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I have a theological-scientific question (asking just out of curiosity): If the Genesis story of Adam and Eve are allegorical and don't contradict the theory of evolution, why is Jesus' lineage connected all the way to Adam himself? If Adam isn't a real man and is more of an allegorical symbol of men, why is he Jesus' ancestor? It's been on my mind for a while and I was hoping you would answer it. Thanks.

See, I don’t believe in evolution. I’m a young earth creationist creating a post about it now. I do believe parts of the Bible are more or less allegorical, but Genesis I have a more literal interpretation. I applaud those Protestants who have remained steadfast on this topic compared to Catholics who have become fluid. Evolutionism is materialist and thus dangerous; it preaches that death occurred before the Fall and therefore contradicts Scripture, which when taught to our children is building a weak foundation of faith that will someday crumble. Teaching evolution directly hurts souls.

Adam is the ancestor of Jesus because he is literally the ancestor of Jesus. I recommend you get into reading Hugh Owen’s works or at least try to find some of his lectures online. They converted me from evolutionism.


I’m sorry, but why do ‘Christians’ think it’s okay to condemn a group of people in the name of their faith? And why, exactly, did my own brother think his comment was necessary or needed or going to help the group of people he is condemning? 

I don’t know what my followers believe, but I personally hate the use of faith as a way to justify your small mind and hate of a particular group. You think the LGBT+ community is sinful? You think Muslims are bad? You think this? You think that? All in the name of Jesus? 

Wake up, fool. You’re wrong. Jesus didn’t do what he did and teach what he taught (whether you believe in his divinity or just his existence as a prophet) so you could be a self-righteous asshole that judges the purity of someone’s soul when your soul is just as black. 

Sorry. I’m just pissed. It’s pride month and my first pride month where I’ve actually been honest with myself about who I am and I can’t stand this kinda shit. If any of you are dealing with your place in the LGBT+ community and trying to juggle your family/faith/whatever, just know my blog is a safe place. 

FYI: He’s the first snap, I’m the one with the body in the background lol 

I dislike the “ I’m giving ____ up for lent ” phrase so so much. It’s so abused. For example, Mardigras is this week, and the context for it is to live it up and do as much as you possibly can before you have to give up for lent. Yeah that’s a good idea, go get wasted and have sex as much as possibly possible!

But The little ones bother me more.

“ I’m giving up tv, but just this one show ”.
“ I’m giving up foods with high fat only if they start with the letter x ”
“ I’m not going to be a dick to everyone I see now, just certain people ”
“ I’m not gonna have sex unless the other person initiates it first ”
“ I’m not gonna get wasted on the week days, just weekends ”
“ no more online porn! I’m going straight to DVD”
“ I’m giving up talking to a person because I already don’t like them anyway ”
“ I’m giving up over-working myself, do I can be lazy and do nothing for once ”

This is ridiculous. Give up your idols. Lent is supposed to be a reminder of why repentance is so important, and why we NEED Jesus Christ to be our savior. Lent isn’t a spectacle, it’s not a showy “look at me and how good I am” way to obtain blessings from God.

In fact if you’re really going to do something for lent, the last thing you do is run around and tell everyone you’re doing it. Jesus taught that fasting should be done discreetly: “When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show men they are fasting. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that it will not be obvious to men that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen” (Matthew 6:16-18)

If you are participating in lent, do so in honor to God not yourself. Give up something completely and totally, surrender yourself to Christ. Pray without ceasing, study scripture, talk and walk with God like we should every day of the year. Know that I’m not bashing anyone here, this is personal conviction on why I find this season unsettling.

Fasting can be a good thing, and God is pleased when we repent of sinful habits. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting aside some time to focus on Jesus’ death and resurrection. However, repenting of sin is something we should be doing every day of the year, not just for the 46 days of Lent.

Lent should not be a time of boasting of one’s sacrifice or trying to earn God’s favor or increasing His love. God’s love for us could not be any greater than it already is.


Obviously I’m too lazy for actual comics…

Here’s the story, for Christ sake!

@ellissummer always think of me as some kind of dickheart eater, who fucks everything that is able to move…ask her, she will not refuse, I’m sure. 

@godspuppet and I attacked each other with message, talked about…RE7 things :D then it appears that she imagines me almost like Ellis do…

They are not alone in this club! And I never knew why people think of me like that! I can be scary, yeah, but, oh, Jesus, I’m not THAT nasty xD 

The funny thing is…later I meet one of my followers, we spent some time together, then she told other followers that I “owned everyone in Skype and taught to hurt”, Ellis made a joke that they are “immediately realized that we talking with a real Mistress” and “all bow to thee like unto a god”.

