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“Spinner” is the generic term for the fictional flying cars used in the film. A Spinner can be driven as a ground-based vehicle, and take off vertically, hover, and cruise using jet propulsion much like vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. They are used extensively by the police to patrol and survey the population, and it is clear that despite restrictions wealthy people can acquire spinner licenses. The vehicle was conceived and designed by Syd Mead who described the spinner as an “aerodyne"—a vehicle which directs air downward to create lift, though press kits for the film stated that the spinner was propelled by three engines: "conventional internal combustion, jet, and anti-gravity.” Mead’s conceptual drawings were transformed into 25 working vehicles by automobile customizer Gene Winfield. [x]

Blade Runner (1982) dir. Ridley Scott


YVR Sunrise by Philip Tong
Via Flickr:
Sunrise at Vancouver International Airport with Downtown Vancouver in the background. 

Vancouver International Airport
Sea Island
Richmond, British Columbia

Dangerous Woman- Part 10

A/N: Y/F/N: Your father’s name.

Warnings: Fluff/Pre Smut

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.

Bucky x Reader

Part 9/ Masterlist

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Hello everyone…here are some painful Valentines for your painful needs ft. Mr. Painful (aka Karamatsu Matsuno). And there’s a blank one too so that you can insert your own witty Kara inspired pickup lines and experience PHYSICAL PAIN like I did while making these…truly a painful experience… :’) 

(In all seriousnes, however, these were super fun to make…Also, I love Kara.) 

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I know you have a lot going on rn but in the beginning of the episode when the black lightning is about to hit Usagi to me it seems like Haruka and Michiru are the first to react I could be wrong tho. I think its cute when after Saturn saves her and it clears ALL of the senshi are on top of her. Also tho I love and admire your blog and you as a person I cackled when I saw the part you were on. Sorry

I think they all react at about the same time. Here’s the establishing shot, with Haruka and Michiru closer to Usagi than the others:

And here’s the reaction shot.

Minako’s on the move too, and looks to be at about the same speed. I’d assume the others are implied as well.

Really though here’s the best part of that, aside from how they all just STAND THERE.

Enjoy Haruka furiously side eyeing Minako as they wait for death.

Old Hollywood Trivia

Bette Davis : Joan Crawford and Davis had feuded for years. During the making of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), Bette had a Coca-Cola machine installed on the set due to Crawford’s affiliation with Pepsi (she was the widow of Pepsi’s CEO).Joan got her revenge by putting weights in her pockets when Davis had to drag her across the floor during certain scenes

- Was the first actor to receive ten Academy Award nominations.

Greta Garbo : Although it was believed that Garbo lived as an invalid in her post-Hollywood career, this is incorrect. She was a real jet setter, traveling with international tycoons and socialites. In the 1970s she traveled less and grew more and more eccentric, although she still took daily walks through Central Park with close friends and walkers.

- A photograph of Garbo, probably cut from a movie magazine, was one of several images of movie stars, royalty, pieces of art, and family members used as decoration by Anne Frank on the wall of her room in the “Secret Annex”
in Amsterdam where she and her family hid from July 1942 until their capture by the Nazis in August 1944.

Ava Gardner : Frank Sinatra bought her a puppy for her birthday during their courtship, a Corgi she named Rags. For the rest of her life she always had a Corgi with her. After Rags died, she had Cara and then Morgan.

- Charlton Heston revealed that Gardner behaved badly during the troubled shoot of 55 Days at Peking (1963) in his autobiography “In the Arena”. For example, she stopped the filming when a Chinese extra took her picture without permission. Heston also stated that her character was killed off to keep the producers and director from having to deal with her anymore.

Olivia de Havilland : Has put her longevity down to the three L’s: “Love, laughter and learning”.

- Relations between Olivia and younger sister Joan Fontaine were never strong and worsened in 1941, when both were nominated for ‘Best Actress’ Oscar awards. Their mutual dislike and jealousy escalated into an all-out feud after Fontaine won for Suspicion (1941). Despite the fact that de Havilland went on to win two Academy Awards of her own, they remained permanently estranged.

Veronica Lake : Her ashes sat on a funeral home’s shelf until 1976 when her cremation was paid for and supposedly spread on the Florida coastline.
Some 30 years after her death, her ashes resurfaced in a New York antique store in October 2004.

- During World War Two, the rage for her peek-a-boo bangs became a hazard when women in the defense industry would get their bangs caught in machinery.Lake had to take a publicity picture in which she reacted painfully to her hair getting “caught” in a drill press in order to heighten public awareness about the hazard of her hairstyle.

