The Closeted Misogynist Strikes Again

Me: i think i’m gonna cut my hair today
CM: not short
Me: y not
Me: also define “short”
CM: because short is ugly on women
CM: youre a women
CM: i think youre pretty
CM: so i would be sad if it was short
Me: so you mean like not angela short
CM: we wouldnt talk
CM: if it was that short
CM: it has to be past the neck 4 me
Me: you say that like the only reason you talk to me is because you think i’m pretty lmao
CM: no
CM: but if you had short hair i wouldnt talk to you
CM: just like if you were a racist
CM: or a homophobe
CM: or just a terrible person in general
Me: you know, this is one of those times where I’m pretty sure you’re joking but I’m not 100% so I need clarification
CM: im not
CM: i hate short hair
Me: you can’t actually compare short hair to being a bigot
CM: i didnt
CM: jesus
CM: forget it
CM: cut it how you want