i love bill

because when she had a crush on a girl she told weird old professor about it

because she tries to make everyone feel beautiful and valuable

because of her starry eyes when she saw tardis for the first time

because of the ‘posh kitchen’ and 'penguin with its arse on fire’

because she is shining with her brightest enchanting smile when little cute things thing is happening

because she wanted to go to the future to see if it was happy

because she is actually listening to what te doctor says

because she is worried about everyone​ and she does attempts to make many people happy at the same time

because she tried to stop surviving mankind from continuing fights and wars

because she is an adorable science fiction fan and she wants to use her knowledge in it in real life

because she asked 'how do we stay out of troubles’

because i am hella dead i just fell in love with frickin fiction character send help

Please know that you are not defined by your mental health. You are not depression. You are not anxiety. You are not unstable.

Here’s what you are. You are defined by Jesus. And He says that you are justified. He says that you are redeemed. He says that you are a saint. He says that you are wise. You are righteous. You are triumphant. You are chosen. You are boldness and confidence. You are complete. Jesus says that you are the light of the world.

Now shine - for because of Jesus, you are already more than you ever dreamed you’d be.

anonymous asked:

My flutes name is Fabio, like the sexy Italian man that it is, and I blow it everyday got an issue

why is naming instruments such a common thing?? like how is it that every band kid knows they can without being told? i need answers

Story time

So my mother was telling me about her days in marching band and she had a BD that everyone loved he was hilarious and acted more like a student than most of the students. So anyways about ten minutes before they were about to start one of their performances the BD just looked around and said “I’m tired of all of this crap” he runs to his car grabs a big box runs back and tells everyone to take one, inside the box was a bunch of cheap plastic kazoos you find at the dollar store. So in uniform the entire marching band does their performance exactly as they had planned to except with kazoos.