jesus with the hair again

Have you seen this gif? I was tagged in a post with this gif (and have since lost that post somewhere in my hoards of likes, oops) and let me tell you, my life was enriched for having seen it.

So here’s an AU:

Graves is a celebrity with everything that entails: tv appearances, photoshoots, even just going up on stage to receive an award. He has a whole team dedicated to managing his life and his appearance including this one guy on the makeup team, this young guy with the curly hair who’s just starting out and is terrified of doing something wrong and getting fired from his first big job.

And honestly, Newt doesn’t mean to get things wrong. But. One of the dogs was sick, and he had to clean it up and stay long enough to make sure she was ok, he couldn’t just leave her until he knew she was alright - but work - but dog - in the end he sneaks Niffler the dog into the back room and hopes no one notices and stammers his way through an apology for being late. And his budgie, little blue and yellow guy called Pickett, he has attachment issues - birds are really intelligent, you know? Much more so than we give them credit for. So Newt sneaks him in and he’s usually so good about staying out of the way, but sometimes he sits on Newt’s ear and preens his tousled mop and that’s just a thing. And the cats, Newt has a lot of cats - to be honest he doesn’t even mean to have a lot of cats but somehow he keeps adopting strays - and do you know how hard it is to get cat hair off your clothes? Hard.

So there’s Newt, stumbling over his words with a bird on his shoulder and cat hair over his clothes and a cocker spaniel hiding in the back room and he’s only meant to be sweeping up and handing people things, that’s all he’s meant to do.

Except Graves points at him and asks him if he’s new. And then, because Newt blushes scarlet and he really is far too cute to overlook, Graves waves him over.

“Show me what you’ve got,” he says with a challenging smirk and Newt kind of just dies? because? Percival fucking Graves is god’s gift to mankind and Newt gets to style his actual hair that’s it, he’s reached nirvana, goodbye budgie-Pickett Newt has ascended to a higher plain.

He doesn’t actually remember much of the experience because he was too busy floating on a cloud of happy (interspersed by random bouts of fear because what if Graves doesn’t like it and Newt gets fired and never gets to touch this amazing man again what will he do) but somehow he ends up waiting in the wings with Niffler the spaniel sitting on his feet and Pickett the budgie on his shoulder and somehow Niffler’s stolen not one but three of the makeup brushes and is chewing on them which probably isn’t good, but Graves is on stage now and that’s all that matters.

“Looking good,” the presenter compliments him, and Graves responds by staring out to the audience and running his tongue over his lip jesus christ Newt has been revived from death-by-hair only to die again how much more can he take.

Except. Except then. Just at the end Graves flicks his gaze to the side and looks Newt straight in the eyes. He finishes with this satisfied little smirk and Newt actually crouches on the floor and hides behind Niffler because holy fucking hell wHAT.

Niffler, the traitor, trots out onto the stage and presents a well chewed brush to Graves while Newt attempts to hide behind a lighting rig and pretend he doesn’t exist.

“A new admirer?” the presenter jokes. “She’s a cutie, isn’t she?”

And Graves, clearly not content with the extent to which Newt’s brain has been scrambled, smiles this beatific, conspiratorial smile as he kneels down and scratches Niffler behind the ear, does he have any idea how much Newt loves people who love his dogs, because it’s a lot, ok, a lot, and says:

“You should see her master, he’s adorable.”

And that. Just. Cannot cope.

Newt out.

No Work, All Play…

Finally finished the last of the paper work for my Ayat’s company last night and I officially have some free time!! About to go walk around the Vegas strip with my coworker Skye and hit a casino or two. Hopefully I’ll find @moves-likee-lani​ before I leave Monday. Can’t leave Vegas without seeing my favorite dancer 💃🏽

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in what film do you think hbc has the most beautifull costumes? and which one for makeup? and which one for hair?

Omg this was super hard for me to answer because I’ve never really thought about these questions (except one) and Helena has made some amazing films with some incredible costumes, hair and indeed make-up, so I think these are the ones I think are the most beautiful. Lol sorry this is going to be long.