Okay? Fine. I can live with that. I just don’t really know how I got in this point of being scary kinky mistress xD

P.S. It’s not like…a fan art for Oddities, I put Lucas here for fun, ha. 

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Pt 2 I don't want others to make fun of me cuz I don't have enough support. I'm afraid. I'm insecure. There's so much I don't know yet. I feel intimidated by those smarter than me with different beliefs or a lack thereof

Well my friend, I have been in your exact situation. I actually got rid of all my theology books under the direction of the Holy Spirit. You know what i learned? Nobody came to know Christ by any logical argument, or fact. Ill quote Paul,

 “ My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, “ - Corinthians 2:4. Apologetics are technically bad, but apologetics do not walk people into the kingdom. Apologetics and polemics, are about why you’re right, and why they are wrong. Jesus never taught like that. He never spent time trying to prove the earth was made in 7 days, he never argued about the existence of aliens, or even politically who is right or wrong! You know what he did? He healed the sick, he raised the dead, and he cast out demons. He met with people that were considered lowly, and had dinner with sinners! He didn’t argue logical thinking and facts. He didn’t try to prove the scriptures really happened. 

I speak this way because ive been there. God doesn’t need us to defend him. He doesn’t need our help, and he doesn’t ask for it! He does ask us though to love people. I mean think about it. Say you are talking to someone who doesn’t believe in God, and then you pray for them and they get healed from a physical ailment. What could they say? What would they say? God isn’t real? They could, but whats more powerful a demonstration of God’s love, or a paper about how God loves people? People come to follow Jesus when they experience him. The greek word for know, is ginosko, which mean to experimentally know, as deep as sexual intimacy. People have a transformation when they experience Christ, not logical reasoning. Even people who believe in Jesus are encouraged when God’s love is demonstrated versus just talked about. True faith, leads to good works. We are saved by our faith, but our works will reflect what we believe. Your life, is the biggest testimony over any book or sound argument. When people look at you, or me, they should see love, they should see Jesus! We live what we believe. 

The gospel should be such goodness, we shouldn’t have to even argue with people, they’ll see the goodness of God on our life and want it! Not prosperity gospel, but just the Gospel! That God, the King has come! And his spirit is here and has set us free so we can live out our identity in Christ, exploring the world through the eyes of the kingdom of God. That sounds so amazing!

I want you to know, you are smart, you are talented, you are bold, and you are amazing. Live in that! Don’t worry what other people think, they didnt make you, they didnt breathe the stars into existence, They didnt form the mountains. But your heavenly father did, and he thought you were so valuable heaven went bankrupt for you! 

I hope this gave you some encouragement! Remember to love people, we will be known by our love..

Love and Peace, 


A Gay former Protestant Tells His Story, A Catholic Commentary in Bold Font

Before I continue, here’s a brief background on me. I grew up southern baptist,[PROTESTANT] attending church every Sunday and Wednesday from the ages of 6-22. During that time, I also completed 3 years of ministry school. Okay. I grew up as Protestant too, before I converted to Catholicism.

Another thing that you need to know about me is that I’m gay. I’m real gay. I have been gay for as long as I can remember, even before I had the vocabulary to let me express what it was that I was feeling. Okay, we are born with original sin. We are born with inclinations to do what is not right, so homosexuality falls into that category.

For a large part of my life I was also depressed and suicidal

(That is horrible, so was I, suicidal behavior is caused by deep suffering and longing for Love of God and the Love of others, like your Mother and Father and Siblings and Friends (I wonder how your relationships were with them or if you were sexually abused—that causes a lot of sexual confusion and suicidal ideation. I am sorry, I love you brother!) 

because I was taught throughout my entire life that everything that I was  and everything that I was experiencing was evil and that I would burn in hell for eternity because of the way I inherently was

See you were taught Protestant Theology. Protestants do not separate the sin from the sinner. They think they are one and the same. They are not. You are not a homosexual by identity. You are a man, first, and dearly Loved by Jesus. Your sins are not who you are. Your sins and struggles are not who you are. They are outside you and within you, a war in your very core. “It is who I felt like within” you say. But it was a deep part of why you were miserable. And you think happiness will be in homosexuality…but it’s shallow. You feel guilty, stressed out, depressed, and hated because there is a war within.  You are (a man and a child of God) and someone who you are not meant to be (a sinner and a man who wants to have sex with men). Those are in conflict since your youth. You knew it did not feel exactly right. It brought some satisfaction but then it also didn’t, because it goes against nature, procreation, the family, and life itself. You didn’t feel good about it NOT because of religion [Protestantism], but the natural law was against you.

I went to ministry school in an effort to “change” and “be healed of my homosexuality”. The only way that I was given an out is if I were to commit myself to celibacy, and being single for my entire life as the only acceptable alternative, and let me tell you that I am not called in any way to be a priest or a monk, and your own holy book states, “it is not good for man to be alone”.

