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The Evolution of Brand New

Growing up with Brand New has truly been an incredible experience, from their angsty teenage years recording songs about bad friends and ex-girlfriends, to their later, more mature years singing about personal issues and things that are much deeper. Each album the band has put out has its own feel and is vastly different from the last, which is something you don’t see very often.

Your Favorite Weapon (2001)

Brand New’s debut album, Your Favorite Weapon, was released in 2001. The album has a very pop-punk-esque sound, and you can practically feel the pent-up teenage angst coming out of Jesse Lacey’s mouth. This album is the anthem of any high schooler’s life, with songs about love, break-ups, and hating your friends. It perfectly reflects what was going on in the band’s lives at the time. One song that sums up Your Favorite Weapon is “Seventy Times 7.”

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“Seventy Times 7” is a song about hating someone you used to be friends with, which is something a lot of teens can relate to. The song was actually written about Taking Back Sunday’s John Nolan, who apparently stole Jesse Lacey’s girlfriend at the time. Taking Back Sunday then released “There’s No ‘I’ in Team” to get back at Brand New, which even contains some of the same lyrics as “Seventy Times 7” and other Brand New songs. The feud has since been settled, and they’ve actually performed “There’s No ‘I’ in Team” together live.

Deja Entendu (2003)

Brand New’s second album is about more than just relationships and other teenage problems, and is definitely a lot less whiny. The band really matured in the two years before the release of Deja. This album is a lot less pop-punk and more alternative rock/punk. In my opinion (and many other people’s opinions), the band’s most popular songs come from this album, and a lot of people claim that it’s their favorite album that Brand New has released. For me, “Guernica” is definitely a defining song of this album.

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Before playing “Guernica” at a concert in 2013, Brand New’s frontman Jesse Lacey admitted that the song was about his grandfather dying of cancer. When you first hear the song, it’s not necessarily what you would think of. After hearing him say that, however, it all makes sense. You can hear the pain and anger in his voice, which makes “Guernica” such a hard-hitting song.

The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me (2006)

The band’s third album, released in 2006, is even more mature and hard-hitting than Deja. It’s definitely less mainstream, due to the heavier sound and deeper lyrics. It’s clear throughout the album that Jesse Lacey was extremely depressed while writing these songs. They are less about love, and more about hatred and self-loathing. This whole album evokes very strong emotions and gives me goose bumps every single time. One of the songs that shows what this album is really about is “Jesus/Jesus Christ.”

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This song is one of the slower ones on the album, but it is jam packed with such strong emotions. The whole song is about what happens when you die. He repeatedly talks about how he’s alone, and how he’s going to die alone. He feels as if the world is going on and everyone is happy without him, and that he’s missing out because he doesn’t fit in. “Jesus/Jesus Christ” is so beautiful, yet so incredibly saddening.

Daisy (2009)

Daisy is Brand New’s latest (and currently last) album. This album is a lot different than the ones that preceded it—Daisy is a lot heavier, and has different sounds and pieces incorporated into the songs. The most notable part of this album is that it begins and ends with a gospel hymn called “On Life’s Highway.” It plays in the beginning of the first song, “Vices,” and then on the end of the last song, “Noro.” Many Brand New fans (including myself) were frustrated with the release of this album because it was so much heavier and so different than their previous releases, but now I absolutely love it. It’s the first time we hear Jesse Lacey “scream” the vocals on a song (“Vices”), and the dark feel of the album is ultimately appealing. “At the Bottom” is a song off of Daisy that shows how dark the album truly is.

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Although this album came out three years after TDAGARIM, it’s clear through this song that there is still depression influencing the songs. “At the Bottom” is very dark and solemn, and can come as a shock to some people when they first hear it. Throughout the song, he talks about how he has made his life bad for himself, and now he has to deal with the consequences, whatever they may be.

Since the release of Daisy in 2009, the band has only officially released one new song, called “Mene.” Other than that, the band is extremely secretive, so it’s impossible to know what’s going on behind the scenes, if anything even is going on. The evolution of Brand New’s music is an amazing thing to hear, because they go from a bunch of teenage punks to putting actual feeling into the songs, and conveying it in a mature way. Jesse Lacey is now married and has a child on the way, and last time I saw them live, he seemed as happy as ever. Whatever Brand New decides to do next in their career, I hope it makes them just as happy as their music has made us.

