before you fall in love with a writer, understand that every chapter must matter. you cannot confine a writer to your territorial/reactive impulses. even the past has the potential to become art framed by a pen. it is the way we as writers navigate. please, find a way to be okay with that. don’t hold our compasses (words) against us. it is possible to live just as deeply in a writer’s heart as we live in our minds. we’re just as present in our hearts. just, sometimes.. our imagination is the only passport we have. only you know if you want to board separate jets. but know this.. no one can love you as consciously or as freely as a writer. no one sees you like a writer sees you. you are already poetry waiting to be written. feel the world, hold my hand. tight.

BTS as the 7 deadly sins || masterlist

Park Jimin || Gula (Gluttony)

“He was a rich kid, born in to a wealthy family and showered with everything he pointed at, expensive cars, clothes, travels, watches, you name it, he had it all. He was raised in to believe in that true friendship was an utter myth and you could buy them like the latest Gucci bag waiting in a store window. And of course he could, he was used, scammed and even threatened. But he didn’t care. He could buy happiness, buy toys, buy new friends, buy love, buy sex, buy anything. The sad part is that all he did was trick himself. Trick himself to think he could fill his emptiness with possessions. He would not rent yachts but buy yachts only to go out for a day with friends and various women he didn’t even know the names of.

He didn’t care about his possessions in the slightest, biggest and latest and he was good to go was his motto. 

The people around him expected him to change when he foolishly feel for a girl with only one intention. Money and fame. He praised her, gave her anything she wanted, encouraged her to want even more and he would give even more only to wake up alone 3 months later, with every trace of her gone.

His soft heart cried and his cold one told him “it was just for fun anyway”, but he couldn’t hide the fact that whenever he was asked about her, a pain arose in his heart, feeling as if somebody had stabbed him with the sharpest and thinnest of blades and twisting it inside of him.

His cold heart drove him to the nearest strip club, while the soft heart drove him home to cry in his huge bed.

“She was just a toy anyway” But I loved her…

“Just a slut, I was simply paying for her.” I spent so much thinking I invested…

“I didn’t need her anyway.” She made the empty space go away…

Or did he just fall in to his own gluttony’s trap?”

Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Yoongi | Seokjin | Jungkook

  • Photo © - rightful owners
Hug It Out (Avengers x reader)

Request:  Hi!! First of all, you are an amazing writer, I really love your works!! May I request one where the reader gives the best hugs and every time one of the avengers feel down, they’ll go to her for hugs and comfort. And one day she sees Bucky and just opens up her arms and says something like com'on I know you really need it now and fluff haha thank you!!

Thank you so much, love!  I hope you like it!!

It all started with Ultron. The team had just boarded the jet after Wakanda and their first meeting with the Maximoff twins, and Clint was the only one spared from Wanda’s manipulations.  Natasha and Bruce wanted to be left alone, so you took a seat next to Steve, hoping that maybe he would want to talk and that you could help him in some way.

“Cap, you okay?”  

His eyes were closed and didn’t open, even to your voice.  He slowly shook his head, leaning over to rest his arms on his thighs, holding his head in his hands.  As he let out a quiet, shaky sigh, you put your hand on his back to try to support him. Feeling your touch, he sat up and turned to you, his eyes now open and sad.  He leaned forward into you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

You startled for a second, but quickly hugged him in return.  “It’s okay, Steve.  Everything is gonna be okay.”  His body was shaking, his breaths catching as he quietly cried into your shoulder, soft enough so that only you could hear.  You held him tighter for several minutes until his body finally relaxed and he began to pull back.  

“Wow.”  He wiped his eyes and sniffled as he straightened his uniform.  “I feel so much better.  That was the best hug I’ve ever had.  Thank you, (Y/N).”

“Anytime, Steve.  Anytime.”


In the months to come, it became your special skill on the team; your fellow Avengers quickly sought you out when they were feeling down, if they had a bad day, if a mission went poorly, or if they just wanted a hug. You joked that it was your super power, but in reality it kind of was.  Never once did you fail to lift the spirits of a teammate, despite not really knowing how your hugs were better than anyone else’s.  

Bruce found your skill particularly helpful.  It wouldn’t be unheard of for a late night hug for your favorite scientist, calming him after a nightmare or relaxing him if he felt a risk of the ‘other guy’ making an appearance.

“(Y/N), you know you can tell me to leave you alone, right?”  The doctor’s face was buried in your shoulder, his fingers laced together behind your back as he relaxed into your embrace.  

