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Zayn Malik confession

Zayn fat shamed his ex producer, RT’d a tweet fat shaming a random girl, cheated on his ex-fiance at least 4 times and blamed her for his affairs, waited till she was in another country before texting her to break up with her after four years claiming he wanted a ‘fresh start’, forced her out on the streets and since she has several pets she couldn’t stay in a hotel or room with friends so she had to live in a Modest co-owners guest cottage, he lied about all this claiming he ‘had to much respect for her’ until she exposed him, several of his ex girlfriends have exposed him for cheating on them, said the N word and instead of apologizing just had his team remove the video from online, has done many cultural appropriating things, said black people aren’t victims of police brutality, supports All Lives Matter, used a black women in his PillowTalk music video as a nude tribal prop, has made many misogynistic comments, diminished Bob Marley and Jamaica to just ‘weed culture’, defended his girlfriend after a video came out of her mocking east Asians by making a sex joke, liked a tweet bragging about how she gets to ‘play with his dick every night’, and has done so much more disgusting, ignorant, problematic things. And his equally as problematic and disgusting stans defend all this by saying he has depression/anxiety, is Muslim and called a terrorist, and blames Perrie, the other LM members, 1D, and others for his behavior.

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History - literally the laziest music video that i have ever seen - seriously just beat out Hair, a fun video with an actual plot, message, that took actual work and wasn’t released 238 years ago?? Sick of people rewarding mediocre boybands who cbf to show up and sleeping on girlbands who actually put in the work to consistently release good music and videos that aren’t just the crap everyone has already seen spliced together while four dudes sing at a camera. Stop rewarding a band who isn’t putting in the work to get this success and start rewarding a band who is, a band who deserves it.


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Keep Your Hands Up, So I Can See    

by Anonymous

Harry’s eyes seemed drawn to whatever movement Louis made, so he dipped his quill into the ink harshly, before boldly punctuating his final sentence.

“I know it’s hard for you to not think about me and my broomstick, but you better focus on your schoolwork Styles. Last time I heard, you were flunking Potions.”

Louis hadn’t heard anything, but he was quite certain that Harry hadn’t made it into the Advanced class, even though everyone and their parents knew he wanted to become an Auror – for which he’d need excellent potions skills. He figured it’d do the trick.

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