I’ve tried to turn away from God so many times. I’ve tried everything else. I’ve spent and chased and invested and used. In the end: Where else could I go? Nothing else fulfills me when I find it; nothing else forgives me when I fail it. No one takes me back like He does.

What Do You Say?

A/N: I know this is super short, but I just wanted to write a lil something fluffy with Bucky. Here’s a small drabble/blurb thing. Happy reading!

“Bucky,” you whined as he drew the curtains back, revealing the blinding sunlight. He chuckled and looked at you while you groaned. 

“Sorry, Y/N. Steve asked me to wake you up.” You huffed. 

“That bastard,” you said underneath your breath. “Can you, uh, go? I’m, well, I’m not wearing any pants,” you said with a blush on your cheeks. It was Bucky’s turn to blush and he apologized before leaving the room. 

It took you a few minutes to locate your pants and brush your teeth. You greeted Steve when you saw him by the kitchen. 

“What’s up, Steve?” you asked. 

“Nothing much. Just thought you’d want to spend more time with you-know-who,” Steve said, smirking. Your mouth was open and you smacked Steve’s shoulder repeatedly before you heard him yelp. 

“Jesus, Steve, do you want to kill me?” you said, taking a step back. 

“Do you want to kill me?” 

“I do. I really do,” you huffed. Bucky strolled in and saw Steve crouching. 

“Steve, are you okay?” Steve laughed and waved him off. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. Y/N was just beating me half to death.” You glared at Steve and looked at Bucky. 

“He was being mean,” you pouted. Bucky looked at you and offered a soft smile.

“How could anyone be mean to your beautiful self?” Bucky asked. You blushed and hid your face in your hands. Bucky reached out and grabbed your wrists, prying your hands from your face. “Oh wow,” he said. 

“What?” you asked, confused. 

“Your eyes,” he began. “I’m so captivated.” You parted your lips and stood speechless. 

“Are you gonna kiss her or what?” Steve asked, looking at the both of you. Bucky looked at Steve and looked back at you. 

“What do you say, doll? It’s bound to happen.” You grinned and leaned forward to press your lips to his. Bucky’s hands moved to cup your face and you tilted your heads to avoid hitting each other. You closed your eyes and sighed against Bucky’s mouth, enjoying the feeling of his soft lips against yours. 

You both pulled away when you heard a camera click. Bucky’s head turned towards Steve and you followed suit. 

“Really?” he asked when he saw Steve hold up his phone’s camera. Steve shrugged.

“Y/N taught me how to use it. I figured I’d put it to good use.” 

Klaine one-shot - “Caught in the Act” (Rated PG13)

There’s an amazing man in one of Kurt’s classes, and Kurt just has to find out more about him. He tries to consult the man’s student profile in an attempt to find some clues, but he can’t remember the man’s last name. Luckily, a serendipitous stranger wanders by to lend a helping hand. (1226 words)

Different first meeting, NYADA, inspired by this video.

Read on AO3.

“Jesus, Rachel! Could you take any longer calling me back?” Kurt grumbles, juggling his phone and his books as he fights his way through the crowd for a seat at an empty table with an available computer. The campus coffee shop is always busy during the school day. Students pop in to log onto the café laptops between classes and check their email more than they do to buy coffee, so Kurt usually makes it a point to never go there. The coffee tastes burnt anyway, and he prefers to use his laptop at home. But this is an emergency. He needs information, and he needs it now.

“According to my phone, I called you back literally a minute later,” Rachel says in her defense. “I just got out of class a second ago, too, you know. Cassie’s glaring at me as it is. I think she’s about to grand jete over and fan kick me in the face!”

“Bob and weave, Berry, bob and weave. This is important.”

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amber / female/ smut / s

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all these Amber requests got me shook


S: “you’re my older brother’s best friend but let’s fuck anyway” 

(yes i changed the wording of the prompt but i changed it to suit this specific one)

“You better not clog the fucking toilet again!” Your brother’s voice from the other room made you clamp your hands over your mouth even tighter. 

