad!”

“Get her over here,” she commanded and guided him over to a bed. “Bucky, we need to get these clothes off her, they’re wet. Take off the clothes while I get some supplies.” She ran out of the room and by the time she came back the clothes you had on were thrown on the floor in a damp pile.

“I gave her those on the jet, shouldn’t they be ok?”

“The water on her skin and hair seeped into them, she can’t wear them. I need to put her hair in this warm towel. I need you to take those warming packs and lay them on her back and near her feet,” she said flipping you over.


You woke up sweating in a medbay bed with Buck rocking back and forth in the seat next to you. “Y/N,” he jumped forward as he saw your eyes open. “Are you ok? How do you feel?”

“I’m ok.”

“You said that before and look what happened.”

“What did happen?”

“You fainted walking to the room. I ran you here to Cho. You had hypothermia. You’ve been out for a day and a half.”

“You saved me again Buck,” you weakly smiled. “You’re my hero,” you grabbed his hand.

He squeezed your hand and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “It’s my job, babe.”

99 problems (1/?)

 Summary : You are an agent that worked alongside the Avengers , with an unusually close friendship with Captain Rogers. What happened when he reveals his true feelings for you before you leave on an undercover mission?  By the time you return from the mission, you’ve missed the events of Civil War.  What happens when you come home and most of your friends are gone? And when they return?

Pairings :  No official pairings yet, but Steve Rogers x reader, Johnny Storm x reader, Tony stark x reader, avengers x reader.

Warnings : swearing, angst,tiny bit of fluff

Italics are memories , & bold is the readers thoughts !

                                                    Chapter one

“Miss y/n, Tony is requesting your presence on the communal level of the tower immediately,” FRIDAY rang out through the speakers in your room.

   You roll your eyes, finish applying the last of your makeup, and throw on your outfit for the night. Since your mission was canceled, you decided to call the one person that knows how to have a good time: Johnny Storm. Ever since you had a random mission helping out the Fantastic Four, Johnny just seemed to click with you. Although he can be immature and obnoxious most of the time, he’s been a really solid friend.

 As you grab your phone off your nightstand, the picture frame behind it catches your eye. You lift it, taking in the smiles on Sam and Steve’s faces as you stand between them with their arms around you. If only things were this simple. The picture just reminds you of what things like before everything happened with the damn Accords; before everyone was ripped away from you. If only I hadn’t been on that undercover mission, if only I’d been there, maybe things would have been different. Maybe I’d still have Steve. Steve. You feel your heart sink at the thought of him.

As you walked onto the jet about to leave for your undercover mission, Steve sprinted into the hangar.

“Y/n, wait!” You stopped at the sound of his voice, turning to face him.

You and Steve had a great friendship but you had always felt more for him than you’d like to admit. Sometimes you think he feels the same, but then hell do/say something to smash that feeling.

“Steve, I literally just said bye to you like 10 minutes ago, miss me already?” you teased. He stepped forward, a look of confliction flashing over his face. “Steve, what’s going-”

“This mission is dangerous, a lot more dangerous than I’d like, y/n. If something happens to you I-”

“Steve, I can handle a couple Hydra agents, I’ll only be gone 2 weeks tops. I think I’ll-”

“I love you,” he sputtered out. Your heart dropped. He loves me?

You went to answer, but his lips gently landed on yours in a sweet but quick kiss. Your eyes were wide. Steve moved away from you, blushing with a shy smile.

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“I needed you to know, y/n-”

“I love you too,” you whispered, too anxious to look him in the eyes at you confession.

He tilted your chin up, locking his eyes with yours. He looked from your eyes to your lips, sending sparks of happiness through you.

"Agent, we need to get going to stay on the schedule,” The pilot called through the jet.

You cleared your throat and backed away from Steve.

“Come back to me in one piece, Doll. We’ve got a lot to discuss.” You nod since you couldn’t seem to find your voice. Of course he does this before this mission. I have to keep my head in the game.

You took a deep breath and boarded the jet, relishing in the newfound joy.

Before you can fall into the next memory, FRIDAY’s voice appears again. “Miss, it is urgent, I recommend you go immediately.”

“Do I need a gun or is this a non violent kind of urgent FRIDAY,” You ask, annoyance dripping from your voice.

“No weapons are necessary.” You sigh and head towards the elevator. What the hell could Tony possibly be so annoying about?

 As you step off the elevator, you get a text from Johnny:

Sparky : Be there in 15, hope you’re ready for tonight babe ;) 

You roll your eyes, sending him a quick response back. You and Johnny aren’t more than friends, despite the constant flirting. Neither of you ever push for more and you don’t mind.

 You shove your phone in your purse as you step through the doorway to the Tv room. “Tony, what the hell do-” As you step in, your mouth drops open. Sitting on the couch in front of you are Sam, Wanda, Clint, Tony, Steve and Bucky, and all have their eyes on you.  

As much as you want to look to Steve, your eyes go to Wanda first. She is on her feet, making her way to you. You meet her halfway, slinging your arms around her, pulling each other into a back breaking hug. You try to fight the tears that are threatening to spill over, but lose. Wanda is your bestfriend. When you found out about how they treated her in that floating hell of a prison, you tried to get there to free her but were told  Steve beat you to it.

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You pull away from her, cradling her face in your hands.

“Wanda, I’m so sorry… I should have been here. I could of helped. I missed you so much.”

“It’s over now, y/n. We’re somewhat clear to be home. It’s in progress,” she whispers, leaning into you hands.

Your eyes widen at her words. They’re staying? You look over to the others, catching all their eyes.

“So that’s how it is, huh? I thought we were cool,” Sam playfully says. You move away from Wanda and leap at him. Thankfully he catches you in time, you wrap your arms and legs around him.

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“Welcome home Sammy!” you yell as you squeeze him to you. He chuckles, setting you down and placing a kiss on your head. Clint pulls you into a hug and ruffles your hair as a big brother would do. My family is home. You find yourself in front of Steve and Bucky, shyness taking over when you notice Bucky’s eye look over you. Damn, why can’t all 100 year olds look like him?

“Y/n, this is Bucky Barnes,” Steve’s voice sends chills through your body, making the memories you managed to avoid earlier resurface. The memory of Tony showing you the security footage of Steve passionately kissing Sharon Carter in some parking garage replays in your mind. You know Tony only did it to make you angry enough to give up any information on where Steve and Bucky were hiding from you, but you didn’t know anything. All that was received from seeing that video was heartbreak. Whatever you and Steve had is gone. Hell, even your friendship was sinking.

 "It’s nice to finally meet you, Bucky,“ you say as you shake his hand.

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"Pleasures all mine, Doll. It’s great to finally meet the girl he hasn’t shut up about.” Bucky elbows Steve in the ribs as he speaks. Your smile drops from your face, the dam breaks unleashing your anger.

“So you met Sharon Carter then?” you ask. All the conversations in the room stopped leaving it dead silent. You look to Steve, panic and regret showing on his features.

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Buckys eyes are wide, but so are everyone elses. You simply turn around, not even  acknowledging Steve.

“Miss Y/n, Mr. Storm has arrived and is making his way up to you.” Tears slip out of the corners of your eyes as you begin to leave to meet Johnny at the elevators. He’s already at the doorway. You can see that he’s about to say something, but you move past him hoping he gets the hint and follows. He doesn’t though and instead grabs your hand to stop you. He sees the tears running down your face and cups your cheek, wiping the tears away with his thumb. He turns his head, taking in the faces that are all turned to you. He sees Steve and immediately understands.

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“You ready?” he asks. You nod and he pulls your hand taking you to the elevator.

“Don’t wait up, guys,” he yells over his shoulder. As soon as you both step into the elevator, you hear footsteps coming towards you.

“Y/n, wait! Let me-” You hear Steve’s pleading voice. You glance at him, seeing his broken expression almost matching yours.

“What? Can’t hear you over the doors shutting, Grandpa,” Johnny says. As if on cue, the doors glide shut leaving a defeated looking Steve on the other side.

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So much for home sweet home.

lookforanewangle  asked:

Shatt! ;)

I GOT THREE OF THESE ALREADY.  Oh my original love, so glad people are still here for it.

Who said “I love you” first?

Shiro.  Matt mostly doesn’t say it outright still, because he’s a little shit.  He’d much rather call Shiro ‘Starshine’ and doodle on his natural arm and leave him sticky notes telling him his butt looks good in his armor.  Same thing, right?  Totally.  

(He does say it, but it’s in the quiet of the night, when the lights are off and everything feels muffled and slightly unreal.  Then Matt can say it without fear.  The rest of the time he makes do)

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

Matt.  They are all terrible pictures, and he will NOT let Shiro at his phone, because he would delete them.  It’s damn hard to get a properly ugly picture of Shiro, and but Matt’s perfected the art.

