jet engine

Pens From Heaven
  • Student 1: Can I borrow a pen?
  • Me: Yeah, totally, just bring it back at the end of class, please. Every time a kid returns my supplies, an angel gets its wings.
  • Student 2: Wait, what if she steals it?
  • Me: Well, every time a student steals supplies, that same angel gets sucked into a jet plane engine, so don't.

ageisia  asked:

I'm rewatching Civil War and it occurs to me that Sam Wilson is most definitely not the Sane One. He tries to outrun the supersoldier that already lapped him three times in his first appearance. He purposely antagonizes the guy that just tore through a UN superjail. He's the only one that doesn't address T'Challa as "your highness" and tries to start snarky banter. Point is, Natasha was the Responsible One. Or Clint or Pepper. Sam is one of the crazy idiots who constantly need bail money.


Everyone writes Sam as the replacement Bucky but guys, Bucky is trying to go into hiding because there are now TWO Steves on the loose. 

TWO of them. 

The only thing that makes him seem relatively sane is the lack of super abilities but anyone who thinks it’s a reasonable idea to attach a LIVE JET ENGINE ten inches from his asshole is nOT SANE. 

I’m having one of those days where I’m 99% ready to run off into the woods and become the reclusive witch I’ve always known I could be.

No internet, no cell phone. I’ll attach my handwritten manuscripts to trained ravens and send them out into the world. The sound of a beak tapping on your window pane wakes you from your slumber. Your Patreon content has arrived.

Zodiac Sounds
  • Aries: The bang from fireworks, glass shattering, thunder, car engine revving, a gong, a war cry, the sound of marching, metallic sounds, a gasp.
  • Taurus: Someone stepping thru grass or thru the forest, faint singing, sound of a cow bell, dishware and silverware hitting each other, sound of sorting or messing with coins, humming, tying of rope.
  • Gemini: The sound of the wind blowing high in the trees, laughter, flap of a wing or tweet of a bird, electricity buzzing, computer or phone notification, wind whistling thru an object, creaky swings, a flute.
  • Cancer: Rain, ocean waves, cooking timer winding, crickets, howling at the moon, frogs chirping and croaking, baby laugh, whistling of a kettle, loons, water calmly hitting the side of a boat, seagulls cry, someone getting settled under the covers.
  • Leo: Roaring fire and/or crackling fire, cicadas in the summertime, shifting sands, clicking from high heels or dance shoes, sounds of a crowded place, cat purr, wine/champagne cork being popped open, heartbeat.
  • Virgo: The buzzing of bees, turning of a page, sip of tea, crunching of leaves, typing, clicking of a pen, brushing their teeth, dishwasher or laundry machine running, a writing utensil scratching on a piece of paper, woodpecker.
  • Libra: Love dove coos, pizzicato, sound of a kiss, a whisper, a music box tune, opening of a letter, pop of opening lipstick or chapstick, tiptoeing, fluffing of a pillow, rosining a bow.
  • Scorpio: Boiling water, clothes ripping, the sound of locking or unlocking something, heavy breathing, creaking of a door, splashing, roaring from a waterfall or rapids, coffee grinder or maker, “shh”, silence.
  • Sagittarius: A match lighting, chanting, bells ringing, galloping, fizzling of a sparkler, popping or crackling of a candle, bouncing of a ball, someone steadily running, flags flapping in the wind, a jet engine about to take off, sound of swooshing as something just misses your head, a train horn off in the distance.
  • Capricorn: Various sounds from cobblestone, treading through the snow, opening of a briefcase, paper shredder, rocks crumbling or falling, picking fruit or leaf off a plant, ATM dispensing money, tick of a clock, echoes.
  • Aquarius: The sound of breathing when underwater, Tibetan bowl, drums, white noise, someone taking in a deep breath, chimes, something being fast-forwarded or rewind, static, needle on vinyl.
  • Pisces: Running water like a creek, river, shower, waterfall, or fountain, light snoring or heavy sleep breathing, popping of popcorn, bubbling of a fish tank, zipping of a sleeping bag, fog horn, piano keys.