You didn’t think he would have to worry about that.

Mostly because the lid was still down on the toilet - because Amber was on her knees in front of you, with you so perfectly perched on the bathroom sink, instead of “dropping Chernobyl 2″ like your brother thought that she was.

Her tongue pressed onto your clit particularly hard and your back arched out, the sound of you shrieking clearly audible behind your hands. With your face glowing red and tears gathering in your eyes - you were so close, and so hopeless.

“It went back to the Xbox homescreen!” He called from the other room. “What if we lost all our progress? What if I lost everything because of you?” 

She pulled away from you. A weak whimper escaped you. But it gave you a chance to breath.

She licked her lips, glistening and wet with your juices. 

“Jesus Christ, Jackson!” She hollered back. “Let me take a shit in peace, will you?”

She winked at you before she took a long, hard lick of your cunt.

If only he knew.


prof: this is the biggest assignment of the semester
prof: *gives us less than one week to do it*
prof: *gives us two+ weeks to do shorter assignments*

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My friends who claim they are christian I am trying to tell them how we need to start being serious about Jesus coming back and everything and they aren't taking me seriously my one friend said she is not even scared and doesnt care. I want to fufill God's will though ......

All you can do is keep being your best self, and obey God. The Bible is clear about Jesus coming back, and if they don’t believe that then that’s on them. You can only encourage them, keep feeding them truth, and pray for them. God will deal with the situation and hopefully bring them where they need to be.


what do you do when you love someone

when you really love them

but know they arent the one.

how do you break their heart? theres no gentle way to do it. so, do you try to ease into it? do you rip the bandaid off quick? or do you make them want to hate you so that theyll break things off because then its not really your fault…. right? 

How do you tell someone that they arent enough? someone who’s little sister you love having conversations with because she’s has a magnifacent spirit. Whos mom is the most loving, accepting, wonderful lady you’ve ever met and in many ways is just like you? how do you say “its not you its me” and sound sincere.

further more where do you do it? do you take them to their favorite place hoping it will help a bit? or will that corrupt their special spot with memories of you? its already going to be corrupted I suppose, seeing as that was also your favorite spot as well. do you show up at their door step and tell them you probably wont be coming around much anymore? do you get to say goodbye to his mom who you love so much? or his sister who will probably hate you even though she is your world. even his dad who makes the worst jokes and has the best advice, what if I need that advice later, do I still get to ask?

one more thing……am I allowed to cry?
I know its my fault, my decision. But sometimes the best things for us are the hardest things to carry out. I wont cry if you say I shouldnt, but I promise I will want to. I will want to cry and scream and throw things and sit down in a shower until it runs cold and then sit a little longer because im not the kind of person who deserves hot showers. they should be cold like my heart. I could see you saying that if you were mad. which i assume you will be.

i know you will be hurting. and i promise I will be hurting too, no matter how strong i seem in that coffee shop, or your front porch step.  know that it hurts me to not be with you, and it hurts me to hurt you. and that as soon as I am alone i will pull over to the side of the road and scream and beat against the dash of my car because i cant stand to loose you or any of the people you brought into my life….but i know i will.

because no matter how much you love someone, that doesnt mean thats who you are supposed to be with. I need someone who ignites my spirit and makes my head spin intellectually. i need someone to push me and tell me im brilliant before im beautiful. I need music. i need deep conversations that lead straight into harry potter references that take me straight back to my love for jesus and all the blessings he has bestowed on me. i crave the words i love you- out loud- not just when your leaving for the night and you feel as if its required.

can I tell you what the worst part is. once every millionth moment or so, i would catch a glimpse of one of these things… its somewhere inside of you, i know it is. but I cant coast from each millionth moment to the next.. im so sorry.

so tell me what do you do when you love someone,
but its time to move on…

Hampton Socialite

Pairing: Luke Hemmings & (y/n)
Rating: Definitely the most smuttiest thing I have ever written… Not really sure what happened here.
Words: 3,000+ 
Request: No
Summary: For Hampton socialite (Y/n) it is just another day, another charity event. She strives to be the perfect daughter, but everything changes during the annual art gala on Memorial Day. The heat gets the best of her as she struts in a short white dress and loses her virginity to bad boy Luke Hemmings, on her fathers yacht. (Also, inspired off of the pilot of Revenge).

