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why i like zutara more than kataang and maiko

Tbh, I was originally a Kataang shipper bc I thought it was cute and Aang deserved a relationship because he was a nice hero kid and was “persistent” and “she’ll come around”. He tried hard to earn it with flowers and stuff, but now, looking back, I see that she didn’t return his crush. Actually, from what I’ve seen, there wasn’t much romantic stuff going on with Katara with anyone (except Jet). Even Kataang, apparently “in the DNA of the show”, only had 1 or 2 lovey moments. I can only really remember the dance scene, which was kinda unimportant, and the kiss in “The Cave of Two Lovers”, which was pretty much forced by the plot. Some Kataang shippers out there like to cite the times Aang kissed Katara without her wanting him to as “romantic”, but it’s just rude and one sided tbh. Aang, not even a teen yet, just isn’t very advanced in terms of romantic relationships. And while it’s true that they supported each other (as good friends should), I’m pretty sure Katara gave more than she recieved, as a mother/older sister often does. While Katara doesn’t have any apparent romantic feelings for anyone else either, at least her other potential love interests don’t get mothered. Even if she actually did have a crush on him, their relationship probably should’ve waited a little: Aang’s still like 12 and Katara went immediately from confused (yet she wasn’t confused about Jet) to girlfriend (and little else, if you consider the comics canon).

Oh yeah, and Maiko wasn’t very healthy and also possibly symbolizes Zuko’s old life that he was trying to get away from. Like, Mai had a crush on kid Zuko, a completely different person, and the two weren’t shown catching up on lost time by talking about it or anything (“I just asked if you were cold, I didn’t ask for your whole life story”). They just got straight into their physical/conflict-prone relationship. There wasn’t very much personal/emotional support. Mai liked him when he hated the world, AKA not the real Zuko. He’s trying to help save the world, after all. He was morally driven, she was apathetic to even her own family. The may have cared about each other, but they were completely different people. If you’re going to criticize the “opposites attract” thing, start here. At least Zuko and Katara don’t have conflicting beliefs, and they are only symbolic opposites.

About Zutara itself, I’ll try and keep it short ;))). It’s not really about the whole pirates thing, or “opposites attract”, or “good girl and bad boy” shit.
At first, I had no reason to ship Zutara because Zuko was an antagonist, obviously. As the series went on, I saw the connection they had in the crystal catacombs, and how they really weren’t so different at heart, despite their backgrounds. When Katara felt the connection, she tried to heal his scar, and he let her try. When Zuko saw her anger at him and her mother’s death, he helped Katara find Yon Ra. He wasn’t encouraging her to go on a murderous rampage (he tried to help Zhao after all he had done, for one).((side note: I think it’s weird how people say that Katara’s decision was somehow because of Aang or Zuko. She neither killed nor forgave the man, and it was her own choice, nothing less.)) By the end, she forgave him because she honestly wanted to. Like come on, does she look like she still hates him for what he did in Books 1+2, as she gave him an enthusiastic hug? They gave each other support and listened to each other, yet Katara didn’t seem to “mother” him. They saved each other’s lives several times (especially when Zuko did a slo-mo leap to save her while dramatically screaming “NOOOOO”, or Katara was in tears after she healed him). Clearly they were at least very close friends. I know none of this is really romantic (see their embarrassed reactions in “The Ember Island Players” and “Sozin’s Comet” when this is teased), but it still would make a great relationship given time. (also, it might’ve helped relations between the southern water tribe and the fire nation).

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Hi, Sami. I'm a new follower and your blog has been very eye-opening to me, who is thinking of applying for JET either next year or the year after. I have two weird questions. As a woman also from the US and a feminist, is there anything especially different I should be prepared for so I don't start flipping tables? Is your husband also a JET? I want to do JET and my serious SO wants to join me, but he's not sure he wants to do JET as well. I worry it might be hard for him to find a job.

