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Edmund x Reader: Water Guns and Damp Clothing

~For Kaitlyn (@edlusueandpete) Modern AU~

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“Edmund, I’m all wet now!”

Edmund scurried around the garden with a water pistol in his hand and a cheeky grin on his face. You shook your hands, letting all the water from them drip onto the damp grass. Your clothes were soaked.

Peter laughed, hitting his brother in the back of the head with a jet streak of water. 

“Run Y/n!” 

You did, dashing across the bushes to hide behind the fence that separated the Pevensies’ house from yours. You waited with baited breath, watching as Edmund pounded his little sister with a wave of water that was twice the size of her.

You shook your head, grinning to yourself. “This means war, Pevensie.” You said under your breath, stooping down to retrieve a small water pistol Edmund had dropped earlier. You leaned against the fence with the gun in your hand, ready to aim it at your boyfriend.

As soon as Edmund rounded the corner, you raised the water pistol, shooting him right in the face. Edmund, however, was too quick for you.

“Oh, you think you can beat the MASTER of water fights? Think again!” Edmund adjusted a setting on his industrial-sized water gun. Before you had a chance to duck, Edmund squirted you with a tsunami of muddy water. There was no turning back now, you were drenched and ready to kill.

“Kill him!” Lucy yelled, laughing as she shot Peter with her small water gun. You raised your eyebrows, lifting your pathetic little pistol. “Oh, I’m going to do more than kill him, I’m going to destroy him.”

“That’s an empty threat,” Edmund pointed out, taking a few steps back as you emerged from behind the fence, “You can never ‘destroy’ me.”

You grinned slyly. “Oh really?”

With that, you spun around behind him and shot him in the back of the head with water. He laughed, turing around face you again. “Oh please, that was-”

You cut him off with a firm and sloppy kiss. Edmund was so taken aback by the sudden movement that he loosened his grip on the gun, giving you a perfect opportunity to take it. “You were saying?”

Edmund made a motion to retrieve the weapon, but before he could grab it, you pulled back the mighty trigger of the water gun and shot Edmund square in the face with an even mightier wave of water.

“What the hell Y/n?!” He shouted, laughing in between attempts to take his gun back. You smirked, running over the lawn to where Lucy and Peter stood in battle. Peter was obviously winning.

“Edmund, catch!”

Before you even noticed the exchange happening between the two brothers, Edmund had a pistol in his hand and an evil look in his eye.

“Edmund Pevensie, don’t you dar-ARHGGH!” You spluttered as your mouth suddenly filled with about a liter of water. It tasted of salt and mud mixed together, and you felt the little pieces of dirt swimming around in your mouth. Not only was your entire face wet-which caused your mascara to run profusely-but now your clothes were literally becoming heavy from the excess water. You dropped the pistol.

Edmund and Peter cackled as you spit the water onto the grass; Lucy just frowned. “You both are quite cruel, you know.” She mumbled with a small smile, shooting you an apologetic look. You rolled your eyes at the boys, ringing out your shirt.

“You’re laughing now,” You said, snorting at Edmund, “But you’re the one who has to kiss me.”

Edmund rolled his eyes, leaning forward to peck you on the cheek. “See? Fine.”

You sighed, picking up the water gun. “You’re impossible.” You said, laughing a little yourself. “Now I have to change my clothes, and seeing as Lucy’s things are too small for me, I’m going to have to walk around naked!”

Peter and Lucy exchanged a knowing look. Peter smirked. “I mean, it’s nothing Ed hasn’t seen before after all.”

Edmund hit his brother on the chest. You rolled your eyes, turning around and shimmying off your shorts.

Peter gasped, grabbing his sister and using her as a shield for his ‘delicate eyes’. You chuckled, shaking your head as you threw the garment at Peter’s face and opened the back door.

Peter shrieked, prying the damp shorts from his head. Edmund and Lucy doubled over with laughter. Edmund shook his head in amusement as the screen door closed, shutting you inside.

“You know Pete, it’s funny how you’re always making such nasty jokes and yet you haven’t even touched a girl’s shorts before.”

Peter wrinkled his nose, flicking the denim shorts at Lucy.

“Whatever Ed.”

Don’t Touch Him | Closed

McCree was just trying to go shopping. That’s it. No pestering Hanzo, no smooth talking, no stupid actions. He just wanted to get food and go back to his temporary apartment.

Apparently life had different plans for him, that blear grey skied afternoon.

His walk home from the small local market wasn’t a long one, but the street he was on had many side paths and dark alleys that he would prefer to avoid. Bags gripped tightly in both hands, his spurs clicked as he walked down the sidewalk. He passed by an backroad, content with just walking by it, when a familiar jet black streak of hair caught his eye.

He whipped his head around, glaring into the alley. Hanzo was standing there, push up against an rough brick wall. He was surrounded by larger men, who were trying to roughly grab the elder Shimada. Their intent was obvious, and Jesse was not about to let his friend get hurt. 

Both of his grocery bags hit the ground, but not before Jesse was already full speed barreling into one of the suited men.



2015-16 Goals Game 27/82 (vs Winnipeg Jets)

Goal 1: Hossa
Goal 2: Teravainen
Goal 3: Panarin (Empty Net)
Bonus Gif 1: A smiley Kane hugs Panarin after his assist on Panarin’s empty net goal extended his scoring streak!
Bonus Gif 2: Kane sets a new franchise record scoring a point in 22 games straight!

Badger’s Fury, Lion’s Roar | Owen and Charlus

Owen looked around the room as chaos erupted around the dancers. Jets of coloured light streaked around the place as people dodged, ran and screamed. He was being jostled as people scrambled for safety, or towards the fight.

He pulled his wand from his breast pocket, holding it a source of comfort. People around him were dying, and he had to do something to help. As a gap opened in the crowd he saw a Death Eater dueling with a middle-aged woman with long dark hair, her dress and face already scorched and slashed by numerous curses.

There was much to be said for his stance, but with a flick he cried ‘Petrificus Totalus!’ and the Death Eater froze like a statue, toppling over to the side. The woman barely had time to look at her rescuer before turning and running.

Every sense screaming as he looked for danger, he ran full-tilt into someone who looked familiar.

“Charlus!” He scrambled for his feet. “Are you all right? You should go, get to safety!”


+silvertongueseeker is following you.

Running along an unknown plain, in an unknown place, the female Steeljaw wondered just where that stupid space bridge had spat her out at. It looked like earth, but she had yet to run into any species organic or otherwise.

Stopping to rest in the shade of rock formation she heard the sound of jet engine cominging up from her rear.  Pressing herself against the nearest rock she tucked down into the shade hoping to not be spotted.  As the Jet approched the first thing she saw was the colors, different then the seekers she has seen on earth with their dull grey and black.  

Holding in place the jet streaked over her position, thinking she was in the clear, the Steeljaw steeped out.  Bad idea. The jet did a swooping turn coming right back in her direction, laying down she heard the sounds of transformation.  Trying to keep as invisible as possible, this was a seeker. Deady and fast she had heard of their kind from master Lockdown, her frame shook maw rattling loudly as she held her position and waited….