Jet and I had some drinks and attempted to make a tart in cosplay! oh and of course we filmed it so we may always remember our shame


Horten IX (GOTHA GO 229)
The Gotha go 229 also known as the Horten Ho-IX, a fighter/bomber designed by the Horten brothers was just one of the many advanced aircraft designs put forward by Germany towards the end of the war. Only four versions had been built. Most of them have been captured by US forces, becoming the basis for any American Stealth plane until today.


Jet, a space pirate shark that craves adventure and welcomes trouble. Worn over his wounded right arm is his massive metal gauntlet with interchangeable hand and hook attachments. Known to be childish and a bit of a fan boy, Jet is hardly taken seriously. However, that doesn’t stop him and in fact, his foolishness typically gets him out of sticky situations. 

After being banished for double crossing his vicious father “Captain Bloodfin”, Jet seeks out a crew to call his own. He rescues a band of pirates from a prison ship and suckers them into joining his “team” and unimaginatively entitles them the “Deep Sea Space Pirates”. 

Jet is part of “Deep Sea Space Pirates” an original concept by @starniv0re or @starnivorous 

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