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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 3

And we did it again, amigos! 

  1. “My sock is missing.”
  2. “I must say it can be rather therapeutic”
  3. “Shit, they spotted us. Quick, put your Obama mask on.”
  4. “You raided my village, killed my parents and slaughtered tens of innocent people. I was able to forgive you for all of that-tell myself it was in your nature. But then you did something heinous. Something beyond all possible hope of redemption. You killed my dog.”
  5. “What do you mean you accidentally assassinated the Pope!?”
  6. “I would love to give a fuck about you but sadly my last one went off to war and never returned”
  7. “If you think I’ll stop my quest for world domination for a bag of cookies, you are,,, right… Now, gimme that!”
  8. “What are you doing with that rubber duckie toy– OH DEAR GOD LORD HAVE MERCY”
  9. “I’m more afraid of myself than you.”
  10. “I already told you, there’s nothing we can do about the fights. We COULD if you stopped spoiling shows and books to everyone.”
  11. “You, my friend, are the most unnecessary when it comes to your excessively sassy attitude.”
  12. “I love you.” “…..What? OH APRIL FOOLS.”
  13. “What is this, a concert for ants???”
  14. “I made it! I’m in the list! This is being a great day since I remembered it’s a Thursday, not a Monday!”
  15. “It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just that, well, I’ve got a sink full of dishes and a cat to wash.”
  16. “When you said i had pretty eyes i thought you were complimenting me,not trying to buy them!”
  17. “The wolves eat tonight.”
  18. “Gee, thanks for nearly killing me because of ____!” “Listen up here, are you dead? You’d better be greateful you’re still alive tou little shit.”
  19. "When you said you could fly, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”
  20. “Sarah, I love you and all but hOW ON EARTH DO YOU KEEP SENDING OUR PETS TO SPACE?!”
  21. “Look, just because you kidnapped me doesn’t mean I’m going to marry you.”
  22. “How in God’s name did you even get up there?!”
  23. “I think I misplaced my right hand”
  24. “I did it! I got into university!” “That’s great! What course?” “Uh… Would it be a bad thing if I told you that… Dark magic and villainy?”
  25. “Well, it just so happens that I have been a homeless man for three years now. That must mean I’m the chosen one!”
  26. “Have your eyes always been that colour?”
  27. “I’m going to fight the sun!”
  28. “You can’t just run around punching people you don’t like, ____!”
  29. “I’m not into that kinda thing.”
  30. “Dude why did you eat all that cake on your own?”
  31. “I just wanted to know if we could use a plastic knife”
  32. “Uhhhh, guys? Don’t hate me, but I think I just released Satan”
  33. “Well, fine… Just wait a little bit before you do something stupid.” “…”
  34. “What do you mean there’s no bacon flavored ice cream!?”
  35. “What do you mean you’re my sister? I don’t have a sister!”
  36. “Why the hell do we need a duck to hunt Bigfoot?”
  37. “Oh, so you can do pink explosions too”
  38. “This isn’t my kitchen, is it?”
  39. “Ohhh, so THAT’S what you meant by ‘shooting starts’.”
  40. “ACHOO” “bless you” “Thank you, wait a minute I live alone”
  41. “Put my creepy cat in a different room? Don’t be silly! I don’t even have a cat!”
  42. “Katie, please stop shooting me with tranquilizer darts.”
  43. “Why did you think it was a good idea to only bring a potato to this heist?”
  44. “Okay, we make this promise now - nobody look at that fucking goat ever again.”
  45. “Sarah, why is the cat naked?”
  46. “Wait. You’re aroused?”
  47. “Why would that surprise you?”
  48. “It does on account of you being covered in blood. Wipe that smile off your face. You look like a cat in heat.”
  49. “okay so let me get this straight, you’re not actually my long lost twin…” “yes.” “…because you’re me from another dimension” “…yes.”
  50. “I’m sorry, but did that thing just talk?”
  51. “I thought we promised to never speak of that incident again!”
  52. "Sweetheart”“Yes dear”“Some of your morally challenged friends are trying to kidnap me again.”“And?”“And!?”“You’re a big girl, you can take care of yourself.”“Of course I can, but the gesture would have been nice!”
  53. “how many epilepsy pills can you take before you overdose?” “Just one or two.” “I’m gonna have to call you back.”
  54. “…I was GOING to ask why there’s a pink goo all over the kitchen floor but I think that can wait whilst I ask what the FUCK IS GOING ON?”
  55. “For the last time, can you stop calling that thing 'human’”
  56. “Okay, that is a seriously dodgy looking hat-are you certain you’re right about this?”
  57. “Really Darling, you can stop trying to scream, we’ve already espablished that no one cares and it’s giving you unflattering lines on your forehead.”
  58. “_______, why am I on the ceiling?”
  59. “What the heck happened while I was at the store?
  60. "What the actual fuck!” “I did warn-” “Yes I know you said you were crazy, but this…. This is…” “Just another Tuesday. Oh we’re late for tea!” “With who?!” “With the Queen of course, who else?”
  61. “Despreate times call for cows.”
  62. “Did you burn the last piece of toast again?”
  63. “You didn’t TELL me there’d be free food!”
  64. “Did Jesus really die for this bullshit?”
  65. “Do you want the apocalypse?!! Because that’s how you get the apocalypse!!!”
  66. “Goddamit, I’m dead again aren’t I? How the hell did I do it this time?”
  67. “Dude, no.”
  68. “I may be a horrible person, but at least I am an honest one.”
  69. “I told you, I dress to kill, now fetch me my fancy stilettos, mama’s gonna slay tonight!”
  70. “I left the room for 3 minutes and you really want to tell me you started a war with every single planet?” “Well, I told you 3 months ago to not leave me alone.” “And I told you I have to use the bathroom 3 months ago!”
  71. “Wow, only took 3 minutes to destroy the world.” “Let’s see if I can do it in 2!”
  72. “So… Wh-Why- How did you flush the duck down the toilet?”
  73. “dude. i liked that carpet. do you know how hard it is to wash bloodstains out of carpets.”
  74. “Don’t worry, it’s much worse than it looks.”
  75. “What are you doing ___?” “I’m camping.” “No you’re beside tree with a blank-” “CAMPING”
  79. “What the hell kind of scream was that? And how did you make it?! ”
  80. “Hey, uhm… Hate to interrupt your conversation, but why the fuck is there a giraffe on the soup aisle”
  81. “You mean to tell me that somebody decided it was a good idea to cross plums and apricots, but nobody can figure out why my cat has RABBIT ears?”
  82. “Sorry but um… why is there a fox and a bear singing Ooh la la by Britney Spears on the balcony? And where is my chicken, Pudding?!”
  83. “Where did you get LIGHT-UP COMBAT BOOTS? THEY CHANGE COLOR?!”
  84. “So you’re telling me there was a genie trapped in that can of soup? And you accidentally ATE THE GENIE?!”
  85. “Listen…don’t take this the wrong way, but…I love the OTHER you better.”
  86. “Tell me why,  exactly, did you need the rubber chicken? ”
  87. “Look, I’m not a liar, alright?  And I ain’t overdramatic or hyperbolic or whatever else you wanna call me.  So when I say I would sell my soul for a pancake right now, I mean I will literally sell my soul for a pancake right now.  And maybe a million dollars.”
  88. “Wait a second, you’re telling me that….. YOU’VE BEEN DATING SATAN BEHIND MY BACK FOR FOUR WHOLE YEARS?!!!”
  89. “Well dad did say he would be gone for five days…what the hell? Let’s go to the corner store!”
  90. “Why did you buy 74 melons?!”
  91. “Where’s the toaster?” “It’s in the kitchen… Why do you have a fork?” “K, thanks.”
  92. “Death, out of all the things in this world, why are so afraid of ____?”
  93. “This floor is like my life; Cold and Hard.”
  94. “So you’re telling me that I am the only thing that is preventing a Third World War, right?” “Yeah, pretty much.”
  95. “I don’t know your name and you don’t know mine but I promise it will turn out okay.”
  96. “Little did you know, they were slowly turning into werewolves.”
  97. “Umm… I may have possibly accidentally blown up another planet”
  98. “I told you not to do that… now look, you’ve lost your hand!”
  99. “Every time you speak I literally die a little”
  100. “One baby soul please, Adult souls give me gas!”