Don’t twist scripture. It is not good for a man to be alone, but his only partner that is fit for him is a woman. She is his other half. They fit naturally together. They create life and a family. If God made in the garden of Eden (which is a simple logical creation story, with deep spiritual significance)…. SO IF GOD MADE  two men in the garden….we all know how that would have turned out. They both would have died of old age…nothing would be made. The world cannot exist in the natural order on the backs of homosexuals.

Since ministry school wasn’t “erasing the gay”, and I was living in Kansas City, MO at the time, I decided over the weekend that I would go to a local gay conversion ministry, Exodus International, on Monday morning to talk about beginning their program. Monday morning rolled around & I checked my email. Guess what was there?
An email announcing the closure of Exodus International because they felt that sexuality could not be changed.
This wrecked my world - for a time.
I picked myself up by my bootstraps and decided to move on with life, quitting ministry school, and beginning to pursue what I really wanted out of my career and life.

That is your story.

Since I have left the church, I am much healthier mentally, and physically. I also live with less guilt, condemnation, and depression than I did when I was in the church. I am, however, still living with the mental, emotional, and spiritual damage that was done during that time.

You did not learn about the real Love of Jesus for you. Even as a homosexual God cares for you. He still loves you. He still wants you to leave it all and make a sacrifice of your life, and all you are, and live the Gospel. 

He still wants you to care for others, your family, your friends, stay away from sin, feed the poor, sit with the lonely, listen to people…be good. I am sad that you missed your opportunity to be saved of the homosexual lifestyle and show others how to live not for yourself and what you want, but what Jesus wants from you.

He wants you to do more things than give up a boyfriend. Jesus, who is God, wants to talk to you, be your friend, do good in His name, do works of charity in His name….have you neglected to do even that much for Jesus?

Yes giving up living with men, kissing men, doing all kinds of things with men is the right thing to do, but have you given up doing other kinds of evil? Do you still curse people, do you steal? Think hateful thoughts? Do you encourage others to do wrong things? Do you drink or use drugs too much? Do you spend too much money on yourself and not think about others? Do you prevent yourself and others from getting diseases? think you are better than religious people for being gay? Think you are better than me, a fellow Christian? Do you give your time to others generously?

If you can’t sacrifice your sexuality, because you need to be gay. That is something so vital in your life. That community is so important to you. That lifestyle is so fulfilling. Than what else can you do for Jesus?

On the last day Jesus will ask you….What did you do for others? How did you Love God? How did you love me? Why did you stop knowing Me? Why didn’t you do this or that? Why did you cause this pain on others? Why were you mean to my children? Why did you fight against Me, I was always waiting for you, and you never came back?

Needed Me | Epilogue

As you can tell by the picture, this is after the Theo-drama and we get to see what happened to you, the reader

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Warnings: Explicit language, smut, inappropriate pictures ((explicit))


The sun shone over Beacon Hills and spaced out clouds seemed to smile.
Everyone was going about their day doing whatever it is that they all needed to do.
Stiles rushed into the hallway and nearly trampled six kids just to get to Scott.
Scott looked at him with wide eyes.

Scott: What’s going on?
Stiles: A lead
Scott: *sighs* St–
Stiles: –Don’t you Stiles me, I found something that could help us figure out who’s taking those dead bodies
Scott: …
Stiles: Look, this is a picture from a traffic cam that shows a car speeding away from a graveyard. That’s gotta be it!
Scott: …
Stiles: Are you going to answer?
Scott: I’m not sure how to start without saying Stiles
Stiles: This is a good lead!
*Enter Liam*
Liam: Did you guys hear about the body snatchers? They were caught trying to take some jewelry from an old grave
Scott: *looks at Stiles*
Stiles: Shut up
Scott: I think you’re a little too eager to find a new supernatural mystery
Stiles: Duh, when the mysteries find us, everything goes to hell
Scott: Look, Theo’s locked away in Eichen House, the beast is dead, enjoy the quiet while you can. I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ve got a date with Kira
Stiles: Sure, no that’s fine. I’ve got a date with a girl named TV
Scott: She sounds great

A black Chevy Camaro with white stripes rolled into town like a snake slithering in a garden.
It drove smooth and nice.
Coming to a stop, a pair of lustrous legs stepped out of the car, it’s body leaning against the car door.
Stiles came out of his house and dropped his jaw.
Stiles ran up Y/N and hugged her as tight as he could.