Hey @practicingproductivity, thanks for the follow and the compliments <3 You have some good questions here, let me try to do the best I can. I tend to ramble, put up with me if you please~


 I’ve become super vocal over the years, in regards to my beliefs, and feminism is one I defs feel strongest about. I have some slight advice, but I think you gotta just experience it. HOWEVER I will try. Culturally, Japan is not America (insert big ole duh from everyone here) but this doesn’t mean that you should come over saying that feminism is not a thing here. I literally had an ALT come into Japan, and within a week she posted a “free the nipple campaign” video and, I verbatim quote, said, “I’m so glad I come from America, where women have a voice. Did you know that feminism doesn’t exist in Japan?”

Needless to say, me, my husband, and several other female friends of hers went off. I found some documents from the Meiji era to shut her up, as well as some more modern examples. But that is neither here nor there sweet thing.

Now there are two reasons why she said this. 1) she was new and culturally the feminism that she was expecting (like the free the nipple campaign) wasn’t directly in her line of sight in our rural city—- and 2) she’s a bit of a self-centered egotist who kind of lost touch with reality a while ago. But that’s less related than the first part.

The point of that is: there are some things that will make you want to go “Wow, do rights for women even exist here?” but take it with a grain of salt, because the same could be said for any country struggling to get women’s voices heard just as equally as mens’. Just in different ways.

However, you wanted me to let you know what to look out for, and Ima do it!!!


These are just things that pissed me off. Women in Japan, feel free to reblog, but let’s try to be proactive about it!
- sexual harrassment and how it’s dealt with is the biggest thing that bothers me here. Gonna add some subsets of ideas for a second:
     a) fuckin kabe-dons. I don’t like the idea of men cornering women with kabe-dons, which is the tamest and probs most accepted and squealed after bullshit thing I’ve found so far. Have you ever seen the movie Grandma’s Boy? It’s kind of dumb, bit of a stoner film, but like… I really love it? There are a lot of positive messages about the “mlady” type of asshole going after a girl, men thinking she’s a fake gamer, etc etc. But I digress. In one part, creepy dude traps Girl with a kabe-don. And her face is PERFECT. This is not sexy, it is being trapped.
   b) public gropers, and how very often the police here react with “What were you wearing at the time?”
     c) stalkers. There is a huge culture in Japan of seeing a foreigner and this subgroup of super special snowflakes (do they get together once a month to decide how to harass gaijin?) think “Hey free English lesson!” and follow us in public. Sometimes it’s harmless. But sometimes it’s harmful and scary, and there is literally no way to tell the difference between the two until you’re past your comfort zone. I dislike the way this is dealt with too, in Japan. But I dislike how it’s dealt with in most cases anyway >.>
    d) “jokes”. I’m sure if you peruse through my blog you’ll see the progression of Rude Sensei’s saga, where he touched my food and would go ‘Mmm say yummy’ or when he would gesture about my body or when he went so far as to joke about me and him having an affair when we had unrelated business trips within the same week. Basically, shitty people exist EVERYWHERE. Be aware of this in coming to Japan, because no it is not normal, and no it is not okay, and no you do not have to put up with it!

- women’s roles in relationships. I cannot tell you how often I’ve gotten laughed at when I say that my husband cleans and cooks and I do not. I really don’t. But they don’t believe me. Culturally, that’s absurd.
      My husband worked all through my time at university, sometimes upwards of 90hr work weeks. He pushed himself so hard, and when he came home, I would clean and do the dishes and the laundry etc. It was the least I could do. Now, the roles are switched. I work more than he does, and I want him to have free time to spend how he wants. I don’t want him to go back to 90hr work weeks. But my teachers are just amazed that he does these things for me.
      Basically, in Japan, women either work until they have kids, or they don’t end up marrying (this is a big generalization, but one that isn’t exactly unfounded). Basically, I get  GOT asked all the time, “Does your husband mind if you go to the enkai? Oh no, who will cook his dinner?” and I would just shut that shit down whenever I could. My husband does not and has not gotten these questions in the sheer volume that I have. It’s ridiculous.
    Google: “japanese women in the workplace” if you want to peruse articles about women’s experiences in Japan. I’m not Japanese, I can’t attest to it, but I have had several coworkers who’ve said to me “As soon as I have a baby, I’m going to stop working. That’s just how it is.” And that burns my grits, that men can talk about their kids at work no problem but if a woman does, they’re seen as an “absent mother”– unless they forfeit their job and stay home. Again. Not a problem limited to Japan, but one that is prevalent here.

