Out from the crater she rose, into the sky to look upon her newly assigned target. Or, at least, that was what she’d expected. With the activation of her scouter, she was given an alert, indicating that she was far from her course, and had landed on some other planet called Earth. Well, that explained things—she’d been in hypersleep for a year, far more than the intended five months.

There’s a growl of irritation, and she activates power level readings.

Tch,” mutters the soldier. “Nothing exceptional for miles.”

And with a rise from hibernation, hunger came. Her stomach rumbles unpleasantly, causing her frown along with it. She scans the horizon, considering the planet’s dense vegetation now. Then she comes to a decision, her grey eyes fixed ahead. “–I suppose I should get something out of this useless planet before I continue on my way.”

She descends, lowering enough to be able to look to the ground below for anything worthwhile. Eventually she lands in a clearing where she had spotted some fruit trees, planning on gathering a bunch in her cloak to eat. She approaches the foot of a tree and makes a move to climb up, until she hears something. Something grotesque and loud against the quiet rustle of leaves. She stops, snapping her head in the direction of the noise. After a few moments she steps away from the tree, beginning to approach closer to the sound.

Eventually she finds the figure of some kind of giant insect, dragging itself across the dirt, slowly. it seemed to be working and struggling to shed its skin. The soldier’s eyes flash with hunger, and she goes toward the creature, kneeling and setting a hand on its quivering form. 

“Well, well, little one,” she coos in a half-mocking tone, “it seems today is your lucky day.”

Then, something whizzes by her ear, slicing a lock of silver hair. Her eyes snap up in surprise, seeing a figure in the bushes–then she notices several. They emerge from the shrubs, moving like predators upon prey, readying their weapons. The soldier stands, frowning as she looks over them all. She watches as eyes switch from her to the creature writhing at her feet, and she suddenly realizes their intentions. She was not about to miss on a much needed meal.

She lowers in a position of offense, and lunges toward the hunters, ki bursting to life around her form.

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"Two pros to dating you: you're adorable; you could kick my ass. A con? You're the grumpiest asshole on this entire planet. I've never met anyone as grumpy as you and I'm from the goddamn future, Harrison. The /future/ Harrison." ~askeo's Eobard

2 Pros; 1 Con to Dating Harry


“First of all, I am a grown man and far from adorable. Second, you are correct, I can kick your ass and I will if you call me adorable again. And finally, in case you were unaware before, my bitterness reverberates and competes for dominance throughout all of Time and Space… You being from the future makes absolutely no difference.”


so i drew and colored this just now, and it’s 4am

and i literally JUST realized i made shuuhei way paler than i usually do

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Mio wasn’t sure what happened. She wasn’t sure how they even got down here. 

That foolish, big-hearted child! What was he thinking?! What would Bella say?! (Well, apparently, she would sound very upset. Goodness, was that a Mom Voice she used?) Now Blue is darting to protect him, to protect that boyAtachi, was it? Damn it…DAMN IT. She promised to protect him! She’s suppose to be faster! Stronger! 


Oh no. Oh Hell no. Those DISGUSTING CREATURES would NOT touch ANYONE!

She runs. Leaps. Flips. Within a instant landing upon the stage, impressively a good distant in front of Rileyand a leg whips around in blinding speed, hopefully taking out a good number of approaching dolls. (But who knew anymore? Their strength was unpredictable, and her own strength had weakened.) Eye a lit. Furious. Unfamiliar. Impossible to imagine this sweet lady and this furious fighter were one in the same. 

Riley, go back to Bella. NOW.” She shouted over her shoulder, as if she would not have an argument, “I admire you courage, but this is not a battle you need to face! Go back NOW!” 

This feels all too familiar. That night spend in the Toy-Box. Only now, her rose was full health and there were others willing to fight. Good… Seems most people are decent enough to do something this time. Was this all in vain? Well…Too late either way. Either way, she starts dashing for Uzu, who unsurprisingly had joined in. (He still has that mop stick? Relief washed over her, so grateful he still does, yet oddly touched too.) No way would she leave anyone without help until they’ve stopped!

Everything is chaos. Impossible to keep track of anything now. But Blue seems to be safe with a pig-tailed woman and a dark-haired boy. Thank Goodness…! Is the Inkling…playing a game? Would that work? Wasn’t that Bella’s plan? …Wait, isn’t that Raum flying above!? 