Stiles: What are you doing back?
Y/N: I missed this place
Stiles: Seriously?
Y/N: I traveled enough, I went to rural China, Tibet, and Miami
Stiles: Wow, those are all odd places, well, except for Miami
Y/N: I met another succubus and she taught me how to use my powers
Stiles: What can you do?
Y/N: A lot of things I never thought I could do. Enough about me, it’s Friday
Stiles: Yeah
Y/N: Jesus Stiles, I mean it’s movie Friday, I got a couple of movies you might be interested in it
Stiles: I can’t believe you remembered
Y/N: Why wouldn’t I? Anyways… I got Star Wars, Ba—
Stiles: You had me at Star Wars

Stiles ran upstairs, grabbed some blankets and extra pillows so Y/N and him could watch the movie comfortably. Halfway through the movie, they weren’t even really watching it. Every time something Anakin did something stupid, Stiles made a comment that made Y/N laugh. He missed that sweet sound and he was trying to savor the little moments.

Stiles: So what did she teach you?
Y/N: She taught me how to feed off of people’s dreams and not physically drain them, she taught me to control my touch so that it doesn’t drive the other person crazy, mind projection, and etc
Stiles: Have you had sex since you left?
Y/N: Not while they’re awake, why?
Stiles: Just wondering
Y/N: Have you?
Stiles: *snorts* No
Y/N: You say it like you’re a joke
Stiles: Apparently to women, I am
Y/N: Not to me

Stiles turned to look at your eyes to find some truth in it.
When he found what he was looking for, he looked down at your plump lips, ready to be kissed.
In the back of his mind, Stiles knew he had to have kissed you before.
A piece of him was broken off and in need of your attention.
With you, Stiles felt whole again.
Before he could do anything, you got up to go get a drink.
The aching sexual tension between you two was more bearable once you stepped away.
But Stiles was strong.
His lust, emotions, and desire rolled off of his skin like pencil shavings once you place it in the pencil sharpener.
You felt like you were back where you started; you had no control of the fire igniting within or the sweet nectar soaking up your panties.
Something about Stiles burn passions of fire both inside and out.
A light sheen of sweat began to form on your forehead.
You picked up the bottle of orange juice and went back to Stiles.
He sat on the floor, looking at the TV with focus.
It was all so much, your head started spinning.
“Stiles, can I sleep in your room? I’m feeling a little tired”
He smiled and nodded.
It was uncomfortable climbing the stairs when you were soaking wet, the front of your pants were damp.
You groaned at the realization.
You could wear some of Stiles’ stuff but you just decided to sleep in the clothes you had.

Stiles kept his smile.
He just couldn’t stop.
He could smell how wet she was from five feet away.
This is your chance.
Stiles turned off the movie and walked upstairs.
The erection in his pants was manageable but it’s growing.
Stiles walked in and slammed the door.
Y/N jumped in surprise as Stiles smashed his lips onto hers.
It was a kiss to die for.
Not objecting, Y/N moved with him, running her fingers through his hair.
Stiles groaned in response and squeezed her sides, rubbing his erection against her wet spot.
Flashes of memories came at him and he had a strong sense of déjà vu.
He had kissed you before and he knew how to make you crumble.

Stiles took off your shirt and unhooked your bra then made you lay on the bed.
On top, he kissed his way up your stomach then around the swell of your breasts to excite you. Finally, Stiles took a hardened nipple in his mouth.
He rolled the other one in-between his pointer finger and his thumb.
Last time you were sensitive but you felt like you were over-sensitive from the lack of real touch.
He was making you feel so good, and he was taking his time with it.
Stiles moved on to the other one, doing the same thing.

By this time, you were on the verge of screaming bloody murder.
Stiles licked the crook of your neck, paying special attention to your moans and finding what feels good.
Stiles slipped his hand past the waistband of your panties and massaged it before slipping in a finger, slowly pumping inside of your entrance.
He picked up the pace and slipped in another.
Stiles used his thumb to stimulate your already hardened clit, making you cry out in wondrous delight.
“You’re so damn beautiful, Jesus Christ”

It didn’t take long, before his hot touch, all of his sexual and emotional energy, created a euphoric sense of pleasure as you released your juices.
Instead of watching you cum like he planned, Stiles took off your panties, gripped your shaky inner thighs and blew on the sensitive area.

You bucked your hips in response.
Stiles licked a line up your slit and felt you tremble.

His slow movements grew hungry as he slipped in a finger and furiously pumped his long fingers in and out.
Your skin burned underneath him and a huge knot formed in the pit of your stomach as you rode against his fingers.
He continued until you stopped throbbing after each wave of pleasure.

“You taste so fucking good baby”
Stiles threw off his shirt, unbuckled his pants and pulled down everything so that he was naked like you.
Despite his eagerness, Stiles asked if it was okay.
You smiled and pulled him down for a kiss.