“Never.  I’m happy to help, Bruce, really.”  

“But you were asleep.” He released his grip and stepped back, rubbing his eyes.  “You should be pissed.”

A knock on your door interrupted your reply.  You gave Bruce a quick kiss on his cheek as he walked with you towards the exit, ready to take his leave.  When you opened the door, Tony was leaning against the frame, his hand running quickly thru his hair.

“Oh, hey, Bruce.”  He straightened his stance when he saw his friend with you.  “Sorry, did I interrupt something?”

Banner’s eyes nervously darted back and forth from you to Tony.  “What?  No! No, nothing’s going on…we didn’t…there’s nothing…”

“Doctor,” you put a hand on his arm, trying to calm him.  “I don’t think that’s what he meant.  Go get some sleep, alright?”  As Bruce walked away, you yawned and stretched, turning to Tony.  “So, what’s up, Stark?

Tony put on his best pout and held out his hands.  “I’m sad.”

“Go to bed, Tony.” You started to push your door closed, but he put his foot in front to stop it.  “Really?  What are you doing?”

“Ok, seriously.  I’m having a really shitty day, and I could just use one.  Even just a really quick one.  Promise.”

“Fine,” you sighed, “come here.”


When Steve and Sam brought Bucky back to the tower, it took a long time for him to adjust and to consider it as his home.  Building relationships with each member of the team was slow and sometimes painful, but as the months went by it was clear that he was where he belonged.  Your interactions with him had been mostly on missions, working together but never really talking much; he usually stayed close to Steve, which was to be expected.

But then the day came that you never really thought would happen.  Bucky’s room was next to yours, and as you were approaching your door to turn in for the night, you heard him in the middle of a nightmare.  You knocked on his door, but he didn’t reply; you only heard him crying.  Steve wasn’t home, so you were on your own to help him.

“FRIDAY, please open Mr. Barnes’ door, it’s urgent.”

The door opened, but you felt like you were intruding despite your altruistic intentions. Moving slowly and carefully, you followed the sounds of Bucky’s voice until you finally saw him.  He was sitting on the floor next to the window, curled up and holding his knees to his chest.


He startled a bit, but recognized you after a few tense seconds.  “(Y/N)…”  He was shaking, his eyes still filled with fear.  “What are you doing here?”

“Are you okay?  Can I help you?”  You took a small step towards him, not yet certain about how he might react to you.  “May I?” You reached your arms out towards him, offering yourself as a comfort.

He just stared at you, uncertain of how to respond.  “I don’t think…that will help.”

“Come on, you know you want to.”  Trying to lighten the situation and get his mind off of the nightmare that had him cowering on the floor, your voice changed to a more lighthearted tone, but not so much as to make him think you were making light of his feelings.

Very slowly and very cautiously, Bucky stood and moved towards you, reaching out to wrap his arms around you.  Once there, he sucked in a deep breath and squeezed you, almost hard enough to take your breath away.  His face was turned into your neck, his tears moistening your skin.  You stood like this for several minutes, allowing him to take all the time he needed.  When he eventually released you, he stepped back and looked at you with awe and gratitude.

“(Y/N), that was…that was incredible.  How do you…how did you…how do you do that?  I owe you.”

You chuckled a bit at this, looking down at your feet.  “I don’t really know.  It just seems to help everyone.  I’m glad to do it.”  Stepping towards the door, you bid him a goodnight, feeling thankful for this connection with your newest teammate.  “Anytime, Bucky.”


A few days later, Bucky walked into the common room to see you curled up on the couch, covered in blankets, crying quietly to yourself.  You had just returned from a particularly difficult mission, seeing the loss of civilians that you were powerless to stop.  It had taken its toll on you, even causing you to reconsider your position on team.  It all began to feel like too much.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” He knelt down next to you, concerned, but careful to not touch you until he knew you would allow it.  “Oh, are you okay?  What happened?”

Unable to talk about it without fully sobbing, you just shook your head and shut your eyes, trying to get the sights from the mission out of your head.  You felt arms slowly wrap around you, pulling you tightly into a hug, this time meant for you.  As you put your arms around Bucky, you felt another set of arms join in.  And then another, and another, and another. Finally opening your eyes, you saw your entire team, joined together to comfort you, repaying you for all the times that you were there for them.  

“Jeez, you guys, I thought I’d never get a turn.”

Arrow Fic: Just Waiting ‘Til the Shine Wears Off

post-2x23 Olicity. Felicity’s got a head wound, Oliver spends the night at her apartment to make sure she’s okay.