James Stewart : He remained faithful to his wife Gloria Stewart throughout their marriage. While this may seem ordinary, it was rare in Hollywood for male stars to stay devoted to their wives, with many of his colleagues,
such as Gary Cooper, John Wayne, and his friend Henry Fonda, having had a series of infidelities.

- The word “Philadelphia” on the Oscar that Jimmy received in 1941 for The Philadelphia Story (1940) is misspelled.The Oscar was kept in the window of Jimmy’s father’s hardware store located on Philadelphia Street in Indiana, Pennsylvania

Marilyn Monroe : When she signed with 20th Century-Fox, studio casting executive Ben Lyon had first chosen the name Carol Lind as her stage name, although she disliked that. Eventually she chose her mother’s maiden name of Monroe. Three names were drawn up as possible stage names.
The first was Norma Jeane Monroe, although that sounded awkward; the second was Jean Monroe, and the third was Marilyn Monroe, the latter first name being chosen by Lyon who thought Norma Jeane resembled famed stage actress Marilyn Miller.

- She was suggested as a possible wife for Prince Rainier of Monaco. But he picked actress, Grace Kelly, to be his wife.

-Don’t Bother to Knock (1952) (her 18th film) was an attempt to prove to critics that she could act successfully. Because some earlier films took numerous takes and much longer time to complete. Especially, The Seven Year Itch (1955) which took numerous extra takes, for her character role, alone.

Audrey Hepburn : Was fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Italian. She was raised bilingually; speaking English and Dutch (resulting in her unique accent). Throughout her life, she used multilingualism to great advantage with international press in both her careers as an actress and humanitarian.

- Art was one of her longtime hobbies, she drew pictures of stories when she was a child to distract herself from chronic hunger pains during WWII. As an adult, she took up painting to pass time while pregnant with her son, Luca.

Humphrey Bogart : Usually smoked 40 cigarettes a day.

- Bogart would often strategically disappear from his table at the Hollywood landmark restaurant Romanoff’s–a favorite Bogart hangout–when the check was brought to the table,especially after he had invited a magazine writer to dinner and drinks. Often the writer would wind up having to put on his expense account the bill that Bogart had run up for himself and his friends.

Elizabeth Taylor : Taylor underwent more than 40 major operations during her lifetime and was hospitalized at least 100 times

- Her final wedding cost an estimated $1.5 million.


morning takeoff by Philip Tong
Via Flickr:
A Philippines Airline Boeing 777 taxis on the runway in the morning sunrise. Vancouver International Airport
Sea Island
Richmond, British Columbia

Jet Star being overprotective to the point where it’s not cute anymore.

Jet Star sheltering The Girl from things she should have well and truly learned by now.

Jet Star babying people (especially The Girl and Kobra) to the point where it’s just plain rude.

Jet Star internalizing her feelings because she has to be the rock of this family.

Jet Star being a complex character with flaws and problems 2k17
Homeward Bound: 7 World-Famous Models Return to Their Small-Town Roots
Seven all-American models embark on journeys paved with family, farms . . . and sea-to-shining-sea fashion.

We’ve seen their faces stretched across shiny billboards and peppered throughout the glossy pages of fashion magazines and lookbooks, but today’s top models weren’t born into their jet-setting, international-runway lifestyles. So seven of our favorite all-American models are taking us on a journey back to their roots—from the mountains and prairies of Colorado to the free-spirited swamps of Louisiana. Follow along as Taylor Hill recalls her summers hiking and winters snowboarding; Karlie Kloss visits her humble, family-oriented Missouri; and Amber Valletta returns to her grandparents’ Oklahoma farm. “Home is where the heart is,” Valletta declares. We couldn’t agree more.
Photographed by Zoe Ghertner

“Growing up in the Midwest, my parents taught my sisters and me that kindness can move mountains,” says model Karlie Kloss, who grew up in St. Louis. Kloss, with her cousins Maddie (left) and Allie (right), wears an Etro dress, $4,475; select etro stores. On Maddie: Bonpoint dress, $215; On Allie: Polo Ralph Lauren dress, $60; Select Polo Ralph Lauren stores.
Photographed by Zoe Ghertner, Vogue, September 2017

"Missourians are hardworking, humble, and family-oriented,” says Kloss. “Even when we can’t be together, I’ll FaceTime or text them throughout the day.” Gucci dress; Select Gucci boutiques.
Photographed by Zoe Ghertner, Vogue, September 2017


Beastly Beautiful | Jeonghan | Ch. 4

Genre: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life (SoL), AU!Jeonghan, Elite!Jeonghan

Word Count: 4.8k+

A/N: chapter 4! sorry it took long! I was preparing for school! hope you enjoy it! Be sure to read previous chapters before you read this!