Costumes: The Wings of the Dove (1997)

Where do I start? This was my definite first choice for the most beautiful costumes she’s ever worn because the costumes are just AMAAAAAZING. You have to understand, I adore period dramas and period costuming and these are just incredible. From the very first scene where she’s in that blue hat on the tube, to the matador costume in Venice, the shoulder detail in the blue gown above, they are exquisite and Sandy Powell did an unbelievable job of capturing the style of 1910. And also, the detail in some of these costumes are just too much. Like the peacock gown/shawl here

this is only in ONE SHOT in the whole film and the detailing is just visually stunning. I could literally go on and on about the costuming in this film and I think I will actually make an edit dedicated to it, I’m just obsessed. But yeah, these are, in my opinion, the most beautiful costumes I think Hellie has ever worn.

Makeup: Burton and Taylor (2013)

This one was a lot harder for me to choose because hbc looks beautiful in every film she’s ever made (even as an ape like wtf) but I decided on Burton and Taylor because we’ve never seen her styled like this in a film before and it really was a treat to get to see her made up like Elizabeth Taylor.

It’s safe to say that she looked absolutely amazing and these looks were just too much. The makeup really suited her. I especially liked it in the scene where she’s asking Richard about Sybil while he’s trying to go asleep, and aswell as that, getting to see Helena sitting in front of a mirror probably pretending to do her own makeup was just really nice to see? And aswell as that, getting to see her promoting the movie with winged eyeliner was an extra treat! It really looked amazing on her, she should wear it more often. Altogether, the makeup in the film was dazzling and really different to any other time we’ve seen her.

Hair: A Room with a View (1985)

Again, this was a really tough choice to make since usually whenever hbc is on screen, her hair almost becomes a character in itself and it really is always amazing in every role she does. I didn’t include the films where she’s worn wigs in this so a lot of roles were discounted lol. Finally, after much debate, I chose my second choice for the most beautiful costumes, and that was for her role as my blog’s namesake, Lucy Honeychurch in A Room with a View.

This is one of my favourite films of all time and basically, her hair is just sooooo lush here 😍😍 I mean LOOK AT IT! I’ve always wanted long, thick hair with big massive curls and when I first saw this film, the scene where Charlotte is brushing Lucy’s hair just struck me since she looked so pretty. Her hair is just sublime in this! Granted the big hair wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just think it’s fabulous. And lol her hair was almost bigger than she was in this film, she was so tiny here.

Again, I’m really sorry for how long this is but I got so excited when I saw this ask and I had fun watching bits of the films and picking out my favourite costumes and shots for her hair and makeup. Thank you to whoever sent this, I had lots of fun answering it!!!

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#101 from the prompt list with Sherlock Holmes? (maybe the reader could be the one saying it?)

Characters: Reader x Sherlock Holmes

Warnings: drug addiction

Prompts: “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!” 

Word Count: 427

A/N: Hope you like it !!


You cautiously stepped over the abandoned papers that Sherlock had left lying on the floor and gripped the edge of your coat. You moved deeper into the apartment, unsure of what to do. You peered into the living room, and sure enough, saw Sherlock laying on the couch, staring at the ceiling. 

“What do you want?” he asked in his usual bored tone, and you sighed and gingerly sat opposite him. He titled his head up to look at you, then put his head back down. “Come to lecture me again?”

“Jesus, Sherlock.” you ran your hands through your hair and looked at the disastrous state of his apartment. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Working.” Sherlock looked around him, waving his hands halfheartedly. 

“This isn’t work, Sherlock.” you hissed, standing up and looking around. “Where is it?”

“Where’s what? Sherlock closed his eyes, as if he had a headache. Impatiently, you looked around his fireplace.

“I know you’ve been using again.” your voice was low as you continued looking. “I’m taking it away from you.”

“Oh, why do you care?” Sherlock asked airily, running his hand along his jaw. He looked like he hadn’t shaved or showered in a few days, and your hands balled into fists.

“Because I don’t want to see you destroy yourself, Sherlock!” you exclaimed, slamming your hands down on the mantlepiece. “Look at yourself! You’re killing yourself!” 

“Yes, and?” Sherlock raised an eyebrow at you, and you gritted your teeth. 

“Sherlock, I love you.” you tried to maintain your temper and looked away from him. “And it hurts me to see you doing this to yourself. I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!”