A/N: Inspired by this post. I tried to get it done before Turkey Time, but all best laid plans don’t account for pre-heated ovens and making your own gravy. Dedicated to the instigators: @yespleasehawkeye​, @aussieforgood​, @phoenixred27​, @so-caffeinated​, @dettiot​, @mylunarsolstice

Title from “Lost” by Coldplay.

Just Waiting ‘Til the Shine Wears Off (AO3)

Felicity doesn’t speak to him on their flights back home, just huddles in beside Digg and keeps her eyes low. He’s distracted on the charter, because he’s flying it, but when they board the jet back to Starling and she does the same thing, his stomach sinks like it’s full of lead. Once they’re at cruising altitude, she whispers something to John and he grabs a prescription bottle from his bag, handing her a pill and shaking out two for himself. He offers them next to Oliver, who just shakes his head.

“Wake us up every hour,” Digg tells him in response. “She took a bad blow to the head, I’m still not sure she’s out of the woods for a concussion.”

It’s extra worrying that Felicity doesn’t even really fight them on it. She just kind of slumps in against Digg as her eyelids drop closed and it’s surely just a coincidence that Oliver’s injured shoulder starts burning at that moment.

He doesn’t sleep, he just watches her. Watches some of the color thankfully return to her face while she dozes, watches her eyelids flutter. He takes in her content expression, shoving down the fresh, painful memory of how she had looked at him when he pressed the syringe into her palm in the foyer of his family’s home.

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Long Flight to Lian Yu

Because I couldn’t get this thought out of my head.

Barry wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was a little bit awed at the private jet they were boarding, courtesy of ARGUS. He fanboyed all over the interior, oohing and aahing at the various luxuries he found. He sat in one of the seats and found a button on the armrest that made it recline to a full horizontal position, and he laughed out loud.

“Barry,” Oliver muttered through clenched teeth, hauling an unconscious Digger Harkness by his side.

Barry looked up at Oliver with chagrin, and he wiped his smile off his face. He put the seat back in the upright position. “Sorry,” he murmured, jumping up to help him.

They settled him into the seat across from the one Barry just vacated, cuffing all four of his limbs to secure him. Oliver pulled a small leather case out of his jacket, opening it to reveal a few syringes. He pulled one out and uncapped it, and Barry watched as he plunged it into Harkness’ neck.

“Horse tranquilizer?” Barry guessed.

Oliver just raised an eyebrow at him. He recapped the syringe and put it back in the case before placing it back in his jacket. “He should be out until we get to Shanghai.” He sat down in the seat facing Harkness.

“That was my–” Barry started to protest, but he clammed up at Oliver’s glare. With a shrug, he took the seat across the aisle from Harkness and buckled in. He reclined the seat to his liking and tried to put his feet up on the one across from him, but fell slightly short. With another shrug, he placed his elbows on the armrests and folded his hands over his abdomen, closing his eyes with a sigh. It had been a pretty long day, and he had spent a lot of energy in the process of saving Starling City.

“How long is the flight to Shanghai?” he asked.

“About 13 hours,” Oliver replied absentmindedly, not moving from his watchful position.

Barry looked between the unconscious Harkness and the ever-tense Oliver. “Are you gonna sit like that for all 13 hours? I think it’s pretty safe. Like you said, he’s out for the count.”

Oliver shook his head once. “I won’t feel safe until he’s underground.”

Barry blinked with surprise. “Underground? You don’t mean…I thought we were taking him to a prison.”

Oliver turned his head slowly, gazing at Barry with thinly veiled impatience.

Barry caught on. “Oh! The prison is underground. Got it.” He held back a sigh. He couldn’t understand why Oliver was being so prickly. They got the bad guy; wouldn’t that be cause for celebration? He debated about calling him on it, but he was a little bit intimidated. Maybe if he tried a softer approach?

“I had a childhood nemesis,” he began, “a bully that bothered me almost every day when I was younger. He turned out to be a meta-human. Could turn himself into steel. He got the best of me at first, but my team helped me figure out how to beat him.” He turned a giddy smile on Oliver, who was pinching the bridge of his nose. “Super sonic punch. That’s what Cisco calls it. I basically had to run at him fast enough to break the sound barrier and then place one perfect punch in the right spot. It was a pretty crazy risk. I mean, if one little thing went wrong, i would have been–”

“Is there a point to this, Barry?” Oliver interrupted, his fingers rubbing his eyebrows.