Currently, it’s a picture of him first thing in the morning.  He’d been telling Matt to stop chattering before he was awake enough to respond, and he started to sneeze right as Matt took the picture.  It’s his pride and joy.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Shiro.  It’s only on occasion, and it’s a toss-up if it’s something sweet or something ridiculous.  One time it wasn’t intentional: a thought had occurred to him about a calculation he’d been doing for flying one of the little escape jets on board.  In an effort to get it out of his head, Shiro started to write the equations out on the mirror.  About two thirds of the way through, he stopped to go get a pad and pen since it was starting to face, and found Matt finishing it up in his absence.  

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Matt.  He’ll get anything he thinks will make Shiro pause.  Now Shiro has a bunch of novelty items and kitsch memorabilia.   This goes double if the item in question is ugly.  There’s a lot of cross-eyed figurines in awful outfits.  Shiro keeps them, but they’re all turned to face the wall instead of his bed.  It’s a problem to wake up to their stares.

Who initiated the first kiss?

Shiro.  Matt wouldn’t stop talking to let him get a word in edgewise, and was working himself into a lather about no, he knows Shiro doesn’t feel the same, he’s not going to make it weird, it’s been the whole times so- wait, no it hasn’t, shut up, forget I said that, it’s fine, it’s just a crush-

So Shiro kissed him on the nose to startle him.  Then he asked if he could kiss him for real, because he’d wanted to do that for a long time now.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

Shiro. Matt would, except he never, ever wakes up before Shiro.  Because he doesn’t wake up at 6 in the goddamn morning like certain assholes.

Who starts tickle fights?

Matt.  To be fair, Shiro is asking for it when he’s being all reserved and stoic and acting like he’s above human needs like wanting to fool around and relaxing.  So Matt tickles him until Shiro’s smiling too hard to keep up the Black Paladin Seriousness and then kisses him until he agrees to take a break.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Matt.  He has a very effective seduction technique that involves nearly slipping and falling on his face, holding onto Shiro and then trying to play it off as smooth.  It always earns him a laugh and kisses, and usually something after, so he’s going to count it as a successful seduction.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

They eat together with everyone else, but Shiro brings Matt meals when he forgets them, and they eat together.  This happens less these days, but he’ll sitll occasionally lose track of time and haze out for a bit, and Shiro will stay with him until he’s fully back to himself.

Who was nervous and shy about the first date?

Matt didn’t act like it, but he was.  By this point, Shiro was pretty calm about the whole thing.  They’d basically been dating for months already, so what was the difference except titles?

Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Shiro.  Matt would climb the walls to get away from a spider.  It doesn’t help.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

Shiro.  Mind, he’s the one who would loudly proclaim their love anyway, but a drunken Shiro is one that clings to Matt’s side and starts telling him how gorgeous and adorable and smart he is, and then gets distracted with a very empirical study on the effects of kissing on Matt’s neck.

This would not be that strange, except he did it in front of Sam, who hasn’t let them live it down.

Face the Music - Part 5

Part 5 !!!

When you get to Gotham a week after leaving, you’re not sure what you expect to see. Conner, with several bags at his feet, along with the rest of your family, is not it.

“Well, it looks like you’ve rolled out the red carpet for me this time”

Kon steps forward, drawing you into a hug, “I made my decision, I want to go with you. I talked to Clark, and he agreed that it was time for me to branch off on my own. I want to learn more about your life at the League, I want to continue protecting people”

“And you will. We won’t stop you from saving people, as long as you don’t stop us from doing what we believe is right. You won’t be privy to all of the information that I will, but as an alliance of the League you will be expected to protect our interests”

There’s a glint in Kon’s eyes, “As long as I get you, I’ll follow the rules”

You lean forward, pressing a fleeting kiss to Conner’s lips, before turning to face your father and brothers. “I didn’t expect to see any of you here”

“We …” Jason’s eyes flick to the others before locking on you, “… I wanted to apologize for not being there for you. I knew that you were alone, but I still went away a lot. I wasn’t around, and I’m not going to make excuses for that. I’d like to talk to you, Skype if we can, or call, or even just write letters, something to keep us in contact. I know that I was a terrible brother, but I’d like to make up for that”

“I’ve waited for years to hear one of you say that” For the first time since you joined the League, you actually feel shy, “You don’t know how many times I wished that one of you, any of you, would notice me. I’d like to get to know you, really know you, like a family should.”

You reach out, drawing Jason into a hug, “I’ll miss you, Y/N”

“Promise me something?”


“Promise me that you really meant that” You want to trust Jason, you want to trust that at least one of your brothers is willing to make up for his mistakes, “I want to believe you, Jaybird, I really do, but I need your word. I need to know that it won’t be like before”

“It won’t, kid. It won’t”

“Alright” You turn toward Dick, “I guess this is goodbye, Dickie”

Your oldest brother smiles, “Do you … can I be there when you Skype with Jason? Please? I know that I was never around a lot, and you got hurt because of it. I did the same thing with Jason, and when he died I promised to never do that again, but I failed you, little sister. I left you alone, and I’m so sorry”

“Honestly, I don’t think I’ve talked to you more than 4 times since I’ve lived here. I – I think I’d be nice to get to know you”

Next is Tim, he’s willing to send emails, and texts back and forth. Maybe meet up for coffee if you ever come back to Gotham. You can tell that, while he’s willing to get to know you, he’s very busy, and won’t be able to commit a lot of time to keeping to touch.

Damian and Bruce decide to take you aside, out of hearing range of the other three humans, and you know that Kon will try not to listen. “Are you willing to stay in contact with Damian and I?”

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have agreed to talk to you”

Bruce’s shoulders relax slightly, “I would like to try and make up for what I have done wrong. I - I was too involved with the training of your brother, and you never got in trouble. I didn’t think you needed my attention. I realize my mistakes now, I want to be your father, Y/N”

“Bruce, it’s a little late for you to be my father. I’d like to get to know you as an ally, possibly a friend, but you’re far too late to try and be my father. As far as I’m concerned, Talia is the only parent I’ve ever had. I’ll always consider you my father, and if we ever get a better relationship, I might call you father, but you didn’t raise me like you did Damian. You were nothing but a sperm donor, and I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings, but …”

Bruce nods, his blue eyes filled with regret, “I understand. I know that there’s nothing I can do to change the past, and that you aren’t the 10-year-old that first arrived on my door step. I’d like to get to know the woman you’ve become”

“I’d like that too, Bruce” You pause, glancing at your twin, “Damian …”

“I have thought about what Mother said before you left. I have been a terrible brother. I have ignored you, I have belittled you, and I would like to make up for my mistakes. You are a strong woman, I would be honored to be your ally, and someday be considered your brother”

“That … that sounds really good, Dami. Would you like visit the League someday? See the changes Mother and I are starting? Everything is very different from when Grandfather was alive.”

“I would enjoy that” Damian hold out a hand, which you willingly take, “Until we meet again”

“Until then … brother”

You and Conner settle down on the boat, heading toward the island, where you’ll board a jet that will take you the rest of the way to the League.

“Do you think they’ll keep their promises?”

“I hope so. If they don’t then I won’t be trying again. It will just be me, you, and the League”

Conner wraps an arm around your shoulders, “You’ll always have me, Y/N. That’s not something you’ll have to worry about”

Curling into the Supers side, you flash a brief smile, “You don’t know how relieved I was when I saw you at the docks. I was terrified that you wouldn’t be there, that you wouldn’t want to leave with me”

“I’ll always choose you, Y/N. Always”

The two of you settle into silence, just enjoying each other’s company. There is a lot to catch up on, but for now, not words are needed, for now just the possibility of a future together is enough.

So this was probably the last part! If you guys think I should add anything to the series let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!!

Reckless Part 2

SUMMARY: Years after a close call on a mission, emotions ran high, a reckless action, a reckless statement, made you leave behind the person you cared about most, who hurt you the most, Bucky Barnes. Can you and Bucky repair the damage and rekindle the spark that was once there? Or will it prove to be even more reckless than before? 

Word Count: 1426

Character(s): Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Nick Fury

Warning: Very Very slight angst.

A/N: Part Two of ‘Reckless’ I really really hope you enjoy this chapter. This is only the beginning so hang in there! I welcome feedback and suggestions, I truly appreciate the support. So, buckle your seat-belts and enjoy the ride, this is only the beginning…

Part 1

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There’s a overcast today, it looks like it’s a bit brisk outside today. The one day I actually can sleep in I wake up a lot earlier thanks to my internal alarm clock. No use in trying to go back to sleep. I stare out the window, watching the birds soar through the dark clouds. 

*beep beep beep beep* 

I reach for my phone on the nightstand, glancing at the name ‘Derrick’.

So much for an off day Derrick…

Zero, meet me in 15.”

Of course, because I never really want an off day anyway.” I reply.

Derrick chuckles “Mouthing off again you smart a-” 

I’ll be there.” I hang up the phone. I sit up on my bed, run my hands through my hair, ‘This can’t be good..’ I mutter to myself. I shower, put on my white v-neck T-shirt and black jeans, boots. I stand in-front of the mirror, ‘My how you’ve changed Y/N.’ I whisper taking in my new appearance. Glancing down at the matte lipstick on the table I apply the bright red, considering it is an off day being interrupted, a little pop of color doesn’t hurt.