“I need you, yes you (you should feel targeted), to come up with a new dialogue prompt for part 4 and leave it in the comments below. It’s fun and the first 100 replies will make the next list. As always, one prompt per amigo and don’t forget the doubles quotes “”. Pantoffel” (Click here for part 1 and here for part 2)


throwback to that one time Spencer tried to drag Aleks into the ocean and Aleks turned into a fucking pro wrestler

who u should fight rvb freelancer version
  • York: York’s a great guy who could also probably like, rip you in half but tbh I feel like he’s that guy in the group who makes endless puns and dick jokes so, hey, punch him and then run away, lock a door behind you, and you’ll be fine. Fight York.
  • Carolina: I mean. I don’t know what show you’ve been watching, I really don’t. Jesus Horatio Christ on a popsicle don’t fight Carolina.
  • Washington: Wash has had the shittiest life ever. Of all time. Do not fight Wash give Wash chocolate and love.
  • South Dakota: True, South will rip you to tiny bitty little shreds, okay yeah but she got North killed and Theta lost and just... if you can fight South pls go for it
  • North Dakota: Why would you fight him. Why. North wants to give you a blanket and a cup of tea and talk about Grifball with you why would you fight him? Also if you did fight him he'd shoot you from three miles away. You're not nearly good enough to even get near him to actually fight him so don't bother. Don't fight North.
  • Maine: If you want death, then yes, fight Maine. But don't actually. Either he'd punch you once and you'd explode or he'd pick you up by the scruff of your neck and place you on a really high shelf or something. Don't fight Maine.
  • Wyoming: Please rip his mustache off. Fight Wyoming.
  • Florida: That's like the worst idea ever ok look Florida is a chill honestly nice dude who will slather you with compliments and mean them but you will not last 0.0002 seconds in a fight with him. Nah he isn't on the leaderboard but that's probably cos he's like, way too cool for that shit okay don't fight Florida. Let Florida hug you.
  • Iowa: why would you do that that's like fighting Caboose except a Caboose who's never killed anyone okay it's like fighting Caboose's more innocent twin if that's possible DON'T FIGHT IOWA
  • Georgia: Yeah go ahead fight Georgia he seems like a dick. Also he probably sucks I mean we all know what happened to Georgia you might even win. Fight Georgia.
  • Ohio: bruh don't fight Ohio, set Ohio up with Sherry
  • Idaho: ehhhhhhhhhhh I feel like that would be a dick move. Don't fight Idaho.
  • Utah: how can you fight utah you don't even know what utah looks like
Little Monster part 3


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: A couple bad words? Mentions of drugging someone (e.g. date rape) but without explicit content. Just briefly mentioned but if this is not for you, then please skip the cursive part!

Word count: 2389

Summary: You and Clint meet up to discuss tactics. Pietro reveals something to Bucky and infuriaties him.

A/N: You should start to wonder by now who the real little monster is…

Part 1

Part 2

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anonymous asked:

Jesus Christ, why do find Ozai hot?

Umm, this is an ambiguous question. You’re missing a noun there, so I’m going to try to answer this as generally as possible.

If you’re asking why I, Seyary, find Ozai hot? It’s because he is.

Look at the man:

Appreciate the smoulder. The perfectly manly jawline. That fucking ridiculously lustrous hair he probably gets combed thrice a day because he’s a diva. DEM CHEEKBONES.

I’m sorry. Even better smoulder. (I did not tweak this screenshot somebody please help me I can’t stop laughing!)

And he’s ripped as heck. Dorito proportions, six pack, wtf Ozai. Stop working out so much, you need to give other guys a chance.

Now, that’s my personal opinion on him. But since I’m not sure if you were asking about me, I’m going to address all possibilities from your question:

“Jesus Christ, why do you find Ozai hot?” could mean you’re asking Jesus Christ instead of me. No intent to offend any Christians with this answer of course, but Jesus has always been a man who was very kind-hearted, loved everyone even if they hated him, advised his followers to love even their enemies. Jesus Christ would tell you, Anon, that Ozai is hateful but you don’t have to be. The kingdom of heaven will be open for you if you’re not as hateful as Ozai. So hating Ozai is not something Jesus Christ would approve of (I went to catholic school, I’d know!), and denying his hotness just out of spite is a hateful practice. So don’t do it.

More importantly, the Bible’s ten commandments also establish that you mustn’t lie. The ninth commandment, was it? So Jesus Christ would not have lied and claimed Ozai wasn’t hot when Ozai is actually hot. He would have said Ozai is a very cruel man who needed to see the light from God, but he would have never thought Ozai was ugly out of spite for all the hideous things he did. So this is why Jesus Christ would hypothetically not deny that Ozai is hot.

Now, maybe the problem isn’t me or Jesus Christ. Maybe the question was meant to be: “Jesus Christ, why do I find Ozai hot?!”, alluding at you suffering from a severe crisis where you’re realizing Ozai is in fact hot as hell. Well, all the previous explanations apply. If you’re having such a crisis, don’t feel bad. We all know he’s hot. Doesn’t make him less of an asshole.

Nickelodeon say he’s hot too, see?

So maybe you were asking why did Nickelodeon say he was hot? I mean, I did post this screenshot once before so maybe that’s what prompted this ask… 

Anyways, fact of the matter is, Ozai was indeed designed to look like an older, scar-less Zuko. It was a cruel play from Bryke to make Zuko fans scream in outrage because they wanted to hate every little thing about Ozai, but if they hate his looks out of spite, they’re hating the image their beloved Zuko will have in the future (just, Zuko is scarred, of course). So yes. It’s hilariously cruel but it’s actually pretty funny. Ergo, even Zuko fans are forced to say Ozai is hot despite how much they may hate him, because if you were to think Zuko is hot and Ozai is not, it means you’re into teenagers only and if you’re over 18 years old you probably should be more interested in fully grown men instead of teenagers…

Lastly: SCIENCE proves Ozai is hot.

See this?

Just look at all that fire. A candle’s fire, according to wikipedia, is at 1,500°F, 829°C. Just how much heat do you think this shithead is creating through his bending? Yes, Azula’s fire is way hotter but that doesn’t mean Ozai’s isn’t. Try putting your hand in a fireplace and don’t get burned. You can’t. You can’t touch Ozai without getting burned either. Cuz’ he’s hot and his fire is hot, too (and hella aggressive, I don’t think he’d like being touched by strangers). Get it?

Long story short, Anon, if you’re actually indignant that people find Ozai hot, if you are simply not attracted to hot maniac bastards who want to set the world on fire

Originally posted by anoutlandishidea

well that’s on you, really. But it’s not every day that Jesus Christ and Science would agree on something. I’d say regardless of which one you prefer, you should believe them. Just sayin’.

No Reason To Be Ashamed

You and Tom have been dating for a couple of months now. He had just recently posted a pic on Instagram of you and him cuddling on the couch with the caption being “my darling Y/n”. While Tom went out to get breakfast, you get bored & decide to look up the picture and take a sneak peak of the comments, but they were not good. Here were some of the comments:

*Why is he with her again?

*Jesus. What a whore.

*End this plz.

Even with some positive comments thrown in there, all you could think about were the negative things. You later hear the door open and Tom has brought you your favorite meals. “Morning darling” he said with his always beautiful smile. “I got your favorite.” You give a slight smile to him. He suspects somethings up & asks you about it.

“Is everything ok? Did you not sleep well? Did I do something?” It was cute when he was concerned cause it meant that he really cared about you and wanted you to be happy.

“No. You didn’t do anything.” Tom didn’t believe you.

“You know you can tell me anything right? I’m always gonna be there for you.”

“What am I to you? Honestly.”

“Why are you asking?” He later puts all the pieces together and realizes whats happening. “People are talking shit about you aren’t they?”

“Some. There are some good things people have said about me but…”

“But nothing. I’m with you because I think you are the most amazing human being I have ever met. You are unbelievably beautiful, smart, funny, courageous, and strong. Who cares what they say? What matters is us and not them.” You felt a lot better after he said that. “Now come on. Lets go eat breakfast and cuddle all day.” You giggled as he picked you up and carried you to the kitchen.

Moving On

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Prompt: ‘it hurt me to realise you didn’t love me anymore, but it hurt even more when I saw you fall in love with her.’

Word Count: 3547

A/N: God I don’t know how this ended up so long, but I hope you enjoy it regardless. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything, but here goes nothing. Pleaaaaseeee if you have any comments let me know, hope you all have a lovely day :)

“Are you sure you want another one of those?”

I squinted my eyes, “you want my money don’t you?” My speech was slightly slurred—even I was taken back. I never got to the point where my speech slurred.

“(Y/N)—“ Dan sighed heavily before swiping my glass from the bar, “you’re not having anymore, I’m cutting you off.” He placed the tumbler into a large plastic tub by the kegs and brought me a glass of water. “And you know I don’t want your money anymore, I haven’t wanted your money for years.” It was true, most nights I didn’t pay for my alcohol—but most nights I wasn’t getting blind drunk to mask my overwhelming sadness.

I gulped down the water, slamming the glass onto the wooden counter as soon as I was done. “I’m so pathetic Dan, look at me.” I could feel my eyes well up, “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” the lump in my throat began to rise as I tried to fight back the tears. “He’s getting married tomorrow and I’m here! I’m here getting drunk and the saddest part is for a year and a half—a fucking year and a half I’ve told myself, told everybody! I’ve told anyone who I could that I was fine—But I’m not, I’m not fine, I haven’t been fine since he left me.” I was flailing my arms; the guy beside me was blatantly staring.