T/W: none, but please tell me if there is.

Summary: Two different people, two different personalities, yet destiny puts them together.

Ch.1 || Ch.2 || Ch.3 || Ch.4 || Ch.5

“I think I might be interested in you.”

I’ll be at the university for two days. I need to submit my papers.- was the last conversation you had with Jeonghan’s servants.

“WHO?” Mr. Ryu flinched at Jeonghan’s roaring voice so early in the morning.

“Young Master, Miss Y/N said she’s leaving for a while, to the university.” Mr. Ryu noted. Jeonghan rubbed his nose in frustration because you left.

“She left without telling me? And me out of all people?” his eyebrows were furrowed.

Mr. Ryu sighed, “She said she wouldn’t tell you in person because you wouldn’t allow her to leave- which I totally agree on that was why she told me instead. And she also mentioned that-”

“What?!” Jeonghan shook his head. “I’m already furious that she told you!” he sat down at the edge of his bed. “Whatever. Leave my presence.”

“But young master, there is one problem.”

You safely returned to Seungcheon university and you flopped on your bed. You sniffed the newly washed bed sheets, it felt like years that you haven’t been in contact with your bed even though it had only been three days.

A loud banging nearly broke your door, Sejeong, you thought. She was the only person who would do that, and the only one to enter your room. She was your only friend in the dorm after all. The ever-so-positive Sejeong wouldn’t even let the tired you rest even just for a minute or two. You grabbed your remote and pressed the button that opened your door.

“Y/N! Thank goodness you’re here! That Jeongpoop kidnapped you out of nowhere! You’re not hurt are you?” she too, flopped herself on your bed as if was her own.

You let out a laugh. “Ah, I’m fine, Sejeong. He brought me to his house and ate lunch, and that was pretty much it for the next two days.”

“Oh lunch is fin-” she paused, looking at you with wide eyes, “He brought you to his house?!”

“Y-yeah. Is that bad?”

She looked at you blankly, not saying a thing before she leaned in closer to whisper. “Was the house nice?”

You pursed your lips to prevent yourself from laughing because of her unexpected question.


You looked up and thought. “Hm, nothing ordinary. It was like a modern palace. Just a little richer than mine.”

She fell on her back and sighed a relaxing puff. Seriously, she’s getting too comfortable. “Lucky you, Y/N. To think a student would visit the nasty student president’s luxurious manor.” she shook her head in an accepting manner, “That doesn’t happen as much- or never, so to say.”

You fell on your back as well, still not over the fact that you volunteered to stay at the Yoon Manor for such petty reasons, one of them being an argument over a lollipop. All the more, Sejeong didn’t know about your real reason of being there, since Jeonghan said it was ‘deeply confidential’.

But a lollipop argument? Very confidential.

“Anyway, we should have lunch. The cafeterias are selling new desserts, wanna come with?”

The tired you complained for a while. You weren’t hungry, however the thought of dessert could help boost you awake for the day. “What do they have?” you stood up, reaching for your wallet. Sejeong rolled her eyes playfully, saying that you would have to find out when you get there.

Jeonghan sat in the limousine, arms and legs crossed. His mood was worse than it already was this morning. He thought he could have his breakfast in bed normally like he used to, but it didn’t go that way when he heard you left for the university. Not only that, he recalled the sudden conversation he had with Mr. Ryu.

“But young master, there is one problem.”

“What is it now?” Jeonghan retorted as Mr. Ryu had an uncertain look on his face. “Well?”

“A person’s looking for you.” he pulled his tight collar in adjustment. “Someone you might know.”

Jeonghan’s ears perked, turning to Mr. Ryu in interest. “Name?”

“Mr. Jang Doyoon, the heir of the Jet Electronics International.”

“What about him?”

“He’s at the university.”

“Young Master, is there a problem?” Mr. Gok looked from the mirror. Jeonghan whipped his head at Mr. Gok’s direction in disbelief.

“What kind of question is that? Of course there’s a problem. You guys ruined my breakfast in bed!”

“Not that young master, I mean-”

“If it’s about me and Jang Doyoon, why do you ask when you already know?” Jeonghan rolled his eyes as he ate his sandwich.

