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I’m really feeling the love around here!. I Have sort of an.. apartment, garage, attic.. thing? I’m not sure what I’d call it but I live there. There is a lot of junk  lying around and I like my mess where it is.

OOC: Thank you so much for all the support everyone. It’s messages like this that keep me doing this! I’ve not been a part of a fandom that is more encouraging and supportive as this one.

2006 BIONICLE AU where Umbra is the only one without roller skates. The Piraka are an actual skater gang and, instead of antidermis, they use Zamor paint spheres to graffiti tag the Voya Nui Matoran into submission. The Toa Inika arrive to an island covered in the Piraka’s tasteless, egotistic graffiti and don inline skates of their own to challenge the Piraka to an all-out, island-wide turf war for the Mask of Life.