Stepping off the elevator I slowly make my way to the Derrick’s office. He has the windows fogged, privacy, this is serious. I open the door, turning around to close it behind me.

“Right on queue, Zero. Have a seat.” Derrick states.

I’ve walked this hallway a billion times, it’s a nice distance from the elevator. But it feels like it’s 20 miles long this time. The floor looks like it’s twisting and turning, I feel sick to my stomach. I stop and lean against the wall, closing my eyes hoping I’ll wake up and I just dreamt everything that Derrick said. Maybe I just didn’t hear him properly.

A Hydra factory has been found, we’ve been trying to track this down for years. An undercover operative located it a few weeks ago. They were sending us as much Intel as possible, but we lost track of them, radio silence. We fear the worst has happened but it wasn’t in vain. Fury has assigned this mission to the Avengers, but they need all hands on deck. Unfortunately, he only wants someone they can work well with.” Derrick glances at me 

I have been instructed by Director Fury to contact the Avengers and inform them that you and I will be joining them.” Derrick pauses and looks directly at me. “I know you had a past with them Zero, I hope you can put aside your difference for this mission. We need our best sharp-shooter out there. Fury and I think it would be best if you pair wi-”

“They have Clint Barton, you don’t need another Marksman on the field.”

Derrick shakes his head “Zero, you are the best sharp-shooter, zero misses? You’re not called Zero for nothing. You and Clint watching our backs from above, we-” 

I cross my arms ,“He can handle everything just fine. You don’t need another sniper.”


 “I also no longer go into the field doing hand-to-hand combat.”


 “Therefore you won’t need me. So I’m going to excuse myself.” I stand up heading for the door.

Derrick slams his hands on the table, “Y/N!!!!! You are going, that is a direct order from Fury himself. He knew you’d decline this mission, therefore I have it here written that you will go or you will be reprimanded.”

I clench my jaw, digging my fingers into my chair.

“Zero, I’m sorry, but duty calls and we have to stop Hydra before anyone else gets hurt. They are planning something big and we have to stop them while we can.” Derrick sighs, he walks around his desk he pulls me into a hug. “I know you this won’t be easy for you, but you are needed and you are the best, Fury wouldn’t have requested you if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Heck, he was the one to sign your transfer papers. You’ve helped several squadrons in the past four years Y/N. Your old family needs you.” 

“This is bull crap Rick and you know it. Fury is just using this as an excuse to get back in that Tower.” I snap.

He pulls back, bending down looking me straight in the eyes. “I’ll be with you every step of the way, you don’t have to go back on the field. Stay in the shadows and cover us. I won’t force you on the ground, but you’re strong and you can do this, it will be a quick mission in and out.”

“Fury has already notified the team that he is bringing in me and one more operative, he hasn’t told them its you yet.”

“Fine.” I snatch away, opening and shutting the door behind me.

I think my stomach has settled, the room has finally stopped spinning. After four blasted years I was starting to feel at ease with my current life. The dreams didn’t occur as frequently. Why now? Why?

I make it back to my room and start to pack for the mission. Derrick notified me that we take off in 30 minutes. I try to make a mental list of what I’ll need for my stay, but my mind is in an utter fog right now. I change into my tactical catsuit and boots. 

After leaving my room I head towards the armory and grab my weapons and head for the hanger area.

Derrick and I board the jet transporting to the tower.

The travel time from the Helicarrier to the Avengers tower is only a half hour. That only gives me a little bit of time to try and get myself in order.

My phone vibrates in bag, I unzip it and check the message. I take a deep breath after glancing at the name ‘N’. Of course she would be the first to check.

N: “Are you coming back?” 

I stare at my phone, contemplating if I should reply to the message. Turning the phone over and over between my hands I shut the screen off placing it into my bag. Before I zip it shut my phone vibrates again.

N: “We wouldn’t request additional back up if we didn’t need it.” The text pop-ups up quickly.

Y/N: “It wouldn’t make a difference if I did or didn’t come.”

N“You know that wasn’t and still isn’t true Y/N..”

‘If only that were true Nat..’ I mumble to myself.

                                                       Bucky’s POV

Fury called everyone directly to the boardroom after our away mission for an urgent meeting. We’ve all been trying to prep for the arrival of the two agents. Steve keeps trying to convince me that working with people we don’t know will pan out well. 

No one has been very vocal about these two new additions, that’s a sign that not everyone is on board with it. 

We take our seats waiting for Fury, something about this meeting, it’s making me feel anxious.

“You look like you’ve got a lot on your mind Barnes.” Natasha mutters

“I don’t think it’s a hidden secret that I’m uneasy about the two new operatives.”

“Mmm.” She stares at me

“What?” I asked perplexed.

Fury walks into the room “Team, as you know I have requested two more operatives to assist on the upcoming Hydra mission. I’d like to introduce to you Derrick Dugan. He is the leader of the Elite Shadow Squadron. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all, I look forward working with you all. I know this will not be an easy task, but I hope we can all make this transition go smooth. I’ve brought with me my second in command, Zero.

“Zero? As in he has zero tolerance for bad behavior? Or going to give out Zeros on all of our report cards?” Tony blurts out walking around the table

“No Mr. Stark, she never misses a target, and we have had zero incidents thanks to her outstanding marksmanship. Zero, is the codename we call her on the squadron, a title she’s earned.” Derrick steps to the side extending his arm, directing our attention to the door.

Fury walks over to the door greeting the figure in heeled black tactical boots with a fitted body suit to match. I can catch a glimpse of her short y/h/c hair, then she turns facing forward. A face that I could never forget in a million years, even if I tried.

“You all know her as…”

My breath hitched in my throat, I mutter “Y/N” 

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REQUESTED -- The Importance of Knife Training

Bucky x Mutant!Reader (with super speed like Quicksilver) In response to this request:

Word Count: 1587

Warnings: Swearing, fighting scenes, hospital trip, angst-ish, fluff-ish??

A/N: this is my first request! I hope I did it justice! Please let me know what you think and send me more requests, I had fun!

Doing laundry had never been this long of a task for Bucky before.

“Doll, you can’t just keep-” but before he could finish his sentence, the shift he was trying to put away, was snatched from his hands.

“But I can keep taking your shirts from you,” you teased, now on the other side of the room, holding the t-shirt you’d swiped from his hands.

“I’m not gonna have any clothes left at this rate,” he grumbled good-naturedly. Moments later, when the entire basket of his laundry was gone in a streak of purple, he regretted speaking.

“Darn,” you mock pouted, “guess you’ll have to go around naked then.”

“Really? You’d be okay with Natalia ogling me?”

“Pfft, she can ogle all she wants, she already does anyway. It’s Sam I’m worried about; I can just imagine his face now.” A fit of laughter broke out as F.R.I.D.A.Y called the team to the hanger for an emergency mission.

You threw Bucky a wink, dropped the laundry basket, stashed your stolen shirt, and grabbed your suit all before he’d even crossed the room. He was stronger than you in every way, but you could out run him by miles, an advantage you used to it’s fullest potential, not just to steal his shirts.

As usual, you were the first to the quinjet, having fun there at super speed. You checked your weapons while you waited for your teammates; Tony had made you special guns. They could reload and fire almost fast enough to keep up with you. You also kept several throwing knives and a short sword in or gear. Swords and knives didn’t run out of bullets, and they moved as fast as you wielded them so they were your weapon of choice. But Tony, being the mad invented he was, made you the guns anyway, so you’d carry them even if they didn’t get fired, because he made them just for you and you appreciated it.

When everyone was on board, the jet took off and Steve began the briefing. A group of insurgents had taken a village, civilians were stranded in the schoolhouse, there were wounded, and at least one of the insurgents was a mutant.

Nat and Clint were tasked with getting the civilians clear with Wanda running interference for them. The rest of the team was dealing with the insurgents; Steve with Vision, Bucky with Sam and Tony with you. One person on the ground, and one in the air.

You and Bucky rarely partnered together, knowing that if you were together, you’d be more likely to make stupid mistakes trying to watch the other. You have Bucky a quick kiss for luck and then you separated as soon as the hat touched down.

“You and Frosty are gonna give me cavities if you get any sweeter,” Tony griped in your ear.

“Whatever you say Inspector Gadget.” Chuckles from the rest of the team filled the coms, Tony snorting, but soon enough, there was silence on the coms.


There were more insurgents than expected, and there was definitely a mutant among them; one who could turn invisible.

“Civilians are almost clear. Y/N, how bad is your area?”

“Well Clint,” you grunted as an unseen force caught you around the middle, “I can’t see anyone, but since I am still getting thrown around, I’ma guess I’ve still got some guys over here.” You turned and ran as soon at the hands slipped off you. You couldn’t fight what you couldn’t see, but you ran at human speed. You were heading for a small stream that ran parallel to the road you were on. If oh could get into the water, you could track your attackers movement through the ripples. The attacker in question didn’t seem to have a weapon, you guessed they probably couldn’t turn that anything but themselves invisible, so they’d have to approach you to hurt you.