“But young master, if your father hears about this, you’d be in huge trouble. Also please do protect your image, you are aware that you’re the heir to the YDH-tech in a few years.” Mr. Gok reasoned out.

“Like heck I care, father should’ve thrown me out years ago.”

Mr. Gok sighed, hearing the usual ignorant Jeonghan. “Master Yoon could never do that young master, you are his only child.”

Jeonghan scoffed and clicked his tongue, looking out at the window to see Seungcheon University few kilometers away. He rested his jaw on his palm, sighing,

“Yeah. Since Jeonghye died.”

“Oh my goodness.” you licked your fork eating the chocolate flavoured mini entremet topped with a strawberry. “This is so delicious.”

“Right?” she took a bite of the same entremet. “Mingyu made this. The school chefs immediately put this on the dessert menu.”

“I don’t doubt it even just for a second. He’d be a world class chef before we know it.” you melted through the deliciousness. “Speaking of seconds-” you stood up, leaving to get more.

Sejeong laughed at your quick pace as she finishes her own.

Making your way to the dessert area, you spotted one more slice of Mingyu’s chocolate cake. You placed your tray down and reached for it until an arm made contact with yours.

“Oh were you supposed to get that?” a voice asked.

You looked at the owner’s voice. He was visually handsome at first glance, but even more so up close. He was tall and quite muscly, although lesser than Seungcheol. His aura was similar as Jeonghan’s, yet there was this spirit in this young man you couldn’t distinguish. You found yourself staring at him, so you quickly shook your head.

“Yes I was. It’s alright though, you can have it. I already had one.” you offered.

He looked at you with a flushed face, you weren’t offering him the last piece of cake were you? He was supposed to do that role, being a young gentleman. “You take it. I already had three.” he smiled with flashing teeth, and if your eyes were seeing correctly, there even was a twinkle.

You smiled awkwardly and took the last piece of cake. “Thank you.”

He stared at you for some time without realising, “Hm? Oh.” he coughed, “You’re welcome.” still smiling with his pearly whites. 

He seemed cocky?

“I, I have to go back to my seat now, please excuse me.”

The young man eyed you as you went back to where you and Sejeong were sitting at, the corners of his lips tugged into a smile at how gorgeous you were. He didn’t know how long he was smiling until another young man, pulled him out of his thoughts with a playful punch on the shoulder.

“Doyoon-ah, who’s that chick?” he smirked, his eyes similar to a cat’s.

“Get a grip MingMing.” he slapped his hand. “Her name’s Y/Fl/N. Checked the new transfers list. Seems like a new face around here.”

“A very new face.” Yao MingMing said cunningly, taking an interest in you as well.  

Doyoon pulled MingMing by the ear. “Back off man, I saw her first.” MingMing held his ear in pain. “Get me my phone, I’ll contact my father.”

“But Doyoon, your phone’s in your pant pocket. You could-”

“Exactly. Now phone.” he bossed, MingMing took Doyoon’s phone from his pant pocket like a puppy would obey his owner.

Doyoon called his father as MingMing stood fiddling his fingers. He snacked on the fries that were on his tray. For all MingMing knew, Doyoon probably already had a plan glued to his brain. “So what so you plan on doing, bro?”

“Simple.” he put his phone back in his pocket and took a last glimpse at you before leaving the cafeteria with an assuring smile,

“I’ll make her my wife.”

The limousine arrived at the Key and Jeonghan got off as soon as Mr. Gok opened the door for him. Now to get his facts straight, Jeonghan knew that the tension between him and Jang Doyoon were ugly. Everyone in school resented him, since the history between him and Doyoon were heard of by all students.

Combing his long blonde hair back with his hand, earned him squeals from university girls- his ‘fans’, that led Jeonghan to walk a little bit faster than he did.

“Good afternoon! President Jeonghan!” their voices behind him. He looked back and nodded a blank face to shut them up.

“Did you see that?”
“He nodded!”
“O-m-g he acknowledged us!”
“Such a gentleman!”

Or maybe not.

Wonwoo, who happened to be reading a book along the corridors with Mingyu and Jun by his side, quirked an eyebrow. “That’s something new. President Jeonghan coming to university on a Friday. He must have heard of Doyoon.”

“There’ll be a mafia at the Hall of Grandeur for sure at free period.” Jun added, shaking his head. “It’ll be a one man versus another with a myriad of Doyoon’s backup.”

“Shouldn’t we tell Seungcheol-hyung about this?” Mingyu asked.

“He wouldn’t care one bit.” Wonwoo answered, eyes still on his book.

