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Animal Kingdom - Row of Lotus by Jeff Krause

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (9/15)

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AU Summary: Y/N’s powers had a reaction to the Hulk which resulted in Dr. Banner’s resurfacing. 

Notes: brucetasha is real on this fic. just a heads up ok. if you don’t ship it, well then. i dont know what to tell you, bud. this crap works in my fic so yeah. im a huge shipper for buckynat but im sucking it up for this series. ok cool

Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10



Y/N called out as she ran up to the top of the tower where Steve, Tony and Natasha were. All three pairs of eyes looked at her and they knew that something was wrong. Tony dropped the iron man arm he was working on and the smiles in Steve and Nat’s faces disappeared.

“We found him.”

“What?” Tony asked as Natasha froze in place.

Y/N nodded. “We found Banner.”

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The monster mac vid got me thinking, has anyone in the crew ever seen ryan really excited? And if so how terrifying and surreal of an experience was it

Ryan keeps what muted emotions he has in check, so it is rare to see an outburst from him. They’ve seen it a few times in the heat of a firefight, when he’s covered in blood and surrounded by flames and a sickening laughter rings from his lungs. His eyes are bright, mad, behind his mask and he revels in the destruction that chills bones. Then again, they’d say that is the Vagabond, not truly Ryan. When Ryan is himself, the man the crew loves and trusts, he get’s excited to a point. He’ll talk at length about new vehicles, new weapons, and his eyes are alight even if his voice is still monotonous. One time though, one time they saw a different kind of excitement from him. It was his birthday and they’d gotten to the point of accepting Ryan into their little family and wanted to do something nice. Someone (Gavin) thought it would be a great idea to ‘borrow’ his personal jet and decorate it for him. Everyone was weary about it, and Ray flat out refuse to be a part of it because ‘fuck that we just got him to like us I’m not signing a death wish now’. They agreed on the premise that they blame it on Gavin if he goes apeshit. On the day of, they led Ryan outside to where his jet was parked on the top of the penthouse. The black metal was covered in skull decals, the wing tips were painted gold, and the Fake AH Crew logo was spray painted on the nose. It wasn’t horrible looking, but it definitely wasn’t as tasteful as the monochrome fighter jet had looked before. At first, Ryan had no reaction. Like, at all. He stood staring, not a muscle moving on his face and the crew was beginning to regret bringing him to a place where there was nothing separating them from the ledge of the building. After a while, his face brightened and he turned to look at them. ‘You did this? You decked out my plane?’ They were about ready to shit themselves when he started admiring it with a smile, thanking them and telling them he loved it. Ray was still convinced he’d kill them in their sleep until Ryan painted a skull and crossbones on his helmet to match the plane

At Last (part 2)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventually) Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 1,280

Warnings for this Chapter: Angst, References to torture, Blood, Fighting, Swearing

A/N: This is actually the very first thing I started writing, but I have been trying to get a head start on it.  I’m very excited about this, and would welcome any feedback!

Summary: Reader has been captured and experimented on by HYDRA, until the Avengers come to her rescue

Part 1


I feel better with a gun back in my hands. Something familiar. Something I can focus on. I hear him assure his companions that he’s ok but he’s got someone with him.  

Former hostage.

Those are the words he used. Is that really who I am?  I guess I can add that to the list of adjectives I can use on myself.


Behind us?

Or was it in front?


Surrounding us.

I pull the rifle to my shoulder. And spin on my heels. They are there. My breath catches in my throat and I freeze.  They raise their guns and instinct kicks in. Before I know it they are down and James turns to look at me. I didn’t even realize he had fired his gun but HYDRA agents lie in front of him as well. I stop. I feel as if ice is settling in my veins.

“We need to go”

His words bring me back to reality. This bizarre reality I am in. And I nod.

We move on.

It feels as if we’ve been walking forever. He stops so suddenly I almost crash into his back. I hear him talking to his friends, but my mind is getting foggy.

His voice gets farther away and all I can think about is how the low timber of his voice is soothing.

I’m so tired.

My arms and legs are slowly filling with lead.

Maybe I’ll just sit.  

This wall is nice, solid.

I slowly slide to the floor, eyes closed, and James’s voice washed over me. Relaxing me.

