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For anon…I couldn’t find the gif form of this, so it’s just a picture. The first part is before he left, and the second is when he came back.

“Luke, please,” Y/N begged, “You don’t have to leave.”

The man refused to turn away from the jet knowing that his wife was crying. He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. She deserved better than someone who allowed another era of darkness. That’s what he thought anyway.

“Think about the children,” she continued to plea, “Are you going to leave before your newest one is even born?”

She placed her hand on her enlarged stomach. She bit her lip as tears fell freely down her face. Silence was her husband’s only reply. Y/N stood up straight as she realized there was nothing she could do or say to change his mind. As if sensing this, Luke continued to board the jet.

“I love you, Luke,” she whispered.

Years Later…

Luke hesitantly left the Millennium Falcon with Rey. To say he was nervous about returning was an understatement. However, his best friend and brother had just died. He had to be there for Leia. His mind switched from his sister to his own wife. Would she forgive him? Would their children? His breath hitched. Does he have another son or daughter? How old are they? Would they take him to be their father?

Rey noticed his anxiety. “Hey. It’s going to be alright.”

He returned the small smile with a nervous one. Before he could fully return his attention back to where he was walking, he was enveloped with a hug. It didn’t take him more than a second to realize it was his wife.

“Y/N,” he breathed.
“Luke,” she replied as a few happy tears slipped out, “You’re home.”

Some long moments later, the pair let go. Luke drank in the sight of his wife. Sure she had aged, but she still looked magnificent. Tears welled up in his own eyes. He blinked them rapidly as he tried to keep them back.

“Hey Mom?” a voice called.
“Yes dear?” she answered while turning to her eldest, a son.
His eyes widened with shock. “D-Dad? Is it really you?”

Luke nodded quickly. Just like his mother, the boy flew into his father’s arms. Not long after, a girl joined the embrace. He immediately brought her into the hug as well.

“Daddy,” she screamed happily.
“You two have grown so much,” Luke managed to mutter happily, “I’m so sorry for missing your lives.”

Y/N watched happily as her children hugged their father. Their third child, who had seen the commotion, walked over to Y/N. The wife gleamed at her second daughter. She grabbed her hand and pulled her toward Luke, who had open up the embrace and was kissing his first two children.

“Padme, this is your father, Luke. He’s come home.”
“P-Padme?” he choked slightly as fresh tears welled up.

The young Padme stepped closer to her father. Her head was cocked to the side. She slowly raised her hands and moved her father’s hair back. After a moment, she grinned.

“So that’s where I get my blue eyes.”

Laughing, Luke pulled all three of his children into another loving embrace. There was no way he was leaving. Not a second time.

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happy thought: imagine how big haruka is going to smile the first time she gets to introduce michiru as "my wife" and vise-versa

I have a little stack of these “happy thoughts” in my Ask Box, and I’m just going to keep posting them sporadically.

Can’t you see Haruka, just SO PROUD? Like they’re at a dinner party or some event, maybe a gallery showing for Michiru, some situation where Haruka’s like ALREADY so fucking proud. And they aren’t TECHNICALLY newlyweds anymore, they’ve been back from their honeymoon for little over a week, but it still FEELS like it’s new to Haruka. And she gets into this conversation with someone at the event (or said someone makes the mistake of making eye contact with her).

“Yeah, I’m here with my wife, Michriu, who happens to be my wife. Can you believe it? Michiru is my wife. It sounds so great, doesn’t it? ‘My wife, Michiru.’ You should try saying it. No, no, don’t say, because I’ll want to dig a hole to the center of the earth and bury you there, it’s a whole thing. So just think it. Actually, don’t even do that, just listen to me say it again. 'My wife, Michiru’. 'Wife’. 'Michriu’. 'My’. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t she beautiful? My wife? Who is Michiru? Michiru is my wife. Wife.”

Haruka drifts off for a second, then shakes her head clear.

“Right, so I was going to say! My wife, Michiru, is my wife and …”

If there was ever going to be another point to this conversation, nobody ever learns what it is.