Violins played sweet classical music as people from all around the state of New York came to the Hamptons dressed in their very best pastel suits and dresses. I stood at the entrance doing an okay job at the task my parents had assigned me to. Greeting people at the entrance and making small talk wasn’t exactly one of my favorite past times, but I was managing to put up a good front.

A smile instantly crossed my lips as I spotted my best friend Calum making his way onto the yacht, his eyes scanned all around him in awe which only made me chuckle. Calum had been on my fathers yacht plenty of times, but each time he never failed to be mesmerized.
“Now it feels like summer!” he said before pulling me into a tight hug.

“Hello Calum. You clean up well.” I nodded taking in his appearance, he was in white dress pants with a blue seersucker dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms, he topped the outfit off with black converse shoes, and black ray ban sunglasses.

“You know this is a formal event and you are wearing chucks right?” I asked mocking disbelief, I always found it cute how Calum never failed to find a way to rebel against society.

“Who cares! You look beautiful (Y/n).” He smiled sweetly causing me to slap him in the arm, don’t try to sweet talk your way out of not wearing the appropriate attire mister, I could have you kicked off this boat in a matter of seconds!”

“You wouldn’t, because then who would have fun with you on this lovely yacht at this summers most fantastic party?” he asked making a mockery of our parents and their love for these stupid parties.
“It’s too early for that, have you seen the Titanic?” I asked in complete seriousness causing him to fall into a fit of giggles.
Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Luke Hemmings. He was the boy your parents warned you about and the boy that every girl wanted to date. He had a sour attitude with a rocking body and a lip ring girls fantasized over.

“What? What did I miss?” Calum asked taking in my blank face.

“Luke’s here.”

“Who?” He asked turning his head to scan around the room.

“Luke, the boy in the gray suit.” As soon as the words slipped from my lips Liz, Luke’s mom walked swiftly towards my direction. Calum made a noise of disgust before wandering off.

“Hello Mrs. Hemmings.” I smiled before tucking a stray strand of hair behind my right ear. Luke had grown up in the Hamptons just like me. We had had classes together in school, and our parents were long time friends, but we never interacted besides the causal “hi”.

“Oh, (Y/n) don’t you look beautiful. You remember my son Lucas right?” She gestured to the tall boy standing next to her to which he rolled his eyes before crossing his arms across his chest.

“It’s Luke.” He stated the mere fact but avoided making eye contact with me as he scanned the boat in search of something. “Where’s the bar?”

“Please forgive my son. I don’t know where I went wrong.” Liz lightly slapped Luke’s arm before he found what he was looking for and went off in search of alcohol.

Liz was gestured over by my mother and I was left to greet more and more of my parent’s friends and various acquaintances.


I wasn’t allowed to drink at these events, my parents had made me swore up and down to stay sober, but I was bored out of my mind and had no idea where Calum had wandered off to. With nothing to do and no one interesting to talk to I went to the bar and grabbed a glass of red wine. Sipping lightly I took the glass and headed to the deck to longingly gaze at the water. I’m not sure how long I had been daydreaming but I felt a light tap on my shoulder causing me to gasp and spin around. Assuming it was either my mother or father who had come to yell at me for sneaking away from the guests and drinking at their event I became instantly flustered.

When I spun around to face the person he was much closer to me than I had originally anticipated and I bumped right into his hard chest spilling my glass of red wine all down his Brooks Brothers gray suit jacket.

“Jesus Christ!” he shouted as he backed away from me to take note of the stain.

“I- I’m so sorry!” I mumbled before raising my hand to my open mouth. I couldn’t believe I just spilled my drink all over the boy I was completely infatuated with.

“I’ll go get some napkins-“

“Don’t bother.” He said shaking his head before leaving me alone to wallow in self-embarrassment.