“He should though. I mean wasn’t he friends with Doyoon?” Mingyu tiptoed to see if Doyoon was around.

“Drama’s out years ago. It’ll be ugly to bring it up again.” Wonwoo sighed.

“Crazy how the guys get the dramas.” Jun tugged his blazer. “Weren’t the ladies supposed to have dramas? Or things are just different here in Korea?”

The intercoms installed around the university screeched for a good ten seconds before a distant voice behind it said:

“Is it on?”

It was Doyoon’s voice.

“Good day to all students. Ex-student council president Jang Doyoon speaking. Miss me?” he chuckled. “Don’t mind me using the intercom, I’m just calling out for a seat snatcher named Jeonghan… Oh I mean, President Yoon Jeonghan. I believe he loves being addressed that way, given of his prideful attitude…”

You looked at Sejeong with a confused look, who returned with a quirked eyebrow.

“Hey Jeonghan. Free period’s in three. See you at the Hall of Grandeur. We have some unfinished business to take care of. Doyoon out.”

“What’s going on?” you queried, clearly not understanding what was going on.

“I heard this from Seungkwan. It appears that the ex-student council president back to have his revenge on President Jeonghan.” Sejeong pondered.

“Seungkwan really knows what’s up, doesn’t he?”

“I really wanna check it out though.” Sejeong said with interest. “Come on, it’ll be cool!”

“Count me out on this one.” you raised your hands, about to leave.

“Hey Y/N! Wanna check president vs. ex-president?” Seungkwan came running to you, followed by Jihoon and Chan.

“Okay. I guess we are checking it out.”

The Hall of Grandeur quickly filled up with students since it was midterm break-all professors went home and students were meant to stay in their dorms to study. Seungcheon University was indeed a tough school. This gathering doesn’t happen often, but given with the ‘right’ timing, Jang Doyoon definitely knew how he would play his board game.

Everyone knew that Jeonghan wasn’t put for as a student council president, which explained their overfilled joy when Doyoon arrived few days ago. You, on the other hand, didn’t know who this Jang Doyoon looked like. He slowly appeared to the center of the Hall and you were surprised to see who he was- the cocky young man from the cafeteria. 

“So it’s that guy..” you mumbled. Seungkwan looked at you, asking if you had said something. You shook your head in denial, avoiding to be caught.

“Ah. I missed the scent of my beloved Hall of Grandeur. But I missed the students here the most.” Doyoon proudly announced, following the cheers of the students. “President Yoon Jeonghan! Or should you even be deserved to be called that?” he clicked his tongue. “Come out and fight!”

Not even a second later, the Hall’s doors were slammed opened. Students suddenly quieted down. All eyes were on Jeonghan, who entered alone and had a face that was serious, most of it you couldn’t read. He probably knew where this was leading to. He was the smartest in school. 

“Do I have to be here personally so that you can fight me? You’ve been hiding in your cage for a very long time, Jeonghan.” Doyoon’s voice changed to a heavy tone, noting that he was serious.

“As matter of fact, you’re late.” Jeonghan said as he was looking at his watch.

“Do you even know how much the students fear you since you’re president?!” Doyoon shouted in anger. 

Jeonghan played with his nails. “I thought you came here to fight me, not give me a pep talk.” 

“Be prepared.” Doyoon smirked. “Boys, unleash the beast in him!”

Behind Doyoon, there were eight other boys, some of them holding nunchucks and poles, ready to fight. As if it were staged, students around the them began chanting ‘fight, fight, fight’. Jeonghan on the contrary, didn’t look fazed or shaken. His hands in his pockets gave the impression that he didn’t care. 

“Charge!” A young man shouted as he made his first move. 

Students shouted and were much engaged with the duel. You looked to your left, Seungkwan and the others were entertained, especially Hansol. On your right, Sejeong, too, was having the time of her life. The chanting begin to fade and as you looked back at the chaotic fight, Jeonghan was standing unharmed and three of Doyoon’s guys were on the floor. One of them bleeding due to popped lips and the other two broke their arms.

“Did I tell you there wasn’t any need to bring your guys?” Jeonghan slightly smirked, but he seemed tired and weak. 

“Oh I brought them on purpose, given that you have quite a weak stamina!” Doyoon’s smile was on the edge evil, and that scared you a bit. He just sugarcoated himself when he talked to you.

“ ‘Quite’ is an understatement.” Jeonghan gestured a move, challenging Doyoon’s other mates.

The fight continued and the students rooted for Doyoon and his chums. You stood there confused and didn’t want to side on anyone. 

