Name: Jesus Velasquez

Age: 28 Years

Species: Human/Brujo

Face Claim: Kevin Alejandro

Bio: Jesus is a brujo witch, born in Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico. His mother was raped and during it, she conceived him; therefore he doesn’t know his father. After Jesus’ mother found him in the middle of a ritual guided by his grandfather, she decided to flee with Jesus, living in places such as Uruguay and eventually coming to the United States to land in northern Louisiana. As time passed, Jesus decided not to have any contact with his grandfather because he didn’t want to become anything like him— evil.  

He met his partner, Lafayette Reynolds while employed as a medical nurse at the psychiatric hospital where Ruby Jean, Lafayette’s mother, lived. During a vampire blood induced visual journey together, the boys realized that Lafayette was harboring a great psychic power that remained untapped. Slowly and carefully, Jesus began introducing him to witchcraft, magic and mediumship.

Personality: Jesus is a kind-hearted, loyal, caring, gentle and friendly person– with a bit of a dark side. He is a brujo witch, which is essentially a demon living within him that gives him great powers. He is very kind and sweet to everyone around him, never being a cruel or spiteful person, and seeks to help those that need him.