“Fuck.” I whispered to no one in particular.

Walking over to the bar to drop off my now empty glass I couldn’t keep my mind from wondering what brought Luke over to me anyway? Why did he tap on my shoulder? There was no way he would want to speak with me… was there?

“Good evening everyone, and happy Memorial Day!” My mother was up on the highest part of the yacht, microphone in hand addressing everyone on the lower deck as we looked up in anticipation. I walked away from the bar and over to the deck crowded with people listening to my mother and crossed my arms looking up at her. “I’m looking forward to giving back, and I know that you all are too.”

Luke walked up silently beside me and I felt my cheeks turn a pink hue still embarrassed by what happen only moments ago.

“I’m sorry for how I acted.” He said softly causing me to turn to face him with puzzled eyes. There was no way that Luke Hemmings had approached me twice in one day. Especially not to apologize.

“How about I get you a dry martini, twice the alcohol, half the stain potential.” I looked down at his white shirt, noticing his gray suit jacket had been removed; Luke wore a smug grin as he noticed me check him out. Words couldn’t form in my mouth so I had to settle on giving him a small nod before he took my hand in the direction of the bar.

My mother was still on the upper deck rambling away about the art gala, and how auctioning off these rich sons of bitches paintings would raise a great deal of money to the purchasers choice. My parents would certainly be buying a painting more to show off at the auction, not because they actually enjoyed art. We had a spot reserved in our dinning room for some expensive art piece that they bought at these kinds of things, it would stay for a while only to be sold at one of these events and be replaced by another stupid painting. I didn’t understand it, but I also couldn’t question my parents on it.

Luke approached the bar ordering my drink and handing it to me. I took it and took a small sip, he wasn’t lying about half the alcohol either, this was strong.

“How about we go somewhere more quiet?” he quirked an eyebrow and this time I forced myself to talk for not wanting to be mistaken for a mute. “Alright.”

“Well lead the way, it is your yacht.” He said patiently waiting.

I turned down a small hallway that lead upstairs there was a small room with plenty of windows to let the gorgeous sunlight through and all though it had windows, we were up so high that no one on the lower deck could be able to see us.

“(Y/n).” Luke started out before clearing his throat.

“Luke.” I responded not really knowing what to say.

“I’ve known you since we were little, and I don’t know why we never took the time to become friends or anything, but I think you’re gorgeous.”

I couldn’t hide the blush that formed behind my cheeks and I sat on the loveseat and smoothed my white dress as I sat down.

“I know that everyone thinks I’m this asshole, but I’m really not. I have good intentions, I just hate how self-entitled everyone acts around here, y’know?”

“Actually I do.” I responded with a small smile before responding with more. “I hate how everyone thinks they know everything about everyone, and how they gossip just for the hell of it.”

“Exactly!” Luke said shaking his head in disbelief.

“I can’t believe it took me so long to talk to you, I just figured you wouldn’t want to be around someone like me.”

“I’ve always found you attractive.” I said with a small shrug.

With a smile Luke walked over to me on the couch and sat beside me before placing a small peck onto my lips. His cold lip ring sent shivers down my spine, and I wanted, no, I needed more. As he pulled away I quickly raised my hand to pull his lips back into mine. I could feel him forming a smile as his lips began to mold into mine. He slipped his tongue into my mouth massaging my tongue with his before I let out a small moan.

Breaking away from the kiss Luke looked into my eyes, but it was completely different than when we had been talking earlier. His eyes now took on a dark blue and I could see from his breathing what was about to happen next. Grabbing my hips with both of his hands he sat me on top of him so I was straddling his waist as he began to leave kisses down my neck, stopping in a few places to gently suck.

“Luke…” I whispered pulling away from him.

Looking at me in confusion he tilted his head to the side, “What baby? Do you not want this?” he asked voice flooded with concern.

“No, I do. I really do. It’s just I.” I swallowed my voice felt thick and I couldn’t believe I was going to have to admit this to him out loud, “I- I’m a virgin.”

“Oh.” Luke said licking his lips as he pondered this for a moment.

“What?” I asked trying my hardest not to be nauseous from embarrassment.

