jesus walks


When Jesus rescues Daryl from the Sanctuary, Daryl is weak and exhausted from mistreatment. Jesus, quick thinker that he is, revs up the nearest available bike and yells, “Daryl, hop on!”

Too grateful, tired, and delirious with adrenaline to object, Daryl wraps his arms around Jesus’ waist and rests his head against his shoulder, ceding control and putting complete faith in his ninja bae. Jesus then proceeds to hightail them both over to the Kingdom, where they meet up with Carol & Morgan, and of course, Ezekiel.

Jesus takes care of Daryl, nursing him back to health with soup, visits to the Kingdom doctor, encouragement to take long naps on soft pillows, and constant vigilance. Once Daryl is patched up and has fully processed the magnitude of what Jesus has done for him, well…let’s just say Jesus receives the best “thank you” EVER.

(And that’s it, that’s the mid-season finale, y'all. BOOM.)

I can imagine Jesus being nice with everyone but being extra nice with Daryl and that when Michonne or Rick point that out Daryl’s like “The guy is good with every human being, you are imagining things”. But then he starts noticing that, effectively, Jesus is extra nice with him and starts feeling weird while he’s around Jesus.

I can imagine everyone being worried about Tara and trying to find someone that can help her with Denis’ death. Then Jesus comes to Alexandria and says that he’ll try to help her.

Days later, Tara is smiling, eating and talking like before. Daryl gets surprised because of that and asks Paul to tell him how he make her be herself again when no one else could and Jesus says “I understand what she’s suffering, it happened to me once”

Daryl will start trying to know what happened to Jesus, even if he has to reveal some family secrets to make him talk.

The Walking Dead Preferences - Your Pregnant

Rick Grimes 

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You were sitting in the living room, waiting for Rick to come home from a run. You were a little scared since you found out you were pregnant and you didn’t know how Rick was going to take the news. You two already have to take care of Judith, another baby would just be harder on you two. You were knocked out of your thoughts when you heard the door open. ‘Okay, this is it. You can do this.’ You thought before getting up. “Hey, (Y/N).” Rick said with a smiled. “Hey, Rick, I have something to tell you.” You nervously said. “Okay, are you okay?” “I’m fine, Rick.” You paused, taking a deep breath, before talking again. “I’m pregnant.” You said looking at the ground. “Really?” Rick asked shocked. “Yes…” You were still looking down, afraid to look at Rick. Rick walked to you and hugged you. “This is great news, (Y/N).” Rick said holding you close. “You’re not mad?” You asked. “No, we’re safe here. This is the best place to have a baby. I want this baby.” Rick said. You smiled and pulled Rick into a kiss.

Carl Grimes

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(You and Carl are 18 in this.)

You were sitting in the bathroom scared out of your mind. You had missed your period, so you got a pregnancy test from the medicine supplies. You looked at you watch and sighed, it was time. You picked up the test and took a deep breath before looking at the test. It was positive. You were really scared now, you had to tell someone. You sure as hell weren’t telling Carl first, so you went to talk to his father, Rick. “Hey Rick, can I talk to you for a minute. It’s really important.” You said to him. “Sure (Y/N), what’s up.” You took a deep breath. “First I just want to say don’t be mad at Carl, it’s my fault too, so you can yell at both of us. I know we only 18 but-” “Just tell me, (Y/N).” Rick said crossing his arms. “I-I’m pregnant.” You said quickly. “(Y/N)… you’re pregnant?” You turned around to see Carl standing by the door. “That’s… wonderful!” Carl said before running over to hug you. Rick looks at both of you and sighed. “You two are lucky we’re safe here or I would be yelling at you two, but congratulations.” He said before walking away. Both you and Carl smiled at each other.

Daryl Dixon

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You sat on floor next to your bed crying. You and Daryl got into a huge fight, which cause him to leave. At this point you couldn’t even remember what you to were fighting about, all you want was Daryl to come home. You haven’t told Daryl you were pregnant yet, and you were scared you weren’t going to see him again. Hours had gone by and Daryl finally came back to Alexandria. Daryl walked in to the house you share and went up stairs knowing you would be in your guys’ room. Daryl open the door and saw you asleep on the floor. He put his crossbow down and walking over to you, sitting down in front of you. Daryl move your hair away from your face. You slowly open your eyes and looked at Daryl before hugging him. “I’m sorry.” Daryl whispered in your ear. “I’m sorry too.” You said. You pulled away to look at Daryl. “Daryl… Don’t hate me.” You said tears running down your cheeks. Daryl frowned. “I would never hate you! I love you…” You took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant.” You said. Daryl looked at you shocked for a minute before smiling at you and pulling you into a kiss.

