jesy fact

All the reasons Black Magic Music Video pissed me off:

Cultural appropriation in both Jesy and Perrie’s outfits

The fact that they were doing it to get boys attentions

The fact that they had to be a certain standard of pretty to be anything

The fact that they had to attack another girl to get what they want.

This was very disappointing. I have considered myself a fan of this group even through the bad things they’ve done but honestly after this video I don’t know what to think.

So I just saw the Perrie/Jesy comments and I don't think I'm alone when I say that it completely pissed me off

I’ll start with Perrie.

“Shut up, I’m an English rose thank you very much, I’m not going to dye my skin orange. I’m working too hard taking America by storm to fake tan”

She just does not know how not to make herself sound conceited, does she? I think that she just enjoys making herself sound higher than she really is, she isn’t that perfect looking, I’ve seen a lot better. Also, “taking America by storm” PLEASE SHUT UP AND TAKE A STEP BACK. She acts as if she was the reason that LM cracked America, which they haven’t done. Even if they did, all the credit should go to Zayn, since he’s the reason they are where they are right now. If it wasn’t for him and this fake-ass engagement, I’m sure they would’ve been dropped from the label already. She acts as if she has the most talent in the group, which is FAR from the truth, because in my opinion, Leigh-Anne and Jade are far more talented and more down to earth than the other two.

Now Jesy,

The fact that she said that Zayn’s fans are jealous of Perrie is not what upsets me, what bothers me is that she had the nerve to say “stupid Zayn Malik fans” what she doesn’t realize is that not all non shippers are Zayn girls. I, for example, am a Niall girl. I simply don’t ship zerrie because I find that Zayn does so much promotion for them, that its unnatural. Also, there is so much proof that shows they’re fake, you just have to look into it. Another thing, some of these “Stupid Zayn Malik fans” happen to be fans of her girl group and for her to insult them like that, just shows how ignorant and stuck up she is. Also, wasn’t she the one to cry on X-Factor because people were calling her fat? I think that it is so rude of her to say that about Zayn girls when she somewhat knows the feeling, she thinks she can say anything that she wants because she’s"famous", which is far from reality. I can’t stand people that feel that its okay to insult their fans once they’re famous, and that’s exactly what both Perrie and Jesy have done at some point.


Here is the official “Word Up” video, if you haven’t already seen it!