Uzu, as much as I want to take aggression on these hideous things, we are getting nowhere with this, you have to admit that!” She called out, once closer, “Besides, I think Raum and a few others are working to cut him down! And perhaps Bella and Blue might be on to something!

in the name of love ↠ the frasers

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Nox,” Flora groaned, dragging her brother along with one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other. “Nearly eighty five percent of your body is leg. You’d think you’d walk faster.” Really, they weren’t in much of a hurry, but the sun was setting, and it was casting a wonderful red-orange hue over everything, and Flora just wanted to be at their spot, lying in the grass and watching the sky change colors as she and Lennox shared a bottle. It was the perfect end to a lovely weekend, and she glanced over at Lennox as they walked, unable to keep the smile off her face. Moments like this weren’t exactly special – she and Lennox spent more than enough time together – but that didn’t mean she didn’t appreciate them regardless, and she let her hand slide down from his wrist to slot easily between his long fingers, hands intertwined the rest of the way across the grounds.

They reached the small patch of grass behind the greenhouses, hidden completely from sight, and Flora shrugged off her jacket, throwing it down onto the grass before she lay back, handing Lennox the bottle, as she got comfortable. “You first,” she said, hands resting behind her head. “I’ve been drinking on and off all day, so I’m still pretty buzzed. And, don’t worry, that shit isn’t cheap. It goes down like fuckin’ water.” She rolled onto her stomach, looking to her side and watching Lennox as he poured himself out a shot. “You can be a bit more liberal with that, you know,” she said with a smirk, reaching out and tipping the bottle so that the shot glass she’d brought out with her overflowed, vodka sloshing around into the grass. “Whoops,” she said, without a hint of guilt in her voice. After a long pause, she eyed the bottle and shrugged, swiping it from Lennox and smiling widely. “What the hell?” Bottle poised on her lips, she glanced at her brother, eyebrows raising. “What are we drinking to then? Always gotta have a toast.”

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😍 😏 😝 🤐 // mix and match as you please, birb mom. <3

for a love text ; snarky text ; excited text ; gossip text 

[ TEXT - sent | Weaver Márquez ] Hello Miss Márquez! As I recall during your last visit to Florida you provided me with a mobile number to contact you once I acquired the iPhone you refereed to. I am pleased to say Mister Portman’s parents did provide me with a later edition of theirs.
[ TEXT - sent | Weaver Márquez ] I am not entirely comfortable with this yet however I am learning about the emojis. I do hope you are well and know the others and I miss you terribly. I hope you are safe and consuming enough food and resting enough in order to nourish your body properly. 
[ TEXT - sent | Weaver Márquez ] I am afraid the food here in this timeline is atrocious, I have never seen so many boxed items in my life. Also, what in Bird’s Name are Cheetoes?
[ TEXT - sent | Weaver Márquez ] Also, I am happy to say we may be able to visit in late October, I am attempting to contact some of the other Ymbrynes for assistance! It would be lovely to see you and any new friends of yours.
[ TEXT - sent | Weaver Márquez ] In addition I would also like to inform you that there might be a slight possibility of a union between our own Mister Apiston and Miss Frauenfeld however please refrain from mentioning me in such discussions as I am to know nothing of the plans.
[ TEXT - sent | Weaver Márquez ] Please be well and enjoying yourself! We shall talk again soon, with love.

           GAUDETE, GAUDETE. it means ‘rejoice’, and it is the only word of latin she knows. the rest of melody bleeds into unfamiliar consonants, into heavenly blurs of a language that is used in every  s a n c t u a r y  she’s curled up against. never, never inside, because they say that’s where SHE resides!– SHE had spoken to her in basque, in the language of her home, in the language of her mother, but latin is all she has now. for prayer, for song, she will learn. she MUST learn…

            …for the sun dips below the horizon, and takes with it all the celestial light of her Lady. all that is left now is black. no one would even see the mass that sits at stone’s face, in the dirt, pushing, pushing, pushing itself as close as it possibly can, pushing its FOREHEAD into it, clawing its FINGERS into it. she chose here to whether the night. chose here, away from the road, so that she might do battle a l o n e.

                             ‘ gaudete, gaudete!…christus e-est– christus est!–  

            a cry of frustration tears from her throat like the bark of a young dog. she can’t remember. she can’t remember and  a l r e a d y  shadows begin to play cruel tricks on her too vigilant eyes, her too vigilant ears. a dart here, a growl there. a LAUGH, even, devils laughing at the virgin’s  d o g.  this CRYING child, this PITIFUL cub, THIS is what she’s chosen to be her PILGRIM? – naia is beset by the sensation of a fingers suddenly reaching up from her armor to seize her throat, and the girl crumples with another gasping whimper. gaudete, she cries.

                                    but look how she  w e e p s.

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Like I’m expected to keep the pitch going after they say No, or just activate a loyalty card ANYWAY and PUT IT IN THEIR BAG and like??? they said no I’m not… doing that…. it’s so scummy. sales is soooo ��

WOW UGH that’s super awful jesus

sales is v soul sucking in a special way. i honestly like doing transactions and getting stuff done for customers but the pushing stuff is….BLUH