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We Have Rules For a Reason [Chapter 1]

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Genre: Smut/AU

Summary: You are the manager of a hot new club. You meet Mark Tuan, a handsome, rich playboy who rents out the VIP lounge with his friends.

The club was packed, the guests were loving the DJ you hired and your VIP lounge was booked for the evening. You smiled, feeling a deep sense of pride as you looked out over the crowd.

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Where There’s Lightning, There’s Thunder (Eventually)! Jupiter, Where Are You?
A Story Told With Pictures About Toys In Too Many Parts

“Well anyway, I guess that doesn’t matter now. The important part is that I’m finally here. With you guys, where I belong.”

And there were more hugs, because if there is a world in which it is possible to have too many Senshi hugs, I hope I never learn of it. When they finally parted, a different sort of smile spread across Mako’s face.

“I suppose now all we have to do is find the Outers, and–”

Four hands rushed to cover Mako’s damned stupid mouth.

Heaven and Hell Between Us

Word count: 2 964

Summary: “If God only accepts ordinary people in heaven, maybe heaven isn’t such a wonderful place, after all.”

A/N: wow its been forever but im finally back !! with a fic !! i just want to put this out there, i am not christian so if there’s anything thats incorrect in this the do please tell me and i’ll try to remember it for the future!

thanks to @vanillasolitude for turning Trash™ into Quality Trash™ (and for the awesome title)

CW: Homophobia, religion, making out, swearing

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Rhythm - 2

(part 1) | (part 3) | (part 4) | (part 5)

summary: you want her, you need her, and i’ll never be her
warnings: angst, injury, swearing
word count: 1501

Insufferable. It’s probably the best word you’ve come up with so far to describe him. He’s an absolute jerk, not only during the day, but also at night. Gone are the times you used to empathize with him when he’d wake up screaming his throat raw.  No more nightmares for Bucky Barnes, who stays up all night with his girlfriend and keeps you up all night to the sound of the headboard bashing against the wall or the hard, heavy panting or the high pitched voice saying “oh my god, Buck!” All. Night. Long.

You try to be happy for the bastard, you really do. You congratulate him on his one-month anniversary (even though it takes everything you have to not roll your eyes), you help his girlfriend make him a cake for his birthday, you even go as far as to extend an invitation to her for a night in with Nat, Sam, and Wanda. You try so damn hard to make sure that you aren’t showing just how much this is hurting you; the least he could do is make his sex life quieter.

It’s four a.m. right now and sounds from his bedroom are driving you insane. There’s a mission that you’re supposed to be up for in an hour and the amount of sleep you’ve gotten is precisely none. So you roll out of your empty bed, dressed in pyjama pants and an oversized t-shirt, yank open the door to your bedroom, stride across the hall to his room, and knock on his door. Three, short, loud knocks.

The screaming stops abruptly. There’s a groan, followed by shuffling sounds, then the door opens revealing Bucky, hair unkempt and breathing heavy and– and shirtless, with a sheen of sweat on his bare chest and boxers slung so low on hips. You swallow.

“Need somethin’, darling?” His voice is quiet; a husky whisper. There’s a smirk plastered on his face, but you can tell he’s annoyed by the set of his jaw.  

You clench and unclench you fists and keep your eyes on his face. “Yeah. Shut up, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Sorry doll, did I wake you?”

You exhale, nostrils flaring, trying hard to ignore the way your skin tingled when he said doll. “Don’t call me that.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow. “No?” You open your mouth to say more, but he slams the door shut in your face.

“We’re going to have to split up.” Steve’s yelling over the comms, and it’s doing nothing to help your headache, courtesy of Bucky and his S.O. You run your hands over your face, and listen in for your pairing, hoping to god that you’re paired with someone willing to cooperate. Read: anyone but James Buchanan Barnes.

“Buck, you and Y/N infiltrate the east base.” You choke on your spit, and Bucky glares at you. “There’s no heat signal there, so it’s most likely empty. Canvass the scene and see what you can find.”

You almost whine in frustration, but don’t say a word as you shove your gun into its holster and your knife into the sheath in your boot. “Let’s go.”

The jet drops you a small way from the HYDRA base. The walk is quiet, both of you scanning your surroundings for any sign of a threat. HYDRA’s smart. Even if Steve couldn’t pick up on a heat wave, you know to be careful.