Bucky’s POV

“What the hell Nat?! What do you mean set to blow?!”

“I thought you were out, so I went ahead and set the timer” the red head said through my earpiece, and I could almost see her shrug and roll her eyes. “You’ve got about 5 minutes”

I groan and run my hand down my face as I turn to the woman behind me.  I see that she has sunk down to the floor and only then I notice the blood seeping out of a bullet wound in her leg.


I rip off some of my shirt and quickly bind her leg. She stirs as I tighten the makeshift bandage and her eyes flutter open. The look of fear in her eyes when I come into focus breaks my heart. After a moment she seems to remember me and relaxes a little.  

As she holds my gaze I see something in her eyes beyond pain and fear. Some kind of hidden strength that has led her to hold on and make it this far.

Static over the coms bring me back to the reality that this building is going to blow, so we need to move.

“Do you think you can walk? We gotta get out of here”

Shakily she stands, lips pressed in a thin line, and nods.

Luckily we weren’t far from the exit and we didn’t encounter any other agents.  I spare a glance back and am impressed that she is managing so well with a bullet in her leg.

As we make our way toward the jet, we hear a muffled explosion. Turning around we see the base seem to disappear into the earth.

I turn to her and I notice tears forming in her eye, and a barely there smile on her lips.  


At last.

I’m out.

Not free, I know those memories will stick around for a while, but I made it out.

I raise my hand to my face to brush away the tears that are threatening to fall and turn toward James. I give a small nod, and with that we continue on.

At this point it is dawning on me that I am still with strangers and unsure of where we are or where we are heading.

This realization hits me like a ton of bricks. And exhaustion and pain creep back to the forefront of my mind. I must be slowing down, as James turns to me and smiles: “We’re almost there Doll.”

Those 4 words and that lopsided grin are enough to push myself forward to our destination.  Where ever that is.

Another few minutes of walking we crest a small rise and I see a jet parked on the grass. Engines running as if waiting for takeoff.

“This is our ride” James said. He puts his hand on the small of my back, I tense, waiting for the blow, but it never comes. We just walk up the ramp into the rear of the aircraft.

“Glad you decided to join us Popsicle” the man in the pilots seat hollered toward the back.

As I took in the jet, I slowly felt the walls constrict on me.  There were so many unknowns.  The people, the equipment, the destination. I can feel the blood rushing through my ears. Everyone is glancing at me.

They don’t want me here, there going to leave me here for HYDRA to pick up when they come to clean the mess.  

My breaths are getting shorter, at this point James has walked away leaving me standing alone.  

Now is not the place to panic. I force myself to focus on James’ broad shoulders and match the rhythm of my breathing to his.  

The roaring lessens and the cargo bay suddenly seems bigger.

I finally notice the man the James is talking to. His back is to me, but he is tall and blond. I can hear them whispering and can make out a few words here and there.  James is giving him a rundown on what happened while he was in the base.  

There is something vaguely familiar about the blond man, like a tickle in the back of my mind that I just can’t seem to reach.

The panic has been shut away for now, so I take a moment to look around.  There are several weapons cases, seats, a cot, and more technology that anyone should know what to do with. The rest of the team is busying themselves with stowing their gear and doing their best to clean off.

Shuffling feet.



I spin around at the sound of my name. The blond man.  He looks like he’s seen a ghost. And that’s when I recognize him. Steve Rogers.  We met years, no a lifetime, ago it seems.

Despite my recognition I freeze at being addressed by someone else.  

Steve takes a step toward me, hand out. Wanting to take my hand.

The sudden movement has my heart pounding, I jump away, looking for a way to escape.

His eyes widen and he steps back, hands raised in a placating gesture.  "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you"

I nod.

“Do you know who I am? Do you remember?”

Another nod.

It’s only then that he seems to realize my state of undress. “Nat, you have a change of clothes?” And a red head seems to appear from nowhere with a small pile of folded clothes. “Thanks.” She nods, glancing at me, and goes back to her task at hand.

Steve sets the clothes on a bench in the corner and steps back.  The red head, Nat (?), gently sets a blanket next to the clothes.  My eyes dart around, and notice that James is looking anywhere but at me.

