jet age atomic age

The 1955 Ford Mystere promised a push button starter, a radio telephone, a flip-over steering wheel that allowed it to be driven from either of the swiveling front seats, and a gas turbine engine under the rear deck. This would be replaced three years later by a ‘small nuclear reactor’ in the extraordinary Ford Nucleon.


1964-1965 New York World’s Fair

“Many of the pavilions were built in a Mid-Century modern style that was heavily influenced by “Googie architecture”. This was a futurist architectural style influenced by car culture, jet aircraft, the Space Age, and the Atomic Age, which were all on display at the fair. Some pavilions were explicitly shaped like the product they were promoting, such as the US Royal tire-shaped Ferris wheel, or even the corporate logo, such as the Johnson Wax pavilion. Other pavilions were more abstract representations, such as the prolate spheroid shaped IBM pavilion, or the General Electric circular dome shaped “Carousel of Progress” (excerpt from Wikipedia)

In order of Appearance:

  1. United Nations Headquarters
  2. Model of Fair at Flushing-Corona Park, Queens NY
  3. General Motors Pavillon
  4. Kodak Pavillon
  5. Republic of China (Taiwan) Pavillon
  6. Travelers Insurance Pavillon
  7. US Steel’s Unisphere (still standing)
  8. Vatican Pavillon
  9. US Royal Tires Pavillon and Wheel
  10. General Electric’s Tower of Light