Once your feet hit the water, you stopped and turned, just in time to see the water ripple unnaturally to your left. Suing your super speed, you reached out and can in contact with an arm; you latched on and your fingers dug into flesh.

“Show yourself you coward,” you spat as they fought to free themselves.

“Hey Tony? You got something to tag the “invisible man” with?”

“Sure thing Comet,” he replied. You saw something shoot from his suit and you pulled your captive into its path. It turned out to be a paint comb, in bright pink; you almost doubled up laughing.

“Oh that’s just precious! You should add glitter next time!” You turned to the now sputtering, and no longer invisible, pink person in front of you, “so, how’s visibility treating ya?”

Apparently not well, they launched themselves at you with a banshee like screech, but since you could see them, the posed no real challenge anymore. One good, super speed shot to the temple and they were out.

“Barring anymore invisible people, I’m clear. Who needs me?”

“We’re not clear,” Steve shouted.

“We’re very not clear,” Sam confirmed. You looks up, spotted Sam’s wings and sprinted towards them.

“‘S’cuse me asshole,” you said as you plowed through several shooters before stopping in front of Steve, “you called?”

Steve chuckled and dropped his shoulders before sighing, “thanks Y/N.”

“No problem, that’s what I’m here for; just assisting the elderly.”

“You earning your merit badges Y/N?” Nat laughed over the coms. You laughed in response, but before you could reply, a glint of metal over Steve’s shoulder caught your attention. As fast as you could, you shoved Steve aside, and flung one of your throwing knives at super speed, roared a the sniper. The sniper’s bullet missed Steve entirely, and imbedded itself elsewhere, in your left shoulder. Your knife hit its target, but you didn’t notice.

The force of the bullet spun you around, and you fell, face first into the ground. You tried to catch yourself, but your left arm gave out and your face felt asphalt as you tasted blood; you’d bitten your tongue.

“Motherfucker!” You shrieked. The bullet wound burned and you couldn’t catch your breath.

Steve was shouting orders to the team, receiving the notice that all the civilians were clear and telling everyone to return to the jet, that you were down and needed a hospital. You didn’t hear any of this though. You couldn’t hear anything other that your heartbeat and each breath you took over the ringing in your ears. You didn’t even process Steve picking you up and carrying you to the jet until you felt the jet take off. You were vaguely aware of someone holding your hand, and of being held by someone, but it all blurred together as everything went black.

Bucky held you in his arms as the team flew back to the states. Wanda held your hand and Vision monitored your vital signs. Wanda knew what you felt and relayed it to Bucky, she told him that you could feel him holding you and Bucky tightened his grip on you, as if that could heal you faster. Once you were out of his arms and in surgery, he paced. Steve tried to talk to him, as did Sam, and even Tony. Bucky didn’t blame any of them. They couldn’t have known the sniper was there, and even if they did, Y/B would still have pulled Steve out of the way; Steve was like a brother to her, she wouldn’t let him get hurt. He just wished you wouldn’t have gotten hurt, blamed himself for a few hours until Wanda caught wind of it.

“You think that’s what she wants? To know that the person she loves more than anyone else blames himself for her getting hurt? You know how much that would hurt Y/N, James. The only fault lies with the sniper, and he’s dead.” Bucky felt pride welling up inside him, overtaking the self-loathing; he’d been the one to teach you to throw knives. He’d given you the tool to take down your attacker and protect your team.

It was hours later that you were moved to a private room and Bucky was allowed a few minutes with you. Then a nurse came and shuffled everyone out; visiting hours were over.

Bucky was at the hospital every day after that; he’d bring blankets from your room, or pillows. He even convinced the nursing staff to let you wear one of his t-shirts instead of the hospital gown, knowing you’d be more comfortable that way.

It was day 5 when you woke up. Bucky was at your bedside, his head resting by your hand, which he held in both of his, his face turned towards you.

“Bucky…” you said, voice soft, and gravelly from disuse, but he heard you.

His head snapped up, one of his hands moving from yours to better support himself has he stood up. His red-rimmed  eyes met yours, a watery smile on his face, “hey sweetheart.”

“Did I get him?” Bucky smiled, what you called his “hero smile” at that, his one hand tightening around yours and his other moving to cup your cheek.

“Of course you did.” you smiled back, closing your eyes for a second before opening just one and peaking up at him.


“Hmmm,” he hummed in question, his thumbs rubbing your knuckles and cheekbones.

“Am I wearing one of your shirts?” His laughter could be heard from down the hall.

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Morning Coffee: JJ and Morgan’s Questions.

read parts one, two, and three here 

↳ Part Four.

Spencer apologized to you profusely for having to leave as he stumbled over his words and his feet, practically falling out of the coffee shop and onto the street.

You gathered your things and left, your cheeks warm as you thought about how well the date had gone and how adorable Spencer was. You called your best friend on the way home to ramble about it as you normally did because beyond the tough exterior, you definitely felt like a high school student with a huge crush.

Spencer ran home to grab his go bag and then went to the bureau, still a bit flustered. He rushed out of the elevator and dropped his things countless times while walking to the doors of the bullpen.

JJ and Morgan were next to him, both of them talking about the plans they had for tonight that had to be cancelled due to the new case. Normally when they commented about this, Spencer’s contribution to the conversation was that he had no plans, but this time he remained silent. He awkwardly listened to JJ and Morgan say things about their planned dates and such, Derek with Savannah and JJ with Will.

“Kid, you good?” Morgan asked as he looked at the young genius, a small smirk adorning his lips. “You seem all hot and bothered.” He raised his eyebrows. JJ parted ways from them and went straight to the round table room whereas they stopped at Spencer’s desk.

“I am not-” Spencer began to say, but then dropped his bag yet again. He huffed and leant down to go it but when he stood up again continued, “I am not all hot and bothered.”

It didn’t take a profiler to predict the question Morgan was about to ask, so Spencer quickly walked away to the round table room. Morgan sped up to catch him, “Did Hotch’s call interrupt something?”

Spencer knew the something Morgan was referring to. “No, thank you very much.” he replied and sat down in his chair. Everyone else was already seated and ready. 

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Off to Las Vegas

Description - You fly with Logan and the boys to Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards.


Sometimes, staying with Logan was a living hell. And by sometimes - it’s more so all the time.

You and your mom were staying at Logan’s for a while, you and your mom taking Logan’s bed while he slept on the couch. Why were you both in California sleeping in Logan’s bed?

It was your birthday tomorrow and as a birthday surprise, Logan got you the ability to attend the BBMA’s with him and a few others. Those few others being a music group called Why Don’t We, who you weren’t foreign with being that Logan’s introduced you to them before and you’ve been in their presence on many occasions.

Your mom was staying back in Cali while you and Logan flew off to the awards, watching after Kong and Maverick.

Unfortunately, after spending an entire month away from your brother, you forgot how loud he could be in the mornings and every other time of the day.

A small groan left your mouth as Pam walked into the room, clapping your hands.

“Up! Up! Shower quickly, we’re gonna go get breakfast,” she enthusiastically cheered.

“Why can’t we just order?” You grumble, burying your head deeper into the pillow.

“I want to go out and you’re coming with. Now hurry,” she swipes the blanket off of your body and you whine in protest. It took you half an hour to finish showering and getting dressed, now you were doing your makeup in the mirror that rested against Logan’s wall. You sat with your legs crossed, applying mascara onto your eyelashes when Logan busted through the door with his vlog camera in one hand and Kong in the other.

“YO, LOOK! It’s my sister! Out of bed and not sleeping! That’s a first,” Logan’s voice booms as he points the camera at you and then himself.

“Oh shut up,” you say, glancing down at your phone that played Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.

“Mom woke you up an hour ago,” Logan points out.

“I’m aware,” you hum.

“It took you an hour to get ready and you aren’t even done, yet,” Logan continues.

“Stop acting surprised, we’ve lived in the same house for fifteen years,” you roll your eyes at him.

“Excuse me for still wondering why it takes you so long to scrub yourself with soap and throw on some clothes.”

“It’s a lot more than that,” you scoff, turning on your bum to face him. “I have to wash my face, put on the creams that keep the acne somewhat away, wash my hair, blow dry my hair - which I haven’t even done yet, straighten my hair, choose an outfit to wear and find out what kind of makeup goes with the outfit chosen,” you explain as Logan just narrows his eyes, facing the camera to you and then him repeatedly.

“I’m sorry, all I heard was waste of time, wasted time and more time wasted,” Logan shrugged before walking out of the room. You shook your head and went back to getting ready. Another episode of PLL passed before you were done with everything.

“I could’ve sworn I said to be quick,” Pam said from where she sat on the couch, looking back at you with a raised eyebrow.

“Quick isn’t in my vocabulary,” you tell her. “Hey Jeff.”

“Hey, Y/N,” Jeff greets, looking up from his laptop for a second or two before going back to whatever he was doing.