I take a deep breath and attempt to shoot Steve a smile, which probably looks more like a grimace, and turn to the clothes. I pick them up and walk around a partition to change.

Once I’m alone and out of their eyesight, my body betrays me. I sink to my knees as blackness overcomes my vision.

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BTS as the 7 deadly sins || masterlist

Park Jimin || Gula (Gluttony)

“He was a rich kid, born in to a wealthy family and showered with everything he pointed at, expensive cars, clothes, travels, watches, you name it, he had it all. He was raised in to believe in that true friendship was an utter myth and you could buy them like the latest Gucci bag waiting in a store window. And of course he could, he was used, scammed and even threatened. But he didn’t care. He could buy happiness, buy toys, buy new friends, buy love, buy sex, buy anything. The sad part is that all he did was trick himself. Trick himself to think he could fill his emptiness with possessions. He would not rent yachts but buy yachts only to go out for a day with friends and various women he didn’t even know the names of.

He didn’t care about his possessions in the slightest, biggest and latest and he was good to go was his motto. 

The people around him expected him to change when he foolishly feel for a girl with only one intention. Money and fame. He praised her, gave her anything she wanted, encouraged her to want even more and he would give even more only to wake up alone 3 months later, with every trace of her gone.

His soft heart cried and his cold one told him “it was just for fun anyway”, but he couldn’t hide the fact that whenever he was asked about her, a pain arose in his heart, feeling as if somebody had stabbed him with the sharpest and thinnest of blades and twisting it inside of him.

His cold heart drove him to the nearest strip club, while the soft heart drove him home to cry in his huge bed.

“She was just a toy anyway” But I loved her…

“Just a slut, I was simply paying for her.” I spent so much thinking I invested…

“I didn’t need her anyway.” She made the empty space go away…

Or did he just fall in to his own gluttony’s trap?”

Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Yoongi | Seokjin | Jungkook

  • Photo © - rightful owners

In happier circumstances, they could all just have fun. Also the only one wearing a beach outfit is Steven because everyone else thinks this is actually war. Steven is slightly terrified. 


Peridot’s fingers are really useful huh.

Also later (I’m having too much fun with this idea): 

Thankfully Steven got Malachite to not summon a freaking tsunami on Beach City. 

I’ll Be Good - Part 16

Masterlist -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 15  -  Part 17

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – You return to the Compound with the team. You and Bucky begin to recover.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2279 - ugh another long one, sorry. I’m a runaway train.

Author’s Note: Here is some floof for you, because I made you suffer so much in the last couple. Don’t get too comfortable though… :)

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“Barton, just land this thing. Please! She needs to get to a hospital!” Bucky was practically begging, standing behind the pilot’s seat, hands digging into the fabric of the chair in desperation.

Clint opened his mouth to answer, but Tony beat him to it. “You know we can’t do that. She’ll wind up behind bars so fast I won’t even have time to tell you ‘I told you so’ because we’ll all go down with her for aiding and abetting whoever the hell she is.”

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What We Deserve [Final]

prompt: First off, I just wanted to say how much I love your writing. Especially Death Wish XD I kind of just have a basic idea for a drabble request. What if, when Steve found Bucky in Bucharest, Bucky was with someone in his apartment? Like, he was out at the market being all domestic and when Steve breaks in the reader is there making coffee or something. I just think that has the potential to be really cute/fluffy/angsty all at the same time <3

requested by: @reedsreadsreviews

warnings: swearing (probably), a teensy bit of angst, hopefully enough fluffiness to knock your socks off

length: 2,778 words

a/n: the final part! thank you all for reading. hopefully you all consider this to be a happy ending (admittedly, i’m not very good at them xD)


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“You have got to relax,” Tony told you for about the seventh time in the past hour. You’d think he’d get the message by now that no, you were not going to relax. There was no way you could relax.

You thought that maybe once that dumb cell phone rang, that you would start to feel better. Obviously it meant that Bucky was interested in seeing you – in at least talking to you again. You wanted to give him your side of the story, even if he probably already knew most of it from watching those videos. You had waited anxiously as Tony talked with Steve, the two of them having a casual discussion. It drove you nuts. But eventually they decided on a place to meet, where Steve and the rest of his crew wouldn’t attract too much attention since they were still on the run. Tony said he knew the perfect place.

