jesus yea

My thoughts during tonight's episode part two

•oh it’s happening
•Jon and tyrion being buddies is cute
•lololololol that dragon reaction
•woah theon’s alive
•wait who is he with?
•poor baby yara
•and ellaria and tyene
•Euron is the biggest creep I’ve ever seen
•cersei stop fucking your brother jesus
•really stop
•oh yea cersei let the servants start talking
•'you look so much better brooding than me’
• an iconic line
•tyrion is probably the only sane one in this show
• tyrion quoting himself as wise man is honestly so relatable
•give him the dragonglass dany
•no tyrion Jon actually died and came back to life
•not a metaphor bud
•Dany’s hair is gorgeous
• where is the YouTube tutorial???
•oh god littlefinger
•go away
•look at Sansa leading
• go Sansa
•littlefinger g o a w a y
•spill the tea bran
•Jon is a targeryn
•ewww da fuck
•please no more gross pie scenes
•'the climate’
•don’t punish sam
•come on
•'I read the book and followed the instructions’
•duh he was expecting a reward
•'what could anyone do to them’
•foreshadowing anyone?
•awwww greyworm
•please don’t die
•I wonder if ed sheeran is in that crowd
•if you kill olenna I will riot
•I swear to god
•'he was really a cunt, wasnt he’
•is Jaime delusional
•poor fool indeed
•Olenna you sneaky fool
•rip olenna

"yea God"s

So we do these things on mission trips through YouthWorks. We say “yea God"s at the end of each day. A "yea God” is

1. Somewhere we saw God working today, or
2. Something or someone that we were thankful for today.

We carried this home this time and talk about our “yea God"s on our Snapchat group chat. So… I just kinda got the idea to do these on here. Tell me about your "yea God"s. Even if you’re not a Christian, you can answer 2.

I think I’m going to put an explanation on my bio and just have this be an all the time thing.

frostbittenwaves  asked:

Jesus is wild?? CAN WE HAVE STORIES?? (from a catholic witch who has a hard time sensing God/Jesus in their lives)

some experiences i have saved up LOL

[in church]
me: the bible is wild
Jesus: Right tho

me: when im singing church songs to you, like what should i do? its kinda awkward to just see you standing there staring at me while im singing lol
Jesus: Okay, well, I’ll just… Turn around
me: thank you

me: did you see me going all out the other day with worship?
Jesus: Yea that was wild

me: does the pastor lady really have healing abilities?
Jesus: I don’t know, does she?

me: theres a giant bird spirit at church who doesnt like me for some reason. says that i don’t love christianity enough
Jesus: Well, do you?
me: … yes
Jesus: Yea you’re right, she’s just wild… I don’t know what’s up with her
me: okay jesus


What makes the girl different?. I suspect it has less to do with what she is, and rather more with what she is not. A small part of her remains from where she came. It would seem the universe does not like its peas mixed with its porridge

nneka8  asked:

Have any of you guys been to a strip club?

Ayato: Hell yea, I remember my squad and I got a bunch of fake ID’s and went. Jesus fuck the girls were so hot~!

Shu: Too bad that’s the only action you’re getting soon.

Ayato: Hah!?!? I’ll let you know, you blonde asshole, that the strippers were basically fighting to the death just to give me a lap dance!

Shu: Whatever. I tricked Subaru into going to one with me.  He’ll probably deny it now but he realllyyyy enjoyed it.

Subaru: Shut the fuck up I mean any guy would, it’s normal!!!

Shu: Yea but Jesus dude, you were reallyyyy enjoying it. 

Reiji: You both are disgusting…as for me I don’t enjoy partaking in such acts. Those girls are anything but attractive to me.

Laito: Of course I have~! Not much of a surprise is it~?

Kanato:  What a dumb question. Of course I haven’t. Strippers are disgusting to me.  

-Meanwhile with Mukami’s-

Azusa: I don’t…wanna talk about it…

Yuma: God I can’t believe you actually thought we were going to the animal shelter to adopt a cat.

Azusa: That girl…wanted me to pet…a different type of cat…


Stannis Baratheon and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

anonymous asked:

I had to cut ties with a friend because they wrote smut involving kids, and when I tried to convince them it was wrong they sent me roachpatrol's stuff as 'proof' it was okay, and told me that I was sexshaming them because I 'don't like dark storytelling'.

Jesus CHRIST yea that’s the shit I talk about opening the doors to and assholes call “strawmen.” That shits not “my squick,” that shits ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS. It leads to events like these and people don’t want to do what it takes to shut it down. They’d rather trivialize accusations of CSA

death-sounds-fun-right-now  asked:

Ya wanna know what sucks? Watching the loud house with my 6yr old nephew and then seeing him look up the characters (and failing to get the names right) on my computer and then me trying to get safe search on Dammit the loud/sinners need jesus

Yea most of these people don’t care about how their porn can affect the kids who watch the show. And then they’ll say “Well maybe people should watch their kids”, parents can’t keep an eye on their kids 24/7. Kids learn how to use computers at such a young age and it’s so easy for them to get on Google and look things up on their own.

I’m glad that your little nephew enjoys the show!

-Mod Lori


welcome to the new age

and we can argue that our planet’s best, don’t ring your brother ‘cause there’s no contest
i’m sure you’ll make a decent father
there’s a world war coming in
oh the seasons i’ve been worrying