He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)
The Crystals

he hit me and it felt like a kiss
he hit me and i knew he loved me
if he didn’t care for me
i could have never made him mad
but he hit me and i was glad

Muchos se preguntan ¿Porqué hay pobreza?, ¿Porqué hay violadores?,¿Porqué hay desastres naturales?, ¿Porqué padres abandonan a sus hijos?, ¿Porqué el calentamiento global?, ¿Porqué hay secuestros?, ¿Porqué hay guerra?…etc. Los humanos somos libres en este mundo; nos jactamos de ser libres y de querer hacer lo que querramos pero no nos gusta afrontar la responsabilidad que conlleva esa libertad. Nosotros hemos destruido el mundo, hemos criado personas malas, hemos cultivado hábitos despreciables; pero es fácil decir: “Dios permite todo esto”. Pero, ¿Porqué cuando somo felices no nos hacemos la misma pregunta?. Desde el momento en que fuimos puestos en libertad en este mundo tuvimos conciencia de hacer el bien o el mal, dejemos de decir que Dios es el malo por permitir tragedias cuando nosotros no hacemos nada por evitarlas.

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The English side of the fandom sometimes feels oddly fixated on finding symbolism in TG, to the point where sometimes it seems like they're making up stuff for the sake of having it (finding tarot numbers where they might just be lines, or pulling at threads for literary references). Is the Japanese side of the fandom nearly as concerned about this?

Oh yes. I consider the Western fandom a bit worse at this because it tends to invent kanji on characters’ faces and ascribe Western meanings to Japanese concepts. But otoh some of the Japanese fandom’s theories are out of this world. My favorite was the one where Kaneki is secretly Jesus and V are Roman legionnaires. Mutsuki was Peter, iirc. There were charts.

Both fandoms tend to go a bit… too hard on the symbolism. Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

His Form of Love

Title: His Form of Love

Paring: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cass (mentioned)

Word count: 942 

Summary: Dean refuses to allow Reader to go on a hunt.

Warning: Slight angst, Fluff, Cliché (Let’s face it, this sort of story has been done before. This is my version.)

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I’m so happy my wig for Keith and gloves came in today, just gotta style the heck outta it for Keiths “mullet” and take my gloves in a bit i feel like i could fit a whole other person in them jesus @v@