You suddenly came up to Sherlock, grabbed his collar and pulled him towards you to kiss him. Sherlock froze, eyes wide, before you finally pulled away and dropped him back into his chair. He paused, running his hands through his hair.

“Well,” he finally spoke. “That was… interesting.” 

“For crying out loud,” you held out your hand, trying to cover up your embarrassment. “Where is it?” 

“Behind the statue on the bookshelf.” Sherlock gestured to the side, and you smiled.

Thank you.” you marched over and took away the drugs Sherlock had stashed. You moved to leave the apartment, when Sherlock called out to you. 

“y/n?” he asked, and you paused. “I…thank you.”

Smiling to yourself, you closed the door behind you, knowing that was the only thing you needed to hear from Sherlock.


Am I capable of writing Fluff Week entries that aren’t connected to something I’ve already written? No clue.

Anyways, @a-taller-tale requested Grif looking after Wash in the deprivation verse. and I mean, I’m always up for some H/C!

Warnings for: Past captivity, brainwashing, abuse

Pairings: Grimmons, mostly background

Also on Ao3

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I constantly thank God that Keith didn't get his dad's country accent, but imagine if he did take in southern lingo and used it when he got frustrated like, "Well shoot how in God's green earth am I supposed to know where it is?" "Don't get your knickers in a twist I'm goin'" "If it ain't buttered or fried I don't want it." "I swear to baby Jesus if you touch my hair again-"


Modern Summer Bellarke  (◠‿◠✿) [ref] 

i couldn’t sketch a flower crown so i just used a png image im a cheater i know and also this is my first attempt at fan art im sorry if it is shit just know i tried

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I don't know if you still accept prompts but I have to ask in case there's any chance... Can I prompt you to expand on /post/123531195236/ someday? That is my jaaaaam!! Even this little snippet is SUPER HOT and kind of destroyed me (thank you so much). Possessiveness/jealousy: problematic IRL, burning hot in fic :D

*cracks knuckles* okay.

this fic has bucky being an asshole and steve calling him out on being an asshole, angry sex, and jealousy, which both the character and me know is a human emotion, but one that needs to be dealt with in healthy ways, and bucky is not dealing with it in a healthy way, and he knows that, and they work through it together. happy ending as always with them :) please let me know if you lovelies need anything tagged!! it’s a little intense but it’s all consensual and loving. 

and no tony starks have been harmed in the makings of this fanfiction. i think this sums up the tony stark issue on my blog recently pretty well!! 

a better summary is: all of bucky’s bottled up jealousy about tony’s presence in steve’s life comes out in one big fight. navigating open/poly relationships can be hard.

“Hey,” says Steve when he’s home, and Bucky looks up from his coffee and his paperback, quiet. Steve’s a little flushed — must’ve jogged home a bit — and dumping his keys and wallet and toeing off his shoes and his socks. There’s no response and Steve prompts, “You have dinner yet?”

“Sure,” Bucky says. “Where you been?”

“Stark wanted to go over —“

“Right,” Bucky interrupts. “Look, I’m tired as hell, Steve, I think I’m gonna go turn in.”

“You’re tired?” Steve asks after a moment, confused. “It’s barely midnight, Buck.”

“You heard me, I’m tired.” Bucky turns away from the dinky kitchen table in his chair. He scrubs his hand over his face, feeling guilty as hell, and then he tries gamely for a smile. “Hey. Don’t I get a kiss?”

Steve walks over to him and leans down, but —

“You been drinkin’,” Bucky murmurs near his mouth. “Haven’t you?”

“Nothing that did any damage. I can brush my teeth first, if you —“

Bucky cuts him off, kissing him hard and hot and slick and deep. Then he pulls away, scrubbing his hand over his face again.

“Buck,” Steve says. In a second he’s squatting between Bucky’s legs on the cold tile, holding Bucky’s face in his hands. “You with me? Bucky?”

“I’m with you, Rogers, I’m with you,” Bucky says, rubbing at his forehead. “I’m just being a son of a bitch, don’t pay attention to me. Look, I just need to sleep it off.”

“Something happen?” Steve reaches up and worriedly cups his hand around Bucky’s face.

“I’m just tired, Rogers, I mean it,” Bucky explains to him. “It got quiet here, I don’t know, I thought too hard.”

