jesus touchdown


about 30 minutes from my hometown was a giant Jesus statue that was struck by lightning and set ablaze. it sat on the side of the highway, once Jesus outstretched to the heavens, now a robot skeleton surrounded by smoldering church grounds. of course, they rebuilt it. why question a strike of lightning (also known as an “act of God”) when you can spend 250,000 dollars on a new statue? why not spit in gods face???

southwest ohio gothic
  • it’s fall and the leaves are red and yellow and falling. you rake them into piles so your little brother can jump into them. he runs, he jumps, the leaves scatter, your brother is gone.
  • the cornfields go on for miles. the orange sunset reflects off of the swaying stalks. you can no longer tell the corn from the sky.
  • HELL IS REAL (and you might just be in it already)
  • touchdown jesus reaches for the sky. the sky reaches back. he is replaced.
  • you found a newt in the creek, your brother found a frog. you take them home and keep them as pets. your mother buys you crickets to feed them with. you forget about the amphibians. you watch the crickets. there are hundreds of crickets. you are made of crickets.
  • the ladybugs huddle in the porch for warmth. you don’t know how they got in, but they are never going to leave.
  • you pass a deer on the side of the road. it looks dead. you pass another, and another. they are all dead. they are all the same fawn.

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And you can’t forget the ever-missed TOUCHDOWN JESUS

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There’s way more soybeans than this post indicates.

(Also missing Touchdown Drowning Butter Jesus, who has gone the way of his namesake. No wait, I mean struck by lightning and perished in flames like a horrifying monster.)

Okay guys… I’m gonna need some explanation here, along the lines of what the HECK