Jeonghan, you thought, was flawless when he fought with them. You even heard Soonyoung admitting that Jeonghan didn’t actually sugarcoat his martial art skills. Though that didn’t last when Doyoon himself stepped in, punching Jeonghan vigourously until he was bruised and bled on the face. He landed roughly on the floor close to the people in front of you. They backed up, revealing you slightly when Doyoon saw you.

He raised his hand to cease the fighting, which gave Jeonghan a resting before the cat-eyed young could hit Jeonghan with a metal pole. 

“Seriously Doyoon?! I was getting to the best part!” he shouted.

“No. This is the best part.” he approached you and grabbed you by the arm. 

You tried to escape his sudden grasp on you but obviously, he was stronger. “Hey. Miss Y/N.” he put his arms around you. “I think I might be interested in you.”

As he said that, students gasped and the corner of your eye caught sight of three girls, who reacted much more. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow when he circled around you. He sounded much different than he did earlier, much arrogant.

“I mean, look at you, Y/N! You’re super smart and kind, a good family background. We make a good match too.” he looked at you proudly from head to toe, then to your face, “.. not to mention you’re very, very beautiful.”

Jeonghan slowly stood on his knees but he was too weak to do so. Doyoon held your chin, his face close to yours, “Actually. I’ll make you my wif-.”

Doyoon fell on the floor, knocked out. Jeonghan already beat up Doyoon’s other friends and glared at the other students. With that glare, the rest of the students left, including Sejeong and the others. 

You mouth gaped open, couldn’t believe that your friends left you alone with Jeonghan. You eyes trailed at Doyoon’s figure on the floor.

“Don’t worry, he’s unconsious.” Jeonghan said, reaching for his phone. “Mr. Gok, I’m at the Hall of Grandeur. Pick me up, will you?”

“I wasn’t worrying. I guess I’ll go back to East Wing.” you offered. 

“What the heck, you’re not. You’re staying at my place, remember?” he grabbed your arm and left the Hall.

The moment you and Jeonghan caught sight of Mr. Gok, he ran to Jeonghan in concern. He could run after all. “Young Master Jeonghan! What in heavens did you do?! You’re bleeding all over! Didn’t I tell you to protect your image?!” he wiped his sweating face with a handkerchief, “Oh my heavens! I think I’m going to faint!”

“Ask her!” Jeonghan shouted at him, pointing at you.

You didn’t know why, something about it irked you, definitely. “Me?! Why drag me into this?” you followed Jeonghan, irritated.

“Well obviously! If you hadn’t leave my house for some papers this morning I wouldn’t have come here!” he rolled his eyes.

“And you still came anyway!” 

“I had an important call! And there you were flirting with Jang Doyoon!”

“I was not flirting with Jang Doyoon!”

“Well then good!”

Silence filled the vehicle and you were so frustrated at Jeonghan. He blamed you for him getting injured when it was crystal clear that he put himself into this mess. He could be so annoying that you wished you could slap his face all you want. 

The ride back to the Yoon Manor took another three hours. You thought you could rest well after that high pitched quarrel with Jeonghan, but no, you couldn’t. You had to endure with his groaning that his body was hurting, he couldn’t move and even to the extent of saying that he was ‘dying’.

For three straight hours.

The moment you arrived at the Yoon Manor, it was five in the afternoon. Mr. Gok managed to have passed the speeding limit without being caught. Mrs. Bu came running with Mr. Ryu, same expression as Mr. Gok when their eyes saw Jeonghan.

“Young master dear! What on earth has happened to you?” Mrs. Bu exclaimed. 

“Don’t care. Get the first aid kit ready.” Jeonghan left and went into his bedroom.

You walked inside and Mrs. Bu held your hand. “Miss Y/N dear, I have to cook dinner since Mr. Song is out of town. Would you mind if you attend to treat young master’s wounds?”

“Oh. I apologize Mrs. Bu. I don’t think Jeonghan would like that.” you chuckled tiredly, “We kind of had a quarrel on the way here. Maybe Mr. Ryu and Mr. Gok could do it in your stead?”

Mrs. Bu raised an eyebrow at you, yet she was giggling. “Oh nonsense!” she handed you a first aid kit. “Here, go to young master’s bedroom and treat his wounds.”

“But I-”

“No buts! Or no dinner!” 

“I-” before you could interrupt any further, Mrs. Bu jogged to the kitchen. Knowing Mrs. Bu just for a few days, she didn’t want to barge in Jeonghan’s furious state because she was scared, though you wished she saw that you didn’t like it the most.

