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Jet Lag and Chinese: Part 3

Prompt: As Clark Kent’s best friend and kind of sister you’re used to the strange. Still seeing him get cozy with Wonder Woman is more strange than you’re used to. So when the chance to cozy up to a billionaire playboy comes around, who are you to say no?

Part 1, Part 2

“You do realize, that one of these days, we’re going to get caught.”

    You smile at Bruce as you pull on your pants, “Clark won’t do anything. I have too much dirt on him.”

    “Oh really?”

    You nod and swoop down to place another kiss on Bruce’s lips, “Oh yeah. His mother would ground him even now.”

    Bruce raises an eyebrow, “Well that’s good to know. One of these days I’m going to have to get you to spill your secrets.”

    You wink at him, “Maybe when I get back.”

    You watch his eyes drift to the luggage in the corner of the room, “You’ll be back in three weeks, right?”

    You smile, “Why Bruce Wayne, do I hear a bit of longing in your voice?”

    He pulls you back onto the bed and kisses you, “You hear quite a bit of longing. But I’ll survive … maybe.”

    You kiss him again before pulling away, “Be good, Bruce. I’ll see you in three weeks.”

    “Enjoy Thailand.” Without looking back you grab your bags and leave.

    It had been a long time since Bruce Wayne had let someone into his life. But you had wormed your way in over the last few months. You saw right through him, and had no problem calling him on his crap. What’s more, you put up with his moods like only Alfred had before.

    Still, there hadn’t been anything that prepared him to walk out of your bedroom to find Clark Kent waiting on him. The reporter was dressed in his usual suit, his glasses slightly askew on his face. “My best friend?”

    As Bruce stared at Clark he realized there was an infinite amount of fun he could have with the boy scout, with a grin he simply said, “She’s an amazing kisser.”

    “She’s basically my sister Bruce. I’m not okay with you playing with her.”

    Bruce raised an eyebrow in question, “Who said I’m playing?”

    “Your entire history. You go to bed with one woman and wake up with another. There’s a new one on your arm every night.”

    “Oh really. And who’s my latest fling?” Bruce smiled as he watched the reporter falter, “There hasn’t been one in six months. Which is exactly how long I’ve been seeing Y/N. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been doing a lot more business here in Metropolis. Well that, and it’s fun to beat Luthor in business deals.”

    “She’s my sister Bruce.”

    “She’s my girlfriend.”

    The two stare at each other for a minute, before Clark sighs, “We’ll finish this later. I have to get to work.” Bruce simply watched him go.  

    Three weeks later found you back at the Metropolis airport. Tired, sweaty, and smelling of plane. You’d never been good at sleeping on planes, and this last flight had been particularly draining. The screaming child in the row ahead of you had made sure of that. You were ready to collapse in bed, but knew you had to fight the jet lag.

    You’re nearly asleep on your feet when you hear someone call your name. Standing there in blue jeans, flannel, and baseball cap is Bruce Wayne. You let out a laugh as you see the hand written cardboard sign with your name on it, and the bouquet of flowers in his hand.

    You smile as you wrap your arms around him, and he squeezes you tight, before lifting you off the floor and twirls you around. You kiss him, and let out a laugh before asking, “What the hell are you wearing?”

    He wraps an arm around your shoulder and leads you toward baggage claim, “I figured that you were probably a little home sick, plus who would ever expect Bruce Wayne to be in flannel?”

You snuggle into his side, “It’s the perfect disguise.”

An hour later finds you at home, showered and dressed in your favorite pajama bottoms.

Bruce is dressed in sweatpants and a t shirt, and with Chinese food on the way you’re certain that life can’t get any better. Right up until the door rings. You climb over Bruce to reach the doorway first, determined to pay for the meal. Of course you end up swept off your feet and carried to the door.

    Bruce whispers, “Nice try.” in your ear before opening the door to find…

    “Clark?” You stare at you childhood best friend, and your brow furrows, “What are you doing here?”

    Clark smiles, “I added food to the order, and Diana is on her way, I figured we could have a couples night! I still have pajamas here, right?”

    You turn to look at Bruce as Clark barges into the apartment and towards the kitchen, “They’re still in the guest room.” Lowering your voice to a whisper you ask, “He knows about us?”

