jesy was just like what are you even saying

Comparisons (Jerrie Oneshot)

You guys probably haven’t seen a post of mine formatted like this in a while! But I’m sure you still all know what it means! That’s right! After making you guys wait for ages, I have a oneshot for you! This one was something I kept completely secret and actually wrote in about three or four days. I loved the prompt, and I hope you all love it to. Thank you for always being so supportive and always sticking with me <3 I didn’t edit this one meticulously, only because I wanted to post this as soon as I could. Since I haven’t written in ages, feedback would really be appreciated, and the more I get, the more I stay motivated to keep writing! Thank you all so much! :D

Also, I know that sometimes long text posts (this oneshot is over 12,000 words) get cut off on mobile, so if you’re on mobile, to avoid getting cut off, visit MY PAGE OF FICS and then click on “Comparisons” (it should be the first one) to read it! :D Hope you all enjoy it!

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favourite little mix things
  • perrie holding the high note at the end of little me & the others signalling to the crowd to make some noise & that one time that she did it for a really long time and leigh-anne was like “wow that’s a record darlin’”
  • jesy saying naughty things in interviews and laughing at herself before the others even comprehend what she said (at which point they just stare at her in shock)
  • [jade voice] “so even if one person in this room feels better about themselves because of this song, then we’ve done our job”
  • those video clips where theyre in a car and all take turns doing weird laughs omfg why are they like that
  • if perrie could choose a superpower she would choose being able to wee out of her finger - “leigh-anne if you were stuck in traffic babe and you were like ‘im in agony here’ i’d wee for you out my finger” 
  • jesy saying “i flirt with girls and boys” 
  • how ya doin’ a capella (”LET’S. BREAK. IT DOWN. WHOO!” *jesy starts beatboxing* *crowd goes INSANE*)
  • leigh-anne being funny on accident just by being clueless (“oh my god L and M are right next to each other!” “yeah that’s where they are in the alphabet” “oh my GOD leigh-anne”)
  • when jade does the thing where she’s laughing so hard she can’t make noise
  • the girls always saying they envy jesy’s body and jesy’s voice cause she’s so sexy 
  • leigh-anne always complimenting jade and touching jade and loving jade so much (”i think it’s brilliant. i think you’re brilliant”)
  • anytime they’re competing against each other and they get insanely competitive omfg (like when they played charades “YOU CAN’T DO THE DANCE MOVES!!” or when they played chubby bunny and jesy was dead serious and would rather leigh choke to death on the marshmallows than lose to jade and perrie)
  • the goddamn dance at the “i know that you wanna” part of move
  • literally every single thing they do and every single interaction between them makes me feel so alive im so ready for them to be back in my life lets GO!!!!!!!

can i just say that even tho it broke my heart to pieces when perrie cried singing “the end”, that was one of my favorite ot4 moments? when perrie broke down, leigh and jade immediately hugged her and didn’t let anybody see her crying while jesy calmed and distracted the crowd from what was happening. like that was so important because you can see how much those girls care about each other. they weren’t like “oh no we gotta keep the show going”, they literally stopped everything to help perrie and that was beyond beautiful.

@castironloyalty broke my poor little heart (x)

Jesy stared down at her phone screen, her heart breaking into a thousand pieces as she read over the texts once, twice, three times.

[ sms; my ray of sunshine ] Lily, you can’t mean that–
[ sms; my ray of sunshine ] I don’t even know what to say, why like this?

A single tear slipped down her cheek, the first of many, and dropped onto her phone screen. Not even all the ICER bullets in the world, could knock her out long enough to forget this, she just had to see her.

[ sms; my ray of sunshine ] Meet me at our coffeehouse at sundown. Please?