“Aren’t you one of those superheroes?” He asked, a hint of disgust in his tone.

“Fuck off.” I flipped him the finger and turned back to Dan.

“Sorry buddy.” He rushed to apologise to the patron, “why don’t I get you another beer?”

“Forget it,” the man declined the offer, instead he got up and grabbed his duffle coat from his chair. “You’re right,” he said looking me in the eye, “you are pathetic.”

I felt the blood rush to my head, the glass beside me shattering without warning. “(Y/N)!” Dan screamed, before grabbing my hand, “control yourself!” I suddenly jolted back to reality.

“And these are the people we trust with our lives?” The man scoffed before scurrying out the door.

“Fucking prick!” I called after him, knowing it would fall on deaf ears.

“Jesus Christ (Y/N) you can’t just pull shit like that!” Dan slammed another glass of water down in front of me. “You know I love you, but I’m going to have to call someone to come get you, you need some rest.”

“I was dead!” I cried out, “I was dead for 9 months, is that enough time to grieve?” whatever I was saying, Dan wasn’t interested—he was far too busy on the phone trying to deal with the mess that I was. “9 months.” I whispered the words to myself again and again.

“Someone’s coming to get you.” Dan returned to me, “are you done with this?” he gestured to the water.

I nodded solemnly, “please don’t tell me you called Tony, he’ll be really mad with me.”

“I didn’t call Tony.” Dan mumbled as he wiped down a glass, “God knows I don’t wanna deal with that asshole again.”

“Why don’t you come back to the team Danny?” I grabbed his hand, “I miss you, I need you back.”

“It’s been five years (Y/N), I’m not coming back.” He whipped his hand away. “I can’t live like that anymore—it fucks me up, my head, you know?” I could see the pain in his eyes; the job had been tearing him down.

“I never was and never will be cut out to be a superhero.”

The sound of the bell above the bar door interrupted me before I could say anything, I didn’t bother to look at who it was—I already knew they were there to collect me, not that I needed collecting.

“(Y/N)” a familiar voice spoke as they placed a hand to my shoulder, “let’s get you home.”

My body went rigid as I stared at Dan in contempt, “how could you?” I muttered. I didn’t even have to look to see whose hand was on my shoulder, I already knew and I’d never felt so betrayed in my life.

“He’s the only one who’ll take care of you properly.” Dan couldn’t meet my eyes; he knew just how badly he’d hurt me. “The only one you ever listen to.”

“Don’t fucking touch me Rogers!” I shook Steve off of me.

“What’s gotten into you?!” He was confused; he had no idea how I felt. I’d pretended to be fine with his new situation—buddy, buddy, like he hadn’t chewed my heart up and spat it out.

 “Nothing!” the rage that had been building up inside me was returning and it was coming back stronger. I could feel my scalp heat up as the hair on my head turned purple.

 “Jesus Christ!” Steve pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me. “Stop,” he whispered to me, “stop please.”

All I could think about as he held onto me was, “why is this happening?” Why was he there? Why was he taking care of me when only a year ago he’d tossed me aside like I was no one? “Let go of me Steve.” I pushed him away, the anger refused to subside.

“How much did you give her to drink?!” He directed his frustration towards Dan.

“Don’t blame me Rogers, she’s here because of you!”

Steve opened his mouth to say something but was taken back by the comment, “what?”

Dan rolled his eyes, “you heard me.”

“(Y/N)—“ he grabbed ahold of my hands and looked me in the eyes, “listen to me—I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m gonna get you home and make you a cup of tea, two sugars, no milk—just the way you like it, okay?”

My heart rate began to slow as he recited the way I liked my tea back to me—he still remembered. “You still know.”

“How could I forget?” He quirked an eyebrow.

“I thought—I thought you wouldn’t remember anything anymore, because you stopped loving me.” I was blabbering, but that was a sign I was calming down. My blood stream was going from turbulent to a steady pump and my scalp was cooling—I imagined the purple was slowly fading back to brown.

Steve stared at me for a second, “let’s go home.” He ignored my comment; instead he steadied me on my feet—shaking off his coat, so that he could wrap it around me.

“You’re gonna be cold.” I mumbled, forgetting that he barely felt the seasons.

“I’ll be fine,” he pulled me into his side and walked me towards the door. He didn’t bother to say anything to Dan, but I couldn’t help myself—I had to turn back to look at him, an apologetic look etched on my face. I knew deep down he was just trying to help.

True to his word Steve managed to get me back home in one piece and even stayed to make me tea. I couldn’t help but stare at him as he stood waiting for it to brew. My heart felt like a weight in my chest—a weight heavier than a boulder. Just staring at him made my eyes well up—it was ridiculous, I was an international superpower, there were countries hunting me and nothing scared me more than my love for him. It was so strong and I couldn’t seem to get rid of it, no matter how hard I tried to escape it.

I pulled the blanket he’d draped around me tightly, my knees pressed to my chest as I sat waiting for him to say something.

“What’s wrong with you (Y/N)?” he asked as he placed my mug down in front of me—his eyes fixated on mine. He was searching them for answers, but I wasn’t sure I could tell him. It hurt me to even think about it, how was I supposed to say it out loud and to him of all people.

“You’re getting married tomorrow and not to me.” I averted my eyes to the floor as soon as the words left my mouth. “You expect me to sit there and be happy for you, but how can I? How can I when that was meant to be you and I?”

“(Y/N)—“ he sighed heavily, “I—you were dead, I thought you weren’t coming back. Last time I waited for someone, I waited too long and that ruined me. I thought if I waited again it’d kill me—It’s not easy you know.” There was clear pain on his face “I loved you, I loved you so much and when you came back I didn’t know how to feel—But she, she was there for me when you were gone, she gave me a second chance.” It had always been hard for Steve to love I knew that. Everyone he’d loved either moved on or died—time had not waited for him and fate had not been easy on him.

“I was only gone 9 months Steve.” I couldn’t stop the single tear from rolling down my cheek. “You know it hurt when I realised you didn’t love me anymore, but it hurt ten times more when I saw you fall in love with her.” Being stuck with Stephen Strange meant death wasn’t really death; the whole time he was bringing me back I was able to see everything that was happening back on earth—I was a ghost.

“I still love you, I really do. You were my best friend and god it was hard for me when you died—I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, typical withdrawal you know? I was so damn depressed.”

Hearing him say he still loved me almost killed me inside, but hearing him say he’d been depressed brought me physical pain. I still remembered seeing him struggle and feeling helpless—feeling like it was my entire fault.

“Then why won’t you come back to me?” I couldn’t help myself, the tears started to flow freely and I hated myself for it. I had always tried my best to look strong in front of him and now I was breaking down the perfect façade I’d built.

“It’s not that simple (Y/N),” he reached out to hold my hand. “I thought I—how could I break someone else’s heart like that?”

He was right, but I couldn’t care less. She stole him from me, so why did I deserve the pain and not her? I knew I sounded selfish, but I didn’t care—I deserved to be happy too. “You need to leave Captain.” I set down the cup of tea; “I can’t deal with this anymore. You’ve heard my peace; you know I’m still in love with you. If you still want to marry her, then go ahead—but if you change your mind, you know where to find me.”

He got up from his seat and ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “Why did you wait a year and a half to tell me the truth?”

“Because I care about your happiness more than mine.” I always had and I knew it would never change.

“I would’ve left her, if you had just said something earlier.”

“I just need you to leave right now, I already tried to drink myself to death. God knows what’ll happen if you stay any longer.” Crying in front of him made me feel so small, so weak—he’d never seen me cry before, he’d always been the emotional half of our whole, so having him watch me cry made me angry.

“I’m sorry,” he kneeled down in front of me and wiped away my tears. “I really am.”

“Please go,” I sputtered, “please.”

He nodded, “I won’t see you tomorrow will I?”

I laughed through my tears; he really had the audacity to ask.

“Yeah,” he sighed at my reaction, “that’s what I thought.”

“That doesn’t look like a lovely formal dress to me.” Tony remarked as I shoved a spoonful of cereal into my mouth. He was referring to my bright purple pyjamas.

“Considering I’m not going anywhere today I thought these would be the perfect attire.” I continued to shovel down my cereal—all that drinking had left me with the most unfathomable craving for frosty flakes.

“I’m fairly certain we have a wedding to attend today, or Pepper just shoved this suit on me for no reason.” He tried to shove a spoon into my cereal, but I swatted his hand away. 

Get your own,” I sputtered, my mouth still full 

“Well, I can’t—“ he gestured to the empty box, “you’ve eaten them all.”

I shrugged, “too bad.”

“So wait,” he spoke as he rifled through the cupboards. “You really aren’t coming today?”

“No.” I said monotonously before gulping down some orange juice. “How can I watch the man I love marry someone else?”

He stopped searching for food and slowly turned to look at me. “You still—?”