When you arrive to the base, it’s empty as Steve predicted. There are no guards and the main doors are unlocked. You look over at Bucky. “You take the left side, I’ll take the right.”

For the first time in all the time you’ve known him, he doesn’t say anything snarky in response, only scowls, nods, and disappears to the left side of the building.

“Find anything?” You’re whispering into your comm, keeping your gun cocked and at the ready. The base is quiet, but something seems off.

“No,” the answer doesn’t come from the comms, and you whirl around to face the speaker, gun pointed in front of you. Bucky stands there, eyebrow cocked up in a bored fashion. He rolls his eyes, and then his expression is back to the permanent glare.

You drop the gun before speaking up. “Something’s wrong.” The entire thing seemed too easy. A HYDRA base, left completely empty, with nothing worthwhile to find? Unlikely.  

For a moment Bucky doesn’t say anything. His eyes keep scanning the room you’re in. Large, circular, with no windows. There are metal tables along the walls, with various miscellaneous tools around on them. Some sharp, some covered in blood. He walks over to one of the tables and picks up a scalpel, turning it in his hand. Then he drops it and turns to you, eyes wide. “We have to go, now.”

“Why, what happened?”

For the first time, Bucky doesn’t give you his omnipresent glare. “It’s a trap. The blood on the tools is fresh. The base is still warm. We were set up.”

Then he’s rushing towards the door, gun out and ready to attack. You follow behind him.

The first gunshot comes from the right, followed by another. You throw down a table and duck behind it, pulling Bucky down with you. “On the count–“ you lift your arms and fire, “–of three. You–“ you dodge another shot, “–run towards the–“ a bullet whizzes past your hair, “–fuck,  the door. I’ll cover.”

You reload your guns, count to three, and then you’re pushing Bucky towards the door. He’s falling back to shoot but you keep pushing him forward because you realize with a sudden jolt that you’re heavily outnumbered and if anybody needs to make it out of here, it’s Bucky. (Because fuck, there are so many people that need him. Steve needs him, Natasha, hell even Sam and Tony, and his girlfriend.) So you push him forward with your elbow as you shoot around you, and you’re almost at the door and Bucky’s stopped shooting now and he’s running out and you’re almost there and–

You feel the pain before you hear the sound of the gun. The bullet hits you in the abdomen, and you stagger backwards as another catches you in the shoulder. It’s not fatal, and you realize that they’re not shooting to kill – they’re shooting to capture.

You’re shooting blindly now, the hand of your injured shoulder on your stomach while the other unsteadily holds the gun. You can feel the blood seeping through your fingers but you don’t dare look down as you stumble forward, through the door. Someone’s yelling into your comms but the HYDRA agents are still on your tail and you’re moving as fast as you can and then someone’s grabbing onto your uninjured arm and pulling you forward. Your gun’s empty and it drops to the floor, and Bucky, who you realize is the one pulling you towards the jet, is covering the both of you this time.

How you make it back to the jet, you have no idea, but by the time you’re there, you know you’ve lost a lot of blood. Your face is pale and your hands are trembling, coated in scarlet liquid. Steve’s face is pure guilt, but the first one to say anything to you is Bucky.

“Are you fuckin’ stupid?” (You want to punch him. Really hard.) “What were you thinking, huh?”

You open your mouth to speak, but Bucky continues, “You could have died.” (You don’t have the energy to tell him that you’re dying right now, and if he could please shut the fuck up.) “Did you even consider that? Did you even bother –”

You close your eyes and lean your head back against the wall. “Bucky,” you croak out, cutting him off. Your voice is a whisper and everything’s hurting and you can’t feel your toes. He stops talking and you open your eyes, your gaze matching his. His eyes are blue – you notice – captivatingly blue.

“If I die–“ Steve, busy tending your injuries, tells you to stop talking like that and that you’re being dramatic, but you ignore him. “–if I die, I need you to know something.” The edges of your vision are hazy now, darkening.


You close your eyes again, this time for longer, and you have two super soldiers yelling at you to keep them open but you’ve lost so much blood.

You want to tell him, oh god, you want to tell him so badly, but a part of you, the part that’s congratulated him and baked with his girlfriend and watched chick flicks with her, is telling you to stop, to not say anything, because he’s already carrying the weight of the world. He doesn’t deserve another burden.

“What do you want to tell me?” He demands, and you lift your hand to beckon him close, so close that he can feel your breath tickling his cheek as you whisper in his ear:

“You’re a jerk.”