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I saved your life

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AN: I really enjoyed writing this one so I hope you lovlies like it! Let me know what you think? I really enjoy you guys’ feedback <3

Pairing: Pietro x Reader 

Prompt: Can you do oneshot about Pietro and reader where reader is Tony’s sister (but she isn’t much like him. She is shy and quiet but kind, so everyone on the team likes her, she likes reading and is a lot in libery or lab, she never date someone or have her first kiss, she has got healing powers) when Pietro gets shot by Ultron she heals him but loses lot of energie and blacked out. When she wakes up Tony throws party and Pietro gets jealus when Steve flirts with reader and admit his love to her.

Warnings: Just remembering Pietro’s death :’( also I got really into the argument bit (having my own relationship drama kind of inspired me) So I’m sorry if it’s too much

Note: I often use – to represent time gaps

You stop your work due to the buzzing of your phone on the desk next to you. You slide the lock and see a text from your brother Tony. “Hey Y/N there’s a meeting in… the um.. meeting room ;)”. ‘Wow’ you think to yourself, your brother may be a billionaire but he was shit with words. You put down your book and grab your jacket before closing the lab door behind you.

You walk down the hall and jab the elevator button and wait for the metal doors to slide open. As you step in you see a familiar mess of white hair.
“Oh, Hi Y/N” Pietro blurts out excitedly. He ran his hand through his tangled mess of hair and gave you a grin that melted your insides. He was so gorgeous but you knew he would never like you the way you liked him. Truth be told you had had a crush on the avenger for quite a while. You had never been in a relationship or even been kissed before, you never felt the need for it, finding the comfort within your books and friends. You always thought that love was just something you didn’t need in your life. Until he came along and made you feel things that you had never felt before.

“Hey Pietro” you smile nervously, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
“Are you… Are you going to the meeting?" 

"Yeah” you laugh “You’ve been summonsed too" 

"Yeah, Wanda said it was important that we help out. You know. For Sokovia”

“Oh of course, The team really values both of you. I know they are glad to have you along. Especially.. You know, considering everything that has happened”

“Well” Pietro shrugs in an attempt to be modest “Me and my sister have spent a long time hating Tony, but when we saw what Ultron wanted to do. To the world. It is, how you say, the lesser of two evils?”

Not knowing how to reply you smile awkwardly and nod.

“I’m sorry. I know Tony is your brother- I just-” Pietro’s icy blue eyes widen as he starts to panic about offending you.

“Oh no, Don’t worry it’s fine Piet, I know things must be hard for you and Wanda. I’m really impressed at how well you’ve dealt with everything. I am nothing like my brother” You wave your hand. “I understand completely”
Pietro smiles at this response. He was about to ask you something when the metal doors slid open again.  

“Hello Y/N, Pietro” Steve nods as he steps into the elevator.

“Hey Steve” you grin. Steve was one of your best friends at the tower, he never mocked you for your love of books or how quiet you always were. He would often sit and listen to you talk for hours about the book you were currently watching.

Through the rest of the elevator journey, to the top floor,  you and Steve talk about the book you were reading “The girl in 6E”. You caught Pietro smiling at you out of the corner of your eye and a scarlet blush creeped upon your face.
The doors slide open for the final time and you all enter 'The meeting room’ Nice one Tony.

“what took you guys so long?” Tony flailed dramatically. 

“It is a long ride to the top” Pietro shrugs, Tony looks at you with a fake look of disappointment and you walk quietly to a seat by him.

“Well now that everyone is here” Tony begins. “We have a very important mission”


You were told to stay put, Stay safe, Stay alert and make sure your radio was on at all times. 

Clint had parked the Jet in an area in a forest area that was close by but still out of the way. You had brought your favourite book and sat quietly by the radio. Waiting. 

However the suspense was killing you, you couldn’t concentrate on your book and you had spent the whole time listening to every single voice that came on the radio. You had no idea what was going to happen and you knew that the team would need you to be sharp. The pressure of it all began to stress you out more and more.

That’s when you finally heard it. At first it took you a while to work out exactly what was going on, You thought that everything was running smoothly and then the jet’s system came up with an alert that Pietro was offline. At this you heard an earth shattering scream come from, what sounded like, Wanda. And you knew it was bad.