During the kiss, Stiles lined himself up at your entrance and slowly pushed into you.
The both of you moaned into the kiss in complete bliss.
Your swollen lips welcomed him by giving his member a warm, tight hug.
Giving you a little time to adjust, Stiles pulled back then pushed forward at a constant rate.
He was slowly working you up, building anticipation, and so he could last longer.
His slow, but deep thrusts, were driving you crazy.
It felt good but it wasn’t enough.
Stiles pulled all the way out, then slapped your clit with his hardened and engorged sex against your heat. You moaned at the feeling as it created an abnormal heat.
Then without warning, Stiles plunged into you with heavy force, his pelvis slamming against your starving clit.

A loud moan escaped your lips and he continued to do this at a fast rate.
A thin fog formed on all the windows in the room, both of your sweaty bodies slapping against each other.

Stiles rested his forehead on top of yours while he rammed himself into you. Your eyelids closed as you slipped into a trance, closing your walls on him, making you tighter. Stiles groaned at this feeling, every stroke brought him closer to the edge. Everything in your body tensed up and you squeezed around Stiles like a brand new glove. Stiles’ body began to spasm while his hot, seed shot into you.

It was like you were milking him because some of his cum dripped out and he continued his sloppy thrusts.

After the two of you cleaned up, you both laid in bed, holding each other. Stiles kissed your forehead and covered you up with a blanket. “Please don’t leave again.” You looked up at Stiles and nodded. You needed Stiles as much as he needed you.

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weird question. but do the gods still...... do stuff? there are all these stories about what they did, but by now, would there have been any changes since a lot of time has passed?

Okay I’m going to tell you what I think about this. (speaking from a religious standpoint)

I understand why people call the Greek gods and the Egyptian and the Germanic gods and all the others “forgotten gods.” Not because we have literally forgotten them, but because in this day and age the world is dominated by Christianity, and so people view the world and current events through that lens. For instance, back in ancient times, if there was an earthquake that toppled half a city, people immediately would have started trying to figure out what they did that offended Poseidon. They’d start praying, offering up hymns and praise and offerings of every variety. It’s almost like, they took responsibility for their actions?? 

But, now, we have an earthquake that destroys a city and people, they assume God has something to do with it. It’s either God or the devil! There are no other options to these people anymore. Because these ancient religions are taught as extraneous mythologies now, people don’t even entertain the idea that maybe Zeus sent that thunderstorm, or that Artemis helped you get that 12 point buck. It’s “Oh thank the lord this” and “Hallelujah that.” 

So, basically I picture it like Zeus throwing lightning bolts at peoples faces, and they fall to their knees, saying “Oh Jesus why have you forsaken me!?!?” and Zeus just gets this exasperated look on his face like, “SERIOUSLY?! AGAIN?!” But to answer the actual question, yes, I absolutely do think that the Gods still “do stuff,” it just takes a knowing eye and ear to look past the Abrahamic mumbojumbo and catch of glimpse of the Theoi’s divine glory. 

A quote from one of my favorite books, American Gods, says it really well too:

And then there are the gods. Some guy is running back to report on the outcome of a battle and he’s running and running, and he sees Pan in a glade. And Pan says, ‘TeH them to build me a temple here.’ So he says okay, and runs the rest of the way back. And he reports the battle news, and then says, ‘Oh, and by the way, Pan wants you to build him a temple.’ It’s really matter-of-fact, you know?”

“So there are stories with gods in them. What are you trying to say? That these guys had hallucinations?”

“No,” said Shadow. “That’s not it.”

“I like my theory better,” said Shadow.

“What’s your theory?”

“That back then people used to run into the gods from time to time.”

And that’s just what I think about it! 

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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17, 27, 37, and 47

17, 27, 37, and 47

17. Do you know anyone with the same middle name as you?


27. Do you dry off in the shower or out of the shower?

In. I don’t understand why people get out of the shower, then grab the towel and now the entire floor is a dripping wet fucking mess! Seriously, just hang the god damn towel over the door/rod, or nearby, turn off the water, grab the towel, dry off, THEN step out! Why make the fucking floor a mess?!?!? Y'all need to be taught how to be clean, or need jesus or some shit.

37. What song are you listening to?

I’ve been playing a lot of Hoodoo Gurus lately

47. Who was the last person you talked to in person?

Well that means dad’s right out cause that idiot definitely doesn’t qualify as a person. He’s just the living embodiment of dumb. Case in point, all last night he was screaming his elbow hurt. Wouldn’t put ice on it, wouldn’t wear the sling the doc gave him, just yelled and demanded to go to the ER/doc. So I got dressed and kept saying fine, let’s go. But no, he couldn’t get out of bed, we’d go later. Finally it was like 3am and he fell asleep. Fine asshole.