Barry swallowed at Oliver’s curt tone, anxiety piercing his gut. He continued a little more cautiously. “When we put him away, I felt really good. But you don’t look like you feel good about getting the bad guy. I’m just trying to figure out why you’re being prickly.”

Oliver sighed deeply. He was rubbing his forehead now, and he didn’t look up when he spoke. “Sorry. I’m a prickly kind of guy.”

Barry sighed through his nose and looked at his…hero…in concern. “You know you can talk to me anytime,” he offered, echoing the words that had been spoken to him not long ago.

The side of Oliver’s mouth quirked in wry amusement. “I’m not much for talking.”

“Maybe you should be.”

Oliver huffed a laugh. “You couldn’t handle my baggage, kid.”

“Try me,” Barry challenged.

Oliver finally looked up and stared into Barry’s eyes, quiet fury filling his own. “The first time I headed to Shanghai was in a boat that was sabotaged with explosives, and my girlfriend’s sister was pulled out of my hands and into the water. Then I watched as my dad shot first the captain, and then himself, right in front of me. I was stuck on a life raft with a dead man and his splattered brain matter. Then I ended up on the island that we’re heading to, where everyone I met was either out to kill me or was killed in front of me. In the last two years since I’ve been home, I saw both my best friend and my mother die in front of me. I looked into their eyes and saw the light go out of them. I buried a woman that I had loved in a coffin that was made for her seven years prior. Her death only reminded me that my life only ends one way, so I’m sorry that I’m being prickly! I don’t share your sunny disposition on life!”

Barry cringed in his seat at Oliver’s rising anger, and by the end of his rant he had stopped breathing. The silence that followed felt thick enough to suffocate any and all levity. Barry took a quiet, shuddering breath, his heart clenching in sympathy to Oliver’s pain. “That really sucks,” he muttered, not knowing what else to say.

Oliver scoffed. “That’s one way to put it,” he replied darkly, his fingers resuming their movements on his forehead.

Another silence fell over them. Barry didn’t know what to say. Yes, he had witnessed his mother’s murder, and it had left a permanent mark on his soul, but the sheer intensity of Oliver’s suffering over a seven year span eclipsed his own pain. Also, Barry had had years to come to terms with his past; Oliver was still in the middle of suffering from his.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, the only sentiment he could convey, knowing it wasn’t enough.

“No,” Oliver countered, “I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that.”

Barry let out a breath, feeling the tension between them easing. “It’s okay,” he replied.

Oliver shook his head. “It’s not.” He regarded Barry thoughtfully. “And I think you were right.”

Barry was taken aback. “About what?”

“I might be a little jealous of you.”

His stomach plummeted, his rage-induced words coming back to haunt him. “I didn’t really mean that,” he rushed to explain, but Oliver shook his head, cutting him off.

“I think a part of me is jealous how easily you got into this life, and how effortless it is for you to relate to the people around you.”

The melancholy on Oliver’s face broke his heart, and he couldn’t help reaching out to his brother. “You have to cut yourself some slack, Oliver. I’ve had a lot of years and love to get over my mom’s death. I had Joe and Iris, and now I have Dr. Wells and Cisco and Caitlin, and they’re all helping me figure this life out. You have people too. Mr. Diggle, Roy, Felicity–” Barry stopped talking when Oliver’s face crumpled slightly at her name, and suddenly it was all clear to him.

Oliver had feelings for Felicity, too. It wasn’t just a one-sided crush. Either they both didn’t know it, or they did and wouldn’t pursue it, for whatever reason. He re-evaluated Oliver’s advice with this new information, and understood that Oliver was pining for Felicity as much as he pined for Iris. There was one major difference between them, however. Iris didn’t return his feelings. That was not the case with Oliver and Felicity.

He thought about his conversation with Felicity on the train. What if she knew about Oliver’s feelings? That made her words a little more heartbreaking, in hindsight. He reconsidered everything she had said to him on her last visit. She had seemed a little extra sad about Oliver, more than she had been last year. He concluded that they both knew of each other’s feelings, and decided not to do anything about it. That really confused him.

“Can I ask you something?” he ventured tentatively.

Oliver nodded.

“Why…” He took a breath and steeled himself for Oliver’s reaction. “Why aren’t you and Felicity together?”

Oliver visibly flinched at his question and turned his head to look out the window. Barry watched as he swallowed a couple of times, trying to suppress his emotions. He wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the light, but he thought Oliver’s eyes had taken on a slight sheen.