“Emma” you hear Clint scream over the radio “We are going to need you here right away” before he can finish his words you had hoped on to the motorbike that Bruce and Tony had built especially for you and you were off. You had no idea how you got there so fast, or how you even knew where to go but your body took control and you were there in a matter of minutes.

As you saw Pietro lying there, dark blood stains covering his entire body, your heart felt like it was falling out of your chest. You tear away at the scraps that was left of his shirt, exposing his wounded flesh. As a hot tear fell down your, now pale, face you place your hands on Pietro’s body. Trying to keep your mind focussed and block out your surroundings, you focus all you can on Pietro and healing him. You feel the rush of magic through your arms and into the almost lifeless body in front of you.

You felt your nose begin to bleed but pushed on anyway. You hear muffled noises of people around you and a heavy hand on your shoulder shocks you from your concentration. 

“Y/N please” you hear Tony’s weak voice “You can’t keep going. It’s going to kill you”

“I can do this” you spit out. You knew you could do it. You just had to keep pushing, no matter how weak you felt, you were not letting him die.

“Please” Tony begs again. You look over at Wanda now, In Clint’s arms, the expression on her face killed you inside and fuelled your determination more.

“I have to save him” you mumble, trying to muster up as much strength as you could “I just have to”

Tony sighed and stood by your side, ready to step in at any moment. The pressure was more intense now, You couldn’t let Tony see you falter or he would step in. But you had to help Pietro. You placed your hands above open wounds and focussed everything you had inside you, imagining the wounds healing in front of you, a technique that would often help you. You watched as the bullet holes began to close up and pushed yourself harder, waiting until you felt his heartbeat begin to return to a normal speed. Pietro’s eyes flung gasping for breath.
“Pietro” you hear Wanda scream, as she runs to his side, he looks over at you. His expression quickly changes from a weak smile to a face of pure fear.
And then everything got dark.


The first thing that you saw when you woke up was Tony, Lying in a chair next to you, his face disheveled, his stubble had turned into a full grown beard. He was asleep, for what looked like the first time in weeks, his hand laid lightly on yours as if even unconsciously, he was worried he would hurt you if he pressed to hard.
“I always was stubborn” you choke, your voice rough from not being used in so long.
Tony jumps at the sound of your voice, panicking that something was wrong. “Y/N!” he shrieks. “Oh Y/N I thought that I had lost your forever”
“My sweet brother, always the.. dramatic…. Did you really think you could..get rid of me… that easy” You struggle to speak, every breathe making you feel weaker and weaker.

It was two months since you woke up that Tony let you leave the hospital bed. You were itching to walk, to move, to do anything other than lay in bed and sleep all day. The others had come to visit you. Tony never left your side. Sam would tell you stories to make you laugh, Steve came by to read to you often. Wanda only came once, to tell you how grateful she was for what you had done. Everyone came to see how you were doing. Everyone but Pietro. You had asked Tony about him a few times but he simply said that, after the incident with Ultron, Pietro had been distant with everyone. This pained you slightly, you wanted to know how he was doing. You thought he would have come to see you considering you had just saved his life at the risk of your own.

When Tony finally let you out of your stuffy hospital room, he told you that he was throwing a small party with the team and a few others. Normally, the thought of something like this would make you feel sick to your stomach but honestly, you were just glad to be up and walking around again.

Wanda and Natasha helped you to get ready, much to your disgust. You were grateful that they were helping, it meant a lot to you but you just wished you could be left to your own devices instead of being treated like a baby. You felt fine.

As you walked into the party, everyone turned to look at you, some clapping, some smiling sadly. You looked around the room and a wave of love washed over you. So many people had come by to congratulate you and see how you were doing and it meant the world to you that so many people care. You saw Pietro standing nervously in the corner and as you made eye contact he suddenly dissapeared. You wouldn’t lie, It hurt. But clearly he didn’t feel the same way about you that you did about him. You would take this incident as a new start, It was time to move on from your school girl crush.
You spend the night drinking and getting round to talking to all of the party guests, thanking them for coming and convincing them that you were in fact doing much better and where ready to get back out there. When you realised that your glass was empty you paced over to the bar, drifting in and out through the waves of people, before flumping on a barstool.