“Wow I must be really good at masking my feelings.”

“I—wow, just—wow. Count me as not fucking surprised.” He slammed a box of fruit loops down on the counter. “You know for elite crime fighters we really do have an unnecessary amount of sugary treats around.”

“Wait what?” I almost spat out my last beloved mouthful of frosted flakes.

“Well, you’d think that because we were always on the move we’d eat healthier—you know? Have a balanced diet!”

“Tony!” I knew he knew what I was questioning; he was just choosing to avoid it. “I was not talking about the sugary treats.”

“Ah yes, well Rogers is an idiot for not realising that you still love him.” He sat down in front of me, “and marrying her of all people? I’m pretty sure he’s shot her twice, no idea why he’d want to marry her after that.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You know I still remember the day—“ I was cut off by the sound of Pepper shouting for Tony.

“Oh no, she’s going to find me.” He says it like he’s worried, but sits calmly in his place—looking quite unnerved.

“Oh thank god there you are—(Y/N), why aren’t you dressed?” She asks as soon as she sees me. 

“I’m not coming,” I gulp down more juice and trace shapes into the skin of my leg.

“Oh,” her face falls, “understandable.”

“See,” Tony speaks up from his fruit loops, “even Pepper can tell.”

“Well it’s not hard to see.” She marches up to the table and slides the bowl away from Tony “we’re going to be late, hurry up.”

He lets out a heavy sigh but gets up anyway, “see you later kiddo.” His tone is different, somewhat apologetic.

“See you.” I say quietly, before grabbing his bowl—not wanting to let the sugary goodness go to waste.

I was watching the time—I knew the wedding would be over, but I couldn’t bring myself to head back home. I’d made my way over to the park just below the tower—it was the worst decision I’d made all day. Everything there reminded me of Steve. It was the most convenient place for us to go on picnics, or to just relax—he even had a favourite tree. The feeling of being surrounded by all those memories made me sick, but I knew I couldn’t go back home. Knowing that everyone would be there celebrating his new life with someone else was the most horrible feeling in the world. Memories of our past seemed better than having to deal with that.

My phone buzzed from inside my pocket, a message from Wanda illuminating my phone 

‘Where are you? Come back quickly, something’s happened.’

It was a very vague message, but something inside me told me that I needed to suck it up and head back home. I didn’t bother to respond, it would only take me a few minutes to get back to the tower anyway.

As I got up I noticed someone jogging towards me—someone in a suit. Assuming it was someone from home, I picked up the pace. Surely if someone had left the reception then the situation at headquarters was bad.

When I notice exactly who was running towards me I almost threw up. “Steve?” I questioned, my voice shaky.

“(Y/N)—“ he stopped in front of me, barely out of breath. “I didn’t do it.”

I felt my heart pound in my chest like it was trying to escape. “You didn’t do what?” I held my hand out to cradle his face, before averting my eyes to his left hand in search for a ring.

“I didn’t marry her—the whole time, all I was thinking about was you—thinking about how I call your name in my sleep when I have a nightmare, or how I can remember every small detail of your body and end up looking for them on her, thinking about all your small quirks and how I loved every single one of them. The whole time, for the past two years, I’ve been trying to find you in her—and for a second there I had myself convinced, because I thought you didn’t love me—But I know now, I know it’s you.”


“No—“ he raised a hand to silence me, “don’t try and tell me otherwise.”

“I’m sorry I lied to you,” I squeaked out the words as the lump in my throat began to rise. “I’m so sorry, I just didn’t want to look vulnerable, but I am—I am vulnerable and I need you.”

He pulled me towards his chest and wrapped his arms firmly around me. “You don’t need me (Y/N), you love me and I love you—but don’t ever say you need me, because I know you. I know how strong you are, and no woman as strong as you could ever depend on a man and nor should she have to.”

I wriggled myself out of his grasp and stared at him in awe, “this is why I love you so much.” I was crying again, but this time I wasn’t angry with myself. Because, for once showing emotion got me what I wanted. “You’ve always known the right things to say.”

“Somehow it’s all natural with you,” he grinned before looping his fingers through mine.

“Don’t get cheesy with me Rogers,” I moved towards him so that our faces were only millimetres apart.

“Is this the point where we dramatically reconcile with a kiss.” He raised an eyebrow, a cheeky smirk spread across his face.

“It won’t be if you keep talking.” I whispered, before his free hand made its way to the back of my neck, pulling me towards him—before I knew it our lips were slowly moving against each other. I knew he was smiling even though my eyes were clamped shut—Steve untangled his hand from mine and used it to grab my waist and pull me closer. I hadn’t felt happiness for a year and a half and yet in the space of five minutes I couldn’t think one unhappy thought—everything felt right again. My whole body was buzzing, from my toes to the hair on my head—he was like a drug, my body responded to him automatically—like he’d said before, it was all natural with us.

He pulled himself away from my lips and kissed my neck, a small shiver ran up my spine as his soft breaths hit the sensitive skin. “God—“ he whispered, making me twitch “I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you so much.”

“Stop,” I sneered, “or you’ll make me cry again.” I wasn’t lying, if he kept going the way he was going I was bound to end up a puddle.

“I can’t help it,” he pulled away. “It should feel strange to be with you again, I should feel bad, but I don’t I mean—“

“It’s okay to feel bad,” I knew deep down he had an ounce of regret.

“I know it is, but she understood. I think she saw it coming—I think everyone saw it coming.”

“How are we going to go back in there?” I bit my lip as I looked up at the tower, “they’re going to be angry.”

“I don’t think so,” he shook his head. “Sure it might be uncomfortable for a few days, but I’m certain 95 per cent of that room didn’t want me to marry the wrong person today.”

“Are you sure?”

“Definitely, I mean Natasha and Tony practically ambushed me before the ceremony and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I imagined the two of them just sitting on Steve’s bed, waiting to have an intervention. “Well then Rogers I think we should take this public display of affection and turn it into a private one.”

He re-looped his hand with mine and shot me the biggest grin I’d ever seen. “I think you’re right.”

LOT fic: Mick's World

Fic: Mick’s World (AO3 Link)
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow, Flash
Pairing: mostly gen (Mick Rory/Leonard Snart main, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart but only if you really squint)

Summary: When Leonard Snart gets a hold of the Spear of Destiny, he doesn’t turn it over to the Legion of Doom to do with as they wish.

He’s a thief. He steals it for himself - and for his partner - instead.

It’s Mick Rory’s world now, and you’re all just living in it.

(rewrite of Doomworld)

A/N: I wrote this in a fit of inspiration in the space of about an hour, so…please forgive the mistakes. They may be more than usual. @oneiriad, who needs to stop giving me all these fic ideas.


Len’s humming to himself as he enters the warehouse where he stashed the guns and the diamond for the time being. His contact was as good as his word - he has a reliable location for Mick and a message out for delivery.

He has no doubt Mick will meet him at the crappy Keystone motel, despite the months since they last saw each other. They’ve always come back together, always, no matter the reason for the split.

They just need some time to cool off, that’s all.

Len smirks at the pun.

Just as he walks in, though, he sees a crackle of lightning. Red lightning, not yellow, but no one’s ever been able to fault Len’s knee-jerk instincts.

He flips on the gun, aims, and shoots in one move.

He catches the speedster from the waist down.

It’s definitely not the kid he saw earlier - an older man, about Len’s age, blond. Looks like Len just gave him an unpleasant surprise.

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RP Starters - Joking about Christianity
  • “This is not what Jesus wanted.”
  • “Thanks, non existent God.”
  • “Jesus really did die for nothing.”
  • “This is why I worship Satan.”
  • “God doesn’t exist and Satan is almighty.”
  • “God has forsaken me.”
  • “Papa Satan.”
  • “Thanks, Satan.”
  • “God has abandoned us.”
  • “Why won’t God end my suffering? Why won’t God let me die?”
  • “Dear God, give me peace. Or money. Either will do.”
She is Mine (Part 3) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine

Part 1

Part 2

requests: when you get the chance could you maybe write a Carl imagine taking place back at negans sanctuary and one of negans wife catches his eye (she’s around the same age as Carl) and negan is yelling at her about something and Carl gets pissed and glares at him and yeah you can think of an ending? sorry. Thank you

yeah! great. keep it going

Can you please do a 3 part of “ she is mine ” thank you

pairings: carl x reader, friendly negan x reader

a/n: please give me some ideas if you want me to continue this! ya girl needs some help lol

word count: 1,061

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers @raveneyedfreak 

“He let me go,” you told the boy. He told you his name was Carl, and that his father was the leader of the group who lived in Alexandria. “He told me that I didn’t have to be married to him anymore. Although, it was all just pretending anyway. There was no official ceremony or anything like that. I just did it so I would be safe.” 

Carl nodded and looked away from you. “That’s good. You know, I was really grossed out when I saw he was with someone my age. I’ve seen some bad stuff, but that’s pretty high on the list of things that have disturbed me.” 

