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And that’s when things get messy. When people begin moving beyond charity and toward justice and solidarity with the poor and oppressed, as Jesus did, they get in trouble. Once we are actually friends with the folks in struggle, we start to ask why people are poor, which is never as popular as giving to charity. One of my friends has a shirt marked with the words of late Catholic bishop Dom Helder Camara: “When I fed the hungry, they called me a saint. When I asked why people are hungry, they called me a communist.” Charity wins awards and applause but joining the poor gets you killed. People do not get crucified for living out of love that disrupts the social order that calls forth a new world. People are not crucified for helping poor people. People are crucified for joining them.
—  Shane Claiborne
Hamilthings I think about a lot (a living list)

-in Stay Alive, when Washington suggests the new Guerilla tactics, he sounds like he’s disgusted with himself for suggesting they fight dirty (but resigned because he knows well enough it’s the only way to win). The general was a man of honor, and the Guerilla warfare wasn’t his idea at first irl. It goes against his morals
-in Right Hand Man when Washington first tells Burr to leave and shut the door on his way out likely spurred Burr’s bitterness at being left out
-Washington not giving a fuck about Burr in RHM
-GW basically adopted the boys because they were NINETEEN AND TWENTY AND JUMPING IN FRONT OF CANNONS JESUS
-Ham’s casual suicide ideation
-GW’s rhythm schemes in RHM and Meet Me Inside compared to the rest of the show
-why isn’t it mentioned that Hamilton has an Artillery unit after he steals the cannons. Why. He did some badass shit with those men. He crossed the Delaware and helped the victory at Trenton (while sick as a dog and he was still a badass what the hell relax man)
-Lafayette’s character development being highlighted by the complexity of his raps. He starts slow and asking how to says things and goes on to have the best grasp of the language in Guns and Ships
-the Les Mis esque use of motifs through the show
-Battle of Yorktown as a whole
-Stay Alive beautifully captures the misery of the War for the Continental Army

nct as things my friend has said

@cookiebarra i love u bud :)))

doyoung - i love satan, im kidding jesus i don’t sin please accept me

ten - o shit i’m gay

taeil - i want you to have my babies except not really bc i don’t want children
don’t write that down i don’t give you permission
don’t write that down either
why are you still typing

taeyong - *burbs* hot

jaehyun - can we see the furries

yuta - *friend is wearing a blanket on his head*
man how much did you pay for that wig

winwin - everywhere is the house of christ if i’m in it

mark - did i just blink without closing my eyelids

haechan - i’ll cup my fart and throw it at u shut up

renjun - *sneezes* there she is

chenle - can you flap for me

jisung - you know that feeling when you get wet crispy lettuce and you snap it in half and you get that feeling in your heart that’s the feeling i get when i see johnny depp

jeno - sirius snape

jaemin - severus black

hansol - do you think if i farted into space and lit it on fire would it create a star

kun - don’t make me put some of my boogie woogies in your mouth

johnny - kadoonk

Dating Sehun
  • Can I just start with saying how perverted Sehun is?
  • He would touch your butt whenever he can. While you cook, while you do the laundry, while you go for a walk at the park AT THE PARK JESUS etc
  • He would love to kiss you like everywhere. Cheek, forehead, shoulder, neck…
  • This guy would love to kiss your neck and give you hickeys. He would want everybody to know that you are his.
  • He would probably try cooking for you and almost set the kitchen on fire. He would ask Kyungsoo or Chanyeol to help him. 
  • He would do lots of aegyo just for you  
  • ‘’I did aegyo for you now can you give me blowjob?’’ 
  • He would tease you A LOT
  • He would give you fashion advices
  • ‘’Why are you wearing that? It doesn’t match your white jeans, woman! Take it off!’’
  • He would get turned on while you’re taking your shirt off 
  • ‘’Okay just keep the shirt on or you’ll give me a boner.’’ 
  • You would help him choose his new hair color.
  • He would check himself out whenever he sees a mirror so you just tease him 
  •  ‘’Stop that! You know that I look hot, you’re just jealous because you’re ugly.’’
  • ‘’No baby, you’re the most beautiful girl in the universe NOW WILL YOU STOP GIVING ME THE SILENT TREATMENT’’
  • You would give each other names
  • ‘’How is my snugglepuffbaby doing today?’’
  • ‘’How many times do I have to tell you woman, don’t call me snugglepuffbaby in front of the guys!’’ 
  • Him being sassy 7/24
  •  ‘’What do you mean that if I don’t stop sass you, you wont have sex with me for a month?’’ 
  • Netflix and chill
  • Okay so we all know that Sehun has a thing for legs so he wouldn’t be able to stop touching your legs either
  • .You making him dance to girl group songs
  • Tickle fights 
  • He would nag over everything 
  • He would probably eat the last cookie to make you angry 
  • ‘’Let’s shower together to save some water!’’
  •  ‘’You know, when we get into shower together, the last thing we do is shower…’’
  • Him being a total lover boy when you two are alone ‘
  • ’I know that I don’t say this everyday but I’m glad that you’re my girlfriend and I love you.’’
  •  One of the members would catch you two at this moment and film it
  • Sehun loves attention so he would always want your attention
  • ‘’Sehun can you move your ass away from the screen? I can’t see anything.’’ 
  • ‘’Then stop staring at Johnny Depp and look at me.’’
  • ‘’Sehun I sometimes think that you love bubble tea more than me.’’
  •  ‘’Pfff, you’re ridiculous * whispers while touching the bubble tea bottle * of course I love you more baby, you’re my life.’’
  • He would get jealous over you spending time with his band members 
  • ‘’Yah, hyung don’t sit close to her , she’s sick but since my immune system is stronger than yours I can sit next to her.’’
  •  Holding hands everywhere 
  • This guy would love to bite your lower lip when you kiss okay also he would have some weird kinks
  • Yes, he would like to touch your butt as I said but what about his butt? 
  • Sex in public places because Sehun would think it’s exciting. 
  • You would wear his clothes 
  • ‘’Is that my shirt?’’‘
  • ’Should I take it off?’’
  • “I will for you”
  • Sehun would love you with all of his heart and he would just want your happiness #couplegoals