    Bruce lets out a sigh, “He confronted me the same morning you left. I was only in my boxers, it was a traumatizing experience for me.”

    You purse your lips, “He always does this whenever I date someone. He goes over protective brother and scares guys off.”

    Bruce wraps an arm around your shoulders, “Lucky for you I know how to scare him. Plus I have Kryptonite at my disposal. Plus something tells me Diana won’t let him get away with this.”

    You smile, “I knew I liked that Amazon.”


VIDEO: Gal Gadot Interview - WONDER WOMAN Premiere, Mexico.

Amazing Black Female Superheroes... In no particular order. Although all the characters are fictional, I'd like to see more of these ladies on the big screen.

This list contains some of the overlooked black female superheroes from various comics. Although this may not be very relevant to some, I hope it provides some sort of entertainment at the least. You would probably be surprise to find the both Marvel & DC Comics have written some AMAZING black characters from all over the universe (both fantasy worlds and real places) into their story lines. 

These women include (but aren’t limited to): 

a Jamaican born superhero

a couple of ladies born in Africa

a lady from the Bayou

a cripple lady that wasn’t here for the bullshit, nor limitations

an orphan, officer, attorney, a siren…. you just gotta read it to see what I mean. Anyway, hope you enjoy! 

FIRST THING FIRST…. My absolute favorite female character in all of DC Comics….  VIXEN/Mari Jiwe McCabe 

A female super-hero from Africa who adopts the abilities of animals. Using her Tantu Totem, she can channel the powers of the animal kingdom by tapping into the morphogenetic field. She has been a member of the Birds of Prey, Checkmate, the Justice League, Suicide Squad and the Ultramarine Corps. Vixen was created by Gerry Conwayand Bob Oksner, first appearing in Action Comics #521. (1981) 

In ancient Africa, there was a legend that the warrior Tantu asked Anansi the Spider to create a totem that would give the wearer all of the powers of the animal kingdom, if they would use the power to protect the innocent. It is possible that the “Anansi” who Tantu met, may have been a member of the alien race who gave Buddy Baker the ability to tap the Morphogenetic Field. Mari’s Tantu totem may tap into that same field. Tantu used the totem to become Africa’s first legendary hero. The totem was later passed down to Tantu’s descendants until it reached the McCabes.

Growing up in a small African village, Mari Jiwe McCabe heard the legend of the “Tantu Totem” from her parents. She was the daughter of Reverend Richard Jiwe, the village priest, who was her sole caretaker, as poachers, lead by a man named Kwesi, killed her mother years ago. Reverend Jiwe himself was killed by his half-brother (Mari’s uncle) General Maksai. Makasai wanted the Tantu Totem, which had been in Reverend Jiwe’s possession.

Now orphaned, she fled to America. She set up an identity for herself as Mari McCabe and used her beauty to become a well-known fashion model in New York City. She used her newfound wealth to travel the world. On a trip back to Africa, she came across her uncle, and stole back the Tantu Totem, using its power to become the Vixen.

Jill Carlyle (Crimson Avenger)

A criminal attorney who purchased the pistols of the original Crimson Avenger at a pawn shop to use upon someone she deemed guilty of a crime that she failed to convict him of. Once she dispatched him she became enslaved to the weapons, becoming their vessel, so to speak. An ever-bleeding and painful bullet wound manifested in the center of her chest as a chilling emblem of the new Crimson Avenger. Instead of a mask she wears a crimson blindfold over her eyes in tribute to Lady Justice. She apparently has the powers of teleportation and ethereal intangibility. She also gains the memories and skills of the individual she is currently “avenging”. Whether these skills become permanent or are merely temporary is unknown. It is to be assumed that Lee Travis’s skills have automatically been transferred to Jill, the current “wielder”.

