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This Billionaire’s Private Jet Is Plated In Polished Gold

Taking the super-rich to new heights, this billionaire’s custom designed private jet is plated in polished gold. Mr. Darwin and Katerina Deason fly in five-star style with their 19 passenger Global Express 9141 aircraft that on average costs upwards of $15 million. With a net worth of $1.38 billion, American businessman Darwin Deason and his wife went straight to interior designer Donna Cruthis of Jet Aviation in St. Luis to design both the interior and exterior of their plane. Read more >

The Airbus A380 has officially found a new lease on life as an ultraluxurious private jet.

On Monday, Sparfell & Partners announced at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition that it would sell secondhand Airbus superjumbos as head-of-state aircraft.
The Geneva-based firm also announced that it would work with London’s Winch Design to create the A380 private jet’s opulent interior.

While Sparfell confirmed that the A380s were used, it declined to disclose their source. According to Flight Global, Sparfell’s superjumbos are believed to be the four early-build A380s coming off lease from Singapore Airlines.
Sparfell’s ad on indicates the planes were built in 2007-08 with Rolls-Royce engines and a seating configuration in line with that of Singapore Airlines. Sparfell also declined to say how much it cost to convert the aircraft, but a company representative told Business Insider that the converted A380s would cost less than a comparable new ultra-VIP transport.

The announcement represents the beginning of a new phase for the iconic but slow-selling aircraft. With the earliest-production A380s expected to enter the secondhand market over the next few years, the market for ultraluxe executive jets may be a viable channel for these planes. Until now, most industry observers looked toward high-density, low-cost, long-haul carriers or bargain-hunting mainline carriers as potential secondhand customers.

The A380 as a VIP transport is not a new idea. Unfortunately for Airbus, few have been willing to take on the world’s largest airliner as a private jet.

In 2007, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal ordered such an aircraft. However, the proposed aircraft never came to fruition, and the order eventually was struck from the Airbus order book.

before the previous, after everything else, by about a week

[the sixth installment]

Nobody expected a fireball. Or screaming, or the containment chamber suddenly exploding. But it all happened nonetheless when flame, fragments of metal, silicates, plastics, and the distinct tang of burning jet fuel showered the interior of the small building.

And then a small woman in a flight suit collapsed onto the scorched floor. “Get it on her!” shouted the hacker, retrieving the second chronal accelerator from the bench behind her, throwing it towards Amélie, already there, who slapped it onto the body just as it began to shift to red.

The figure solidified, the flight suit suddenly Overwatch blue and grey and a bit too much red, but with blood.

Mon dieu, elle est en vie! thought the assassin, as she and the medic, Taviano, pulled the young pilot - and freshly-minted accelerator - from the smoking remnants of had been a containment chamber, onto a stretcher. “What happened?!” she shouted, as the medic ripped away the shredded flight shield and threw on an oxygen mask.

░░░░░░ grabbed a fire extinguisher, swearing, spraying down equipment, “I dunno, but get her out of here, I’ll take care of this little problem.”

The assassin, medic, and pilot were already out the door, moving towards the emergency aid unit set up the previous night. “Vitals are good,” the medic told Dr. Mariani, who nodded, “Keep an eye on lung function and blood oxygenation levels, let’s get her on the table” - she grabbed the stretcher - “tre, due, uno, hup!”

It didn’t take three people to lift the small woman, but three were involved nonetheless. “Thank you, Amélie - now let us do our jobs.” The assassin nodded once, and backed away. “Let’s get this flight suit off - can you hear me, pilot?”

Tracer’s eyes snapped open, and she looked around wildly. The doctor looked at Taviano - “Sedativo pronto?” - “Sì.” Buona, she thought. “Pilot, the slipstream you were flying exploded, but we have you on the ground now. I’m Doctor Mariani, I’m a field medic. Do you understand?”

The pilot’s eyes locked on the doctor’s, and she nodded, blinking.

“We’re going to give you a little sedative while we check you out, and then we’re going to transfer you to a medical unit. Do you know your name?”

Through the mask, a garbled, strained, but understandable response: “Lena. Lena Oxton.”

“How many fingers am I holding up?” She held up three, and Tracer’s answer was correct. Occhi non dilatati? Non c'è concussione? The mediscanner verified - no concussion. Che era un buon casco.

“You’re very lucky pilot, Lena. Here comes the sedative.”

Inside the building, ░░░░░░ put out the last of the fires, mostly caused by flaming debris from the chamber. Now, what the hell was that about? Everything was fine until the fire attacked… Flames doused, she opened the second door behind the bench to clear the remaining stink of jet fuel.

“Oh.” she said aloud, getting it all at once, as Amélie marched back into the building. “Nique ta mère, what went wrong?”

░░░░░░ laughed, filled with the delight of success, and the assassin glared evilly. “This is not a good time to be laughing.”

“Nothing happened! Well, nothing we shouldn’t have expected, anyway.” She swept debris off her chair and plopped down with what was left of Winston’s original device, poking at it and flipping between screens of data in the air. “It was perfección! We all just forgot something very obvious.”

Lacroix narrowed her eyes, smelling the jet fuel again. “…the slipstream exploded.

░░░░░░ nodded, grinning. “…when the field generator failed, sending her out of time, along with the explosion in progress around her.”

“C’est le bazar.”

“Hey, you’re just lucky you hired me. Someone not as good might’ve brought back the whole thing, and then we’d all be in that tent.”

She gestured. “But, don’t keep me in suspense - how is she?”

Amélie Lacroix exhaled, slowly. “Alive.”

ask-mm-mc  asked:

AHH ~ Could you possibly write a short fluff about 707 and MC having a space themed wedding seeing that its impossible to truly marry on the moon???


starring “Unknown”, Rika, and V (because I CAN) so beware spoilers

When Seven had called Yoosung to ask him for a favour, Yoosung would’ve never guessed that this is where he’d be, later that same day.

“… A wedding, Sir?”

“Yes.” He wished the ground would swallow him up. Why did Seven make him do this? “A wedding.”

“Right…” The woman at the front desk looked up at Yoosung, brows knitting together in confusion. “Is it… For you, Sir?”

“No!” Perhaps Yoosung said that a little too enthusiastically - the other secretary shot him a glare, apologising to the person on the other end of the phone. “Uh… No. It’s for a friend.”


“Choi. Saeyoung Choi.” Yoosung was going to murder him.

“Well, it’s booked.” The woman looked back up, her smile so obviously plastered on to hide her distaste it made Yoosung cringe. “If there’s anything else you need, then please do say.” She turned away from him for a moment, grabbing the papers as they printed. 

“After all, we’ve never had a wedding at a planetarium before…”

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