“Kong’s coming with us,” your mom mentions and you nod before going to pick up the dog.

“Oh, wow, she’s finally done,” Logan says as he walks into the living room. He then turns to his camera and starts talking, your ears zoning out until you hear him start talking about the Billboard Awards. “So, yeah, I’m presenting an award at the Billboard Music Awards, correct?” He points to Jeff, who nods. “What is the award I’m presenting?”

“You’re presenting the top social artist award.”


“Justin Bieber-”

“Wa-wa-wait. Why is it not me? Am I right, ‘social media artist award’ - HAHA,” he points the camera to his crotch where he starts humping the air.

You shake your head with a small smile on your lips.

“And who are the nominees?” Logan faces the camera back on his and Jeff’s face.

“Justin Bieber. BTS. Selena Gomez. Shawn Mendes,” Jeff says.

“Ooh, hear that, Mama?” Pam is then brought into the camera. “You hear that Mom?”

“Can I come?”

“… sorry,” Jeff is heard from the sidelines and you laugh.

“It’s not your birthday tomorrow, Ma,” Logan teasingly sympathizes.

“Sorry, Mom,” you input.

“Alright, I’ll just stay here and take care of Kong,” she throws her arms in the air, defeated.

“I like that!” Logan hoots.

Another half hour passed before your mom headed to you, lightly slapping your knee which was bent and pressed again your stomach. “Alright, let’s head out so you could be back here to finish up your packing before you leave,” Pam grabs her purse off the table before going to hook the leash onto Kong’s collar. You nod and hop onto your feet, heading to the door and unlocking it.

Getting breakfast didn’t take long before you were back at the apartment and zipping up your suitcase.

“Y/N hurry the f************ up!” Logan shouts, his camera on you as he storms into the room.

“I’m done, you dimwit,” you tell him, putting the last item into the side of your backpack, that being your phone charger.

“Well then let’s get goin’,” he rushes you. You both say bye to Pam and then temporarily Jeff, as he would meet you guys in Vegas. Logan and the boys scored a seat for you on the private jet they were taking, and you couldn’t be more excited.

You and Logan get in the uber and he continues talking to his vlog camera. The uber stops at Logan’s favorite smoothie shop and he goes to purchase one before you guys are back on the road again.

“Guys, I love smoothies, but you know what’s better than smoothies? Private jets - YEHEHE! I am fortunate enough, along with Y/N, to be able to take one to Vegas today. Actually with my lil bros, the Why Don’t We boys - who I believe are actually right -” he points the camera out the window and points at the upcoming van before shouting “IN THERE!”

Logan hops out the uber and so do you. He heads to greet the boys while you pull the luggage out of the trunk. The boys hop out of the car that brought them and fist bump Logan.

“This is sexy!” Logan squeals, showing the jet to the camera.

A smile grows on your face as Jack and Daniel come skating your way.

“Whaddup,” Jack skids by, high-fiving you in the process.

“Hey, Y/N,” Daniel stops his skate board beside you just as Jack rides back and Jonah, Corbyn and Zach appear as well. They all try to help you with the luggage but only two suit cases were in the trunk, so there was no need for them to do so.

Eventually, Jonah passed Logan his suitcase and Daniel got yours out for you. You had stolen his skate board somehow as he got your luggage out, and rode it by the private jet as your Snapchatted the scene, Daniel trying to catch up to you.

“What do you get when you cross a bunch of millennials and a private jet?” Logan asks his camera. “Hella Snapchats, bro. Hella content. Hella Instagram,” he shows you and the boys all with your phones out, recording the moment.

Daniel eventually catches up to you and you go to swipe Jack’s, but he knows what’s coming and easily rides by you.

“Not today,” he winked as you rolled with eyes with the smallest of smiles.

Eventually came the time when you all had to board the jet, and you stood beside Logan as he recorded the boys climbing on. You sat in the seat horizontally across from Jack and vertically across from Jonah, Jonah beside Zach and Logan with his back to yours, Corbyn and Daniel sitting on his side. (This isn’t how seats are originally arranged in the video tbf)

25% of the ride to Vegas was spent trying to solve one of the boys’ rubix cubes while Jack and Zach had solved theirs at least twice. Another 25% was devoted to goofing around with Jack, Jonah and Zach.

“Yo, there’s snacks back here,” Logan says loudly, causing you and the boys to all turn towards him, although you were the first one up to head over. Logan whips open his camera and begins filming as you open a drawer filled with peanut packages.

“You guys, I’m exploring the plane right now - oh so many drawers! What we got, bro?” He turns the camera to Jack who opened the first drawer upwards. “We got plates! We got ice!” He opens a drawer filled with ice and miniature water bottles.

"Jackpot,” you say aloud, causing Jack, Corbyn and Logan to look at the top drawer that was filled with snacks.

“Whoa! We got clif bars! We got brain food!” Logan shouts. “We got wet ones!” Him and Jack point to the wet wipes. Logan then turns the camera to all the boys who were crowding the back. “They all came cause they heard we got wet ones.” He then turns to the liquor on the top shelf. “Yo, lookie here, we got that good good. We got a lil alcohol right here,” he takes a small whiskey bottle. Jack stealthily swipes the bottle from Logan’s hand, but Logan laughs while taking it back. “No, no, no, you’re underaged, you’re underaged - but I’ll do it, for you, though.”

“You hate Whiskey,” you scoff as you bite into a clif bar before everybody cheers him on as he gulps the entire thing down.

“That’s so bad,” Daniel scrunched his nose.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Logan’s face turns red as he coughs. “It’s horrible. I don’t like whiskey. I just did it for principle!”

You shook your head from your seat, opening your phone and checking the time as Logan continues exploring the jet with his camera. You flinch when you see something in your peripheral vision coming at you. A small laugh leaves your lips when you see that it was just your brother being the goof he is, doing a handstand in the middle aisle.

For the rest of the flight, you, your brother and the guys all lounged around. For a few minutes, everyone just stood around as you all waited for the drivers to come pick you up - Jack and Daniel riding their boards around, Logan vlogging and you standing with Zach, Corbyn and Jonah.

Some time passed before a van pulled up, Logan climbing into the front while you and the boys fill the two rows in the back, you sitting in the very last row at the left end beside Corbyn whilst Jack, Daniel and Jonah sat in the row in front.

The ride to the hotel was loud, the boys singing ‘The Song That Doesn’t End" because Logan told them that you hated that song.

By the time you all reached the hotel, you were tired. And because Jonah was such a sweetheart, you were perched on his back, his hat on your head as he had his hands gripping the backs of your knees.

“Gotta love hotels. Something I love more than hotels? Seeing my lazy baby sister putting people to work to her benefit,” Logan tells his camera with a smile before showing it to the scene beside him. You hid behind Jonah’s head as he laughed.

“He offered!” You say.

“I was joking,” Jonah scoffed.

“But look where we are now,” you mention, causing him to shake his head with a small smile.

“I give it a week,” Logan whispers to his camera, inaudible to both you and Jonah who are bantering back and forth. “I told the boys if the vibes are good this weekend, I’d put 10k on black,” he says.

“You won’t do it,” Jonah smugly says as you slide off his back and onto your own feet.

“Ah-NOW I HAVE TO DO IT!” Logan roars.

You take Jonah’s hat off your head and place it back on his head, being that he’s the one who put it on you when he took it off to run his fingers through his hair.

“I’m ready to jump into my hotel bed,” you sigh as you retrieve your suitcase from the trunk before shutting it close and waving a thank you to the driver. He pulls off as Jack politely grabs your suitcase from you even though you didn’t ask him to.

“It’s alright,” you smile at the kind gesture, going to take it from him, but he shakes his head and keeps the handle tight in his grip.

“I got it,” he dramatically bows and you roll with your eyes playfully.

“And they say chivalry is dead.”

You and the rest of the guys head into the hotel and explore the hotel’s lobby before actually heading up to your rooms. Logan goes to the boys’ room before his own but you go straight to yours, collapsing on your bed and throwing your backpack on one of the chairs. Jack still had your suitcase but you were too lazy to go and get it. A few minutes passed with you just laying in bed and nearly falling asleep when you feel for bodies collapsing either beside you or on you.

A scream left your throat as you quickly sat up to see that the bodies that trampled you under them belonged to Logan, Jack, Jonah and Daniel. Corbyn stood with Logan’s vlog camera recording the whole thing and Zach laughing while clapping his hands and bending forward.

“I thought I was being jumped in my own hotel room,” you huff, shoving Logan off of your bed completely, victoriously watching as he tumbles to the floor.

“Who would jump you?” Corbyn laughs.

“I don’t know, how did you guys get it?” You question.

“I have one of your key cards,” Logan state’s as he hops up from the floor.

“Shouldn’t you be at the stadium?” You ask Logan, who’s eyes grew wide.

“Sh**!” Was Logan’s last word before he grabbed his camera from Corbyn and scurried out of your room.