You smiled at him in agreement. “Yeah. To be fair, though, he didn’t force me to stay with him. I was terrified of what would happen if I tried to leave, but I don’t think he would have hurt me or forced me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with.” 

“Other than wear high heels, right?” 

You laughed for what felt like the first time in ages. Sure, you had faked a smile or two just to get Negan to leave you alone, but Carl actually made you feel happy. 

“(Y/N)!” Negan’s booming voice snapped you out of your trance. You and Carl both turned your heads towards the man who was quickly marching down the paved road. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” 

“I asked you what you wanted me to do, and you didn’t give me a job,” you replied. You tried your hardest to sound calm, but your heart rate was rapidly increasing, for Negan seemed angrier than ever. 

“That doesn’t answer my question.” 

You sighed and rolled your eyes. “I found company. I’m socializing. Making friends.” 

“Yeah, well we don’t have time for you to be making friends. Save that for when we get back to the Sanctuary.” Negan grabbed your upper arm and pulled you away from Carl. “It’s time to go.” 

Negan glared at Carl, and he seemed furious. “Keep to yourself, kid. I already let you off the hook once. We don’t need another meeting like last time. Right?” 

Carl nodded, his eyes avoiding contact with yours. You turned to him one last time and smiled. He returned the gesture, and you knew you would find a way to see him again soon. 

“I don’t want you around that kid. He’s a fuckin’ mess.” Negan continued to ramble on and on about how terrible Carl was, but you couldn’t care less. Anyone who earned Negan’s disapproval was alright in your book. 

“What happened last time?”

Negan raised his eyebrow at you, letting go of your arm to set you in the passenger’s seat of his truck. “What last time?” 

“You know,” you started, but paused until he walked around the front of the truck and climbed in the driver’s side. “You told him you didn’t need another meeting like last time. What happened last time?” 

Negan started the car and began to back out of Alexandria. The rest of his Saviors followed behind the truck in their massive carriages. 

“Negan, what happened?” 

“He broke into the Sanctuary to try to kill me, but he fuckin’ failed. That’s what happened. The kid went on a god damn suicide mission and expected to take me down in the process.” 

“I know you’re not telling me the whole story. Why can’t you just tell me what happened?” You were getting more and more worked up as he continued to leave you unsatisfied with vague responses. You weren’t going to let him off trial until you knew what you wanted to know. 

“We busted balls! I made him cry a little. It wasn’t a big deal.” Negan scoffed and turned his head so he was facing the road ahead of him. 

“If it wasn’t a big deal, then why didn’t you just tell me that in the first place?” The thought of Negan upsetting Carl to the point where he cried made you want to punch him in the face, but you knew that would get you nowhere. 

“Because, darling, I’d hate to ruin my dazzling reputation.” 

You huffed and crossed your arms, turning your shoulders away from him. “Why did you make me leave him back there?” 

“Jesus Christ! Who told you today was the day to interview me? I don’t have the energy to answer all these damn questions!” 

“Negan, for the love of god, please just give me one good reason why you took me away from him in the middle of our damn conversation.” Your breathing was more controlled than it was before, but you were nowhere near calm. 

“I can’t have you socializing with the enemy, (Y/N). I gotta have you on my side.” Negan seemed sincere when he told you this, but his facial expression instantly changed once he realized what he had said. 

“Why wouldn’t I be on your side? You’ve treated me so well. I have no reason to go against you.” 

Negan shut his eyes and brought a hand up to his temple. “I… I’ve done things I’m not proud of, and I don’t want you to look at me any differently. I know I let you go, but you’re still mine. You’re still a Savior, and I care about you. I want you to feel the same way about me, and I’m afraid Carl will try to change that.” 

You knew Negan was capable of doing brutal things. Hell, you had seen them happen with your own eyes. He had split up marriages, assaulted people until they lost consciousness, and probably more that you weren’t aware of. You always had an idea of who Negan was, and that he wasn’t a saint. 

He was opening up to you, though. You felt compelled to the same. Maybe it was stupid and in the heat of the moment, but you told him how you were feeling. 

“I miss being around people my age. I haven’t met anyone like Carl in a long time, and I know you don’t really care-” 

“I do,” he interrupted. “I do care. Continue.” 

“I’d like to get to know him. You know, I think we’ll have a lot in common, considering we both grew up the same way.” 

Negan scratched his chin, something you noticed he did when he was thinking. 

“We’ll see.”

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anonymous asked:

Why are we celebrating women today exactly? Did women build the cities and houses we live in? No.Did women ever band together and take up arms in the defense of others? No. Do women make the majority of scientific and technological advances we benefit from? Why does a specific gender need a fuckin day to pat itself on the back for existing? Jesus I'm salty

Google is free, I don’t have to deal with your ignorance and bigotry.

Wanna see why we celebrate Women’s day? google it, or are you too lazy for that too?

You want me to give you answers or bait me into saltiness? whatever, you gotta try harder than this. 

This is common knowledge, is not women’s blame you never got educated on it. 

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“are you stupid or stupid?” with nurseydex bc obviously

This is one of my favorite prompts for nurseydex. 

Thank you for the prompt!

“You forgot, didn’t you?”  Dex is at his suite door in a suit and tie, with sunflowers.  His smile has fallen, but his cheeks are a happy flush.

“Uh… Honestly, I didn’t think were you being serious?”  Nursey lets him in and takes the flowers to put them in some water. “No one brought me flowers before. How did you know to get sunflowers?”  Dex is giving him that ‘are you stupid or stupid?’ look. God, He’s such an ass sometimes. “What?” Dex just shakes his head. 

“I know you haven’t gotten flowers before because you told me.” Nursey looks confused. “Last week.” Nope, he is drawing a blank. “At the kegster, after Brad, or Dan, whatever his name was, stood you up.” Jesus. He really needs to chill on the tequila when he is having boy troubles. 

“Which explains why you offer to take me on date the next day, so, I could get my first date with a guy out of the way.” Nursey said nodding his head. He arranges the sunflowers. Figures, No guy has ever actually followed through with the whole date thing.  Dex clears his throat. 

“Uh… I asked you because I wanted to go on a date with you.” Dex is looking at fridge behind him. His face start go an anxious red. He chews on his bottom lip, like he does when he is thinking of the best way to say something.  “But, If you don’t want to, I’ll just go.” 

“Why?” Dex shifts his focus to Nursey’s face and furrows his brow. 

“I am not going to make you go on a date.”  Nursey groans with frustration.

“No, idiot, why do you want to go on a date with me?” Dex is back to staring at the fridge. He takes a deep breathe like his trying to psych himself up to answer that question. Dex hold one of Nursey’s hand between both of his hands. 

“Derek, you are incredible person. You deserve to be taken out and treated like you matter,” Dex is looking very intently at him. It’s intense. He never look more serious, “because you matter a lot to me. I like the man I am becoming because you.”

“Oh okay.” Nursey says very quietly. 

“Okay. Now if you still want to this, you should change.” Dex is giving him an out, and that just won’t do. 

“What should I wear?” Dex smiles.   

“Maybe, that green sweater Ransom got you for christmas? It looks really nice and matches your eyes.”  Nursey nods. 

“Sw’awesome.” He pecks Dex’s cheek with a kiss before breezing quickly out of there to change. 

After all, He has a date. 

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maybe nursey and dex try to put together ikea furniture because nursey convinced dex that ikea was cheaper in the long run than building a full desk from oak and hilarity insues

  • “what are these little screw things in the picture? we’re supposed to have, like, 20 of these fuckers and i don’t see any”
  • “how did you just attach that leg upside down, nursey???? there’s not even a place to screw it in there?????”
  • “pretty sure that desk isn’t level” “fuck off, it’s fine” *pencil rolls straight off the edge* “IT’S. FINE.”
  • “the knob goes - no, it’s - nope - right there, just - CHRIST, JUST GIVE ME THE SCREWDRIVER”
  • “wait why do we have three extra screws.” *desk collapses* “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST”
Proper Language

I read a prompt about a academy being right next to a kindergarten and the teacher’s reaction to having the drill sergeant yelling at his recruits when little ears are present.

This fic was born from that.

Derek is well aware of the problems of having a military academy next to a kindergarten; the morning drills that pull his kids’ attention from their work to the ‘knights-in-training’ as Emily has taken to calling them, the attention needed to make sure his kids don’t go running over to the academy as soon as class gets out, and the explanation of the different ranks of military with each new year to name a few.

He’s been thankful that whoever runs the place seems to have taken where they are very seriously and the only incident that has happened so far is Billy breaking his arm from falling from the monkey bars on the playground trying to emulate one of the training drills.

All of that changes the day the academy gets a new drill sergeant.

And it’s not like Derek gets updates on whenever Beacon Hills Military Academy, Home of the Wrathful Wolves, hires or fires anyone. It’s more that there’s a new addition to his classroom a little late into the year and that she announces to the whole class that her daddy is like Mr. Hale, except he teaches big people how to do big people things.