She appears in 25 issues (JSA)

Storm/Ororo Munroe

After her parents were murdered in the rubble of a plane crash, Ororo Munro began life as a thief with a severe case of claustrophobia, until she was worshiped as a goddess in a tribe in Africa. After Professor Charles Xavier recruited her for his X-Men, Ororo matured to the point of leading them, fighting for the peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans most of her life. She’s been the object of many powerful men’s obsession including Black Panther, Arkon the Imperion, Dracula, and Dr. Doom. Splitting leadership with Cyclops, Ororo eventually formed the splinter group, X-Treme X-Men, while searching for the future-telling Destiny's diaries. After receiving government sanction for her team, becoming the X-Treme Sanctions Executive, Storm eventually came to be Queen of Wakanda for a time, by way of marrying the Black Panther, but her marriage ended during the Avengers vs X-Men conflict. With her mutant power to manipulate the forces that govern weather, enabling her to summon wind, rain, sleet, snow, and even lightning at will, Storm is the powerful Headmistress of the Jean Grey School and remains a stalwart veteran X-Man.

Thunder/Anissa Pierce

The daughter of Black Lighting, Anissa was told she couldn’t pursue the family business until she graduated college. On the day she did she took on the name Thunder and soon joined Roy and Dick’s team. Thunder’s abilities came into question she was forced to prove herself when the team was reporting to Batman. Thunder was in a relationship with fellow Outsider Grace Choi. Unfortunately was injured during the events following Batman’s death and is in a coma.

Ladyhawk/Regina and Rosetta Morgan 

These twins that began their crime fighting career in a very unlikely way. Their father, Mr. Morgan, is a upper level criminal/mobster that was encountering resistance from the super hero of the streets, Falcon; Sam Wilson that would grow to become a heated rivalry. This would be the ember that would start the wildfire known as Ladyhawk. Mr. Morgan would finally find success and end the battling between himself and Falcon when he killed Falcon. His daughters were witnessed the act and decided then that they had to do something. Before they could though, their parents would divorce and the girls would be separated. One would stay with their father and the other would leave with their mother. This would only hinder then slightly as they would shortly regroup and join forces creating the costumed crime fighter known as Ladyhawk. They trained regularly and became very skilled martial artists and mastered many different weapons. They even created shurikens shaped like falcons in remembrance of the fallen hero. On top of that they based their costume design on one of Falcon’s very first costumes.

Once done they started their war on crime. During their time fighting crime they even joined the team the New Warriors. The quite almost as soon as they joined, finding that they we better fit as solo warriors. As a rule they never went on field together. They wanted the public to believe that it was only one girl, not too. That also meant that if one was no longer able to preform as Ladyhawk, the other would take over. Even though they had a plan set in the event that this happened they never thought it would happen. During a heated battle Rosetta was badly injured, nearly dieing. She would be paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. This would change the situation a bit. Regina then took over full-time duties and Ladyhawk, while Rosetta stuck to her computer knowledge to aid her sister any way she could. Shortly after the incident they found that the attack on Rosetta originated from their father Mr. Morgan. It was then that they focused their rage on their father and his downfall.


A dark-skinned Amazon warrior and ally to Wonder Woman. Originally she was depicted as a long-lost twin toPrincess Diana, but in Post-Crisis continuity she is a subject of Antiope. In addition to her Amazon strength and fighting prowess, she can open dimensional portals and turn enemies to stone with her gaze. Nu’Bia (1999) was later re-imagined as an Amazonian warrior with 3,000 years of combat experience providing her expertise in both hand-to-hand combat as well as with hand-held weapons. As an Amazonian warrior she also possesses immortality, superhuman strength, durability, stamina, agility and enhanced intellect.

Nubia was created by Robert Kanigher and Don Heck, first appearing in Wonder Woman #204. (1973) 

Fatality/Yrra Cynril
Fatality’s home=-world was destroyed thanks to Green Lantern John Stewart causing her to go on a bloody rampage of revenge against the corps. She later joined the Sinestro Corps and was then recruited into the Star Sapphire Corps. The influence of the Star Sapphire helped Fatality get over the death of her planet and forgive John Stewart and let her move on. Since the start of the new 52 Fatality has been appearing monthly in the New Guardians as the representative of the Star Sapphires but has since been replaced by Carol Ferris. Fatality is one of few black female supervillains and has the strength of a true warrior. She is also one of the main Star Sapphires appearing in the comics.

