music that makes me feel like floating

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  • psychocandy - the jesus and mary chain
  • just like honey - the jesus and mary chain
  • baby sleep - lisbonne
  • friend crush - friends
  • strawberries - honeyuck
  • stolen dance - milky chance
  • casual party - band of horses
  • american money - borns
  • this is no war - electric lazy lake
  • baby - she & him
  • cruel world - lana del rey
  • forget me not - cocorosie
  • eyes on you - hey marseilles
  • bad girl - a b & the sea
  • home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes
  • swan song - lana del rey
  • california - metro station
  • lost in my bedroom - sky ferreira
  • colors - halsey
  • coming down - halsey
  • dollhouse - melanie martinez
  • haunting - halsey
  • werewolf - cocorosie
  • un beso - cocorosie
  • m.o.n.e.y. - the 1975
  • i can’t get enough - the jesus and mary chain
  • dayglo reflection - bobby womack ft. lana del rey
  • sweater weather - the neighbourhood

someone had the nerve to ask me for black rosevris. how could you. how did you find out about it. my only weakness.

bonus :

the only kind of rosevriskan that matters


Harry Styles sends in a request for the Nixtape this morning! Hilarity ensues. (11th March 2016)

Hillsong/Worship Playlist

I really enjoy music so here are a few songs I discovered that bring me so much closer to God and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

the wild thing about that last post is that’s literally what the highway looks like on the way to, say, where my grandparents live in southern south carolina (that and a bunch of ~wacky~ and flagrantly racist ads for the perpetually deserted theme park on the line between nc and sc). 

anyway it’s that truly weird combo of jesus-saves-tune-in-to-our-radio-station-or-else and garish ads for strip clubs and/or adam & eve, as well as ads for some sprawling mega-store called JR that apparently specializes in cigars but sells other things too, like furniture and stuff iirc. that’s the family-road-trip experience