“I mean, I should have know. I just thought that maybe you acted and dressed all innocent as a front.”

I gave a small headshake before Luke gave a small laugh.

“It’s okay, we don’t have to do anything.”

“I want to. Luke, I’ve had my eyes on you since forever. I want this.”

“I’ve had my eyes on you for quite some time to. If at any point you want me to stop, just say so and I will. No questions asked.”

“Okay.” I said with a smile. “Continue on then.”

With that Luke’s eyes went back to dark blue and his smile turned into a smug grin. His whole demeanor changed as he slowly lifted my white dress from my body and tossed it to the other side of the room. I began to unbuckle my red heels to take them off but his hand caught my wrist stopping my actions.

“Leave them on, their sexy.” He said with a quick wink.

His hands pressed into my hips and he slowly rocked my body into his causing me to grind on the place I so desperately wanted to see.

“Do you always wear sexy lace lingerie to these events?” He whispered into my ear before kissing down my neck, his warm breath against my skin caused me to involuntary shiver.

“Answer me.” He demanded, but his voice remained soft.

“Yes.” I murmured before my breath hitched as he took his hands off my hips to roughly massage my ass. His lips turned into a crooked smile as he noticed my flustered appearance.

“Y’know, I’ve never been with a virgin before, I’m quite excited.” He left one hand to massage my ass while the other traced the outline of my lace panties.

“So tell me, what do you want to do first babe?”

“I want you to touch me.”

“I am touching you.” That earned a slap to his arm.

“No you smart ass, touch me already!”

“So the innocent girl isn’t so innocent after all. Don’t worry I’ll get you back for that one.” He said darkly before brushing my panties to the side and slipping his middle finger inside.

“Oh god.” I said as my head flew to the crook of his neck as I began to kiss him up and down his neck.

“Shit, you’re fucking soaked.” His finger pushed in and out of my center pushing in deeper with each thrust. Once he curled his finger into me I bit down on his neck pretty hard, since I wasn’t expecting it causing him to groan before he pulled his finger out of me for good.

“Luke,” I whined.

“Sorry babe, but you just bit the shit out of my neck so I have to punish you somehow.”

“Punish me?” I asked in disbelief. “What are we playing, school?”

“Only if you want to.” He said with a wink. “Now get up and strip for me babe.”

Following his orders I got off of him and unclasped my bra throwing it to the side. Very slowly I lowered one side of my panties before the other side causing Luke to be in agonizing pain before I balanced myself by placing one hand on the arm of the loveseat to remove my panties over my red heels.

I then proceeded to walk over to Luke and slowly unzipped his pants and he helped by throwing them off in a huff. I snickered by how impatient he seemed to be, I was glad that I wasn’t the only one who seemed desperate for this upcoming interaction. After sliding his boxers to the ground I allowed his hands to pull me roughly into his lap once again.

His hard member was up against his stomach begging for some attention, so I figured I might as well have a little fun teasing him if he was going to tease me.

Wrapping my arms around his neck I pulled him in for a kiss before taking his lower lip before pulling it out and biting it. My left hand stayed in his hair messing up his perfect quiff, while my right hand went down to his member smearing his precum on his tip before pumping him.

“Shit babe, that feels fucking fantastic.” He groaned into my neck. I pumped him a few more times before I removed my hand from him and began to tease him by moving my center lightly across his tip making his head fly back into the sofa. I pulled away with a giggle causing him to look at me with dark anger filled eyes. “Think that’s funny, huh?”

“I kinds like seeing you at my mercy.” I said with a simple shrug.

Before I could realize what was happening his strong hands went back onto my hips and flipped me so I was no lying down on the loveseat. He placed his mouth at my center and began digging his tongue into my slit.  I couldn’t even begin to muffle the sounds that were falling from my lips. I reached out for the pillow behind me and grabbed it as something to keep me from losing complete control of my actions.

He tongue was sliding in and out of my slit, the cold metal of his lip ring filled me up with an overwhelming sensation. The fast pace at which he was moving in and out of me was causing him to make these vulgar slurping noises that had me moaning from the sound of it. His messy hair was brushing up against my thighs leaving a ticklish feeling and his thumb was furiously rubbing my clit.