“We made our decisions,” he croaked.

Barry thought about that response. Decisions, as in plural, as in two separate ones. One decision that led to another. But who acted first? Would Felicity have walked away from Oliver if she knew how he felt? Or did Oliver, for some messed up, noble reason, push her away? That seemed more likely. He did have a bit of a martyr complex.

He thought about their conversation in the Arrow cave, about how Oliver felt like he was losing pieces of himself. “You know,” he said without hesitating, “Felicity could help you hold onto the part of you that you feel like you’re losing.”

Oliver didn’t reply for a very long time. Barry thought he wasn’t going to get one, but then, Oliver whispered, “It’s too late for that.”

Barry scoffed. “No it’s not. She cares about you. A lot. We’ve talked about you.” At this, Oliver’s head whipped around and he glared at Barry. He immediately got defensive, throwing up his hands. “Nothing bad! I’m just saying…she wants to be with you. Whatever you think she’s decided, if you went after her, I’m pretty sure she’d be yours in a heartbeat.”

Oliver seemed to consider this, and he turned his head to resume looking out the window.

Barry got the feeling that the subject was officially closed, which was fine with him. He reclined his seat further and decided to get some sleep. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes with a sigh. Pep talking a brooding vigilante was hard work. He wasn’t sure how Caitlin did it. He made a mental note to thank her when they went back home.

therealcanadianqueen  asked:

8, 10, and 15 please? Preferably w bucky? Or steve (if you do steve)

8. “Stop whining. As we walked into this battle, I was already bleeding, had a headache and cramps. You guys are so weak. Seriously.” 10. “Yes I’m a woman. Yes, I bleed every month. Now stop being annoying.” 15. “It’s really sweet how you have no clue about any of it. But I’m not in explaining mood right now. Ask me next week.”

You boarded the jet, wiping blood from the cut on your lip. “What the fuck. When did that happen?” You mumbled to yourself as you took a seat in one of the pilot chairs, leaning forward and resting your forehead on your knees. Your cramps were getting bad, and all you really wanted to do was curl up in your bed with a heat pack and a cup of tea. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be possible until you landed back at the compound in about 6 hours.

Steve and Bucky boarded behind you, and you could hear Steve chuckling as Bucky complained about his fingers - he was pretty sure he’d broken at least three of them. “I mean, who does that? Grabbing a man’s hand and bending the fingers back? That’s not even a real fighting tactic.” He said, huffing. You rolled your eyes silently, not in the mood to listen to his bitching.

“It seems like it was a real fighting tactic, considering that it worked. Y/N had to save your ass from being shot.” Steve spoke, trying to mask the laughter in his voice. Bucky scoffed, “I was a little distracted by my broken fingers, Steve.” You couldn’t bite your tongue any longer. “Stop whining.” You spat, sitting up slowly. Bucky’s eyes widened and he shut his mouth immediately. “As we walked into this battle, I was already bleeding, had a stomach ache and cramps. You guys are so weak. Seriously.”

Bucky was by your side in an instant. “Y/N, if you were injured, why did you come on this mission? Does Fury know? He’s probably pissed.” He said, his voice soft and sincere. You rolled your eyes again, shaking your head slowly, trying not to laugh at his naivety. “It’s really sweet how you have no clue about any of it. But I’m not in an explaining mood right now. Ask me next week.” You told him softly, and he scrunched his nose up in confusion. “Y/N.. What do you mean? What’s wrong?” He asked, rubbing your back softly.

You let out a groan as you wrapped your arms around your middle, letting your eyes flutter shut. The cramps were getting worse. “Y/N?” Bucky’s tone was full of concern. You heard Steve chuckle as he walked over to where you were. “Buck, I think it might be a lady thing.” He spoke, and Bucky’s eyes went wide again as he looked at you. You couldn’t stop the laugh that left your lips, cringing when it only made your pain worse. “I know they kept you in a freezer for awhile, Buck, but you didn’t live under a rock before that. Surely the women you dated got their periods before you went to war.”

His lips formed a frown as he continued to stare at you, shrugging. “If they did, they never mentioned it… Back in those days, women didn’t really talk about… these things in front of men.” He said slowly, and you rolled your eyes again. “Yes I’m a woman. Yes, I bleed every month. Now stop being annoying.” You growled, only making Steve laugh again. “I think we have some chocolate around here somewhere, let me see if I can find it.” Steve told you as he walked away. “Finally, you’re doing something useful.” You mumbled, causing Bucky to chuckle. “You’re kind of mean when this happens.” He told you and you shoved him, almost knocking him over. “Don’t test me, Barnes. You haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until the crying starts.”

