jet black chair

Lens - Mark

Author’s Note: I have sinned.

Word Count: 1337

Genre: Smut

Group: GOT7

Member/s: Mark(, Reader)

“You can come in!”, you shouted from the studio, directing it to the dressing room.

Photographing celebrities, idols, and scenes that were aesthetically pleasing to you were one of your daily tasks. Your friends who complained about their jobs almost every minute of them having it, seemed strange to you since you appreciated and admired what you brought to paper.

Since you were new in your area of liking, people were a sceptic with your profession but would not turn down the idea to hire you for big photo shoots.

Today was the day of photographing GOT7. Sure you did hear about them a couple of times, but you set yourself the rule not to get into idols too much for not wanting to hyperventilate when coming even close to near them.

But one of their recent songs “Fly” did really stuck to you for some reason. And you would watch the music video over and over again, keeping the gracile boy with the light coloured hair in sight.

You had shot six of the boys already, them being really flirty with the camera and nice, asking if pictures turned out good or if they should try new poses.

Made work easier, you hated pushing people around and having to command them, making them go for unnatural poses and with that ruin they natural beauty and have forced smiles as the end result.

There was only one of them to shoot and you exactly knew who.

“Hey!” the remarkably happy sounding voice from behind made you shook and stop your train of thoughts. Reminding you there was still music playing in the background, “Alright” by Roseau.


“Y/N, right?” you replied with a grin, setting the mood and opening it as comfortable. You walked over to Mark, who was about your height, and lead him to a jet black bar chair, pointing at it and gesturing him to sit down.

“So, you seem happy? Why is that?” while setting your lens, trying to let Mark keep that gorgeous smile of his, revealing his pearly white teeth.

“Nothing in general, just a beautiful day, the weather is nice, isn’t it?” you looked out of the big windows of the building, figuring it was raining heavily outside.

“Perfect summer day,” you chuckled pointing outdoor. “We can start now,” switching one more thing you held up your head smiling at Mark.

You turned your eyes back to the camera in front you, staring into it, letting your gaze travel to Mark’s appearance. Instantly you started giggling at the goofy expressions he pulled.

“You have to make serious and nice expressions, Mark,” catching your breath from all the laughter, you started to become more professional again.

The reply he gave you, left you standing there paralysed.

“Make me.”

His voice sounding much deeper and with a hint of a seductive side than before when he goofed around. After contemplating his order, you decided to play with him a bit.

“Well, how can I?” you could’ve slapped yourself for saying this, already trying to talk yourself out of this.

Good job, Y/N.

“Come a little closer, I can’t look you into your eyes like this.”

Again, you followed his order, walking up to him and coming dangerously close.

“Is that okay for you?”, you said with a cheeky smirk on your face, feeling like you’ve dominated the older in front of you. Little did you know, you tricked yourself into thinking this.

He pulled you by your hips, giving you no other option than to find a hold on his lap. You tried to break the eye contact, getting nervous and embarrassed.

Mark then placed his pointer finger under your chin, holding it up and forcing you into eye contact with him.

“Better,” he licked his lips, gazing you deeply into your eyes. Your legs couldn’t make you sit up straight, because of how they turned weak at the sight of Mark’s plump rosy lips between his teeth. So you had to let down your whole weight on him.

He let his hand sink down your spine, rubbing the dimples in your back lightly with his thumbs.

“You seem a little tensed up, don’t you?” he was right, you haven’t slept well in what seems like weeks. “Y/N…”

His lips went for your neck, slightly sucking on it and leaving the skin there a slight red shade. You exposed your neck for him, pushing back your hair and giving him free access to your neckline.

“I won,” he smirked during his movements, guiding his lips to yours, brushing over them gently. Finally, he let them down, moving them slowly in dynamic motions.

Both of your lips synchronising with each other, him soon asking for entrance by nibbling at your bottom lip. You parted your lips, letting his warm tongue slide in. The kiss became even deeper with him turning his head to the other side.

You felt yourself wanting more, grinding down on Mark’s crotch and earning a low groan from him.

“Y/N…ah…” it wasn’t long until he started bucking up his hips to meet yours, to find some source of friction.

“Let’s go into my garderobe.”

You held him by his hand, quickly walking into your four walls of freedom and peace within this building.

From there you two continued on the black leathered sofa, which matched the monochrome theme. He got on top of you, guiding your hands to his pants, gesturing you to open up his belt. While you did so, Mark let his hands travel along the sides of your inner thigh, moving his thumb up against your heat.

Since you had a royal blue skirt on, you didn’t have to pull it down. Instead, he pushed it up, taking his time with pulling down your lace underwear. Messing with the hem of it, extracting it up and then let it snatch onto your skin repeatedly.


“Please, what?” Mark pulled down his boxer briefs, revealing his hard member which snapped onto his white flannel. You looked up, watching his dark brown eyes travelling down your body.and stopping right before your hips. He teased you a little while, running his tip over your already wet folds, making you whine.


Without warning or giving you any chance to adjust to his size, he slammed into you. You were about to scream out his name, when a hard slap on your butt stoped your from doing so. Soon after your ass cheeks turned red, blistened in pain and warmed up, Mark carressed them with his big hands, soothing the pain. 

He found a rhythm, pounding into your trembling entrance without any mercy, making you hold in any moan, whine and scream. The fimilar knot tied up in your stomach, making you buckle up your hips and let your head throw back. Mark took advantage of that, attacking your neck and sucking on the previous spots again, turning them darker than before. 

Mark held on harder to your hips, other hand in your hair. Pulling at it and trying to hold on onto some self control. You felt Mark’s member twitch inside of you, knowing it wasn’t long until he would release into you. 

The sound of skin on skin filling the room, little melodies of the songs playing in the studio coming through the door and walls.

”Y/N…fuck…I’m gonna,” and with that he released into you, almost breaking down on top.

The sight of him looking you deep into the eyes, saying your name following a lot of curse words you’d never thought could come out of this pretty mouth of his.”Mark…” and with that you came, tightening you walls around him while he is riding out his high.

His head crooked tight into your shoulder, muffeling some cute pet names into your neck while playing with your hair.

”Please tell me I didn’t fuck up my make up and hair completely.”

”That’s what people like me call art.”