Also, her name is Claudia Stilinski and she’s going to be the first female president.

The glare she gives Brad when he laughs at that, as well as adding a snide remark about her name, has Derek feeling like she just might be the perfect person for the job.

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CHARACTER : Rock Star!Seb

AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : Pining, smut, not really fluff, not really angst. Seb’s a hot singer, just go with that!!





The roar of the Mustang’s engine told me that Jack was here for our date. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I stood up straight as I smoothed down the black dress with my hands and said confidently, “This is a good idea, Ally. You’re not doing anything wrong.” I picked up my gold hoops, clasping them through my earlobes as I walked to the door. If guys can date two girls at a time, I can date two guys. Seb never wanted to be exclusive anyway.

Sebastian. Singer of The Scarlett Falcon, only the most popular band in town. And the man is sex on legs. His brown hair, so soft, lays right on his shoulders, and his eyes, his blue eyes…just full of mischief when he sings to you. But I think the best thing I like about him is his lips. Those red, full, always smirking lips. And must he ALWAYS lick them? Seriously is it really that hot on stage? Of course the man has an awesome physique : he fills his jeans perfectly in every way possible, and his biceps…damn…

“Ally, hello?” Jack was knocking the second…third time? Squeezing my eyes shut I called out, “Coming Jack!” Damnit Ally. You can’t sit around pining for Seb. God knows he isn’t for you.

One more look in the mirror by the door, and another reminder that dating two guys is acceptable, I opened the door and saw Jack. Jack Jacobs, six foot one, blond hair, brown eyes, and the sweetest guy I’d ever met. In his black pants and light blue shirt he looked as handsome as ever. Leaning forward to kiss my cheek, he said, “Hey Ally, I thought you jumped ship!” “Nah. I never pass up free food.” I giggled and rolled my eyes as he put his hand on the small of my back and led me to his car.


Jack pulled into the parking lot of Sam’s Bar and frowned as he turned off the engine. “I know you want to keep things casual right now Ally, but a *bar?*

With a small smile I said, “It’s a restaurant too.” Jack narrowed his eyes as he sighed in defeat. He helped me out of the car and put his arm around my waist. “You win. You always win little one.”

The smile froze on my face. Sebastian calls me little one. I swallowed hard, then became upset. So what? He probably calls all of his women ‘little one.’ Pffft, probably can’t remember our names.

“Do I go first? I’m a gentleman Ally. After you.” I blinked and focused my attention on Jack who was motioning his hand by the open door.

Smiling awkwardly, I looked down and back up at him. “Sorry Jack. Of course.” Again with his hand on the small of my back he followed me in. I silently cursed myself. ‘Damnit Ally!! Get a grip! You’re with Jack. Quit thinking about…well, just quit!’

I didn’t want to tell Jack, but the reason I like it here so much is because of the bartender Mackie. We went to college together and became good friends by being in the same study group for American History. Speaking of..

“Jack! Come over to the bar. I want you to meet someone before we get a table!!’ My face broke out into a huge smile as I grabbed Jack’s hand and literally pulled him. Mackie caught sight of me.

“ALLY GIRL!!” He ran to the end of the bar and headed towards me with open arms. Jack let go of me and backed up with a look of horror on his face.

Mackie scooped me up and spun me around. “MAAAACKIEEEE!!” My head fell back and I almost choked trying to catch my breath. He carefully put me down and I grabbed his arm to steady myself. “Easy on the Mack attacks damnit. We’re not in college anymore.”

Mackie wide charming smile broke out when he nudged me, “We ain’t dead yet either baby.” He looked over my head and he quickly turned apologetic. “Oh hey, sorry man, she’s still in one piece.”

I turned to see my annoyed date. Can’t say that I blame him. I reached out to grab his arm. “Jack! I’m sorry! This…obviously…is my friend Mackie. Harmless…to strangers anyway!”

Jack offered his hand. “Mackie.”

Mackie returned the handshake with a smile. “Don’t listen to her Jack. It’s nice to meet you. Let me get you two a drink.”

As he went back behind the bar, I quietly said, “I’m sorry Jack. I didn’t know he was gonna do that.”

“It’s ok Ally, really. Why don’t you go find somewhere to sit and I’ll bring our drinks.” He kissed me gently on the lips, nodded and walked to the bar.

“Did you even notice on the sign that there was gonna be a band tonight?” I asked after my second beer. The room was crowded, it was getting harder and harder to make conversation. We were sitting stage right and had a great view of whoever would be playing. I moved side to side in my chair unable to see the drumset as it looked like something was covering half of the bass drum. “Jack! Can you see the name of the band?”

He entwined his fingers with mine and smiled before he leaned to look. Squinting hard it took him a few seconds, then he said, “It looks like the top word is Scar and the bottom word starts with…” Jack looked again and said “F-A-L?”

My hand went limp in his and a chill went through me. No. It can’t be. Here? Tonight? I nodded, hoping my poker face was indeed a poker face. Leaning in to speak over the crowd, “Excuse me. I have to use the restroom.” Jack nodded as I got up.

My face was burning. Was he here? In the crowd? I couldn’t even look up. I didn’t want to. The restroom stalls were taken, but it really didn’t matter. I just needed to get away. Need to breathe.

What is wrong with me? I’m going nuts over a guy I’ve been out with only a few times. Why do I care so much? Down past the sinks was a paper towel dispenser. I groaned as I walked to take a few and turned on the spigot for cold water. Patting my face with the damp towels, I slouched backwards onto the sink. ‘You’re being a moron. Jack is gorgeous and sweet. And he likes you!’ I swung around, satisfied with my reasoning, and after checking my hair and makeup in the mirror, went back to the table.

Jack stood up when I came back. “Your mom taught you how to treat a girl, didn’t she Jack?” I gave him a broad smile as I sat down.

He blushed and rubbed his chin, adorably embarrassed. “Well, not really. It’s common sense I believe that women should be adored, treated with respect, ya know. But still, my mother would kick my butt if I ever acted like a caveman.” His smile made his brown eyes shine.

“Remind me to hug your mom if I ever meet her.” I smiled shyly as he picked up my hand and kissed my knuckles.

“YOU GUYS READY TO ROCK?!!” Sebastian’s voice boomed through the amplifiers drowning out the crowd. Everyone’s attention went to the stage and they started cheering. Holy…shit!! Sebastian looked amazing! Tight black jeans with holes in the knees, a tee shirt that said something with rock n roll on it. I couldn’t see the entire thing because of the black leather jacket. Was he this good looking before? It has the leather jacket. My lord, that jacket just oozes sex.

Nothing else had changed. Of course it’s only been 3 months since I’ve seen him. Ninety days. One hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred minutes. Jesus Ally. I facepalmed on the table. Nope. I don’t give a flyin fuck about him do I? Yeah, you keep telling yourself that stupid, you MIGHT believe it someday!

“ALLY!!” Jack leaned over and shook my arm, and I looked up out of sorts but smiling awkwardly.

“YO!” Holy Christ Ally, did you just say ‘yo?’

Jack flared his nostrils as he moved his head back with a comical look on his face. Holding up his beer bottle, he mouthed, “Another?”

I nodded. Another six pack? Another case? Sure. Please. NOW!! I watched him go thinking ‘why did I think I could date two guys at one time?’ ‘Am I still even dating Sebastian?’ ‘Jack and I should just get outta here.’ But I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. My eyes wandered to Sebastian. Grabbing that microphone stand and almost rubbing it against his crotch. I pinched the bridge of my nose and closed my eyes.!!!

And then I opened my eyes to look directly into those blue ones. He never faltered singing, but his usual devious, teasing eyes turned soft. Fuck…me! I was done. He drew me in.

“Here ya go.” The bottle was placed in front of me and I stared it like I had no idea what it was. Looking up at Jack as he sat down, I was glad he didn’t notice. He took my hand and squeezed it. “THIS BAND IS REALLY GOOD!” Tapping his other hand to the beat, he turned around to watch and I noticed Sebastian wasn’t looking anymore. Well, that was good…for at least a few seconds.

“THIS NEXT SONG IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. AND IT’S NOT AN ORIGINAL OF OURS.” There were chuckles from the audience, and I bit my lip to try to hold back a smile. IT’S A COVER SONG FROM PRINCE CALLED “I WANT YOU.” AND I’D LIKE TO DEDICATE THIS SONG TO A GIRL…A SPECIAL GIRL CLOSE TO MY HEART.“ I furrowed my brows. Is he seriously looking at me? No smirk…just a sincere, heartfelt look? OK Ally, wishful thinking.

As soon as the song started I felt like I was in the fuckin movie of all things. Of course Prince was way more passionate about Apollonia then Seb with me, but I was getting goosebumps nonetheless. Seb sang to the audience, his face was so full of anger. “DO YOU WANT HIM?!!”


