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Dangerous Woman- Part 10

A/N: Y/F/N: Your father’s name.

Warnings: Fluff/Pre Smut

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.

Bucky x Reader

Part 9/ Masterlist

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Old Hollywood Trivia

Bette Davis : Joan Crawford and Davis had feuded for years. During the making of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), Bette had a Coca-Cola machine installed on the set due to Crawford’s affiliation with Pepsi (she was the widow of Pepsi’s CEO).Joan got her revenge by putting weights in her pockets when Davis had to drag her across the floor during certain scenes

- Was the first actor to receive ten Academy Award nominations.

Greta Garbo : Although it was believed that Garbo lived as an invalid in her post-Hollywood career, this is incorrect. She was a real jet setter, traveling with international tycoons and socialites. In the 1970s she traveled less and grew more and more eccentric, although she still took daily walks through Central Park with close friends and walkers.

- A photograph of Garbo, probably cut from a movie magazine, was one of several images of movie stars, royalty, pieces of art, and family members used as decoration by Anne Frank on the wall of her room in the “Secret Annex”
in Amsterdam where she and her family hid from July 1942 until their capture by the Nazis in August 1944.

Ava Gardner : Frank Sinatra bought her a puppy for her birthday during their courtship, a Corgi she named Rags. For the rest of her life she always had a Corgi with her. After Rags died, she had Cara and then Morgan.

- Charlton Heston revealed that Gardner behaved badly during the troubled shoot of 55 Days at Peking (1963) in his autobiography “In the Arena”. For example, she stopped the filming when a Chinese extra took her picture without permission. Heston also stated that her character was killed off to keep the producers and director from having to deal with her anymore.

Olivia de Havilland : Has put her longevity down to the three L’s: “Love, laughter and learning”.

- Relations between Olivia and younger sister Joan Fontaine were never strong and worsened in 1941, when both were nominated for ‘Best Actress’ Oscar awards. Their mutual dislike and jealousy escalated into an all-out feud after Fontaine won for Suspicion (1941). Despite the fact that de Havilland went on to win two Academy Awards of her own, they remained permanently estranged.

Veronica Lake : Her ashes sat on a funeral home’s shelf until 1976 when her cremation was paid for and supposedly spread on the Florida coastline.
Some 30 years after her death, her ashes resurfaced in a New York antique store in October 2004.

- During World War Two, the rage for her peek-a-boo bangs became a hazard when women in the defense industry would get their bangs caught in machinery.Lake had to take a publicity picture in which she reacted painfully to her hair getting “caught” in a drill press in order to heighten public awareness about the hazard of her hairstyle.

James Stewart : He remained faithful to his wife Gloria Stewart throughout their marriage. While this may seem ordinary, it was rare in Hollywood for male stars to stay devoted to their wives, with many of his colleagues,
such as Gary Cooper, John Wayne, and his friend Henry Fonda, having had a series of infidelities.

- The word “Philadelphia” on the Oscar that Jimmy received in 1941 for The Philadelphia Story (1940) is misspelled.The Oscar was kept in the window of Jimmy’s father’s hardware store located on Philadelphia Street in Indiana, Pennsylvania

Marilyn Monroe : When she signed with 20th Century-Fox, studio casting executive Ben Lyon had first chosen the name Carol Lind as her stage name, although she disliked that. Eventually she chose her mother’s maiden name of Monroe. Three names were drawn up as possible stage names.
The first was Norma Jeane Monroe, although that sounded awkward; the second was Jean Monroe, and the third was Marilyn Monroe, the latter first name being chosen by Lyon who thought Norma Jeane resembled famed stage actress Marilyn Miller.

- She was suggested as a possible wife for Prince Rainier of Monaco. But he picked actress, Grace Kelly, to be his wife.

-Don’t Bother to Knock (1952) (her 18th film) was an attempt to prove to critics that she could act successfully. Because some earlier films took numerous takes and much longer time to complete. Especially, The Seven Year Itch (1955) which took numerous extra takes, for her character role, alone.

Audrey Hepburn : Was fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Italian. She was raised bilingually; speaking English and Dutch (resulting in her unique accent). Throughout her life, she used multilingualism to great advantage with international press in both her careers as an actress and humanitarian.

- Art was one of her longtime hobbies, she drew pictures of stories when she was a child to distract herself from chronic hunger pains during WWII. As an adult, she took up painting to pass time while pregnant with her son, Luca.

Humphrey Bogart : Usually smoked 40 cigarettes a day.

- Bogart would often strategically disappear from his table at the Hollywood landmark restaurant Romanoff’s–a favorite Bogart hangout–when the check was brought to the table,especially after he had invited a magazine writer to dinner and drinks. Often the writer would wind up having to put on his expense account the bill that Bogart had run up for himself and his friends.

Elizabeth Taylor : Taylor underwent more than 40 major operations during her lifetime and was hospitalized at least 100 times

- Her final wedding cost an estimated $1.5 million.


Hello everyone…here are some painful Valentines for your painful needs ft. Mr. Painful (aka Karamatsu Matsuno). And there’s a blank one too so that you can insert your own witty Kara inspired pickup lines and experience PHYSICAL PAIN like I did while making these…truly a painful experience… :’) 

(In all seriousnes, however, these were super fun to make…Also, I love Kara.) 


YVR Sunrise by Philip Tong
Via Flickr:
Sunrise at Vancouver International Airport with Downtown Vancouver in the background. 

Vancouver International Airport
Sea Island
Richmond, British Columbia

Jet Star being overprotective to the point where it’s not cute anymore.

Jet Star sheltering The Girl from things she should have well and truly learned by now.

Jet Star babying people (especially The Girl and Kobra) to the point where it’s just plain rude.

Jet Star internalizing her feelings because she has to be the rock of this family.

Jet Star being a complex character with flaws and problems 2k17


morning takeoff by Philip Tong
Via Flickr:
A Philippines Airline Boeing 777 taxis on the runway in the morning sunrise. Vancouver International Airport
Sea Island
Richmond, British Columbia

Chinese Fighter Jets Conduct Unsafe Maneuvers Near U.S. Surveillance Aircraft

Chinese Fighter Jets Conduct Unsafe Maneuvers Near U.S. Surveillance Aircraft

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A Chinese produced J-10 fighter jet is displayed outside the offices of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China in Beijing on November 28, 2013. The US on November 28 pressed its concerns over China’s newly declared air defense zone, a day after US B-52s flew over the disputed area in the East China Sea. AFP PHOTO / Mark RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images) Two…

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Some more Jet and Ghoul Bonding Time™


“Thanks, mom.”

Everyone in the room froze.

The statement itself wasn’t anything new. It was the tone - the total lack of sarcasm. Ghoul kept messing with the wires as if nothing happened. When he noticed the silence, he looked up to see everyone staring at him.

“What?” He asked, genuinely confused.

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International jet aviation painted their lear jet model 35 in bright colors as a donation to make -A-Wish. The aircraft toured the U.S. To grant flying wishes to seriously ill children.