You hesitantly stood in front of Jeonghan’s bedroom door. You didn’t want to do this but Mrs. Bu made it sound like her life depended on it. Biting your lower lip, you knocked on the door. No answer. 

“Oh well he’s asleep.” you told yourself and began to swift your foot away. You stopped when Mr. Ryu stood nearby with his arms crossed, clearly you weren’t off the hook. You sighed heavily and knocked on the door louder. 

“President Jeonghan. It’s Y/N. I’m here to treat your wounds.” 

There wasn’t any answer. You opened the door, it was unlocked and the light from outside gave the room a light dimming. Jeonghan’s room was shockingly tidy. He was sound asleep, but his face and body still swell and bled. You approached closer and knelt by his bedside. “President Jeonghan?”

Still not responding, you placed your finger on his neck to look for his heartbeat. Good, he’s still alive, you thought. You soaked the towel in alcohol and water and dabbed it on his infected areas. You pushed his bangs aside, his sleeping face was as angelic even though how bruised Doyoon and his gang made him. 

The room was quiet so you sang softly to lighten the atmosphere a bit. Every move you made to clean his wounds didn’t startle or woke him up, and just like an infant, he was still sound asleep. It was like his body was made out of iron, no ouches heard or twitches made by him.

By the time you finished, you stood up quietly but stopped when you felt his hand grabbed yours. “Mom…”

You flicked your head towards him and questioned yourself if you were hearing right. He said ‘mom’.. 

Speaking of which, you’ve never heard Mr. Ryu or the others mentioning about Jeonghan’s mother. But set those aside, 

Jeonghan actually mumbles in his sleep? 

You pursed your lips to stop yourself from smiling. “I am so going to record this.” you took your phone out and began recording. Jeonghan mumbles a lot in his sleep. 

“Mom.. Please.. don’t leave.. me..”

You stopped recording and saw how sad he looked. What actually happened to his mom? You took your free hand and took his hand off. And when you did, he somehow, consciously or unconsciously, pulled you to him and embraced you. “Oh no.”

“Did you really think I was sleeping?”

Your eyes widened. He was awake this whole time? You shimmied out of his embrace. “Well I- how did you know I recorded you? You were asleep.”

“I heard the ‘record’ button when you finished. Delete that video.” he ordered, still laying on his bed.

Recalling on what he did to blame you this afternoon, you plucked up your courage, “No. I won’t.” 

He slowly sat up and raised his eyebrow. “No?”

“Yeah. I will not delete this.” you shook your phone, “It is for keeps. Proof that you do mumble in your sleep.”

“How dare you! I never mumble in my sleep! I ask you to delete that video, you punk!” 

Somehow this amused you, for once you finally knew how to humiliate him. “This video tells me otherwise.” you laughed and teased him as you played the video.

Jeonghan fell off the bed and was nearly shouting, “That’s not me! I must be possessed! Delete that!”

“Unless you admit that I did not cause your injuries but you yourself!” you challenged.

“What?” he scoffed. “There’s no way I’ll do that!” You increased the volume louder. “Okay okay! I admit that I was the cause of my own injuries and not Y/N.”

“Thank you.” you stopped the video and he calmed down. 

Jeonghan sat on his bed. “So, what did I say during my sleep?” 

You looked at him, tapping your feet onto the carpet and sat on it, “You said something about your mom. Like ‘Mom.. please don’t leave me.’” you paused after seeing his blank expression.

“So I talked about my mom, huh?” 


“I’m guessing you’re interested? In knowing what happened to my mom?” he faked a chuckle. 

“Kind of. I’m also wondering why you let me sleep in the pink bedroom.”

“I don’t like talking about personal stuff, but since you are staying here for a while. I guess there’s no harm.”

You slightly chuckled, “Someone’s finally opening up.”

“Shut up, we’re having a moment here.”

“Okay, I’m sorry.”

Jeonghan stood up and walked to a drawer, he took out a box and sat down beside you. In it was a photo album, one of them was a family photo of four. 

“That’s me when my sister was born. I was four at the time. She got sick as an infant because she got scarlet fever. I thought the disease was in the distant past but it turned out it wasn’t. She passed when I was seven so one could say I was depressed.” 

The next page was a photo of him and his mom, playing in the gardens. He sighed before speaking. “My mother… was a strong woman, very kind and she would make cakes on my birthdays, but she had cancer when I was middle school. And she passed during one summer.”

Jeonghan stopped midway, hearing you sniff. He made a face at you and shook his head. “Why are you crying? It’s in the past now.”

