You claim to be an advocate for gay rights but you will consistently use the word gay as a synonym stupid. You claim to against racism even though you like to use the n word a lot and praise the confederate flag. You call yourself a feminist but still continue to slut shame and look down upon trans girls. You’ll call yourself a christian but you’ll categorize all middle easterners as terrorists, did you forget Jesus isn’t white? Don’t claim to be something but continue to do problematic things because that shit gets old and annoying real quick.

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Have u seen that post where it stated that Christians cant hate Arabs because Jesus was Palestinian/Middle Eastern? It makes me uncomfortable because Im Christian and a religious minority in my country(Morocco)but I cant bring myself to love Arabs for all the things theyve done to anyAfricans(colonialism&imperialism) what they continue to do to and they also continue to oppress Christians in their countries but so many people agree wiv wat that person added to the postWhat's your opinion on it?

I think we need to stop finding backhanded reasons to not perpetuate discrimination and racialized Islamophobia. I saw that post and it was mostly directed towards Westerners and Islamophobic nations that clump all Arabs together. Your personal relationship with Arabs is not really the subject at hand and your disdain towards the oppressive majority is justifiable. I’m not fond of most Arabs either. 

It’s really fucking easy to be Christian and pro choice and pro lgbtqa like I want to fucking clock some Christians over the head because they can’t get it through their puny heads that God created everyone the way they are for a specific reason and he loves EVERYONE not just cis straight ppl. Jesus wasn’t a stuck up white man. He was a middle eastern rebel who hung out with his teenage disciples and hung out with ppl with deadly diseases and told prostitutes that they were awesome and that he wanted to be around them. Christianity is about LOVE FOR EVERYONE. Sorry for the rant but some of you “Christians” who are not acting Christlike at all need to hear this truth salad.

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Jesus was middle eastern, not black. He was born in the middle east and traveled throughout the middle east. he was fairly dark olive skinned.


when did I ever ask

Why is Jesus always depicted white? May I remind you he’s a middle eastern dude who was in the sun most of the time?

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just asking since you reblogged, but what do you mean by "Jesus was a man of color?" he was an Arab Jew so he was likely tan/olive skinned but people nowadays would consider that "white," since he wasn't from an Afro-Arab country such as Egypt. so when people say "a man of color" are they referring to him as an Arab? or do people really think he's black? because that does not match what the bible says about him

i doubt jesus was black as well and the bible states that he’s middle eastern/jewish, but it states that his hair was like wool and skin was bronze from living in sunny weather conditions so either way you look at it he is a POC regardless

but do not quote me or argue against me on any of this bc im not all that religious

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I wonder why Black people have never complained about the Bible interpreting every pure thing as "white".. Why they've never complained Jesus/God was depicted as white/middle eastern... Why haven't they complained there aren't any blacks in the holy bible. Why don't blacks complain when they have to pray to a white God?!

I have seen comments over the whitewashing of the bible in the media.

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I hate being catholic so much. The homophobia/transphobia and racism is masked over with the cover of everything being tied to God. Like Jesus was from Jerusalem, making him middle eastern, NOT white, yet he is portrayed as caucasian. I can't wait to become 18 and stop being forced to go to church. I wish I was never baptized.

Aw im sorry ik it must be hard not agreeing with your familys religion but just focus on whats important for now and when ur 18 choose what you believe!!! Dont let a bad experience with religion turn you atheist or something unless thats truly what you believe!!