About an hour and a half later, you, Jack, Zach and Corbyn are chilling around in your room. Corbyn was watching your television because he says yours was bigger than his; Zach on his laptop at your hotel room’s desk for no reason at all - just to be there; and Jack and you lied in weird positions on your bed as you scrolled through Tumblr on your laptop and Jack scrolled through social media on his phone. You lied on your stomach while Jack’s head rested on your arched spine, his body lying horizontal while you were straight.

Jack’s random laughing would be accompanied by you saying 'send it to me’ and him sending it to you via Instagram, and then you laughing at whenever it is he sent. Then Corbyn and Zach would also laugh because Jack sent it to the group chat you guys had.

All was chill and calm until you heard Zach say 'no way’ from where he sat.

“What?” Jack’s head tilted backwards, trying to see Zach.

“Daniel just found someone’s underwear in the bathroom,” he chuckled, springing out of his seat and running to the door. For no reason at all - just for the sake of being there, Corbyn, Jack and you rushed after him and down the hall to where Daniel and Jonah were hanging. Zach quickly knocked on the door and Daniel opened it.

“You saw my story?”

“I saw your story.”

That’s all that had to be said before you all walk in, Daniel closing the door afterwards.

“What is it?” Jack asked.

“It’s a pantie,” Jonah said and you giggled at his uncomfortableness saying the word.

“Is it really?” Corbyn snorts as they make their way to the bathroom, but you stay back.

“You guys are acting like it’s a dead rat,” you chuckle.

“What if it has STD’s?” Daniel murmurs from beside you.

“That’d be unfortunate,” is all you say before making your way pass the gawking boys and to the pantyhose that lie on the ground of the bathroom. “That’s a pretty nice pair,” you pout with nod and risen eyebrows.

“You’re not gonna take them, are you?”

“Ew, no, why the hell-” you shudder at Zach’s question just before Logan barges in with his camera.


Bad way to end it, ik, but I wanted to ask what you guys want to see in the next part. Not only who you wants y/n to end with, but a scene you’d want between the two or something GO CRAZY.

Posting this pretty late, I hope you all like it.

And as always - Masterlist

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How about Widow/Zarya/Tracer finding out their S/O was in the medbay recovering after they come back from a mission? (hope this is good practice for ya, writing different characters is good for the soul. Also writer's high five ✋!)

Sorry about the delay and the poor writing.


“Target down. Mission success,” Widowmaker spoke into her earpiece as she jumped from her perch. There’d be another notch on her rifle had she bothered with that silly tradition. She wasn’t made to focus on those she killed, just who was next. As soon as she boarded the jet she knew that there was something wrong. She was used to the nervous looks from fellow operatives. But there was a new tension in the air this time. All refused to look at her, to even whisper among themselves as they usually did. 

“Is there something someone would like to report?” she demanded, finger tapping against her rifle. The silence still hung until one brave operative could stand the tension- and the threat- no longer. 

“It’s (Y/N), t-they were injured. They’re alive! They’re in med-bay,” he confessed, squeezing his eyes shut and waiting for her wrath. They all knew that when it came to you, she was deadly and uncontrollable. 

“Why wasn’t I informed earlier?!” she yelled, marching to the cockpit, “Get us back to base. Now!”

The flight was quick, but not quick enough for her liking. The wheels were barely on the ground and she was off the jet and sprinting towards med-bay, pushing past agents and doctors alike. They didn’t put up much of a fight against the Widowmaker. 

As soon as she was in your room she dropped to her knees at your bedside. She grabbed your hand and pressed it to her cold lips.

“I am sorry, mon cher. I tried to get here sooner. I didn’t know, I-“

“Amelie,” you croaked, running a hand through her hair with your free hand, “It’s fine. I’m fine. You’re here, that’s all that matters.”

“Who did this to you?” she growled, grip on your hand tightening, “I will hunt them down.”

You let out a small laugh before wincing in pain. 

“No need,” you hissed, clutching your wound, “Already beat you too it.”

Amelie leant up and pressed a kiss to your temple. 

“That’s my Cherie.”

Zarya stormed through the corridors, parting crowds with a single furious glance. Her fists were clenched by her side and she could feel her pulse pounding. During her time fighting Omnics she had never felt fear like this. In her panic she nearly ripped the door to your room from its hinges. Her breath hitched when she saw you. Bruised and bleeding, but alive. She rushed over to hug you but stopped only inches away. Normally she would scoop you into a bear hug, but seeing you look so fragile… She thought she may break you. 

“(Y/N)…” she whispered, voice cracking as tears pricked the corner of her eyes, “You…I…I was so worried. Are you…”

“Zarya I’m fine,” you assured her, flashing a small smile, “Better now that you’re here!”

You reached out and took her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. She took a deep breath, only now she realised how tight her chest had been since she heard the news. She leant down to press a gentle kiss to a bruise near your temple. The tender moment passed all too quick. Zarya promptly straightened and cleared her throat before scolding you for your recklessness and disregard for your own safety. You let her rant. She needed to vent after the scare she received. After dealing with her lecture for a few minutes you just couldn’t stand it anymore. You grabbed her shirt and yanked her down, slamming your lips against hers to finally shut her up. Getting lost in the moment, her arms slid around you, brushing off one of your current tender spots. You pulled away, hissing in pain. Zarya immediately flinched and stepped back, her eyes wide. 

“Darling I am so sorry!” she babbled.

“I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine!” you quickly assured her, “But how about you save all those hugs and I’ll make them up to you when I’m better?”

“Ha! I will hold you to that,” she promised, beaming at you.


“Sorry! Sorry, love. Watch it! Oof- ‘Scuse me,” Tracer called, crashing and she blinked her way to the med bay. She skidded to a halt outside the door. Her watch beeped, reminding her of all the energy she had drained from her chronal accelerator in her rush to get to you. She ignored it, she had more important things to worry about. Lena wanted to burst through the doors but heeded the doctors orders. That didn’t stop her lingering outside the door as they treated you, face pressed to the window trying to see through the opaque glass. When the door was finally opened she stumbled through, almost falling to the floor. She quickly straightened and was at your side in a heartbeat. She reached out to touch you but pulled away, afraid she’d hurt you more.

“A-are you okay, love?” she asked, chocolate eyes scanning you up and down. You weren’t looking the best but you could have been a whole lot worse. She chewed her lip, anxiety practically radiating off her. 

“Lena,” you called, forcing her attention to shift and for her to lock eyes with you, “I’m alright, darling. Just…please slow down before you end up hurting yourself!”

Tracer went bright red as you giggled at her. She gave a sheepish smile as relief washed over her. You patted the bed beside you and Lena wasted no time in hopping into the spot. You rested your weary head against her shoulder. She responded by resting her head against yours. 

“You know (Y/N)…You ought to be more careful,” she told you. You couldn’t help but bark out a laugh. 

“Oh that’s rich coming from you, Lena Oxton!”


Jealousy Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Pairings: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Notes: Now taking requests! I need some more prompts for this darling! I’ll post guidelines later.


“You can do better than that (Y/n).” Your mentor Rachel said as she helped you train before she left for her mission.

“Rachel, you should be going. The jet leaves in 10.” Eggsy came in the training room and looked at the two of us. More like ogled us.

“Goddamn it Eggsy! You couldn’t’ve told me this five minutes ago! Fucking asshole!” She yelled and you laughed at her annoyance. She just glared at you. “Shut your fucking mouth.” She ran out of the room and slapped Eggsy on the back of the head.

“Merlin wants to see us (Y/n).”

“Alight. I’ll be there in a minute!” You yelled and ran off to change out of your workout clothes. It didn’t take that long, but you were curious as to why Merlin wanted to see you and Eggsy of all people. Making your way to Merlin’s office, you heard snickering coming from the other recruits. One look and the all stopped and walked away.

“Thank you Ms. (L/n) for joining us. I know that you’re only a trainee, but we need female agent for this mission and currently Agents Lancelot and Guinevere are already preoccupied.

“Why do you need a female agent?”

“You and Galahad will be attending a gala in three days to prevent nuclear codes from getting into the wrong hands.”  Merlin droned on with the details of the mission and then the two of you were dismissed and ordered to train and get to know each other. So for the second time today, you changed into your workout clothes. By the time you made it back to the training room, Eggsy was already there. His back was facing you and he noticed your presence almost instantly. The two of you sparred for an hour then went your separate ways to change. You planned on meeting him in the lounge so you could talk with him, and get to know him.

“Where do you want to start?” You asked Eggsy as you sat by him on the couch. He looked blankly at you and when it started to get a little creepy, he grinned at you. From there Eggsy started to tell you about him, and you found out that you both had a younger sister, and that you both came from shit homes. This was the routine until the start of the mission. Wake up, eat, train, talk, sleep. Now it was the day of the mission and you were trying not to freak out. You and Eggsy boarded the jet, since it was pretty far away, and that’s when you began thinking. What if I mess up? What would happen if I did? Would I be kicked out? What would Eggsy do? He would probably hate me, and Rachel will murder me. Shit, what have I gotten myself into. You didn’t hear Eggsy as he was practically screaming your name for the last couple minutes. He gently shook your shoulder as a way to jar you from your thoughts.