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love yourself to death

(or the one where no one knows)

i wrote this in my head backstage last night. then some spoilers came out that discredited it completely but i couldn’t just not write it. So I did.
song to listen to when reading this (also song that the title came from): i’m so sorry by imagine dragons | takes place after 3x20 but is already discredited by spoilers so just consider it major canon divergence

Rating: T/PG-13 | Words: 1937 | Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak | Canon Divergence | {read on ao3} | tagging olicitykisses​ because she’s awesome

Three weeks.

It’s been three weeks since she last saw him. Three weeks since she kissed him goodbye in a darkened corner of Nanda Parbat. Three weeks since they tried not to share secret smiles with each other as she boarded the jet once again because he was Heir to the Demon now, Al Sahim to be exact, and she was supposed to have said goodbye to him, not hello, but she’d done just the opposite of that. And now they were something, despite no one else really knowing that they were something, and that thought sent a whole different set of electric jolts down her spine.

But now here he was, three weeks later, staring right past her and straight into Nyssa like they weren’t a something, and it was getting on her nerves. A lot. 

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For anon…I couldn’t find the gif form of this, so it’s just a picture. The first part is before he left, and the second is when he came back.

“Luke, please,” Y/N begged, “You don’t have to leave.”

The man refused to turn away from the jet knowing that his wife was crying. He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. She deserved better than someone who allowed another era of darkness. That’s what he thought anyway.

“Think about the children,” she continued to plea, “Are you going to leave before your newest one is even born?”

She placed her hand on her enlarged stomach. She bit her lip as tears fell freely down her face. Silence was her husband’s only reply. Y/N stood up straight as she realized there was nothing she could do or say to change his mind. As if sensing this, Luke continued to board the jet.

“I love you, Luke,” she whispered.

Years Later…

Luke hesitantly left the Millennium Falcon with Rey. To say he was nervous about returning was an understatement. However, his best friend and brother had just died. He had to be there for Leia. His mind switched from his sister to his own wife. Would she forgive him? Would their children? His breath hitched. Does he have another son or daughter? How old are they? Would they take him to be their father?

Rey noticed his anxiety. “Hey. It’s going to be alright.”

He returned the small smile with a nervous one. Before he could fully return his attention back to where he was walking, he was enveloped with a hug. It didn’t take him more than a second to realize it was his wife.

“Y/N,” he breathed.
“Luke,” she replied as a few happy tears slipped out, “You’re home.”

Some long moments later, the pair let go. Luke drank in the sight of his wife. Sure she had aged, but she still looked magnificent. Tears welled up in his own eyes. He blinked them rapidly as he tried to keep them back.

“Hey Mom?” a voice called.
“Yes dear?” she answered while turning to her eldest, a son.
His eyes widened with shock. “D-Dad? Is it really you?”

Luke nodded quickly. Just like his mother, the boy flew into his father’s arms. Not long after, a girl joined the embrace. He immediately brought her into the hug as well.

“Daddy,” she screamed happily.
“You two have grown so much,” Luke managed to mutter happily, “I’m so sorry for missing your lives.”

Y/N watched happily as her children hugged their father. Their third child, who had seen the commotion, walked over to Y/N. The wife gleamed at her second daughter. She grabbed her hand and pulled her toward Luke, who had open up the embrace and was kissing his first two children.

“Padme, this is your father, Luke. He’s come home.”
“P-Padme?” he choked slightly as fresh tears welled up.

The young Padme stepped closer to her father. Her head was cocked to the side. She slowly raised her hands and moved her father’s hair back. After a moment, she grinned.

“So that’s where I get my blue eyes.”

Laughing, Luke pulled all three of his children into another loving embrace. There was no way he was leaving. Not a second time.

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ok y’all ep 4 had me shook as a kanamari shipper and now i think i’m signed tf up as a tru shipper so obviously i had to dig for any bit of canon that i could find. so after a bit of research i have some (COMPLETELY CANON) receipts on these two that I think solidifies them as a stable ship

1. Mari, if she were the principal (which she is the director lmao) would make Kanan her vice, and even after promoting Dia, Kanan would still be her second in command

After all, the Mari today is the ruler of this school!
Okay for now, I’ll act as the principal, Kanan is the vice-principal, and then— Dia is the curriculum coordinator♡
Ah, if that’s not okay, that’s fine~, hmm let’s see, then I’ll promote Dia to vice-principal, Kanan can be the principal— I’ll be the board chairman♪ Fufu, the globe-trotting jet-setter, enigmatic super board chairman!!