“Okay, Buck,” Steve tells him, his eyes blue, his pretty mouth frowning.

Fuck it, Christ, he’s weak. “You’d tell me if you were fucking around on me, right?” Bucky blurts.


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First Date Jitters

((A/N: Ah, Captain my Captain. Another oneshot, hopefully not too gooey and sappy for ya’ll. I wrote most at work, too, so if it’s disjointed I’m sorry.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: Language (teehee) ))

Your jaw was agape. You stared at the man before you as though he were an alien. Had he really just said that? Was he quite serious right now? A flush had crossed his features and it was obvious he felt suddenly on display, “What’s so bad about that?”

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Idk if you write smut but can you write one where you walk in on Jack masterbatinf and he eats you out like crazy and you ride him hard

AN Look out friends, super smutty smut coming your way! giggity. I’m funny. Not really, I try though. Also I’m just going to point this out right here because I can. Nick Jonas made a Zoolander reference at the KCA’s which is hella rad if you ask me bc FAVORITE MOVIE. Alright now on with the smut you dirty little fangirls.

Warning: Smut

Your POV

Jack texted me asking if I wanted him to come over, and of course I said yes. It was two in the morning, but he’s over here all the time, so who am I to turn down this glorious offer. Plus, free tacos. They’re tacos. That are free.

I was upside down on the couch watching random shit on TV when I hear the front door open and close. Jack doesn’t even knock anymore, I think he stopped on like the third time entering my house, which made me smile, because it was almost like he lived here.

“Y/N!” he calls. “I’m here and I come bearing free mexican food!”

“My hero!” I shout from my position.

“Where are you?” He comes in the living room, not seeing my head anywhere.

“Upside down.”

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she's unbelievably cute and adorable and her blonde hair is so fluffy and soft and her eyes? oh god they're a gorgeous faded green. she wore a fake septum piercing and all i could think about was how fucking beautiful she looked. she's started to style her hair again and wear earrings and jesus fuck is she a goddess. i adore her.

(oh my gosh anon you’re in deep, they sound amazing!!!)

NSFW Eruri Week Day 1: BDSM

I’m two days late and more than a dollar short, but let’s do this anyway!

 "C'mon, E.“ Levi hoisted himself up to sit on the edge of the vanity, legs spread, back arched. Even fully clothed, he looked beautiful. Absolutely irresistible. It had been Hell resisting him all evening, and Erwin was more than ready to give in. "Get your ass over here and fuck me.”

 That tone, though, was unacceptable.

 "You know, that’s funny,“ Erwin said, though there was very little mirth in his voice as he pulled his ivory sweater over his head, reducing down to a white undershirt. It was a strange look on someone as formal as he usually was. "I could have sworn I was the dom here.”

 The ice encasing that smooth voice sent a shiver down Levi’s spine, and he responded, his tone soft and careful: “You are.”

 Erwin’s smile was positively glacial. “Then I’d better not hear you speak to me like that again,” was all he had to say.


 "Good.” Erwin was currently pulling his undershirt off, revealing golden skin and the toned muscle just beneath. It took all Levi had to hold himself back. “Now, strip. I want to be able to see everything.”

 And, of course, Levi did as he was told, standing to pull his shirt over his head, rolling his hips forward as he undid the button on his jeans, fully aware of the way greedy blue eyes were following his every move. Those eyes stayed on him, practically devouring his cock when the dark denim slid to pool on the floor. He was already half-hard.

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“You can’t be serious.” Jesus looks at you and you raise your eyebrow.
“Of course, Batman would bea-.” Suddenly you hear an ‘uff’ and as you turn around you see Jesus lying on the ground.
“What are you doing down there?” You ask with a giggle. He looks up to you and spits out a bit of dirt.
“Root.” He mumbles and you can’t control yourself anymore. Shamelessly you start to laugh until your stomach hurts.
“Shut up.” That’s the first time you see him blushing.
But you don’t stop, every time you look at the dirt in Jesus’ hair and face you start to laugh again.
“Come here, my fallen hero. I will clean up your hair and face.” You take his face in your hands, stroking over his dirty cheeks with a big smile.
“I like your laugh.” He says and this time you blush.