jesus what are you doing emily

100% true until dawn

Sam: I FUckiNg LOVE anmimals h oly SH IT
Chris: phone phone phone phone phone
Jess: therefor fucK ME IN THE ASS CUZ I love Jesus
Emily: *bitch noises*
Matt: yes man
Mike: loveable asshole
Ashley: bean.
Josh: wake me up wake me up inside I can’t wake up wake me up inside save me
Hannah: screm
Beth: ded
Stranger: this mountain belong to the WONDONGOS

The events as Hamilton quotes

DI: “You ever see somebody ruin their own life?”

HI: “Awesome, Wow.”

Duo: “Hey.” “Hey.” Hey.” Hey.”

PF: “He wrote it down right there.” “HIGHLIGHTS.”

LD: “For once in your life, take a stand with pride. I don’t understand how you stand to the side.”

Policy: “I know I talk too much, I’m abrasive”

Congress: “They will tear each other into pieces, Jesus Christ this will be fun!”

Impromptu: “And I got nervous thinking ‘What’s she gonna do?”

Prose: “But his mother went quick. Moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide.”

Poetry: “You can write rhymes but you can’t write mine.”

Oratory: “The convention is listless.”

Expos: “Number one!” “Number two!” “Number three!”

Extemp:  “Watch this obnoxious, arrogant, loudmouth bother”

Andi had just finished another long day at work. She was exhausted and her body was aching. Doing porn was the last thing she’d thought she would end up doing. But with Emily paralyzed and unable to take care of herself it was the only way she could afford a nurse to help her out. Kicking off her shoes she went right to the fridge and poured herself a glass of wine. Spinning around she let out a scream when she saw Charlie in the doorway. “Jesus Christ! You fucking scared me!” she scolded. “What are you doing here?”


“Wynonna Earp is a show that proves you don’t need to kill your queer or poc characters for drama.”

Allow me to fix that sentence for you:

Wynonna Earp is a show that proves you don’t need to kill your queer or poc characters for drama.

Let’s not let our love for Wayhaught blind us to the huge problem the show has. Emily Andras is not “showrunner jesus” like people are saying. STOP SAYING THAT.

She isn’t killing poc characters left and right because there aren’t enough poc characters there for her to be killing them off left and right.

But that hasn’t stopped her from doing what she can. I’ve been saying this for a while, but I’ll say it again: The Blacksmith, aka the only woc with a speaking role in the entire first season, was killed off for drama.

And the only moc character with more than like 2 lines (Dolls) is literally some kind of monster.

Also, one of my followers reminded me that Emily Andras was the showrunner for Lost Girl at the time the only black character that was a regular on the show was killed off for drama. His death was extremely unnecessary, just like The Blacksmith’s, and served only to move the story forward for the white characters, just like The Blacksmith’s.

By all means, let’s praise Wynonna Earp for its queer representation. I’m extremely happy about it as well, especially because of TV’s recent track record. But please, for the love of god:

Stop calling it a feminist show. (It’s white feminist.)

Stop saying it has the best writing on tv. (It really fucking doesn’t.)

Stop saying it treats its poc characters well. (*laughs hysterically*)

When you say things like that it just sounds like you’re using phrases like “great poc representation” to elevate a show you love for other reasons.

Let’s be really real for a second. If the Wayhaught ship didn’t exist, people would be shitting all over the show for its many flaws, especially its awful representation of poc characters. But because of Wayhaught, nobody wants to diss the show or call Emily Andras out. I’ve seen maybe a handful of posts mentioning it, and that’s it.

So this is me, drawing attention to a huge problem Wynonna Earp has, and calling Emily Andras out for it. This is something we need to be talking about. Yes, the representation of queer characters is great (compared to what we’ve been getting recently), and we should be praising the show for that. But can’t we praise the show for one thing and call it out for another at the same time? Because that’s exactly what we should be doing. It’s what we need to be doing.