Always right...never wrong...fading into an old old song...

Ever get to a breaking point?

Ever feel like you’d had your fill on something?

I have. I do. I’m there.

Last evening I was reading about a couple of “parents” who have filed a discrimination lawsuit against a school system (in Colorado). As I was reading the article, I was having a very hard time believing that it was a real story. Come to find out…it’s very real.

Apparently, there are two adults who have shared the holy bonds of matrimony. The two adults were given the gift and opportunity to have the honor of raising a child. A beautiful baby boy. A boy that will grow up fishing, playing baseball, and feigning for the next video game that will soon to be released.  A son that will grow to love discovering bugs, legos, and looking at cool random things through a microscope. You know…all the things that boys do on their way to becoming men.

Therein lies the problem.  They have raised their son to be a girl. A son who wears dresses, and plays with dolls, and loves the color pink. A son who is so confused about his place in society, that there’s a very slim chance…if any at all…that he’ll ever be able to figure things out.

So they send their son to school. A son who thinks that he is a girl thanks to his parents. When restroom breaks come, the young boy attempts to use the girl’s restroom.  But, the school will not allow the boy to use the girl’s restroom. Sure the boy is wearing a dress. Sure he has pig tails. Sure he has ear rings. But, there’s something else that he has that separates girls from boys. The school obviously is in on what that thing is, but apparently the child’s parents are not.

So the young child, being completely confused on his sexual status, is upset that he isn’t allowed to use the restroom with the girls. The parents are mad that their son isn’t allowed to use the restroom with the other parent’s daughters. They feel that their child has been discriminated against. Therefore, they file a lawsuit.


This one article completely sums up my fundamental stance of being against anything that has to do with the homosexuality. Whether it’s same sex marriages, or the trans-gender, or whatever other perversion on the human race you can think of. This is no longer an issue of what a persons preference is, or the way they are born, or what any other excuse is that comes from that community.

These are two adults who have a personal stance on a perversion…and are now attempting to raise their child based on their stance on that perversion. These two adults are living through their child’s life, and have ruined this young boy.

It absolutely breaks my heart. 

People talk about a revival in America. A grand return to sanity, and a great nation of good people. Good hard working people. People who raise their children to be upstanding citizens. People who marry the love of their life. People who actually love their spouse, and no one else gets involved. People who know that the children that are being born are the future, and those are the people that we should be doing right for. People who no longer want to be selfish. Selfish about everything. Up to and including choosing your child’s sex AFTER THEY ARE BORN.

All that talk about revival is long gone. That’s stuff for the history books. The only thing that will ever save us, is the only thing that ever could’ve saved us.

Come quickly Jesus.

We’re too far gone to ever have hope of making you proud, or happy, or pleased.

It’s not in us.

We’re too wicked and self-centered.

We are to the point of sacrificing our own children in the name of Satan.

God save us all…