At 8am I got up, called and made an appt for 10am, but nope, he didnt want to wake up and go. Fine asshole

Now the appt is at 250 and we’ll see what happens. I’m not his mother, I literally could not care less if he was in pain or not. If he want’s to go tot he doctor, I will take him, but this bullshit game of screaming he hurts and needs to go to the ER an then refusing to actually go, it’s dumb as hell.

Oh and the problem? He spent all weekend sleeping in his recliner so his bursitis is acting up because he literally just kept pressing on it as he slept.

So the last person I talked to in person, maybe the people at the Market. Speaking of which, I need to go to Gelsons and Costco at some point today too. I need broiling pans, the butchers seasoning I like, and printer paper.

Not A Freak

Summary: Your first meeting with the Winchesters isn’t a happy one. After convincing them you’re not dangerous, you form a strong working relationship, and later, more

Words: 1,560

Sam x Reader (slightly, at the very end)

Warnings: implied rape and violence by family member (not to/by Y/N or the boys)

A/N: this is my entry for @balthazars-muse‘s Monster Movie project. I’m Virgo, so my power was psychometry (the ability to see an objects history by touching it)

Your name: submit What is this?

“What are you?” Dean asked, gun poised and ready to shoot.

You had your hands raised in a calm surrender, knowing that he had no reason to want to kill you, “I’m human. A hunter.”

“No, you’re not,” he insisted, “Humans can’t-”

“Have weird psychic powers?” you offered, rolling your eyes, “You of all people should know that’s not true, what with your brother’s… premonitions.”

He frowned, flexing his fingers around his gun, “How do you know about that?”

“That’s what brought you here, right?” you sighed, folding your arms, “Sam saw something and it lead you to me? I’ve noticed it too, Dean. The correlation. It’s all to do with the same demon. All of us were the same kind of age. I’m human, and I’d appreciate it if you’d lower your weapon.”

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I cannot be rejected, you can’t reject me. I love you, and love never fails. But I don’t love you for you to love me back because that fails. If I love you to love me back that means I only love you for what I can get from you, from the praise I might get from you, from the thanks I might get from you. Jesus doesn’t love you: ‘Come on, do you love Me?’ God doesn’t say, 'I love you. Now, say it!’ But we grow up that way, we’re trained that way; boyfriends, girlfriends: 'Come on, do you love me? I said I love you.’ We’re taught our whole life. It’s selfish. It’s demonic strategy to get you messed up when comes to the area of love. God so loved the world that He gave. Why do Christians give? Because we love.
—  Todd White

Okay, 1, I never said he was “just metal and wire,” so why a robot is saying things that are blatantly untrue, I don’t know. Did he learn the skill of lying? And whoever taught it to him, I’d like to know. You know, so we can have a friendly chat about it. And 2, you goddamn buffoons, why are you telling him he can miss someone? This isn’t like a human being with inherent understandings, he literally has not been given emotions yet. He straight up legitimately can only make logical connections right now and telling him that he “misses” someone and “feels” things just because he knows rationally that he’s affected by an absence is only going to confuse him more. Stop trying to play therapist for a robot that you are clearly ridiculously unaware about the psychological state of, because you’re not helping him.

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If you're looking for prompts... Lawson's agent finds a fan letter that Ginny Baker wrote him as a kid

“Oh, by the way — thought you might be interested in this.” His agent hands him over an envelope, slightly crumpled around the edges and faded with time, but still, for the most part, held together.


(If it’s something to do with his divorce, again, or the loss of another endorsement deal, he swears upon all that is holy…)

His agent rolls his eyes. “Read it, Lawson.” He drawls before taking his leave and Mike falls back into his chair with a huff.

Tearing open the envelope, Mike blearily reads the first two lines.

Dear Mike,

My name is Ginny. Ginny Baker.

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Why I tell Mormons about the true Jesus:

They’re taught this:

We are commanded to be supermen. Said the lord, ‘Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father which is in heaven is perfect.’ (Matt. 5:48.) We are gods in embryo, and the Lord demands perfection of us.

-The Miracle of Forgiveness, pg. 286

And the Bible teaches this:

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

-Ephesians 2:8-9

Does Prayer Even Do Anything? Doesn't Stuff Happen Anyway?

peterpencomplex asked:

hi pastor j- i think your blog is AWESOME, but i didn’t have enough room to explain myself. just wanted to say i think you should keep being completely 100% honest/real, because that’s how everyone else knows their walk of faith is not in vain. wanted to ask you about prayer. why do i pray? am i the only one that feels like i am closing my eyes and whispering into a vast darkness of nothingness? why is God so insistent on prayer, yet I don’t see anything changing? (matthew 7).

seeking-a-revival asked:

When we pray for someone I know that our prayers alone cannot change them but when we see prayers answered God has listened and His spirit has helped the person we prayed for? I am not sure what to think when I see a prayer get answered no matter who or how many prayed for a specific cause.


