yesterday i was art blocking so i just drew some crud while watching misfits so there’s pretty much prumano smooches, scotland, my headcanon china, aph kenya as seen in the gakuen hetalia game, new zealand, aph mongolia, and switzerland trying and failing to pretend that his allergies aren't that bad!

and also a left handed hong kong that i drew in MS Paint this morning!

so really nothing productive

Waking up to Taehyung talking in his sleep.

not reccomended before bedtime

1. Get really hungry when you’ve already brushed your teeth. I always have to brush my teeth twice at night for this reason. No willpower whatsoever.

2. Internet shopping. No you don’t need another black coat or white t-shirt but if the shipping is free…..

3. Tidy your room, find a photoalbum from 2005 and sit there for one hour riding the waves of nostalgia.

4. “I haven’t watched this movie in such a long time”. Don’t do it homie. You know it’s not just the movie. You will wiki/imbd/google the shit out of it afterwards (if you’re anything like me). 

5. “I wonder what person X has been up to”. Don’t do it holmes. You’ll just drop down a long rabbit hole of regret and bad 90s fashion. Don’t do this with musicians in particular. You’ll wake up with cool beats in your head but minus $50 on your itunes account (true story).

6. Get into an argument or long text conversation with someone. Save it for daylight.

7. Decide to write a new novel/screenplay/finish that artwork. 3am is such an amazing time to write. It’s like a small window of concentrated inspiration. You’re doomed at 4am though.

8. Watch BTS dance videos where they jump around wearing trackpants. Omg. Where’s whatabouthoward when you need her? That’s right V, I saw it and now I can’t unsee it. I need bail money because I’m pretty sure I just engaged in some illegal activity. Thank God Kookie always wears really long t-shirts. Turn 21 then come and see me bro. 

Goodnight tumblr. I’m sorry if I corrupted anyone. 

Convert Buddhism v. Ethnic Buddhism

There is a conflict in the world of Buddhism. Buddhism has spread like wildfire in the West in recent years. However, this Buddhism, called “Convert Buddhism” or “Secular Buddhism” rejects the trappings of traditional or “Ethnic Buddhism”. You see, Buddhism is vast. It is different in many respects depending on the culture. So Tibetan Buddhism for example consists of several sects. Each of these sects holds to different beliefs and different ritual practices. Buddhism in Thailand is different from Buddhism in Vietnam which is different from Buddhism in Cambodia. Zen is different from just about every other sect.

Westerners tend to view Buddhism as one monolithic tradition with the Dalai Lama as a sort of “Buddhist Pope”. This is not the way it is. In fact the Dalai Lama isn’t even the head Lama in the largest Tibetan tradition. Secular Buddhism is less concerned with hungry ghosts, heavens, hells and even the concept of Nirvana or reincarnation. There is less concern with offerings, prayers, burning candles or chanting the names of the Bodhisattvas. Secular Buddhism is concerned with serenity, compassion and peace of mind now, here, in this life.

This has caused much resentment in some of the more conservative Buddhist traditions. A Buddhist from Vietnam might object to a Westerner calling themselves a Buddhist when they do not follow the folkways of their particular Buddhist practice. What is your tradition they may ask. If you are a Buddhist why don’t you make the traditional offerings or celebrate the traditional festivals? Yet, this trend is growing. It has spread beyond Europe and America and is now gaining popularity among educated Buddhists the world over. Many young people from ethnic traditions may observe the traditions to satisfy their parents and grandparents but they no longer accept the supernatural aspects of their religion just like many young Christians do not accept the supernatural aspects of their parents faith but still accept Jesus as a great man and teacher.

This is a trend all over the world. 

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"Kim, don't blame yourself. You're a ginger, that's punishment enough." // *cackles*

                               ( pitch perfect 2 )