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Brachetto is an Italian grape, native to the region of Piedmont.  Wines made with this grape are often redolent of roses, colored of rubies, and flavored with red berries, frequently frizzante, and slightly sweet.  While some would drink these for dessert - the low-alcohol content makes them an all-day, adirondack chair and sunglasses kind of wine.  Even better, put your bottle and your feet in the kiddy pool to keep cool.

Our Brachetto is from Bera, and it is grown in the small village of Neviglieis (practice that before you start drinking their wine).  It has the characteristics described above, with a bit of acidity to temper some of the sweet.  It is very low in alcohol (5.5%), which means you do not have to stop at one!

We also donate $2 from every glass sold to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, making this a guiltless pleasure!


This is a phenomenal Merlot from northeast Italy, near the beautiful Lake Garda.  Enjoy the plum and dusty cocoa flavors, and pair it with mussels.  That’s right, I said “pair it with mussels."  Red wine with mussels might seem like a surprising pairing, but this merlot is a very elegant expression of the grape, with a healthy dose of mineral and herb to go with that choco-plum.  The meaty mussels want a wine with a bit of oomph, and the Barone Fine comes through!