Hey my friends: May I first please commend you because you both actually care about your prayer-life.  When people tell me, “The least we can do is pray,” I always think, “That’s the most we can do.”

But I also know that prayer is extremely, ridiculously, awfully difficult.  Whenever a preacher starts with his guilt-trip – “When was the last time you really prayed, huh?” – I immediately feel like crap.  I’ve never heard anyone say, “Man I got that prayer thing on lock."  I haven’t met a single person who’s fully confident in the art and results of prayer.

Mostly we feel icky about this because –

1) We feel too guilty to pray.  We’re not sure God wants to hear us after we looked at porn / cussed out my parents / gossiped for two hours / punched that guy in the ear.

2) We’re self-conscious about it.  We’re not sure how long, or what words, or if we’re doing it right, or if we’re truly sincere.

3) And of course: We secretly wonder if it even works.


So here’s one thing I know about prayer.

It’s totally natural to doubt and wonder if prayer is working.

At times I think God just does what He wants: so why should I pray?

At times I think the world will spin without me if I stop praying: so why should I pray?

Very often it feels like I’m chucking coins into the dark: so why should I pray?

At times I’m so distracted and distraught and intermittent during prayer, I don’t think God will hear that one.  Or maybe all that stuff about "unconfessed sin” or “not enough faith” is really true.  Or God didn’t answer a big one and I’m done with Him. So why, oh why, should I pray?


You see: Jesus taught his disciples to pray in a way that we’re participating in God’s story.   Let’s consider that in the Lord’s Prayer, there are several direct petitions, most remarkably, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

God wouldn’t challenge us to ask for things unless the turning of our hearts in His direction actually changes a part of the universe.

I know it sounds like a drunken power-trip. But in other words: Jesus is telling us that when we pray, that somehow this touches upon the heart of the Creator so that the very fabric of reality is moved and shifted and infinitely rippling in incalculable motion, so that we are active participants within the narrative of God.  None of us are bystanders or spectators, ever.

When we ask God to do something: even the very act of asking Him has caused a chain reaction.  It’s already moved you.  And sometimes, like a divine tower crane, God intervenes into history and orchestrates things for your good and for His glory. 

It’s by God’s very own grace and love and mercy that He gives us the opportunity to re-write a part of His narrative.  Just think of how crazy that is.  I don’t mean to give you a swole ego here.  I’m just saying: even this knowledge that God hears us should already change the way we pray.  It puts us in the right perspective, in reverence, with gratitude, because He hears you and me, little fragile squishy meaty bony fist-shaking people with our desperate daily worries and concerns.  He hears us.  The God who can smush galaxies with His thumbnail also has His ear on your heart.

When we don’t pray, it could be that by sheer grace, God just answers a prayer we forgot to pray for, to demonstrate He hears us anyway. 

It could be that He knows what we wanted before we get a chance to tell Him. 

It could be that by sheer grace, God withholds what we wanted, not because He has “something better in store,” but simply because you already have Him


In the end, asking “does prayer work” is probably the wrong question.  If I asked, “Does marriage work?” or “Does love work?” – we’ve suddenly diminished these things into mechanical institutions. 

Here’s an example.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve wasted a day when I don’t do enough, because to me, a productive day is about accomplishing a to-do list.  Most days I feel horrible because I haven’t done all that I set out to do.  Yet: If all I care about is “doing,” but I don’t ask “Why am I even doing this?” – then everything becomes a blunt tool for me to fulfill my daily agenda.  I’m taking the essence out of beauty and replacing it with function.  It’s making a living, but not a life.

Every time I ask, “Does prayer work?” – well, I’ve sort of turned prayer into a pragmatic savior.  It’s a good question, but it’s incomplete and only gives half the picture. 

Jesus taught us that prayer begins with, Our Father.  This is important.  This is the space in which rich, vibrant, heart-pulsing intimacy happens.  And when we can rest in Our Father just long enough, then I don’t think we’ll be too disappointed when our prayers don’t “serve” us. We trust that He’s already served us by His Son, who has opened the throne-room to the King who who heals our busted hearts.  This is the ultimate answered prayer that we didn’t even know we were looking for: but He answered anyway.

And it’s only a King-healed heart by the work of Christ that can actually appreciate and appropriately manage the physical provisions that God does give us.  Imagine if you got everything you wanted this very second.  Imagine instantly getting all the fame, the money, and the power in the world.  I would die.  So would you.  When I see a celebrity meltdown and say, “I would be way smarter with all that money,” that’s a terrible over-estimation.  God wants us to be a certain people so that we can do with His earthly blessings.  You’ve seen what happens when we get this out of order.  So it’s definitely okay to ask for things, but prayer is primarily about getting the character of Christ by osmosis.