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Negan’s Valentine’s day four

  OK, day 4. I feel kind of fucking foolish doing this. But like I said before, anything for you baby. I kind of touched on it before, but I love, fucking really love, how you take care of me.

 You’re always on me to eat right, to get enough sleep. To try to give up some of the fucking control I always have to have on things. When I try to explain to you why I have to have control, you say but Ne, your well-being has to come first. I love you, and only say this because of that. Let me help, give some of that load to me. Doll, I wish I could.

 Whenever I come back from a run and walk into the wives quarters, it’s like a fucking swarm of locusts. Negan, I missed you! Negan, pick me! Negan, did you get me a treat? Jesus.

 You wait for me to come to you, giving me my space. But when I do go to you, you just ask me softly what you can do for me. You are there for me, not yourself. You always put me before you.

 The things you do for me, to me. I can always count on you to make things always fucking better. The little things are my favorites, cooking me a real meal, doing my laundry yourself because you know I don’t trust just anyone with my scarves. You even take care of Lucille, cleaning her, re-barbing her.

 Anyway, I hope I made sense, kind of fucking rambling here, but I’m sure you understand.

 You are always there for me, even though sometimes I yell, stomp and make you beyond pissed. And through it all, you still love me.

Forever doll


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That is a great topic to talk about! I’m game!

Like I think the fact that Link is NOT a little guy makes it all the better when Rhett stands next to him and Link looks SO TINY like oh my god

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and Link is so slim and delicate (a beautiful, delicate man) and Rhett is so THICK like jesus christ it’s such a lovely contrast

(gif source bc i needed this one specifically and the gif search wasn’t helping)

I seriously live for their size difference (and shape difference!) and this is a way better convo to have than… anything else, tbh.

  • tumblr accent challenge

ok so i finally did this, as promised… this was so hard to record and my accent/voice is SO WEIRD?? i said the wrong words and its hard to understand what im saying sometimes (bc i say some words so quietly u cant hear them) but yeah…. thats how i talk sdfg..
also i think i was like “ugh… jesus” or something and sometimes i forgot to talk and sometimes i spoke in my first language sdfghgf,,, i tried….

anyways i kinda want to do the harry potter accent challenge to but that’ll have to wait… 

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☆ one: hamilton, two: you're so sweet abd listen to my bullshit, three: the support you give to everyone on everything they turn to you with and how nice you're even when you get 50+ badfic stories, four: you spam my life with beauty aka yoi & otayuri fanarts

i love how the badfic stories are included in this, like jesus christ how did that even happen BUT EYYYY WINKS @ U TY UR ONE OF MY FAVS TOO

send me a ⭐ if im one of your favorite mutuals and explain why

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  • Why they are the best

BECAUSE HE’S USAGI’S BIGGEST CHEERLEADER. BECAUSE HE SUPPORTS HER ENDLESSLY. his growth as a character. his snark. his loyalty. his love for usagi & chibs (still crying over the panels of them sleeping in the same bed from infinity). his selfless acts of sacrifice, even in classic when they were hardly more than strangers on a street. 

  • Why they are the worst

his lack of belief in himself. he offers SO MUCH MORE than he realizes. i hated seeing him wallow in self pity about being unable to protect her, when jesus he protected her more than her senshi did sometimes. 

  • a canon fact (that shouldn’t be)

90s anime: he’s like a million years older than usagi. 

  • a non-canon fact (that should be)

mamoru is really great at karaoke. 

  • a piece of advice I would give them

dont buy expensive dishes. usagi will break them. 