“Now who is in charge babe?”

“You are.” I moaned shutting my eyes as my breathing became heavier.

“That’s what I like to hear.”

“Luke, this feels amazing.”

“Looks like someone is about to cum.”

“Not-, oh-… FUCK!” I’m not sure how loud my voice was when I hit my high but I’m sure it was a lot louder than I would have liked it to be. My head was back, my eyes shut tight, and my toes were already cramping from being tightly curled up.

Luke continued to lick me cleaning me up and as I slowly came down from my high I couldn’t help my giggles.

Luke looked up at me with confusion in my eyes, “I just gave you a mind blowing orgasm… and you’re laughing at me?” he asked looking hurt.

“It’s just-“ I giggled again, “You’re hair it makes me ticklish.” With that he let out a giggle to.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, however; we aren’t done yet I don’t think.”

“I don’t know if your capable of making me feel that good again Hemmings, I think you got lucky.”

After tossing off his own shirt, Luke turned me over on the couch so I was faced down now and slapped my ass twice.

“Babe, I really don’t appreciate you talking to me like that.”

“Sorry.” I said sarcastically.

Three more slaps were added to my ass before he flipped me over on my back again.

“Keep it up (Y/n). I like seeing your ass red.” He reached his hand down to my throbbing center to stroke it a few times before smiling. “Apparently you like it to, you’re already so wet again aren’t you?”

“Yes.” I mumbled flustered again already.

His fingers went to work on stretching me out and my stomach filled with anticipation. This was really happening; I was about to lose my virginity to Luke Hemmings.

“You ready for round two baby?” he pinched my nipple wile his tongue went to work swirling around the other one causing me to groan in frustration.

“So ready.”

I brought my hand down to stroke him. I was ready for him to get on with it but he jolted up and slapped my wrist away.

“Seeing you cum was enough foreplay for me, I might not even last long because of how long I’ve wanted to do this for.”

He grabbed my legs wrapping them around his waist before he grabbed ahold of his thick cock and placed it at the entrance of my slit. He gently pushed in a little bit of his cock at a time leaving me with a groan while he let out a hiss.

“Luke, please just do it already.” I asked impatiently.

He shot me a glare and I immediately regretted pushing him.

“If you would like to be able to walk after this I suggest you let me handle this.” He rasped before pushing it all in. He left it at a stand still for a minute as he let me adjust to him.

“Fucking shit, how the hell can someone be this fucking tight!” he exclaimed.

I pushed on his shoulders and it was the signal he needed to start plowing into me.

Pulling all of himself out before brining it back in and developing a steady pace I was instantly heaving for air. Beads of sweat were beginning to form on his forehead making him look a thousands times more attractive, even though I wasn’t sure how that was even possible.

His chest was glistening and his muscles were all exposed and clenching as he held himself over top of me.

“How’s it feel?” he asked as he brought his thumb down to rub my clit in circles.

Moan after moan feel freely from my lips but I wasn’t able to answer him. He removed his thumb from my clit as a result and smacked my ass again.
“Answer.” He said breathless.

“Fucking- amazing.”

“Who made you feel like this?”


“No.” he said before a particularly hard thrust.

“LUKE!” I screamed, and he brought his hand back down to rub my clit again.

My body was done for my that point, it felt like I was having muscles spasms in every direction and as our hips collided in a figure eight fashion, and the smack of skin on skin was all you heard beneath our moans I began to unravel.

“Come on baby, cum for me again.”

That was all I needed, my mouth dropped and my toes began to curl. I screamed his name a few times before I clenched up around him and I let go all over his still thrusting cock. It wasn’t long after that Luke had let go yelling out a string of swear words before filling up my insides with his seed.

Slowly he removed himself from inside me and we both laid together on the loveseat.

“Shit, Luke.” I said trying to catch my breath.

“I know.”

“Why did it take you so long to talk to me! We could have been doing this for years!” I exclaimed with a small laugh.

“I was nervous okay! But, I’m all for doing this for years to come.” Luke said before placing a gentle kiss into my hair.