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This Billionaire’s Private Jet Is Plated In Polished Gold

Taking the super-rich to new heights, this billionaire’s custom designed private jet is plated in polished gold. Mr. Darwin and Katerina Deason fly in five-star style with their 19 passenger Global Express 9141 aircraft that on average costs upwards of $15 million. With a net worth of $1.38 billion, American businessman Darwin Deason and his wife went straight to interior designer Donna Cruthis of Jet Aviation in St. Luis to design both the interior and exterior of their plane. Read more >

ask-mm-mc  asked:

AHH ~ Could you possibly write a short fluff about 707 and MC having a space themed wedding seeing that its impossible to truly marry on the moon???


starring “Unknown”, Rika, and V (because I CAN) so beware spoilers

When Seven had called Yoosung to ask him for a favour, Yoosung would’ve never guessed that this is where he’d be, later that same day.

“… A wedding, Sir?”

“Yes.” He wished the ground would swallow him up. Why did Seven make him do this? “A wedding.”

“Right…” The woman at the front desk looked up at Yoosung, brows knitting together in confusion. “Is it… For you, Sir?”

“No!” Perhaps Yoosung said that a little too enthusiastically - the other secretary shot him a glare, apologising to the person on the other end of the phone. “Uh… No. It’s for a friend.”


“Choi. Saeyoung Choi.” Yoosung was going to murder him.

“Well, it’s booked.” The woman looked back up, her smile so obviously plastered on to hide her distaste it made Yoosung cringe. “If there’s anything else you need, then please do say.” She turned away from him for a moment, grabbing the papers as they printed. 

“After all, we’ve never had a wedding at a planetarium before…”

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kgxiangyu  asked:

“True nobility is being superior to your former self.”

( KINGSMAN ASK MEMES | accepting )

          it’s been a taxing string of days, so much has happened since they first started their second mission together — somethings hadn’t gone according to plan, while some had, gunfights, sneaking through the tight security and so much more. one way or another, they’d made it to the end, and all of it left junho in a state of gloom and confusion, his mind still clouded with the sudden calmness after the high of the adrenaline. as though he’s supposed to be happy about the mission being a success, there’s a frown marring his features, his gaze on the glass of whiskey in front of him. he doesn’t meet xiangyu’s eyes, embarrassment and shame burning through his veins.

          they’re in one of the agency’s private jets, the interior decorated lavishly, no expenses spared, sitting across from each other. the crest of kingsman seem to embellish each object in the plane, even on the intricate design of the glass he holds, and while the symbol always brings him thrill and joy, this time it’s different, and his fingers tighten around the drink before he takes a big gulp of it. his treacherous mind makes him repeat the day again and again, what he did, a stupid mistake.

          all it took was a lapse in his attention, his finger shaking on the finger for just a second, trying to ignore all the noise around them. if xiangyu hadn’t been faster than they had planned, a  d i s a s t e r  could have happened. almost did happen, the thirty-floor building they stood in would have gone through a horrible blast, hundreds of people on each floor would have been dead, and possibly the agents themselves as well. junho had failed to see the whole picture, the explosives hiding right under his nose, letting himself be distracted. the man, their target, had spoken about his children, his family, a cheap play that hit too close to home. junho has been foolish as the man inched closer to the trigger, and it would take only a few seconds more if the knight hadn’t shown up, having gone through the army of men much faster than junho could comprehend.

         and now as they are surrounded by silence rather than the gunshots, it’s all that plagues him, all that ‘could have’ happened, the families that lived in the high-rise, the children, xiangyu himself — the self-hatred runs deep, and he can feel the other’s gaze on him as he leans forward to fill his glass. “i’m sorry-” his voice is hoarse, pathetic, ( his mind supplies helpfully ), and junho’s sure the other knows what he’s speaking about. “i- i—”  he continues to escape the knight’s gaze as he takes another gulp of the liquid, one hand tapping on the arm of the chair.

      “it could have gone so bad —” and although that plays a major part, the casualties, the deaths that would be in his hands only, there’s more to it. the fact that he has disappointed his partner, galahad, the person he has been looking up to for so long, makes him feel even more ashamed. it’s been an honour to work with him, and as much as junho tried not to, he has let him down. the mission had been going so well that this feels like a hard fall from it all, finally faced with the cold harsh reality.

          “the ideal of a kingsman agent, nobility,  perfection—” he starts again, the words not coming easily, he has always been the worst at explaining, but an adequate apology and explanation seems to be the least that he can offer. “i messed up.” after another swig of the drink, he sets it down on the table between them, a hand going up to rub his face.

                                    “true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

        although junho isn’t sure what exactly to expect, xiangyu’s words aren’t it, and he looks up, finally meeting his eyes —  this, this feels like a pat on his back, or something similar, that he does have a chance at being better at what he does. it’s odd, and he isn’t sure if it’ll be followed by a reprimand or a scolding, but it does make him feel better. he tends to get lost in his mistakes, and an advice from the knight is directly taken to heart, from a figure he respects so much. his eyes widen slightly as he nods, his teeth biting the back of his lip.

        junho doesn’t have a reply for that, so he just keeps quiet, a small nod that indicates that he’s listening. he’ll always listen, as long as the older speaks.