2. For the 1st center election, Mari admitted that voting for Kanan was the reason why she didn’t win

Hi everyone, did you enjoy voting? Thank you for all the support♡ After reflecting about it, I made everyone mad by voting for Kanan-chan who always took care of me~♡ What a mistake, next time I’ll follow the rules properly♪

3. Kanan thought Mari looked cool while riding horses on the beach and didn’t pay attention to the gossip/rumors ppl were spreading about new blonde foreign rich girl

Everyone’s been gossiping about Mari being rich and beautiful, saying this and that but— I don’t pay heed to any of that.
It was just, when I saw the figure of Mari on one of her occasional horse-riding sessions on the island— Somehow I felt she looked a bit good.
Just a bit— cool♡
My hobby is diving, and Mari’s is horse-riding, and in truth— I’m certain these have absolutely no relation to being idols, but right now, that’s what the two of us are and that really gives me a mysterious feeling.

4. Kanan’s grandfather is Mari approved

You live alone with your grandfather, but are you on good terms with him?
Asked by 紫鮫さん @Twitter

Yep, we’re good friends~! My grandfather is a bit of an oddball, but he’s extremely knowledgeable about things like the sea and the weather, and he’s unexpectedly small so he’s quite popular. Ah, and, he’s well-liked by Mari and You too (lol).

5. the seiyuu ship it


Now forever close your eyes
Without understanding
On board the jet of white roses headed for eternity
Don’t say good-bye anymore
Inside this heart
The inherited sun, your love

The light that shines in the silent night, reflected in a photograph
The diamond that you left behind is still shining even now

The romance is always within you
You were flying towards tomorrow, treasuring the romance in your heart
Anything experience, in anguish, I’m shouting the question

Why does this chest hurt this much?
I couldn’t completely express my feelings
Even now the dear melody vibrates in the air
All because of your kindness

I gently trace the fragments I’ve gathered with my fingers, “That is a lie”

The moment these hands are placed on top of each other
They are pierced by the knife called reality
As time goes by, I feel the pain and depth of my wounds

The bird that flies fanned by
The preciousness felt anew
Without any hesitation, flutter your wings toward the direction you’ve set for yourself

The romance is always within you
You wait impatiently for tomorrow, treasuring the romance in your heart
Anything experience, eternally stay etched in our hearts

Now forever close your eyes


Request: Hey! Me again❤️ can you do a fluffy HotchxReader where they’re on the jet but haven’t admitted their feelings for each other yet and Rossi is sitting with them? I’ve written one kind of like it, but plane scenes are bae. Haha. 😘

Warnings: None

Paring: Hotch/Reader

Rating: PG

Enjoy my babies! ~AdminAnna


You decided to try and catch up on your reading on the flight home. As soon as you all boarded the jet you nabbed a seat at the table. Unsurprisingly, Hotch sat across from you. You couldn’t keep the smile off your face as he got out his paperwork silently.

You and Hotch had become friends quickly after you joined the team. Your heat was out and you had no one else to stay with so he let you crash at his apartment. Ever since then you two had grown steadily closer. You remembered one particular night you were over. You both had shared a bottle of wine. You remember sitting close, sharing a blanket while watching a movie. You looked up, and suddenly had the strongest urge to kiss him. If he hadn’t have looked down you might have. You shook yourself out of the memory. Your eyes locked with his. He gave you a questioning gaze but you just smiled, trying not to reveal your feelings.

After about an hour, you looked up from the pages. Aaron was steadily writing away. You smirked to yourself.

You raised your foot and lightly kicked him in the shin.

His pen jerked and messed up his word. He looked up at you, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. You hid your face back behind your book, not meeting his eye. You bit your lip to hold in your smile. Suddenly, something thumped the back of your book. You lowered it, looking at the paperclip below your novel. You raised your eyebrows at your team leader. It looked like he’d never moved. He was still working. The only give away was his mouth was turned slightly up at the corners.

You moved your face to the left side of your book, shielding your face from all but his view. You stuck out your tongue, crossing your eyes. He looked up right in time. He huffed in laughter, but clear his throat to try and cover it.

In the corner of the sofa, Rossi and Emily were shaking their heads at you two.

“When are they gonna admit it?” Emily whispered.

Rossi shrugged, “You think they would have already.”