The world becomes dark.

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Fanboy (Seungcheol x Reader)

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Prompt: 5 & 15

“I don’t know why you don’t like this outfit on you. You look splendid.”

“No, I’m paying”

Genre: apparently the only genre I know is fluff

One of the reasons you loved Seungcheol was his random burst of being spontaneous. Yes, he was type to drag you out in the middle of the night and haul you around for a ‘night of adventure’. And tonight was like no other.

Although it was past midnight, the nightlife was still loud and crowded as if the sun was still high in the sky. Seungcheol, despite his busy schedule and despite the many times you told him to go back to the dorms or how long you made him stand outside your door hoping he would obey you, he always got his way with you. “To the night markets” he shouted as he dragged you along with him.

The jet black haired boy, covered his face with a mask and his head with a large cap, leaving his smiling eyes to look at you. Seungcheol held your hand, tugging you through the various night markets, pointing like a little puppy at things he found cute or interesting.

After about an hour of strolling through, Seungcheol already had his hands full with bags of things apparently you absolutely needed. Because in his mind, you absolutely needed that one pair of earrings that would look good with that one outfit he had just bought because again, you absolutely needed it.

You buried your head into Seungcheol’s arm, holding onto him as he excitedly, “Cheol, let’s go home. You’re obviously buying way too much and it’s late.”

“Just a few more minutes!!” He begged similarly to a child wanting to play more. His eyes perked and his interest was peaked, “Let’s go in there!” Seungcheol pointed, dragging you along before you could register.

When you entered the small hidden shop, you realized it was a fan merchandise shop. Quickly, Seungcheol brought you to the seventeen corner, you were now surrounded with the faces of the Seungcheol and the other members.

“Look! This is so cool.” He held up a shirt, his face enlarged onto the front and back with his name written giantly above his head, “You know my sweet and loving girlfriend……”

“No.” You interrupted him, “I am not wearing your face around.”

Seungcheol pouted, “Come on. For me. Pleaasee.” He continuously jumped with his whining, “At least try it on.” He pushed you into a tiny dressing room, refusing to let you out until you had the shirt on.

“I hate you.” You spoke as you slipped on the tshirt, “We are not buying this.”

You opened the door, being greeted with the brightest of eyes directed at you. Seungcheol’s eyes were pleading already, and you knew you two would be bickering in the shop for 30 minutes before he bought it behind your back.

“I don’t know why you don’t like this outfit on you. You look splendid.”

You crossed your arms, “Seungcheol, no.”

He began to bounce himself again, “You don’t even have to wear it at home, just when you visit the dorm.”

“I am not walking around your dorm with your face plastered on my front and back.”

“But….” He was giving you his signature puppy eyes now, and it didn’t help that you could practically imagine his pouting lips under his mask.

“Hi.” Your heads were turned to the sound of the worker, “Is there a problem?”

Seungcheol began looking elsewhere, bringing his hat to lower his face so he wouldn’t be caught.

You smiled mischievously, “Actually yes,” You saw Seungcheol throw you a look but you ignored him, “You see my boyfriend here absolutely loves and adores the seventeen member S.coups but there doesn’t seem to be any in his size. He made me try it on to see how it looks and now he’s just disappointed that there isn’t a size for him.”

Seungcheol gave you a nudge, a strong one to be able to push you a little bit. You smiled at the worker again, “He’s just shy. S.coups is his idol.”

The worker giggled at the two of you, “I understand, we have larger sizes in the back, if you want to go to the register he can pay there.”

“Ah actually!!” Seungcheol’s defensiveness was cut off by you.

“No. I’m paying. We’ll be right over.”

You changed out of the shirt you were currently wearing, walking out to an impatient Seungcheol.

“Why are you buying this.” He whispered the question in your ear.

You looked at him innocently, “What. Isn’t this what you wanted.” You reached the register, paying for the shirt with a slumping Seungcheol behind you. You grabbed the clothing, passing it to the dumbfounded Seungcheol, “Why don’t you put it on now.” You grinned.

“Thank you!!” You shouted as you and Seungcheol exited the shop. You pulled along the grumbling boy with his own face plastered onto his chest.

People began to giggle at the fanboy wearing S.coups face’s, “I can’t believe you’re making me do this.”

You laughed with your head resting on his arm, “But you’re the cutest S.coups fanboy.”

Send a number and a member (only Wonwoo and Seungcheol for now)