jet set

Hot things to say in the bedroom
  • “I got you in my sights”
  • “It’s High Noon.”
  • 竜が我が敵を喰らう!
  • “Hammer Down!”
  • “Oh, let’s break it DOWN!”
  • “BAHAHAHAHA. *cough*”
  • “Pass, into the iris.”
  • “Nerf this!”
  • “No one can hide from my sight.”
  • “Teleporter online!”
  • 身を捨てても、名利は捨てず!
  • “ Огонь по готовности”
  • “Gotcha!”
  • “ 冻住,不许走! “
  • “DIE DIE DIE.”

I made a montage to prove a point to a friend

Jet Set roasted Bill like he was a delicious pork loin with this burner.  

But, like every great joke, there lies a bit of truth that isn’t addressed nearly enough.  Gentleman… you know who you are.  Give that ass an extra wash.  Soap is your friend.  

‘Cause we all talked, and it’s definitely stankin’.  A good self test is to ask, “Does my ass stank?” and if you have any answer other than “Absolutely not, 100%”, hop back in the shower.

We Love You Jet Set

I’m very sad to report that we’ve lost a member of the Workaholics family.  

Jet Set Hudson passed away late last week, after contributing some of the funniest, sweetest moments of our just wrapped season 3.   

Jet Set lit up every room he walked into; every set he was on, and truly touched every person who had the pleasure of meeting him.  To say he will be missed is an understatement, to say he was loved can never be said enough.  

Rest in peace, Jet Set.  I can not put into words how wonderful it was to work with and get to know you over the last three years.