“I mean how long have they been like this.. months?” Emily said, disbelievingly.

Rossi chuckled, “why don’t we help them along just a bit?”

He stood up.

“Rossi,” Emily hissed quietly, “What are you doing?”

“Watch and learn.”

Rossi walked up to you guys, sliding in next to you.

“You two look like you’re having fun.” Rossi smiled at Hotch.

He gave Rossi a look you couldn’t interpret.

“Just reading.” You shrugged, “Not too exciting.”

Rossi ‘hmm’ed in agreement, “looked pretty fun from over there.”

You felt Hotch’s shoe run up your calf. Your teeth sunk into your lip to keep from giggling. It came out as a cough.

“So Y/N. I heard something kind of interesting before we left.”

“Really?” You tried to ignore Hotch.

Dave nodded to you, “Yeah. Anderson wanted to know if you were seeing anybody.”

You bit your lip, sneaking a glance at Aaron. His whole body had gone rigid. It was like he froze. His gaze penetrated you, waiting for your answer.

“Uh. No I’m not. But he’s really not my type Dave.” You answered as slowly as possible, “Sorry. Thanks for telling me though.”

Rossi smiled, “Fair enough. So…. what is your type?”

Oh shit. You thought to yourself. There was no way of getting out of this. You’d have to tread as lightly as possible.

“I like brunettes" You’d start with that, Anderson was blonde, “Tall. Handsome of course. Older.”

“Older?” Rossi nudged you, “How much older?”

"Just older,” You answered quickly, feeling your face head up, “I have a daddy kink.”

You mentally cursed yourself. OF ALL THINGS TO SAY THAT WAS THE FIRST YOU COULD HAVE THOUHT OF. You wanted to slap your forehead. Instead you tried to hide behind your novel.

“Fair enough,” Rossi held up his hands, “I’ll drop the subject. For now!”

He got up, leaving you alone with Hotch. You waited for his response.

“A daddy kink?” You heard the laughter in his voice.

You slammed your book down on the table angrily, looking him in the eye, “Thats the first thing I could think of to tell him that wasn’t I’m into my unit chief.”

You gasped at yourself, covering your mouth with your hand. Damn you had such word vomit. You looked around, seeing if any of the other heard. Thank goodness, they all had headphones in and were asleep. You sighed, finally meeting Aaron’s eye. You could tell he was stunned, his mouth hanging open just a tad. He studied you, then his face broke out into a real smile.

“Its a good thing you’re unit chief is in love with you then Agent Y/L/N.”

Not Prepared

Characters: Spencer x Reader, the rest of the team
Words: 1131
Requested by @salt-and-burn-your-problems (it says there’s no user…I don’t know):   yo yo can i get a oneshot with where you’re in the BAU and you get kidnapped and tortured, and Reid and the rest of the team come and save you? fluff and angst? Thanksss

Originally posted by fly-on-my-sweet-angel

         You listened attentively as Hotch and Garcia went through the ins and outs of the latest case. You had been a member of the team for a few years now, so you were comfortable with everyone. And you all had your strengths that you added to the team. You were a family and it was really nice to have that.

           “We leave in thirty,” Hotch said, sending everyone out of the room to get your go bags and get ready to board the jet.

           You saw JJ on the phone, talking to her husband and son. You saw Hotch on the phone, talking to his son. You didn’t have anyone to call. Everyone in your “family” was right there with you and getting on the plane; except for Garcia.

           “You okay?” Garcia asked when she saw you just waiting with your go bag near the door.

           You nodded, “Just ready to get going.”

           “I know. I hate waiting. And I hate it when I’m waiting for you guys to tell me how things went and for you to get home,” she said.

           “I’ll keep you updated as much as I can so you don’t worry too much,” you promised, “Will that help?”

           “It might,” she smiled.

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Honey I’m Home || LouLex

After Lou hung up with Alex, he went back to all the guys, but his heart just wasn’t there.  After about an hour Lou made his rounds saying goodbye and headed home.  On the way, he made the decision to head back to Florida right then.  He called his pilot and started packing his bags.  An hour later he was boarding the jet and and waiting for take off.

-hours later-

Lou smiled as the car pulled up in front of the house.  He jumped out and ran to the front door.  He punched in the alarm code and thanked his driver before walking in and dropping his bags by the front door.  Lou ran upstairs to the bedroom where he found his wife, sound asleep.  He kicked off his shoes and crawled into bed.  He pulled her close and kissed her, trying to wake her up.