My eyes were wet, I was shivering from the blaze in his eyes when he glared at me…

“CAUSE I WANT YOU!!!” Yep, he pointed right at me, sneering. “I WANT YOU!!!” I couldn’t take it. I got up and tried my best to get to the door as fast as I could between the tables and people, and pretty unsteady at that after three beers.

“ALLY! WAIT!! ALLYYYY!!!” I had made it outside and it was as if it was the first time I could actually breathe since I saw Sebastian’s face. I wanted to throw up but I wouldn’t give Sebastian the satisfaction of seeing that. He grabbed my arm.

“LET ME…” It was Jack. I was ashamed to admit that I was disappointed. But of course Sebastian wouldn’t come out here. Pffft, that song was probably a joke. Yeah, make me choose you and then turn around and laugh in my face, just so he could see me dump a guy for his sorry ass.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!” I let out a scream, leaned against the wall and cried in my hands.

“Ally, what is it? Please, what can I do?” Jack pulled my hands down and swiped the tears from my face.

I shook my head and smiled softly. “Nothing Jack. I’m sorry. Can you just get Mackie for me please.” I cupped Jack’s face. “This has nothing to do with you.” Liar. “I just…

“Ally.” Jack took me in his arms. “It’s ok. Do you want me to stay? Or I could call you tomorrow?”

I pulled out of his arms and looked at him quizzically. “You want to leave?”

Jack was very kind and softhearted when he looked at me. “Ally, I saw what happened in there. I’m almost positive that everyone in that bar knows that song was regarding you.” He kissed my cheek. “I’ll get Mackie and you and Mr. Rock Star figure out what you two are doing with your lives, hmm?”

I stood shocked. OK, recap: Sebastian ruins my life with that song, Jack and I aren’t dating anymore, and I suppose I have to face Sebastian now. “Why couldn’t I just let him take me to a restaurant?”

Mackie came strutting out the door. “I don’t know, why couldn’t you?” He shook his head at me and smirked as he put his hand up on the wall leaning beside me. “Girl, you sure know how to make a scene.”

I slid over and hugged him. “Damnit Mack. I hate you.”

“No, you love me because I’m the only guy who puts up with your shit. Now what the hell is going on Al?”

I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bench nearby and took a deep breath. “Did you know Seb and I went out a few times?”

Mackie’s eyes widened. “Uh…noooo.”

“Apparently you weren’t watching him sing the last song. Well anyway…”

The door flung open and Sebastian ran out like a wild animal looking both ways, then saw me. I sighed in frustration, burying my head in my hands. “You want me to stay Al?”

I peered at Mackie. “No. I got this.”

He stood up, sizing Sebastian up as he walked past him and grunted. I shook my head and smiled. Men! Sebastian had taken his jacket off and I inwardly whimpered. Jesus, he’s been working out. Those arms look awesome. “What.” He slowly approached me, no smirk, no attitude, just…concern?

“I don’t really know what to say ri…”

“Are you KIDDING me?! Do you want a microphone and an audience? That would work huh?” I wasn’t holding back. He’s gonna take his anger out on me in there, well…it was my turn.

“Ally, why are you so angry at ME? I’m the one that’s been trying to get over you for months!”

I stood up and approached him. “EXCUSE ME?!! I GAVE YOU MY NUMBER.” Sebastian looked at me like he was about to be attacked by a bear. “We weren’t exclusive, sure, but what are you talking about? I gave you my number and you never called. Anyway, don’t you have enough groupies to go out with?”

His face relaxed and that damn smirk appeared. “Well, you have Mr. Tall, Blonde and Preppy. So why are YOU angry at ME?”

Because I’m crazy about you. Because you didn’t call. Because I wanna fuck you against this wall and I’m trying to hate you. “You know what Seb. It doesn’t really matter. We went out what…twice?” I shrugged. “No biggie. You apparently didn’t think much of me because you never called, so…see ya around.” I pushed past him, but he spun me around and his lips crashed on mine, a low moan coming from deep within his throat. I tried to fight it, but who was I kidding. His tongue slid through my lips, controlling me, leaving me weak.

“Now listen Ally! You and I went to dinner at Charlie’s Bistro, remember?” Our noses were almost touching, his eyes desperate.

I think about it every day jerk. “Vaguely.”

“After dinner, we went to my brother’s house and walked down to the lake where I played guitar and sang to you.” He nodded slowly. My eyes were welling up. It was beautiful. Frickin romantic and beautiful.

My chin trembled. I couldn’t look him in the eyes when I whispered yes.

“I asked for your number in between songs, but my phone was at the house and I wanted to get it then so I wouldn’t forget it later, but you wanted to stay. You said…”

“Keep playin rock star. I’ll remember.” I was in a daze. My shoulders slumped. He was right. He DIDN’T have my number. I slowly looked up and met his gaze. His beautiful blue eyes. Those smiling lips. I cupped his jaw running my thumb over his bottom lip. “Three months wasted.” I pulled him in close by the nape of his neck and kissed him slowly. People walked out of the bar some catcalling, but we didn’t care. We had three months to make up for.

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The Painful Wait. PART 2 (DarylxReader)

Hey guys, here’s part two of The Painful Wait! Let me know what you think, I’ll be posting Part three when I’m finished ✌🏼
Y/N and Daryl have been close ever since the group took her in when they found her on a supply run. Daryl is extremely overprotective and when the group is attacked by a herd of walkers one night, Daryl gets on her last nerve when he locks her in a cell and refuses to let her help. They get into a huge fight and both of them say some hurtful things. Daryl goes out on a supply run by himself to clear his head, but takes longer than he said he’d be. Days go by and Y/N is a wreck. She can’t stop thinking about their fight and what could’ve been her possible last words to the man she trusts the most. 

(Set in the hiatus between seasons three and four )

Warnings: strong language, walker killings, mostly fluff and angst again.

It’s been forty-eight hours since Daryl’s been gone. I’ve been one the edge of my seat, nervously biting my nails and sweating in anticipation. Rick’s been letting me keep watch in the tower, so I’m the first to see him. I wanted to stay up there for longer on the first night, but Carol insisted that I get some sleep. I can’t help but blame myself. He’d still be here if I hadn’t screamed at him, I drove him away. He could be dead and the last thing I ever said to the man I love was: “Go to hell, asshole.”
Beth’s been staying in my cell with me to keep me company, as I don’t sleep, and when I do, my nightmares wake me up. They’ve been different, these last couple of nights. They haven’t been about the drowning, but rather being alone in the forest, unable to escape Walkers. I keep screaming out for Daryl when I wake up, resulting in everyone else waking up. Last night, I didn’t even sleep after I woke up, because I went to keep Rick company in the tower just so I could know if he came back. But still nothing.

I stare at the bottom of the top bunk, anxiously waiting for my next shift in the tower when Beth returns from getting water.

“How you feelin’?” Beth asks.

“Take a wild guess. I just wish that I never said anything. Or that he hadn’t locked me in here in the first place.” I sigh.

“I’ve been meaning to ask… what was he doing in here?” I can’t see her, but I can tell she’s smirking her ass off.

“You really want to know?” I laugh, sitting up.

“God yes.” She eagerly replies, sitting next to me.

“Well, I grabbed a book from the library and headed back here. My shoulders were killing me and Daryl saw that I was uncomfortable and came in and gave me a back rub.” I shrug.

“Oh.” Beth’s excited posture falls in disappointment.

“Then we kissed.” I smirk.

Beth’s head whips towards me with joy, a wide, excited grin smeared across her face.

“What!?” She shrieks gleefully.

I laugh at her enthusiasm, which is actually the first sign of positivity I’ve shown in days.

“You have to tell me everything!” She cries in delight.

“Okay, so he started off by rubbing my shoulders and then he was kissing my neck,” invite my lip at the very thought of his touch. “He told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me and that I was all he wanted. I could’ve died there and then.” I borderline squeal.

“And then?” Beth encourages.

“And you know… clothes flew off, I’m on his lap and…”

“And!?” At this point, Beth is so deliriously thrilled, I can see a vein about to pop in her forehead.

“And then Carl was shoutin’ about Walkers.” I sigh.

Beth groans and falls back, letting out a long, audible, outraged sigh.

And as if by chance, Carl walks past and throws a concerned scowl our way.

“What’s up?” He asks.

“You’re a fucking cockblock, that’s what’s up!” Beth yells.

Carl quite wisely decides to just walk away instead of asking any questions.

“Subtle.” I remark, earning a giggle from Beth.

“Anyone else know?”

“Nah, just you. And Daryl, but I don’t even know if he’s… if he’s de-”

“Don’t talk like that. He’s gonna be just fine. He’s gonna come back and you two are gonna get this sorted. Then, hopefully, you can screw. Preferably without everyone being attacked.” She jokes.