- black bag of shame. Tampons, pads, condaaaaams, anything to do with your downstairs goes in a black bag of shame then in your regular grocery bag. I hate it because it associates something we as women have no control over (our periods) with something we do have control over (sex, and by extension contraception). I am not embarrassed by having to buy toilet paper, and I will not be cowed into being embarrassed about the blood I just happen to have every month. Everybody poops, and a lot of girls have their periods. I am more ashamed of the fuckton of bread that I buy after a 5k run.
       Hubs about made a cashier faint when he bought tampons for me once and said “iranai” to the black bag. He carried them out in his hands. SCANDALOUS. He’s a sweetheart.

These are just a few of the things to prep for, but I want you to try to prep for conversation versus confrontation. Sure, confrontation IS necessary. Better believe I told Rude Sensei, “No. Not funny.” when he ‘joked’ like a dickweed. But other times, like when I was talking with other women in the workplace, it was not my job to confront the system. It was my responsibility as their friend and coworker to talk with them civilly, respectfully, and share my own culture as an exchange (job descrip thrown in there, yeayuh). So come over not expecting these things to happen, but being open to talk with other ladies if and when they do! <3


Hubs is not a JET, he’s just a Hubs which is the most important thing in the world to me but also still not a JET. He works now part time at a nursery school, reading books and playing with Lego’s and going to the local grocery store with a parade of baby ducklings in his wake. It is SO cute. We don’t want kids, but damn if my heart don’t melt when I see pics of him “getting his nails painted” by the little two year olds in his class. Sweet babies. Here’s a pic of his class making some crafty “alligator" bracelets that they were gonna use to eat some “monkey” finger puppets for a song about counting.

He came over because we were married, so he had a dependent visa to get into Japan. My work sponsored me, and then I sponsored him. Jobs kind of fell in his lap in our small town, but he disliked all of them that related to teaching. At nursery school and preschool, he gets to just play with the kids and speak more Japanese than English, so it suits his style more. I wish I could tell you more about the ease of getting a job, but really we just go to a TON of stuff in our city and have a ton of friends in the area. Never underestimate word of mouth. It’s gotten Hubs every job he’s had in Aomori.

He has a dependent visa with a stamp to work part-time now. If he got a full job, he could switch to a different working visa. There are other ways to stay in Japan for longer. There is a cultural studies visa (not sure how you get it, but worth looking into) that a couple of JET SOs actually have in Aomori! We have a JET in Shichinohe whose girlfriend is on a visa to study ikebana for a year (flower arranging), and we have another JET in Hashikami who is bringing her boyfriend over on a similar visa (with a different area of study I think). So if you’re not ready to get married, and they’re not into teaching/JET, there ARE ways to have them stay with you!!

I hope this helped. I ramble so much. I just want you to have a good view of things without feeling like it’s some scary place where perverts are going to grab you every day on the train. I honestly feel safer walking at night in Japan alone than I ever did anywhere in the United States. I feel better on public transportation than I ever did in the US too. Flip side to gaijin getting picked on that Japanese people can’t always account for: I will go fucking CRAZY and embarrass the shit out of you if you lay hands on me or get in my bubble. And that usually puts an end to it. That whole “don’t disturb others/crowd culture” in Japan can be used to your advantage, whereas in the States I have seen too many videos of women being harassed in public and the person’s reaction is to whip out a phone instead of help her.

So there are cultural differences to be aware of here.

Point that we make at every AomOrientation: it is not legal for you, in most cases, to hurt your attacker in any way. Therefore things like mace are considered a weapon and “not okay”. It is a bullshit law, and so break it if you must, but if you are harassed or assaulted and can break away by screaming or crying or calling the police or running— do that FIRST.

I feel like I’m getting distracted, but also like all of this is necessary. Feel free to reblog as always, tumblr fam, and correct or add or just get the word out.

Wonderful questions, and I wish you the best of luck in your decisions regardin’ JET!

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Do Catwoman and Talia get along or do they hate each other? Everyone makes it seem like they fight all time.