Storm in the room

I’m still crying over this episode. Boy was this a rough one.
Personally I think that the projection of Rose was not truly her, but an extension of Steven. However, considering she is a part of Steven, it is very likely that her real self reached through to the representation he made of her.

I really hope we will somehow get more insight into WHY Rose did what she did. Because one might argue that she wanted to protect everyone, so she kept things secret, but knowing what we do now, that just doesn’t make sense. Why would she keep lion a secret? Why would she hide Bismuth where Steven will find her, knowing that she might FLIPPIN TRY TO MURDER YOUR CHILD ROSE JESUS-ahem *deep breaths*.
Anyway, I genuinely hope that these things will be more explored than that simple, kind of skin-deep explanation Steven gives by the end (that she didn’t want him to get her problems, but tbh how could she possibly have thought he would NOT inherit her problems?)

I’m really glad they showed us Steven having these concerns, us finding out about even his kind of cute desire to dye his hair pink is an amazing way of letting us get to know him better.
He IS smart, he gets mad, he is patient with the others despite as Connie said, he has to be the adult many times. I love Steven as a character so much, they are writing him develop in a CLEVER way, which i appreciate so much. They don’t just have him tell us what he is thinking, you get to hear his thoughts and feelings as he expresses them to those around him.

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fuck i need to vent bc! my hypersexual ass is never dating an acearo person again! asshole used me for sex for fucking years and then tells my best friend heinous shit about me and ""coming out"" on valentines after ignoring me for days! like what the fuck! im so tired! i feel so used and disgusting what the fuck!!! fuck ace tumblr and their "we'll never use you for sex" bullshit!!!

“[i was the vent anon] it stings and hurts esp bc when i used the ace label and i started feeling sexual attraction to him he was all "haha i guess you arent ace anymore!” so now im sitting here like. what the hell. why did this happen. jesus christ"

i’m sick and tired as hell so i can’t give a really full response here but… i’m really sorry you went through that. that’s a super fucked thing to have dealt with and i’m sorry you had to.

Things I've said in the mines






One more level before going back home…


Why must you so this to me slime, why must you slow me so



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Ship that you’re indifferent to:

Jesus I–

I’m not one to ship shame but while we’re all taking a dump on each others’ preferences, I don’t give half a chicken fried fuck about Lulu and Wakka. Everyone knows why I take issue with Lulu as a character, and that’s the reason. She didn’t convince me - neither did he. I get what you guys are saying and I agree that they could have convinced me, if they were given chance to. More screentime, more development, something other than Lulu being a massive bitch and Wakka being wilfully ignorant. But that’s one of the joys of RP, I’m sure at some point, someone will write it well enough that their version, their method of filling in the gaps, will stick and I’ll be on board. I just can’t be based on in-game interaction and nothing else. I don’t hate them, I sorta get why it’s a thing, but… ehh… :/

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Why did you post that link about white religion?

I thought it could give facts and history against the false and ridiculous idea that ‘’Christianity is white man’s religion’’. Jesus came for ALL people, Jew and gentile. It sucks to me that people are deceived and pulled away from the truth by a lie. If there was more fact-checking and people getting to know Jesus for themselves rather than listening to the hearsay of then poc would know the truth for themselves.

- M

why the fuck are people taking the dnd post i made a while ago so seriously like jesus christ it was my first time dming and it’s a fuckin game there’s no need to give me a 30-page essay on all the shit i did wrong lmao

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Why did you cross out Jesus in your last answer?

Not because I don’t love him, but because I didn’t want to give an answer that was assumed. You guys ask me questions to learn more about me. Pretty sure you already know that I love Jesus and that he’s the one who’s gotten me through everything :p

You know how in the sub when Rogue accidentally gropes Yukino it only shows her face.



I am a bit magic!cock-sexied out and very short of time, so I just rustled up a flash-fiction for ashermajestywishes sexy swanqueen saturday:

“I think I should give it a name.”

Regina took a few seconds to absorb Emma’s words. Post-orgasmic bliss was still upon her.

“A name?”


“Give what a name?”

“My magic cock.”

Regina cracked open one eye. Her brow furrowed.


“I dunno. Because it deserves one. Because we’d be able to mention it in public. In passing.”

“In passing?”

“You know what I mean.”

“I’m sure I don’t.”

“Like, ‘Will Frank be making an appearance tonight?’" Emma tried to mimic Regina’s deep, clipped tones - not very well, in Regina’s opinion.


“Ok, bad example.”

“Where the hell did ‘Frank’ come from?”

“I said it was a bad example. Jesus Christ.”

“What? No! That would not be appropriate at all.”


“Just because you’re the Saviour, Emma, does not mean you get to appropriate the spiritual icons of this world.”

“I didn’t mean-“

“It’s a cock, Emma. A lovely one, but it doesn’t need a christening. Now shut up and tell your nameless miracle to fuck me again. Hard.”