“It’s going to be alright sweetheart.” He said as your eyes showed how panicked you were. Eggsy placed a hand on your shoulder as the plane landed and the two of you made your way to the gala. Taking a deep breath, you pushed out the bad thoughts and started the mission. It took a couple hours, but you and Eggsy finished it without a hitch. Once you reached the plane, you fell into the nearest seat and relaxed. “See it wasn’t so bad.”

“Yeah, even though there were these old perverts grabbing my ass half the time.” You replied. Eggsy’s jaw dropped as he stared at you.

“What were their names. Do I need to teach them how to respect a lady?” Eggsy growled which sent a shiver down your spine. His eyes bore into you even more as you took too long to reply in his book.

“I..I..” You stuttered trying to contain your flustered state. He leaned in, your lips only a centimeter apart.

“They shouldn’t be touching what’s mine.” He whispered as he pressed his lips against yours in a heated and loving kiss. You wanted to yell at him for calling you his, but that thought was long gone at this point.

“You’re right.” You said as the two of you separated for air, and after this statement, Eggsy slammed his lips against yours desperately.

“How about I show you that you’re mine?” He suggested as the two of you started ripping each other’s clothes off.

“We’ll be-NOT ON THE FUCKING PLANE EGGSY. Couldn’t you keep it in your pants?” Merlin said as he discovered the two of you catching your breath after round three.

“Sorry Merlin.” You said.

“I know you’re sorry Ms. (L/n), but you Galahad. Get some clothes on you two, debriefing in ten. Make yourselves look decent.” Merlin headed back to the cockpit and Eggsy’s hand covered yours as you went to put your clothes back on.


“We still have time.” Eggsy said.

“Eggsy, we have ten minutes. That’s not going to be enough time to cover up all these marks and fix my hair.”

“Come on love.”

“Plus I don’t think you could get me off quick enough.” You said.

“Challenge accepted.”

Doctors Hug(Spencer Reid/Reader)

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Pairing: Spencer Reid/Reader
Words: 570+
Warning(s): Murder mention
A/N: yey my first fic for my tol son spence ^-^
Request: i saw youre watching CM and i was wondering if you could do a spencer reid oneshot where the reader goes through a rough case and he comforts her?

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Tis But a Flesh Wound

Originally posted by x-men-headcannons

Request: I’m back!! And thank you for the previous request you write really good and please don’t stop sharing your wonderful talent :3{ I also have another idea for you, so the reader is injured badly (you can come up how) and sarcastically reacts “I’m fine, it’s just a flesh wound” and bby birb boi Warren Worthington is panicky and frantic cause he loves the reader deeply “what do you mean you’re fine? You’re bleeding!” idk I’d like it to be funny and bit angsty please and thank youuu <3

Pairing:  Warren Worthington x reader

Summary: You and warren have been best friends since Apocalypse. After a particularly rough mission you get hurt and feelings fly.

Words Count: 1080

Genre: fluff

Notes:  I love warren SO MUCH. and thank you for the kind words:)

Reader has ice powers like bobby drake with wolverine healing powers just not as fast.

“Chicken wing to ice bitch, come in ice bitch!” Warren says through the intercom.

“Hear you loud and clear chicken wing, where do you need me?” You reply.

It wasn’t often that you got to use intercoms on missions as Jean could tell you what was going on mentally but she was out of commission with a broken leg. Now, you and your best friend Warren had made the best of your time and gave everyone nicknames. Alex was Sparky, Kurt was Blueberry Boy and Peter was twitchy.  Warren was obviously Chicken wing and he dubbed you Ice bitch right after you gave him said nickname.

“could you guys please take this seriously? We’re in the middle of a fight!” Alex yells through the com.

You and Warren both laugh, “Can do sparky” you say.

You create a path of ice and slide up to warren, helping him with the many security guards around him. You were supposed to break out a few mutants from a lab where they were experimenting new anti-mutant vaccinations. Apparently, the security in the place weren’t fond of that idea, and now you were in this prickly situation.  You fight off a few of the people before you feel a sharp pain radiate from your arm.

“(Y/n)!” Warren yells.

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Remember Me - Chapter 2

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: After (Y/N) memory gets wiped by Hydra, Bucky and the others have to figure out how to get it back. Will they succeed or is it lost forever?
Warning: angst, memory loss

Prologue / Chapter 1

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Derek Morgan X Reader: Sleep

Summary: The reader has trouble sleeping, so she stays late at the office. Derek notices, and tries to help.
Warnings: Mentions of death, mentions of a serial killer
Word Count: 919
Tag List: @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester, @lucifer-in-leather, @nea90sweetie, @outsidersimagines57, @trumpetsaretheworst
Please let me know if you would like to be added or subtracted from my tag list!

Originally posted by city-in-october

(Y/n) sat at her desk, she sighed as she closed another file. She was the last one at the office, even Hotch had left before her. He had told her not to stay too late, but it was 3:00 am and he had left two hours ago. (Y/n) knew that if she didn’t go home now, there would be no point in leaving at all. (Y/n) looked over at the pile of files on her desk, and decided that one more wouldn’t hurt, but one more turned into five, and five turned into ten, and the next thing she knew was that the rest of the team had started to arrive. Reid was the first to notice,
“Hey (Y/n), aren’t those the same clothes you wore yesterday?”
Before (Y/n) could answer, Hotch walked over,
“You didn’t leave did you? I told you not to stay too late”
“Sorry, but I got twenty reports done, they’re on your desk”
“Yes, I was just in there, there are closer to thirty reports there. You should have gone home and gotten some sleep”
“It’s alright, just don’t pull anymore all nighters, okay?”
“Yes sir”
The rest of the day was business as usual, the team had gotten a case in New York, they got their bags, and got on the jet. (Y/n) listened to the briefing, but soon felt exhausted. Morgan gave her a concerned look, but she waved him off, opening a file an dreading it. He looked over at Hotch, who just shrugged, and went back to looking over the files. When they landed Hotch split everyone up, (Y/n) was paired with Morgan. The two were on their way to the crime scene of the first victim. They gathered as much information as they could about the unsub, but whilst looking around, Morgan noticed (Y/n) had been spacing out and missing details she would have normally picked up.
“Hey Derek?”
“What’s up (Y/n)?”
“I think our unsub is a woman”
“I was thinking the same thing, we better get this to Hotch, it’ll change the profile”
On the way back to the station, (Y/n) called Hotch. Hotch had agreed with the findings, confirming that the same signatures were found at the second crime scene. With the new information, the team was able to give a complete profile. Within a few hours, the team with local law enforcement, were able to corner the unsub and arrest her. Shortly after she was apprehended, the team had boarded the jet on their way back to Quantico. When they arrived back at the office, (Y/n) noticed that there was a new stack of reports on her desk. She sat down at her desk and opened the first one. To her surprise, the file was closed and put back on top of the stack. She looked up to see Morgan,
“They can wait ‘til tomorrow (Y/n)”
“There’s a lot Derek, they aren’t going to do themselves. Just let me do a couple”
“You haven’t slept in two days, these reports can wait”
(Y/n) sighed, she knew that he wasn’t about to back down, she could see the determination in his eyes.
“Okay, let’s go”
“Go where?”
“I’m taking you home?”
“Derek I’m fine, I can drive myself home”
“You’re tired and I don’t want you getting in an accident”
“I’m not getting out of this one am I?”
“Okay, let’s go”
The car ride was silent. They quickly arrived at her house,
“Do you want to come inside for coffee or something?”
“I shouldn’t, you need to get some sleep”
“Are you sure? It’s late, I have an extra room if you want”
“No it’s alright, I’ll make it home okay”
“It’s late, I don’t want you to get in an accident”
“Using my own words against me? Okay, if you don’t mind, I don’t want to intrude or anything”
“Derek I wouldn’t have invited you in if you were going to intrude on anything. I’m single and live alone. But I do have a dog if that’s problem.”
“Not a problem at all”
“Alright, come on in agent Morgan”
(Y/n) led him into the house, and showed him the room he would be staying in. Then pointed out the room that she would be in.
“and I’m just down the hall, don’t hesitate to come get me if you need anything”
“Okay, thank you (Y/n) really, for letting me stay”
“No problem”
Hours later, (Y/n) was still awake, she got out of bed and went to the kitchen. She was filling a glass with water when Derek burst into the kitchen, gun drawn.
“Sorry I thought someone was breaking in”
“Nope, just me. Sorry if I scared you”
“You don’t look like you’ve slept at all”
“I haven’t”
“Why not?”
“I don’t know, I toss and turn, but I just can’t seem to get comfortable”
“Come on”
“Where are we going?”
“Just follow me”
She followed him down the hall to her bedroom. He pulled the covers back and got into the bed. He pat the space next to him, and (Y/n) lay down. He pulled her close to his chest, wrapping his arms around her and began tracing shapes into her back, soothing her. They lay like that for a while, and before she knew it, her eyes began to droop, and she soon fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

Winter Shadow - chapter 9

Nothing happens here. Literally, 2,859 words of nothing happening. And not even well written nothing. Sorry. If I can, I’m going to finish this tonight, so you can just skip this chapter and wait for the end (or skip both!).