Jet/Celia Windward

The only known female Jamaican-born female superhero, was living in Great Britain when guardians of the universe (creators of the Green Lantern) decided to recruit and empower 10 earthlings to be their successors as the “new guardians.”

Under the name Jet, she received the power to absorb and use electromagnetic waves.

Jet has the ability to fly, create blasts of heat and force, and generate an electromagnetic pulse; move and manipulate metal with magnetic fields; fire blasts of electricity; and see in other frequencies of the spectrum besides visible light, such as ultraviolet and infrared.

When manifesting her powers, her hair appears to be on fire though she has no fire-related abilities. MORE FIRE! 

Frenzy/Joanna Cargill

She started off as a mercenary known as “Frenzy.” During a mission, Frenzy came head-to-head with the mutant Gambit, and she developed a love-hate relationship with him. She soon joined forces with three other individuals and formed the Alliance of Evil under Apocalypse’s leadership. She stayed with the group and served in several missions, putting her up against the mutant group X-Factor. Her first order from Apocalypse was to capture Rusty Collins and recruit him into their group. Her plan was foiled by X-Factor, and after a heated battle, she fled from feeling overwhelmed. Using a mutant with the ability to enhance others’ powers, Frenzy’s strength and durability made her a difficult foe for the super-heroes, but she was eventually defeated after the death of her power-heightening accomplice.

Silhoette Chord

Silhouette’s father Andrew Chord was a member of a team that found a well-spring of raw, primal energy called the “Well of All Things.” Chord and other members an American recon patrol decided to breed a superior race.

Through the selective breeding, Silhouette was given the ability to teleport herself over short distances on Earth by traveling through the Darkforce dimension. She can “melt” into any shadow or area of darkness, and then reemerge on Earth through another shadow or area of darkness.

She can also open small portals anywhere shadows existed and use them to attack distant enemies by extending her crutches through them.

After her legs were crippled due to injuries inflicted by gunfire, Silhouette received a special pair of combat-capable crutches and leg braces. The crutches included both a hidden electric tazer that can emit charges to stun an adversary, and a slim anesthetic needle injector that delivers paralytic chemicals. The crutches are also equipped with “smoke gas” and metal firing pellets.

Silhouette also has enhanced speed, strength, agility, and sensory perception. She is a superb hand-to-hand combatant and capable martial artist, and master of an unspecified martial art..

She was not letting those crutches stop her from being great. AT ALL! 

Misty Knight/Mercedes “Misty" Knight

My favorite costume on the list… she was always fly… she is highly skilled in martial arts and is a proficient hand-to-hand combatant, with police combat training. She also has near-perfect aim with firearms, and possesses superb detective skills. Her bionic arm is superhumanly strong, and she can punch a target with incredible force, or crush objects as tough as steel in her vise-like grip. However, since the rest of her body is not cybernetically enhanced, she cannot lift objects heavier than her back, shoulders, and legs can physically support. Her arm’s advantages as a weapon are limited to kinetic crushing and impact forces.

Monica Rambeau/Captain Marvel/Spectrum 

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She enlisted into her local police department and quickly rose through the ranks, positioning herself as lieutenant of its Harbor division. While off-duty, she helped a scientist track down an international dictator, who wanted to use a powerful energy machine to take over the United States. After thwarting his plans, she attempted to destroy the machine and was bombarded by extra-dimensional energy. As a result, she gained the ability to turn into any form of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum and discharge it.

Monica Rambeau was created by Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr. Her first comic appearance was in the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (1982).

There are a couple more I would love to add, but I have been compiling this for over an hour. -_-



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The big airliner trijets, relics from a bygone era when jet engine technology was considered not reliable enough, so for mid-to-long haul flights it was considered than three engines was a nice compromise between the more expensive four engines layout, and the ETOPS regulation-mandated short-ranged two engines layout.

Top to bottom, left to right: Douglas DC-10, the killer of the 70′s; Lockheed TriStar, the airliner that pushed the company out of the civilian business; McDonnell Douglas MD-11, the freighters’s dream; Hawker Siddeley Trident, the undeserved underdog; Boeing 727, the west’s DC-3 jet equivalent; Yakovlev Yak-42, the last trijet airliner; and the Tupolev Tu-154, the east’s DC-3 jet equivalent.