My friends, a last word. I know it hurts when God doesn’t answer a prayer.  I know that very often, prayer can be a mystery, and we constantly second-guess ourselves, and we’ll feel powerless.  I want to humbly ask that you continue to talk with God regardless of what’s happening around you: because He’s there, regardless of what’s happening around you.  I want to ask that you soak in His grace before His gifts.  I want to ask that you trust Him, that even if He’s not working a miracle you can see right now, that He’s possibly working a much bigger miracle in you and the people around you, and even if nothing else changes, you will.  As corny and cliche as it sounds: I want to ask that you would approach Him as a child sits on his Father’s lap, to both ask for things and to bask in Him. 

– J.S.

Hidden (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 1,223

Warnings: Profanity/Fluff (?)  :)

Summary: Sebastian Stan, your costar, has made your filming experience a living hell. After months of trying to ignore him, you finally confront him; and he finally reveals the reason behind his teasing.

A/N: Hey guys, this is my first imagine in a while, so go easy on me! This was a lot harder than I remember haha. Please let me know of any spelling or grammatical errors. Comments and criticism will be greatly appreciated!!!

Originally posted by agent-peggy

You slammed the door to your trailer closed. The day had seemed to drag down forever. The many hours spent under the burning sun had been grueling. Not to mention the headache you got from the biggest pain in the ass on set, Sebastian Stan. You were thankful to get just a few minutes to close your eyes, kick your feet up, and cool off.

You had been here for months shooting Avengers: Infinity War. You had enjoyed your time with the cast so far. All except for one. Ever since day one, Sebastian seemed to have something against you. Every time you walked into the recreational room for breakfast, he would roll his eyes and make a snarky comment. “I think I just lost my appetite” was often his go-to line.

Whenever you two had to shoot a scene together, he would pretend to be sick until the producers sent someone to go fetch him from his trailer. He’s been more unprofessional than usual and you were getting tired of it, especially when it started to affect your work.You had almost drifted off when there was someone banging obnoxiously loud on your trailer door. Before you even got a chance to open the door, the source of the sound made himself known.

“Why are you in here? Didn’t you get the new rehearsal schedule? We’re set to rehearse at 12:30 not 2:30. Jesus, do I have to do everything myself?” Sebastian said plopping down on your couch, kicking his feet up on your coffee table and making himself comfortable.

“First of all, get your feet off my table. Secondly, don’t raise your voice at me. Thirdly, calm the hell down it was an honest mistake, okay? I apologize.”

“Yeah, whatever. Let’s just go and get this over with.”

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anonymous asked:

Why are you so anti Christian? I understand how you might be an atheist now but didn't you use to practice Catholicism? People's spirituality is not a joke. You never make fun of Islam Judaism or any of the other religions. Do you hold a grudge? And you can't say Christianity is the only religion that opposes gays because the other two do as well. And there's even death sentences in some Muslim countries.

See, it’s anons like this that illustrate exactly why I refuse to relent in my criticism of Christianity. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that none of my jokes or critiques have been about spirituality or beliefs, be they mine or someone else’s. On the contrary, they’re about how so much of how the Christian community behaves runs contrary to the teaching that it’s built upon.

Yes, I was raised catholic. I’d say that I know more about the faith than a good portion of people who practice. Blessed are the poor in spirit. Blessed are the meek. Blessed are the peacemakers. Care for the needy. Always pray in private. This is the stuff Jesus taught. The people picketing and protesting and campaigning to have their beliefs adopted as laws…all of that goes completely against the teaching they supposedly believe. According to Jesus, no one should be able to tell that you’re a Christian because you tell them. You’re supposed to be so kind and loving and forgiving that people say to themselves “wow, I wonder why that guy is so pleasant and loving all the time”. But not only do so many of today’s Christians flaunt their beliefs in public these days, but they’re also working to ensure that everyone is forced to act according to their beliefs, because they operate under the delusion that religion and morality are one and the same.

So yeah, you’re completely missing the point. Once again, you’re getting mad at me and dismissing my perspective, rather than recognizing that there’s a problem within your own community. I’m not the one you should be attacking. If you insist on going after someone, let it me the people out there spreading messages of hate and claiming to play for your team. After all, they’re causing just as much harm to you, if not more, as they are everyone else.

And yes, Christianity isn’t the only religion to preach intolerance. Yes, some countries execute people under supposedly “religious” laws. But that issue is more about culture than religion. Besides, Islam as a whole gets far more criticism, persecution, and all-out vitriol than just about every other religion on Earth. But while we’re on the subject of radical Islam, why on Earth would you want to use THAT as your defense. “Yeah, we’re bad, but at least we’re not beheading people…” seems like a really problematic way of thinking.