Even by Quinjet, the flight time between North America and Wakanda was long. The jet was equipped with excellent AI and autopilots, but Natasha and Steve liked to stay at the controls, at least while they were flying over occupied lands. Once the jet was clear of the continent and there was nothing but Atlantic as far as the eye could see, they finally switched to the autopilot and both sat back. Steve continued their earlier conversation, as if there’d barely been a pause; it had been playing in his mind throughout the flight.

“So, you think we can find a way to remove the triggers, really?” They’d had this conversation so many times before, but he needed constant reassurance, that there was hope. Natasha didn’t mind, she could sense how close he was at times to losing faith, was always happy to try and talk him around, help him remain optimistic.

“Someone put those triggers in there. So, there’s got to be a way to get them out. And now we have another tool…” her eyes flicked to the back of the jet, where the Shadow sat, still, lost in a world of her own. “… it could be the thing that helps.”

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Attached/Dr.Spencer Reid Smut

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Heyyyy. Can you please do a Spencer Reid smut where the female reader is more dominant? Thank you ❤

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Title: Take a Bullet (Daughter of Tony! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: Pietro is asked on the same mission as the reader, which hardly ever happens when Tony’s around.

Word Count: 1844

Warnings: Violence

A/N: I LOVE PIETRO MAXIMOFF! Okay this is gonna sound weird but this was inspired by a dream I had where Pietro died and I was so sad so I decided to not let that happen! Yay!! I hope you enjoy! 

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KC Gives Back drabble for the lovely Klaristar! Thank you soooooo much for donating!! I put a smidgd of a spin on it for ultimate Kol/Caroline brotp feels, and I hope you like that I came up with!

Prompt: Long established KC, Klaus has been in a bad mood for a while and won’t say why so Caroline & Kol get fed up with him and go on vacation, get up to some crazy crap and require to be rescued.

Caroline frowned for what felt like the upteenth time in far too many days, watching Klaus grumble  while putting on his jacket. The anger radiating off of his body, and infiltrating the atmosphere of the whole house.

She’d been with him for almost a decade now, and she’s never seen him like this. Having been around him for long enough, she’d become rather acquainted with his specific mood’s. For the most part, he was easy for her to read. But this, whatever was wrong with him now, she couldn’t put a lock on.

If she were being honest she’d prefer his all-out rage mood, because at least there’d be no mistaking what he was feeling. And trying to confront him about it wasn’t really working given that he’s been out of the house all day long, every day for the past two weeks.

Klaus, despite being very closed off given the life he’s lived, has always been shockingly open with her. Which is why his refusal to let her confront him now was so unnerving.

“Klaus—” She tried in vain, before his voice jumped in.

“I have to step out again, love.” He informed her, as if that wasn’t already blatantly obvious from the moment he walked into their room to get his jacket.

“Shocker.” She mumbled, with just enough tonation to ensure that he heard it.

Klaus sighed deeply, his gaze almost apologetic. But not quite enough.

“Sweetheart, it’s nothing—” He tried.

“Nothing what, personal? Because it kind of feels like it is, Klaus.” She snapped, having now stood up from her lounged position on their bed. “I have been trying so hard not to pry, but you’ve never been this closed off with me. And I don’t get it.” She continued fiercely, before her gaze and tone turned much softer. “I just want you to try and let me understand.” She whispered.

Klaus’ gaze was stoic, his stance taken aback by her visible anger.

A slight hesitation in his step didn’t go unnoticed by her as he carefully walked towards her.

His hands reaching up to wrap around her, settling on her lower back.

“I understand that my rather sporadic presence—”

“Try nonexistent.” She interjected immediately, not willing to budge.

Klaus’ eyes rolled out of affection at her specifics, before nodding in agreement.

“Yes, I understand my nonexistent presence,” he corrected, “has been with no explanation. But there’s something I must take care of, love. And it’s not something I desire for you to be in the middle of.” He spoke firmly, hoping her frustration would escalate any further.

A hope that was short-lived.

Caroline shrieked, maneuvering out of his grasp.

“Seriously?!” She yelled. “You call that an answer?”

“Caroline, if I’m conducting matters this way, it’s for a purpose.” He ventured.

“I’m not a matter for you to conduct, Klaus. I’m supposed to be your equal!”

Their eyes were locked heavily on each other, before a soft knock at the door yanked them out of their focus.

“Niklaus, we really should get going.” Elijah’s annoyingly tranquil voice said.

Caroline turned back to hold Klaus’ gaze once more, her eyes pleading for him to stay.

“Apologies, love. But I need to finish this.” He resigned, the look on his face riddled with worry wondering just how far he’s pushed her.

Bowing his head in shame, he trudged out of their room, telling himself that what he was handling was much too important.

Caroline stood behind, her mind reeling with possibilities for what had just happened.

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Dark Passenger

A/N: This is an idea I’ve had in my head for a while, kind of nervous to post it since I don’t know which direction I would like to take it but perhaps some feed back will help me decide. SO PLEASE ANY FEEDBACK, THOUGHTS, ANYTHING WILL HELP ME!

Originally posted by aglassofwhiskey

It was still early in the morning, the light barely beginning to creep into the bedroom when the sound of two ringing phones woke her up. Automatically she reached for the phone without needing to see what button she was pressing she answered the call, “Hello.” 

“Garcia. Yes. Got it. Be right there.” After hanging up she closed her eyes for just one more second taking a deep breath. “Spence” she said as she got out bed, “Duty calls, let’s go” she said taking the covers off of him.  

After quickly stopping for coffee on the way to the office, both of you practically ran to the briefing room barely making it on time. “Well at least some of us had a good night” Morgan said greeting you both as you sat down across from him. 

“Yeah well unfortunately that goodnight is about to come to an end.” Garcia said clicking the button on her control making several pictures appear on the screen, “Looks like you are all on your way to this very tiny town, a wonderful vacation I’m sure” 

She became tense as soon as the pictures popped up on the screen, she knew them she knew both of them. No this couldn’t be happening, out of all places for them to go did they have to head back to her home town? 

Everyone noticed the shift in her body language, especially Spencer, “Is everything okay?” he asked immediately. 

“Yeah I know them, I know where we’re going.” She said trying to keep her eyes off of the screen. “What do you mean?” Spencer asked her confused. 

“Turning, WA it’s my home town.” 

“I don’t remember you mentioning that to me” Spencer was right it was because she hadn’t, she actually hadn’t mentioned to anyone there. 

Even after being a part of the BAU for almost eight months she had never revealed certain details about her self. She had a way of making people feel as though they knew so much about her even with the little she showed them of who she was. 

But Spencer wasn’t everyone else, in the last couple of weeks they had gotten closer. At first they we’re only friends, hanging out often, spending time together out side of work. Out of everyone there Spencer knew the most about her, what she liked, who she was, her fears, her mind, her heart.  

But her past, no her past was something different then who she was today. Something’s she didn’t think she could share with anyone, her past had become one of them. Especially not now, they had just started dating made things official, and it was the best thing that had happened to her in a very long time.  

Spencer was everything she could ever dream of, he was kind, loving, smart, patient, soft. He was kind in the way he cared for her, he was loving with her, smart was an understatement for him. Patient he was always patient when it came to dealing with her and her harsh stubborn ways. Soft he was always soft with his hands, his actions, his words. Spencer had proven time and time again to be all these things and more. 

How would kind, loving Spencer react to her past, her secrets, to who she use to be, to the life she use to have? To the part of her that would forever be stained. Would he be just as kind and gentle or would he come to realize she was far to gone to ever be a part of his world.  

“So what can you tell us about Turning?” Hotch said looking through the files in front of him. “It’s a small town, nothing changes very often, nothing really ever happens.” 

“Well a lots been happening a husband and wife dead, and now a third victim, all within a weeks time. Your family hasn’t let you know of any news?” Hotch said pressing her for answers. 

“I don’t talk to my family more than I have too, which isn’t often.”

“How long has it been since you’ve been home?” She looked around the table, she could see in everyone’s eyes that the questions they’d never thought to ask were all lining up in their heads. 

“About 10 years” you said watching everyone’s surprised reaction. 

“Well then, you might want to give them a call. Wheels up in 30.” Hotch said closing the file and making his way out the room, everyone else following him one by one expect for you and Spencer. 

“Seems like theres a lot I don’t know about you” Spencer said as he got up from his seat. “You know me Spencer, you know me better than anyone else.” As she said that realized she was saying it more to her self than to anyone else. 

Those words continued to resonate in her mind as they boarded the jet. Everyone gathered around the small table looking at their case files, but she wasn’t thinking about this case. Her thought we’re far away, all revolving around her past life, about her home.

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