Just finished reading Jesus Is ____ and I’ve just fallen more in love w/ Christ. I encourage everyone Christian or non-Christian to read this book. @judahsmith gets rid of the Jesus our culture has portrayed & he shows us who Jesus REALLY is! “When we have Jesus, we have everything we will ever need for anything we could ever go through.” #JesusIs #JesusIsMyEverything #readthisbook #now #amazing #JesusIsGrace #JesusIsLove #JesusIsHere #JesusIsPeace

22nd of November.

Went to church to surprise my sister in christS and they went totally speechless hahahaha, it was a white lie anyways :p

I love them!! Today’s youth message was on David and Goliath! My all time favourite message! I super love it! Would totally share it here…. what I’ve learnt from Reverend Irwin :) God’s words definitely made my heart pumped like 120miles per hour… lololololl, It was so encouraging and yes, make us(the underdogs) to have unrelentless faith on Jesus!

that everything is just possible, when we attach faith to strength, intelligence and courage on everything we do!

and okay, the main point is.

The fear of coming back home to face scolding and nagging again, I guess it kinda happened after youth, on the way back home.

It always begin when traffic is bad, and my mom being a little sick at the same time, with the traffic….

The scolding began, but this time, I thought I couldn’t tolerate.

Well, I was there, and I realize I have a different attitude to face the harsh tone. As usual, I’m quiet and trying to think of something to cheer the atmosphere. However, I have this peace in my heart at the same time, that words can’t really describe. The only explanation is that, Holy Spirit recognize the harsh voice, but able to you know..,.. kinda calm myself, and nope, I do not feel pissed off or very upset.

I’m grateful….

And I’m prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for the transformation of my mother. Mmm, Yes pls! Let me be diligent with this prayer!

Praise the Lord!  :)

He is such a loving Father!

With so much gratitude in my heart,

Jinnnnn :) <3


Hey there!

One thing I am thankful for at this time in the year (being from Colorado) is for gorgeous weather and a lovely campus to do my homework outside in! I love being outside! Last week I was reminded of how blessed I am to be at school in southern California when I skype with my family and hear how it’s currently snowing there?! I almost forgot snow existed for the rest of the country…Coming up to the final weeks of school I am especially thankful for the good weather and enjoying the sun while I attempt to study and finish various papers.

I’m sure that many of you can relate to the feeling of stress in regards to the future! If it makes you feel better (and maybe it doesn’t), even once you are in college your life isn’t figured out! There are still big decisions to be made! For me some of those decisions revolve around what I am going to do for the summer (where I will be?!) and what classes to take in the fall. 

So to encourage you in your college decisions, homeworking, and life-shaping decisions, remember that “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you” Philippians 4:13 

Take a deep breath and a step back. One thing that really helped me was making a list of positive and negative things about each college. Seems simple but really helped to give me peace and look at the full situation!

Be encouraged!

-Cora J