She’s right. He’ll be fine. He’s strong and smart… the man can fight through anything. I have faith in him, I really do, it’s just that he wasn’t in a good mindset when he left… he even said himself, he needed to clear his head. I just want him back. I don’t want those to be my last words to him. Not him. Never him.
It’s not even just Walkers that I’m worried about. The governor is still out there. I just can’t stop thinking about the endless possibilities of what could’ve happened to Daryl.
My Daryl.

The next day, Rick asks my to join him on fence cleaning as a ‘stress relief’. I oblige, because well, what the fuck else am I supposed to do?
Forty minutes into killing intruding Walkers in complete silence, I begin to wonder which on of the two of us is going to bring up the elephant in the room. Rick and Daryl have the closest brotherly bond I’ve ever seen and it would break my heart to see Rick without his brother. I’m not the only on who holds Daryl in their heart, the whole damn family does. Especially Rick.

“We gonna talk about this or what?” Rick pipes up, stabbing Michonne’s sword into the ground and turning to face me.

“Talk about what? Ain’t nothin’ to talk about.” I lie, continuing to impale Walkers through the skull.

“Y/N, don’t be like that. We’re all worried. You don’t have to put on a brave face all of a sudden… you don’t think I’ve heard you cryin’ at night?” Rick says softly.

I stab one more Biter and throw my pole to the ground in frustration.

“What do you want me to say, Rick? Y-you want me to say that I can’t live without him? Because I can’t! You want me to say that I won’t give up on him until my last breath? Because I won’t! You want me to say that I’m so pathetically and tragically in love with him, that I’d rather die than go another day wondering ‘what if’? Because I am! That what you want me to say, Rick!?” I rant.

“You’re in love with him?”


“I didn’t say that.”


“Yes you did… you said you’re in love with Daryl!” The excitement behind Rick’s eyes mirrors Beth’s.

“Why do people get so shocked about that, I don’t understand.” I throw my arms up in exasperation.

“Jesus Christ! Well that’s one down, one to go, right?” He chuckles.

“Excuse me?” My eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“Do you know how long we’ve all been waiting for you to admit this. You two aren’t exactly ones for subtlety, are ya now?” Rick laughs.

I stand stunned for a moment, honestly not knowing what to do with myself.

“I want to go after him. Now, tonight, tomorrow, I don’t care. We need him. You need him. I need him.” I plead.

Rick sighs and rubs his temples in exhaustion, because he’s clearly been considering it too. I walk towards him and take his wrists in my hands, only to discover that he’s shaking.

“Let’s go, Rick…” I whimper.

“We can’t… it’s too dangerous and I don’t want to leave Carl and Judith. Please understand. I have to stay with my kids. And I ain’t letting you go anywhere either. You’re family.” Rick sobs and embraces me tightly.

We collapse to the ground, still entangled and bawl for what feels like hours, until we hear screaming and shouting.

“Y/N! Dad! Hurry!” Carl hollers.

Rick and I scramble to our feet, racing over to the prison to grab our guns and knives as we see more Walkers have broken through while we were crying. More than all of us.

“Beth! Go take care of Judith! Maggie, Glenn, I want you in the towers, Carol, you and Carl take the entrance. Michonne, Y/N, let’s go kick some Walker ass.” Rick barks.

Michonne, Rick and I charge forward, shooting, stabbing and slashing every Walker in sight. Obviously, we have some pent up issues. I dart over to the fence and shoot anything that looks anything close to decomposing, but it soon all becomes too crowded.
I manage to fend them off, but I fall backwards and one falls on top of me, biting and snapping at me relentlessly.

“Help! Rick! Michonne!” I scream, while desperately trying to push it off of me.

It’s teeth come within centimetres of my skin, until its efforts come to a sudden halt. I look at it’s skull, and to my delight, there’s an arrow embedded in the brain. I shove it off of my body and scramble backwards and onto my feet, spinning around to see the one thing I’ve been craving to lay my eyes on for these past few eternal days.


“Oh my God…” I whisper in disbelief.

He’s covered in scrapes and scars from head to toe, dirt in every crease of his clothes and skin and bruises around his eyes and on his arms.

“Daryl?” I cry out.

He rushes towards me, dropping his beloved crossbow to stop it from weighing him down. I mirror him, dropping my gun and sprinting in his direction. We collide, thrilled tears cascading down my cheeks as I grip onto his shoulders while his strong arms embrace my waist and lift me off of the ground.

“I thought I lost you.” I sob.

“You couldn’t lose me if you tried, Darlin’.” He chuckles breathlessly.

A nice trip to the desert

Notes: Silly fic with a hint of fluff. I’ve wanted to combine art with fic writing for some time, then I was encouraged to do it, and here we are. Enjoy! Thank you so much to @rosewater7 for helping me! And thank you to @dangerscully for providing me with excellent names for the aliens! 

“Come on, Scully. It’ll be a nice trip to the desert! Just you and me, and a whole lot of cacti. Stars shining brightly, an authentic tipi, and I’ll even light you a fire,” Mulder said excitedly as he tried to convince her how much they needed to go. They had barely closed the manila folder that Friday afternoon after three weeks of intense work, and he knew she needed a break.

“I didn’t know you had a thing for the outdoors, Mulder,” Scully taunted with a raised eyebrow.

“Ah, but you forget that this is the desert. The weather forecast says there will be no rain whatsoever and if we are lucky, it’ll be a weekend full of extraterrestrial sightings,” he teased, a wave of regret washed through his body as he wished he hadn’t mentioned extraterrestrials, realizing it wouldn’t make a good case.

“I knew there was a catch,” she smirked.

“Scully, there will be shooting stars and it’ll be fun sleeping out in the open,” he assured her.

“Didn’t you mention some kind of tent?” she said skeptically.

“A tipi. Native Americans-”

“Mulder, I know what they are,” she smirked. “When are we leaving?”

“Now,” he responded coyly. Mulder gave her the smile that he knew would always convince her to go with him.

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That’s the word how you’d describe your currently feeling as Daryl yells at you.
It’s a sensation that he even talks to you, but that he raises his voice at you is a whole new level.

Your whole relationship was always difficult since he seems to avoid to talk to you or ignore your presence generally. The others already noticed that you don’t get along with each other and soon gave up to team you up.
They accepted it like you did.

“I don’t know why you’re so angry.” You give him a half smile, trying to play down the situation.
“Do ya like him?” He asks and you narrow your eyebrows in confusion.
“That Jesus guy!” Furious he gestures with his arms and your confusion rises until it makes ‘click’ in your head.
Quietly you chuckle amused. “Oh don’t you worry, you still have chances.”
“I-I have?” His eyes widen and he stumbles back, looking almost shyly through his hair.
“Sure. The start was maybe not the best, but yes, I think.”
He’s still surprised in the same way you are, only that the reasons are different.
“Do the others know?” You ask and he shakes his head.
Well, at least it could be an explanation why he acted so… strange.
“Don’t worry about them.” You pat his shoulder, even when it’s leave a sour taste. “I’m glad that you opened to me. When do you tell Jesus?”
“Tell him what?” He furrows his brows.
“That you like him.” You shrug. “Or that you, uh, are also gay.”
For a moment he stares at you in disbelief before he snorts, half amused. “‘was talking about ya.”
Embarrassed by the misunderstanding you look away and blush, giving him wrong signals.
“I shouldn’t have tell ya.” He turns around to leave your house as you stop him by taking his hand.
“Wait Daryl. I like you too. I always did.” You mumble. “Maybe we can go on a hunt together soon.”
“Yeah.. yeah ok.” He smiles.

Friendzoned (Reid x Reader) Part 3



The reader had a tough childhood. She was one of the unpopular fat kids, , always being mocked. Fate twists and she becomes one of the hot girls, not realizing she transforms into what she hates the most , a bully. Will meeting Spencer help her realize who she really is? And will she get out of the friendzone?

Relationship: Spencer Reid X Reader

Rating : Mature (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

WARNINGS ! : Explicit sexual content.

CopyRight: I do not own Spencer Reid , Criminal Minds nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended

P A R T 3 - Airplane Ride

Originally posted by gabedonohoe

You had just wrapped up a difficult case in L.A and everybody is just trying to pass time on the plane ride back home.
Hotch is going over office stuff with Rossi, quietly not to wake up JJ who’s fallen asleep on two seats vis-à-vis.
You have proclaimed the couch and you’re watching ‘The count of Monte Cristo’ (again) with your headphones on. It’s a movie that really helps you relieve the tension, accumulated after a few challenging days like the ones you had.
But Derek and Spencer seem to be having a very interesting conversation. You constantly check on them with the corner of your eyes and they’re all laughs and joy. Curiosity eats you alive so you decide to click pause and ease-drop.
‘Then I asked her if she wants to have a coffee sometimes and she said she thought I’d never ask’ Spencer smiles , obviously slightly embarrassed by what he’s speaking about.
‘Good job, kid, I’m proud of you’ Derek pats his shoulder and returns to his ipad.

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