the-lemon-yellow–sun-is-in-tune replied to your post:I love when people see your face or see that you…

yeah, those fuckers! It’s even worse if you had considered them a friend or when they share the same interests as you. I lost several followers a few days ago and it almost seemed like some conspiracy against me ;’) haha

Here’s the thing you need to realize about this place, it’s great & can make someone feel like their life is a bit more fulfilled & meaningful, but, not everybody is for everyone. You need to know that just because someone unfollows you doesn’t mean you did anything wrong or you’re a bad person. Those people may just have their own issues that you conflict with & they need to deal with on their own. You need to take tumblr as your own, make your blog your own, & just enjoy your ride. If you get 10 or 1000 followers, that’s great! DO NOT PUT TOO MUCH WEIGHT on what other people here think of you. What is important about this community, website, or whatever the fuck this has become, is that you have fun & post shit that makes you happy. Your job is not to please other people, your job is to enjoy your internet experience, laugh at funny pictures, “aw” at cut cat posts, share your music & movie taste, make bad jokes when you can. Notes are bullshit. As long as you have fun here, seeing what everybody else posts (including porn), don’t sweat whether or not you’re doing it right.

So, anyways… sorry, but I felt like that needed to be said. This website is not about anybody but YOU, enjoy it & take in the ones who want to join you for the ride.