Glenn Rhee

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You were super happy when you found out you were pregnant. You and Glenn have been talking about have a child since you guys got to Alexandria. Glenn was out on a run, so you had a few minutes to think of a way to tell Glenn. It finally came to you. You went upstairs and found a small box, and put the pregnancy test inside. After a hour of waiting, Glenn walked in the house. “Hey, (Y/N).” Glenn said pulling you into a kiss. “Hey, Glenn. I have a surprise for you.” You said pick up the small box. Glenn looked at you confused, but he took the box anyways. Glenn open the box and was complete shocked. “(Y/N), you’re pregnant?” Glenn smiled at you. “Yes, Glenn.” You said with a big smile. “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!!!” Glenn yelled pulling you into a hug.


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You were pacing back and forth waiting for Negan to come back from Alexandria. You had just got done seeing the doctor and you found out you were pregnant. You always want kids, but you were terrified of what Negan would do when he finds out. The thought of it started to make you sick, so you quickly ran to the bathroom. You started throwing up, when you heard the bedroom door open. “(Y/N), I’m back. Where are you?” Negan said putting down Lucille. You quickly got and cleaned yourself up. “I’m in the bathroom.” You said as calmly as possible. Negan walk in the bathroom, smiling at you. “Hey, sexy.” He said before leaning in to kiss you, but you stop him. “Negan, we need to talk.” You said super scared. “Why the fuck do we have to talk?” Negan asked sounding a little annoyed. You looked at Negan, causing you to burst into tears. “I’m so sorry.” You broke down. Negan pulled you closer to him. “What are you talking about. You…You didn’t fucking cheat on me, did you?!?” Negan asked. “No, of course not.” “Then what the fuck is going on.” You looked at Negan and took a deep breath. “Negan… I’m pregnant.” You pulled away for Negan, looking at the ground. “I want this, but if you don’t I’ll leave. I don’t want you hurting them.” You said still looking at the floor. Negan didn’t say anything, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. You couldn’t take it anymore, so you started to walk away, but you felt Negan grab your arm. You turned to look at Negan and he was crying, which surprised you. “(Y/N)… why would ever think I would hurt our child?” Negan said completely heartbroken. “I thought you wouldn’t want this, that you would want to get rid of this problem.” You said. Negan eyes were full of sadness, he move closer to you, lifting your head up so you were looking at him. “I would never hurt you, I want this too.” He said wiping your tears away. “You do?”  “Fuck yea. I love you and I want to be there for you and our baby.” Negan smiled at you. “I love you too.” You said smiling back at him.

Paul “Jesus” Rovia

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You were standing by the door of the Barrington House, watching the gates, waiting for Paul to come back. For the past few days, you have been getting sick in the morning, so you went to see Dr. Carson, thinking it was a cold. You instead got other news, you were pregnant. You were happy but you didn’t know how Paul would feel about this. “Hey (Y/N).” You looked next to you to see Maggie standing there. “Hey, Maggie. What’s up.” Maggie was far into her pregnancy at this point, her belly was big and she was expected to have her baby soon. “I just wanted to see how you were doing. You been standing here for hours watching the gate. Is everything okay?” You look at Maggie and sighed. “I’m pregnant and I’m just scared to tell Paul.” Maggie smiled at you. “That’s great news, (Y/N). You shouldn’t be worry, Paul is going to be happy.“ She said giving you a hug. “Thanks Maggie, that makes me feel so much better.” You smiled. Suddenly the gates open and a car pulled in. Paul and Daryl stepped out of the car. “You can do this, (Y/N).” Maggie said. You took a deep breath, before walking over to Paul. You watched as Daryl and Paul unpack the car, Paul stopped when he saw you and smiled. He walked over to you and pulled you into a hug. “Hey, princess.” Paul said. “Hey, Paul. Can we talk.” You stop and looking over at Daryl for a second. “Alone.” Paul looked at you confused. “Okay.” You two walked into the Barrington House. “Is everything okay, (Y/N)?” Paul asked as he closed the door. “Yes, everything is fine. I just want to tell you something.” “Okay, what’s up.” You remembered what Maggie said and you took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant.” You said. “Really?!? I’m going to be a dad!!!” Paul yelled. You nodded and Paul pulled you into a hug. “I love you so much.” “I love you too, Paul.” Suddenly, Paul pulled away from you. “What?” You asked. “How are we going to tell Daryl?” Paul asked worried. “Umm… I think we should wait until Rick and the others come later today, just in case he tries to kill you.” “Great…”