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Dangerous Woman- Part 10

A/N: Y/F/N: Your father’s name.

Warnings: Fluff/Pre Smut

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.

Bucky x Reader

Part 9/ Masterlist

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Jet Star being overprotective to the point where it’s not cute anymore.

Jet Star sheltering The Girl from things she should have well and truly learned by now.

Jet Star babying people (especially The Girl and Kobra) to the point where it’s just plain rude.

Jet Star internalizing her feelings because she has to be the rock of this family.

Jet Star being a complex character with flaws and problems 2k17


Kirk’s 1600cc single port torn down all the way, case has been through the jet washer, all internal parts have been marked for orientation and will be reassembled in the same manner after cleaning and inspection.

9 Hidden Greek Islands

1. Simi

Famous amongst yachters and international jet-setters, the little island of Symi is a luxury destination in Greece near the popular island of Rhodes. Most of it’s beautiful beaches are only accessible by private boat, so rest assured that you’re able escape mainstream tourism.

2. Kythera

Kythera is the mythological birthplace of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and it’s no wonder. You cannot help but falling on love with this beautiful island. It has everything the quiet seeking traveller can expect - shopping, caves, beaches museums, churches and more!

3. Paxoi

This small, quiet Ionian Island is a giant olive grove surrounded by crystal-clear blue waters. What better way to escape the crowds?

4. Kastelorizo

Beautiful and colourful, preserved stone house with wooden balconies face an exquisite waterfront near the coast of Turkey. Kastelorizo is simply breathtaking.

5. Patmos

Steeped in mystery and history, the island of Patmos is most famous for the writings of the Christian Saint, John the Baptist, who visioned and wrote The Book of Revelations in the Bible. It’s filled with beautiful white-washed churches which are simply beautiful to explore.

6. Ikaria

A Greek island where time stands still - literally! The residents of this island have the highest life expectancy in the world. Ikaria is famous for it’s traditional village parties that allow you to experience authentic Greek cuisine, dance and drink.

7. Anafi

If you want to disappear off the grid and have your heart set on a quite holiday retreat, there is no better island than Anafi. Expect top quality, fine-sand beaches with no one in sight for miles.

8. Elafonisos

Elafonisos boasts one of the best beaches in Greece, bejewelled with powder-white sand and crystal clear emerald waters. Just a short trip off mainland Greece, Elafonisos is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourists.

9. Folegandros

If you’re trying to rekindle the memories of how sweet and simple life can be, make sure you visit the high-spined island of Folegandros. The best thing to do in Folegandros is not do. Simply, be.  

okay but like


Holt and Jake are in Florida

And we all agree that Amy and Rosa should collectively be the ones to take Figgis out for good

But like…………………………………………………what if Doug Judy gets involved

I know his normally scheduled appearances aren’t until the middle(ish) of the seasons but

The last time we saw him, he was jetting off on international waters

It wouldn’t be that big of a stretch to imagine him ending up in Florida 

And I don’t know, maybe three episodes in, Jake’s in the grocery store or somewhere mundane and he looks up and bam, Doug Judy’s at the end of the aisle

And for a split second he almost drops what he’s holding to start The Chase

But then he remembers that he isn’t Jake, he’s Larry, and Larry is a cashier at Michael’s Craft Supply Store (or something like that) and most certainly is NOT a cop

Basically Doug Judy ends up back at Jake’s house gloating about how Jake can’t arrest him up until Jake and Holt explain the situation

And Doug Judy gets personally offended that Jake (and Holt, but only by extension) has to put his whole life on hold because of Figgis

So Doug Judy goes back to New York to offer his services to Amy and Rosa as an eye on the inside in exchange for immunity and a dismissal of all previous convictions or something like that

And ends up providing the valuable information the girls need to take Figgis out

I just want Doug Judy to help I want to see his reaction to finding out that Jake has had to go into witness protection and I want Jake begrudgingly thanking him for helping end the nightmare  t b h

I’m on Prednisone for a rash. I am taking three tablets a day. I am sweating like an animal and grinding my teeth. I’m yelling more and losing feeling occasionally in my extremities. Today on the bus I lost it because someone failed to understand the difference between a rich person and a socialite. “For example the main line outside Philadelphia is an extremely wealthy area, so is the North Shore of Long Island, but a 20 million dollar net worth and a membership to the local golf club doesn’t make you a socialite. You have to be photographed to be a socialite. You have to be in the society pages. Fabiola Hearst Beracasa, Gigi Mortimer, Aerin Lauder, Lauren DuPont, Annette De La Renta, Tory Burch, get it? Not Ramona Singer. Not some rich wasp in the Main Line at the tennis club. This is the international jet set. You have to be as comfortable in London and Paris and Milan as you are in New York. Not some glorified housewife. You should fly private. You should have a fake business selling hats to corgis or something.” As I was saying this I was yelling and spitting, I was banging my arm into the seat because I was having some nerve issue, mothers held their children close, and British woman said “This happened to my brother before he declined”. A nice elderly woman asked my if I needed an ambulance. I said no and blew my nose in my hand. I then explained that I was on a strong steroid and socialites were important because of feminism and capitalism and they occasionally donated to the Central Park zoo. Then a man put his hand on my shoulder and told me Jesus would never abandon me. What the fuck am I on?


Screaming about Rei Hino: The Jet Wolf Experience