The Lost are Found
  • The Lost are Found
  • Hillsong
  • God is Able

I am really loving this song, really loving hillsong lately. The lyrics are just beautiful and they are so heart touching. The thing I love about hillsong is that their lyrics are so relevant and they really enable us to be holy spirit filled…

The lost are found

The blind will see

The lame will walk

The dead will live

And You are GOD

Forever you will REIGN

They repeat this about a million times in the song and I love it! The lyrics are so meaningful! Jesus will forever reign! Death has been defeated! Jesus is alive forever! How great is our God?! This is something to rejoice and praise about! GLORY TO GOD!

Furthermore this brings me to the subject about how important Praise and Worship is. Today at church the pastor preached about this. She told us about Lucifer the angel who is know Satan.

Lucifer was an angel in charge of the music. He sang to the Lord beautifully and people loved his singing to the point were Lucifer wanted them to worship him and let God share his place. But God said in the 10 commandments there shall be no other God! Lucifer obviously disagreed and ran away, fell on earth. 

Unfortunately Satan still has his talent today and what he wants is to push people into worshiping him instead of God. As you can already tell the music business is full of evil and Satan’s power. People today say “I love music!!!!” “I love Chris Brown/Beyonce/Rihanna!!” but that music worships the devil and not our loving GOD. 

I thank God he gave me strength to delete all of the devil’s songs :)(IT WAS HARD!). I was an unbeliever before, I was a crazy obssesed fan, I was worshiping the wrong being! But I am so thankful that I listen to Godly music that allows me to spend time with my heavenly Father.

You can do it too!! Just pray to God to help you! He will do it :)

God bless you all!!

God be with you all!!

See you all in heaven one day :)

All these scarlet stains
Like the blood red clay
On the knees of our jeans
You can come out righteous if you want, babe,
You can come out clean

Hey, girl, drive all night
Down to the water
And live like we’re alive
Let our sleeping die
And roll out of these graves

Hey, girl, the water don’t know
The shore don’t care
Who you were before
We’re not them anymore
You know we’re not the same

—  Carolina Tide

Chapter 57 - Grief - of The Court of Five Thrones is going up in approximately 6.5 hours. :D

And though I still have some editing to do, I penned the last line of the epilogue last night, at about 1.00am. Beta got teary in chapters 57, 58 and 59. I think most folks are going to be happy with how things end up.

(Also, there did end up being some explicit material in all three of the last chapters. Porn bonanza! Lol).

  • しんでしまうとはなさけない!
  • じーざす(ワンダフル☆オポチュニティ!) feat. 木村 昴チュニティ!) feat. 木村 昴×竹内 良太×竹内 良太

Track 10. Shinde Shimau To Wa Nasakenai! (Death Should Have Not Taken Thee!)
Jesus (Wonderful☆Opportunity!) feat. Subaru Kimura × Ryouta Takeuchi


  Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

Personal Jesus. Released on this date in the UK in 1989.//
“Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares." 


Get ready for it!

So today, I will be making a series of videos and maybe articles since I have today off. Today would be a great day to ask questions and to get to know me. I’ve only made a few videos in my life, so the quality may not be the best. I could use some pointers/tips.

Also, someone asked me to share my testimony, so I’ll try to make both a written and a video version and put both on my dashboard as a link.

In the meantime, I need to discover some new music! I like all genres except country and I prefer Christian artists though I will listen to secular music if it’s good. Examples of bands/artists I like: Paramore, Oh Sleeper, Icon For Hire, Pentatonix, Michael Buble, Colton Dixon, James Morrison, Lindsey Sterling, Plumb, Skillet, Toby Mac (sp?), David Archuleta, Duran Duran, The Police, The Smiths, Gungor, Ascend the Hill, Rebecca and the Grey Notes (who I just saw at state fair for the first time yesterday and they were awesome -yes I realize they are country -ish), Franz Ferdinand, Panic! ATD, Glee versions of songs- RIP Cory Montieth, Anberlin, Michael Brecker (🎷), Joshua Redman (🎷), Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, Charlie Parker (🎷), and Sara Bareilles.

PLEASE HELP ME. You, there, experienced vlogger, teach me your ways! And you, who knows some sweet tunes for me to listen to, share them with me!

Hitcher Hiker Smashes Crazy Man Claiming To Be Jesus Auto Tune Remix-Viral Video

Hitcher Hiker Smashes Crazy Man Claiming To Be Jesus Auto Tune Remix-Viral Video -

Hitcher Hiker Smashes Crazy Man Claiming To Be Jesus Auto Tune Remix-Viral Video


this is going to be a music blog, i guess. my main is aganomnom

I really enjoy this song, so up it goes. Imma be posting from youtube so you can look at album art, visuals, etc. im going to be using the queue mostly, i think.


in a sick coincidence THIS WAS IN MY SPOTIFY DISCOVER


anonymous asked:

When you get this, answer with 5 things that make you happy and send to the last 10 people you have notes from.

5 Things That Make Me Happy

1.) Reading. Preferably good fantasy. Never outgrew that. But, then again, C.S. Lewis said, ‘Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.’ Glad my ‘old enough’ is still young.

2.) Writing. Stories—poetry was never my forté. Currently pouring myself into two works. A standalone historical fantasy that parallels the Roman Empire reaching into the British Isles, and a series that has been my ever-evolving brainchild since I was in seventh grade.

3.) Music. Truly any music. Most especially worship music. Hillsong UNITED, anyone? Love me some Jesus tunes. And I’m never happier than when I’m leading worship with voice and guitar—so thankful for that opportunity.

4.) Family. I am so blessed to have a positive relationship with my parents and brother and sister. My times of most pure contentment are while cooking dinner with my siblings and their significant others and just enjoying each other’s company. The fact that our parentals live 800 miles away is heart-wrenching, but I never take them for granted and I am so glad to be able to call my dad my best friend.

5.) Jesus. I jokingly style myself a 'wordsmith’ or 'painter of words’ yet I do not have the words to describe my thankfulness for and joy in my Savior. His all-consuming, unrelenting, never-ending love drive me to be a better me and to want to spread His fame wherever I go and with whomever I have the good fortune of being let into their lives. He’s my shelter when the storm of depression rolls in, He’s my rock when life acts like life, He’s my joy in the bad and the good, and I’m enter ally grateful.