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I just realized something. Tumblr complains about "white Christians" being responsible for colonialism, but they seem to disregard that Jesus and His followers were all Middle-Eastern. The original spreaders of the religion were not European white guys!

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How do people put up with all of the "Jesus was POC" or "Jesus was middle-eastern" etc etc etc posts? It's just so frustrating how everyone dances around saying "Jesus was Jewish".

We don’t put up with it, but shout it loudly and repeatedly.  The goyim just plug their fingers in their ears and sing hymns to try and drown us out as they pray to their idols of a model of Jesus that resembles themselves–and not what he actually would have looked like. 

Jesus turned the world upside down w/ a bunch of teenage middle eastern Jewish kids (-peter who perhaps was a little older) not a pack of middle aged British Europeans (not what the movies tell u) keep that in mind next time you think your too young or too inadequate for God to use you.

i’m so pissed off at how p much everyone just erases middle eastern ppl all the time like that post with “jesus: [depiction of black jesus]. not jesus: [common western depiction of white jesus]” that got so much traction with ppl being like “geographically accurate jesus!!”. which is p fuckin shitty since racism against middle eastern and jewish people is a very huge thing and well. a pic of ME would be a more “geographically accurate jesus” and i’m fuckin assyrian. stop erasing the ethnicities of important middle eastern people

What happens when...

…you combine a racist with a hypocrite:

Day before: Jesus and Mary aren’t white! They are Middle Eastern!

Day after: Have you heard about that Ali Raul Mohammed Rodrigues Hutzman guy who committed a mass murder yesterday? White people are so evil.