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Yoryn! Do Yoryn for that kid meme!

Well, considering they’d have two…

  • Name: Daniel ( Prefers Danny)
  • Gender: Male
  • General Appearance: Freckles upon his face; Yoyo’s green eyes and Jare’s hair color. Tends to wear jackets and hoodies 
  • Personality: Takes things a bit too seriously. A sharp minded kid, he’s easily embarrassed. 
  • Special Talents: He’s pretty good with technology, and he’s gotten Yoyo’s flare in his skating.
  • Who they like better: His parents tend to embarrass him  (they’re too cheesy for him to take at times) but he likes them both. Leans towards Yoyo a bit more since he taught him how to skate around.
  • Who they take after more: Jaryn’s personality more, but he got Yoyo’s grin an tendency to get in trouble
  • Personal Head canon: He’s a good big brother, but like his dad, he’s a magnet for trouble.
  • Face Claim: Don’t have one for him yet ( besides the pictures whodaman-yoyo drew :3)
and now the second :3

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

  • Name: Delilah
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Long blonde hair, Gray/green eyes. Tends to wear dresses and whatnot
  • Personality: Sweet as pie to the core. She’s incredibly curious about her surroundings, and tends to get into trouble that way. When she’s older she doesn’t allow anything or anyone to walk all over her. Must have gotten it from momma.
  • Special Talents: She get’s her mom’s dancing skills
  • Who they like better: Del leans towards her mother more
  • Who they take after more: She’s an odd one; Bo one’s really sure where she get’s her personality from. Her tendency to go off on her own as well as openess to others comes from Yoyo.
  • Personal Head canon: She’s very friendly, but she has the gift of Yoyo’s grin as well. It scares the other kids a little bit, but hey.
  • Face Claim: ( see statement above for the face claims :3)