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I'm so tired of seeing lili getting hateful for anything and I'm so scared that it does not get better and ends up affecting her in some way (and what's probably going to happen is that she's going to turn away every time more and more from social media) - as a fan, it's not good for me to see this and I can only imagine how difficult it must be for her.

Yes I agree it really really sucks tbh. And it’s not fair that their reason for hating on her is for incredibly shallow things like “she just seems annoying” or “I don’t like her memes”. Stan twitter is just filled with a bunch of Jesus wannabes that think they’re perfect so they go around picking on others. Lili can’t tweet anything without the trolls responding and trying to get her attention and get a rise out of her.

She seems really good at ignoring them and carrying on without letting it all affect her too much, which is what keeps me sane and relaxed most of the time.

Truthfully it’s this kind of hateful behaviour that forces most celebs to only use Instagram

onto that flipped up cigarette (1/3)

Pairing: dm/hg, background hp/pp
Prompt: wanweird x for @corbrinas x this prompt list

Notes: Modern, non-magical Cruel Intentions (1999) cross-over, because I’m here for Draco and Pansy as aristocratic co-dependent siblings of a sort. This kind of got away from me, and it’s probably more convoluted than necessary, but gold star I tried? Hope you like it!


There are certain assumptions about them, conditions they had to have met, considering—a certain myth made, crafted from gossip, or hearsay, or the occasional sighting—fantastical stories with characters bigger than they are—”spoiled and rich and coddled” and “everything comes easy” and “the rules have never applied.” People almost always overlook one vital thing.

They grow up together, beautiful children in their gilded cages of money and shiny things. Childhood is spent curled around the other, learning where the skin is softer so they’d know where to stab—parlor games and paltry experimentations on power plays—“I love you best” and “you’ll always be my favorite” and “you and me, sweetheart”—twining tighter than necessary, tight enough to choke, letting go only when breathing becomes paramount.

They walk with clasped hands, dressed to the nines or barely at all, almost the same person, the flutter of her lashes a reverberation of a chuckle held in his throat. And perhaps Draco is a little more deliberate, a little more practiced and calculated and manufactured, perhaps Pansy needs only to flick her hair over her shoulder for the world to fall at her feet—everything does come easy, but

The rules have never applied, only because one has the other.

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Manchild and wannabe hippie-jesus Russel Brand absolutely #rekt by Peter Hitchens