You chuckled softly. “Sorry.” 

“When mother passed, my father was not himself. His heart shattered into pieces. He increased workload to the YDH-tech and pushed me to study hard and I already was. He would beat me up when I don’t score a hundred in every exam I had.”

You nodded, “But there’s a rumour going around school saying that your dad’s a kind man.”

Jeonghan faked a laugh. “He was.” he put the photo album down. “When Jeonghye was born, I was so happy. I remember carrying her, but she and mother passed so my father wasn’t at his right state of mind. Until one night, he told me that he was going to remarry. I was against it. So I rebelled during high school. He got fed up and left, and moved to the another mansion up north.”

“And you still scored top grades.” you said, hugging your legs.

“And I still scored top grades.” he repeated. He turned to you, mirroring your position. “How about you? I heard your mother’s a great author.”

“She was.”


“I’m like you. My mother passed too, but she died when I was born.”

Jeonghan’s face softened. “I’m sorry.” Hearing this broke you into laughter. “Why are you laughing?”

“President Jeonghan, you’re saying ‘sorry’? That’s a first.”

He pursed his lips and blushed slightly. “What? I know my manners!”

“Okay.” you raised your hands.

There was silence between you two until a knock came at the door. “Young master! Miss Y/N! Dinner is served!” Mrs. Bu called out. “We have fried chicken!”

“Oh dinner’s ready. We should go, President Jeonghan.” you stood up, dusting your pants. “Or else I’ll-”

“Jeonghan.” he smiled. “Just call me Jeonghan.”

You blushed. Yoon Jeonghan, the arrogant, selfish, spoiled, and all negative adjectives you could think of to describe him, just smiled at you. You left the room in a hurry before he sees you in that flustered state. Jeonghan followed you to the dining room with a smile. Mrs. Bu, Mr. Ryu, and Mr. Gok appeared outside of his room. 

“Am I seeing correctly? Young master is smiling.” Mr. Gok said with a surprised look. 

“Indeed he is!” Mrs. Bu added.

“She is the one.” Mr. Ryu crossed his arms.

“The one?” Mr. Gok and Mrs. Bu asked at the same time. 

“I have been trying to explain it to you two!” Mr. Ryu said happily, “She’s the one who will show young master to love again.”

“Oh! I remember young master was distant and hated girls since young miss Jeonghye passed so Mrs. Yoon told him to love again at a right time!” Mrs. Bu jumped in joy. 

You went down the staircase, recalling Jeonghan’s smiling face. It suited him so much and indeed you were flustered. It’s just a dream, you told yourself as Jeonghan entered the dining room. 

Just a dream.

9 Hidden Greek Islands

1. Simi

Famous amongst yachters and international jet-setters, the little island of Symi is a luxury destination in Greece near the popular island of Rhodes. Most of it’s beautiful beaches are only accessible by private boat, so rest assured that you’re able escape mainstream tourism.

2. Kythera

Kythera is the mythological birthplace of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and it’s no wonder. You cannot help but falling on love with this beautiful island. It has everything the quiet seeking traveller can expect - shopping, caves, beaches museums, churches and more!

3. Paxoi

This small, quiet Ionian Island is a giant olive grove surrounded by crystal-clear blue waters. What better way to escape the crowds?

4. Kastelorizo

Beautiful and colourful, preserved stone house with wooden balconies face an exquisite waterfront near the coast of Turkey. Kastelorizo is simply breathtaking.

5. Patmos

Steeped in mystery and history, the island of Patmos is most famous for the writings of the Christian Saint, John the Baptist, who visioned and wrote The Book of Revelations in the Bible. It’s filled with beautiful white-washed churches which are simply beautiful to explore.

6. Ikaria

A Greek island where time stands still - literally! The residents of this island have the highest life expectancy in the world. Ikaria is famous for it’s traditional village parties that allow you to experience authentic Greek cuisine, dance and drink.

7. Anafi

If you want to disappear off the grid and have your heart set on a quite holiday retreat, there is no better island than Anafi. Expect top quality, fine-sand beaches with no one in sight for miles.

8. Elafonisos

Elafonisos boasts one of the best beaches in Greece, bejewelled with powder-white sand and crystal clear emerald waters. Just a short trip off mainland Greece, Elafonisos is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourists.

9. Folegandros

If you’re trying to rekindle the memories of how sweet and simple life can be, make sure you visit the high-spined island of Folegandros. The best thing to do in Folegandros is not do. Simply, be.