Yes, I know what you mean. I think that people are very enticed by the idea of two women fighting with each other, particularly over a man, which is pretty sexist if you ask me. I don’t think of Catwoman and Talia as “romantic rivals”; this isn’t “The Bachelor” and love is not a competition. Talia and Selina actually haven’t (to my knowledge) had as many interactions as one would think. In the Pre-Crisis days Catwoman was portrayed as being somewhat jealous of a number of Batman’s love interests (Talia included).

But they ended teaming up (reluctantly) to save Batman’s life. The only time Selina went really off the deep end with jealousy was when she found out that Bruce had started seeing Vicki Vale, and tried to kill her. That type of extreme violence seemed really out of character, but it was written by Gerry Conway who did not write most of Catwoman’s Pre-Crisis appearances so take that with a grain of salt. Batman and Catwoman both came to terms with the fact that they had hurt each other and hugged it out in the end.

But then Batman started dated a villain named Nocturna and old feelings started resurfacing again.

During Pre-Flashpoint Catwoman was established as a independent character which is probably why she mellowed out a lot. She did make a very salty comment about the status of Bruce’s relationships with his then girlfriend Jezebel Jet and Zatanna.

Now for Talia. Everyone already knows about the icy interaction the two had in Batman: Hush where Talia goads Catwoman about their sex life, so I’m not even going to bother posting it here. While Bruce was dating Jezebel Jet Talia monitored the relationship and had Jezebel killed after she betrayed him.

A few years later Ra’s al Ghul sends the League of Assassins to kill all of Bruce Wayne’s loved one including Catwoman.

This was not Talia’s doing but it shows that the al Ghuls at least acknowledge that Catwoman is an important person in Batman’s life. Despite this Catwoman and Talia are at least civil enough with each other for Talia to teach Selina a trick to prevent her from being mentally manipulated by villains into revealing Batman’s identity in Gotham City Sirens.  However not too long after that in an uncharacteristically petty move Talia attempts to trick Zatanna into mind-swiping Batman’s identity from Catwoman’s memories.

But relationships go both ways and Batman is guilty of having some jealous feelings himself. Although I’d rather just forget about the Slam Bradley thing from Catwoman’s third series it was kind of funny to see Bruce and Slam getting into it in clouds of testosterone fueled jealousy.

Unlike Catwoman and Talia, Batman and Slam actually came to blows about it. The story goes Slam was bragging about his relationship with Catwoman to Batman, and Batman accuses him of taking advantage of her emotional state.

Yes, Batman got into an acutal fist fight with another human being over a woman. So I guess everyone is jealous of everyone, and there is really no need to pit one character against the other. While I don’t ever see Catwoman and Talia becoming BFFs, in my opinion, that has more to do with their personalities clashing than because of Batman.
Is Louis Tomlinson The Victim Of An Orchestrated Smear Campaign?
Louis Tomlinson has been subjected to a seemingly never ending stream of negative stories in recent months. One Direction star Louis has been accused of being a

Louis Tomlinson has been subjected to a seemingly never ending stream of negative stories in recent months. One Direction star Louis has been accused of being a deadbeat dad, a serial womanizer, a drunk and a love rat who dumped his pregnant girlfriend to jet off with an actress. Now to be fair some sections of the U.K. media are famous for how they build stars up only to attempt to tear them down again at a later date. It certainly seems that 24-year-old Louis is being subjected to well trodden path of negativity at present.

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So you know that one character Ive been telling everyone about BUT NEVER MANAGED TO DRAW PROPERLY



his name is tyler and he has a jet bike and yes that is the same jet bike I posted months ago and literally all I did to it is make it MORE shiny. 

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Alright. I'll play. If it had to be "Louis jets off with girlfriend to London to get support from family and gf while he finds out he isn't the father. Just end it.

Me today: Wow, I hate Danielle.

Them: *end babygate*

Me tomorrow: Wow, Danielle is great! I’m so happy that she can be there to support him through this difficult time. 😉😉 #GirlfriendGoals #HopeYouTwoDontBreakUpWeeksAfterBabygateEnds #Tragic