bloomingjazmine  asked:

Hi pretty! I was listening to a message and something Pastor said really made me think of you. He was talking about how we're called to be salt & light in the world. People should be drawn to the anointing of the Holy Spirit within us. People should see your light & be immediately drawn to it because it calls to the places light within them. I think you live this principle & I just wanted to love on you & let you know that you are a light, a gem who radiates His grace. Keep shining! 💜

what a powerful powerful message. i’m honored that such a beautiful message made you think of me. i more than appreciate your love. it has touched my spirit in a way that i cannot even describe. i have a vision for the kind of woman i want to be. and the fact that you see me in this way means i’m moving in the right direction

thank you sweetheart. thank you for sharing this with me