“Overwhelmed?” Steve asks you, swirling his drink around in his hand.

“Very” you smile shyly. “I wasn’t expecting this many people to come” you laugh nervously, glancing around the room.

“So many people love and care for you Y/N. You mean a lot to all of us” He smiles now, a sweet smile that made your heart feel funny.

“I’m not that special” you blush.

“Of course you are” Steve replies as he places a warm hand on yours. “You mean so much to the team, and what you did. Was so amazing. You risked your life for that little shit and he’s not even here to thank you” Steve spits out.

“Language Steve!” you giggle, the alcohol getting to you. “It’s fine honestly, I don’t expect him to thank me, I need to get over that anyway” you grin.
Steve frowns now. “You deserve better Y/N  you really do”

You shrug at this, down your drink and propose to Steve, “Wanna dance?” You look up and see his eyes wide, looking over your shoulder and embarrassment washes over you. “I’m sorry aha, I think the alcohol is getting to me”

“Actually” A voice  from behind you makes you jump slightly. Spinning around in your chair you find yourself face to face with Pietro. “I was hoping we could talk”

“Why should I talk to you!” your voice breaks slightly, your statement louder than you had intended. Many people turned round to see what the fuss was about but you didn’t care. How dare he. After all this time he could have talked to and just when you vowed to get over him, he comes along and ruins your night.

“Please Y/N”

You turn to face Steve. “Y/N, I really think you should talk to him” Steve smiles sweetly.

“Fine” you groan, annoyed at the both of them

You walk quietly down the corridor with Pietro, neither of you speaking a word to each other. You reach the door to his room and follow as he strides in. It may just be the influence of the alcohol but you were so mad at him and you would much rather be dancing with Steve than having this painful conversation right now.

“So are you going to tell me why you dragged me out of my own party or are you just going to make me silently follow you for the rest of the night?” you ask, bitterly.

“Please Y/N, do not be like this”


“I knew you were alive Y/N!” Pietro screams back at you. “I sat and asked Wanda every detail after anyone would visit you. I was just so worried-”

“Oh so I save your life and the best you can do is ask your sister if my actions killed me or not” you cut him off. Your voice thick with sarcasm.

Pietro’s face falls now, your words had really hurt him but you couldn’t care less. You watch as he falls to the bed, his head in his hands. He takes a deep breathe and with a trembled voice replies “I wanted to visit Y/N I really did. I just couldn’t face looking at you knowing that you almost died because of me. We are supposed to be saving people.  That is part of this job is it not. And because of me… My stupidity.. I almost lost one of the things I love most”  He stands up now and begins to pace around the room, getting angrier and angrier at himself. “The second… I woke up, I knew something was wrong with you, It’s like the life had been drained out of you. It was so scary Y/N. So scary. When you fell and everyone was rushing around to save you, I just sat there, shaking. I didn’t know what to do or what had happened and I just sat there like an idiot. You saved my life and it almost cost you yours. I couldn’t face you knowing that 1. I didn’t even try to save you and 2. Your death would be my fault. I thought that maybe, after this whole thing had finished ,I could finally tell you how I felt. But I realised instead that all I do is cause destruction and I love you too much to cause any harm to you Y/N. I tried so hard so stay away, to let you get on with your life . But when I saw you with Steve tonight. I just knew.” 

He turned to you now, raising a soft hand to wipe away a tear from your cheek, that you didn’t know was there. “I knew that I couldn’t let you go. Because I love you so much. And I know that you may never feel the same way about me, you have every right to hate me. But no matter what, I love you, and i will do anything to protect you” He closes his eyes now, a tear forming in the corner or his eye. “I just.. I just needed you to know.”

“Oh Piet-” you cry.  “I love you too, so much and when you never came when I was in the hospital I was so hurt. I thought that I meant nothing to you” what started off as a small cry, soon turned into full on sobbing. He took you in his arms and you sobbed into his shoulder, tears staining his perfectly ironed shirt.You didn’t care how much of a mess you were, how much you embarrassed yourself. All that mattered was this moment with him. As you both finally confessed your love for one another.

Here you go my loves <3


Electric Fan da Angad Singh
Tramite Flickr:
Big fan on the 787’s GE GENx.