jesus these two are my faves

ok but

haikyuu has such shippable characters (ok so maybe my two faves)

like i ship tsukki with everyone, except (don’t hate me) yamaguchi bc i just see them more as bros
but anyways tsukki could be with any of the captains or aces or basically anyone who would take of and care for his saltshaker self
especially any of the other crow first years like jesus tsukihina fucks me up but so does tsukikage
consider tsukiyachi even if i think they’re good as sibling type relationship

now a very underrated character is my babe yaku morisuke
he’s such a good libero and he’s also such a mom like cmon everyone loves him
i could ship him with everyone on the nekoma team except shibayama cause he’s his son or inuoka as the son in law
also kuroyaku fucks be up amirite
but also consider shit like bokuyaku or oiyaku
just do it
there’s literally only one fic for each pair on ao3

bless your soul and these gay vball nerds

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Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves !

Oh jesus I’m so boring though okay

1.) my favorite color is dark blue

2.) i have a boyfriend of almost two months

3.) I’m a concert band major and concert choir minor at my school

4.) I’m taking the psat today and didn’t even get to eat breakfast so I’d appreciate it if someone ran me over right now

5.) my ult bias is Jimin (if you haven’t noticed duhh)

6.) i do dual enrollment so I’m also a college student

7.) i have a 5 month old puppy named Miles

8.) I’m very short and small (last time i checked i was 4'11)

9.) i have dark brown hair and eyes

10.) I’m very quiet and reserved when you first get to know me in person

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I've been wanting Jesus and Aaron to communicate for so long just to eliminate the possibility of Desus happening. As soon as Eric (God bless his soul) bites the dust, I'm jumping on that bandwagon. I think people just want a fan fave like Daryl to be canonically Gay when Actual gay characters like Aaron deserve more credit and love. I sound harsh but 🤷🏾‍♀️ my friend said I'm simple minded cos 'you're just pushing two gay characters together' but imo it makes more sense.

As a gay man myself, I’d love to see someone calling me close minded for acknowledging the fact that two gay men makes sense. And I don’t even ship Aaron/Jesus, mostly because I’m not a huge fan of Paul Rovia, but seriously? I’m having trouble seeing how two canon gay men becoming a couple doesn’t make sense.
I agree with you

Teach Me To Fly- Masterpost

written by: @iamnotdanisnotonfire

beta reading by: @transdimensional-void

art by: @gabricl / @ghoulbriel

summary: Soulmates!AU, Wings!AU. People had always told him that wings were the solution to everything, the key to your love life, your friend circle, who you are as a person, even. Yet somehow, Phil just can’t bring himself to see it that way. Who would want a soulmate that would never fly? (or, as my planning outline so eloquently puts it, kiss kiss fall in love you emotionally repressed motherfuckers) (disclaimer)

genre: angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, au


warnings for each chapter are posted with the chapters themselves! if you can’t read a chapter because of a warning, let me know and i’ll summarize everything in a non-triggering way so you can move on with the fic :D

word count: 15,357 units of author Suffering

[read it on ao3!]

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven 

i’ll do a sort of epilogue oneshot if anyone prompts it :O

author’s notes below the cut, prepare for rambling

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I don’t know about you but I ship Daryl/Jesus

I’m looking forward for more interaction between these two and I can’t help it but ship them because I think they might be perfect for each other. I’d like Aaryl/Daaron to be a thing too but Paul is my fave. I’m Gay Ships Trash™ and I’m not even sorry.

What’s gonna be the name tho… Jaryl? Desus? Or what?

So  what  is Gimple’s theme this year?  Two meaningless relationships and for what?  Jessick was horribly mishandled. He should have stuck to comics on this one.  It was crystal clear in the comics that Rick was NOT in love with Jessie in any way shape or form.

Now we have Carol and Tobin.  So I’m supposed to like that Carol is using a man because he makes her feeling nothing?  That she goes to him because she can hide who she really is?  I’m supposed to be liking this story?  I mean WTF…Carol has been in this same crisis mode for almost 2 seasons. When the hell is she going to catch a break.  It’s been since The Grove.  I mean I like a meaty drama but watching one of you faves being constantly dragged through the emotional ringer is not my idea of a fun Sunday night.  

Couple that with the constant Glenn near death experiences and I’m like wrap this shit up already so I can watch rainbows and puppies on YT for the next 6 months and get my sanity back.

The only good thing to come out of this season is Richonne and Jesus. That’s it. The rest has been a horrible fucking mess of a show. If it wasn’t for the two above mentioned positives, I think this would be my last season of TWD.  

I’m going to let Tim Gunn sass me out of this post.

why do people think just because Sharpy is good looking he has to be a cheater and go after every woman including his teammates wives/girlfriends eVEN THOUGH HE HAS HIS OWN GORGEOUS ASS WIFE AND TWO LITTLE GIRLS WITH SAID WIFE LIKE IT MAKES NO SENSE WHEN WOULD HE EVEN HAVE THE TIME TO CHEAT ANYWAYS JESUS FRIGGIN CHRIST

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I AM DISAPPOINTED TO HEAR THAT MARCO POLO IS DEEPLY QUESTIONABLE, AFTER GODDAMN VIKINGS I JUST WANT MORE, LIKE, PRE-ELECTRICITY HISTORICAL DRAMAS (after I finally watch "Elementary" because I realized last week I have a whole folder full of bookmarks of fanworks for the show even though I've never seen it; I have a pretty good dash in this regard) anyhoo feel free to blab to me about the pros and cons of Marco Polo as I am curious


  • For, like, 8 of the 10 episodes of the show, there is only one white dude onscreen.  It’s fucking glorious. 
  • All of the non-white actors are FUCKING MAGNIFICENT.  Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan is fucking amazing.  Joan Chen as  Empress Chabi is fucking amazing. All the non-white actors are pretty goddamn great, and clearly just enjoying THE FUCK out of not being Ethnic Background Scenery or Terrorist No. 4. 
  • Oh my God, the number of ladies in this.  Like, even if this were a TV show about white women, there would be 10,000,000 tumblr gifsets about them smeared all over Tumblr (and still no fic about them).  But like. You have some good ladies, you have some bad ladies, but you really basically only have mostly ladies who have complicated motives and do complicated things that are both good and bad at the same time. You have ladies who act for personal ambition, you have ladies who act to protect their babies or their families, you have ladies who can fight, you have ladies who can’t fight, you have ladies who will do anything to get through life, and you have ladies who would rather die than give up one SCRAP of pride or what is theirs.  Marco Polo has room for all of it.  Same thing can be said, by and large, about most the men of color characters, too.  
  • Byamba >>>>>>>>>>> Jon Snow. LOOK AT THIS  BALLER
  • Shit is lush.  The Weinstein Bros put serious money into this, and it fucking shows.  The landscape shots are epic and beautiful, and the sets are magic, and the music on the show is fucking great.  I’m probably genetically vulnerable or whatever to the combo of Chinese stringed instrument and Mongolian folk singing, but this is the intro song.  This is the song that gets sung in one of the best scenes in the whole damn season the night before the big battle.
  • Sometimes, the show just becomes a really high-budget, really slick kungfu flick.  I’m OK with this.   


  • The pacing is bullshit. The plots are bullshit. The writing is bullshit.  
  • No, you don’t understand. The writing is bullshit.  People declaim their feelings.  There is no emotional build-up.  All those gajillions of dollars for second unit shooting, and you couldn’t hire even ONE decent scriptwriter? IT’S ENRAGING.  SO MUCH SPECTACLE.  SO LITTLE WRITING.
  • Bad things happen to people to show how bad the world is and how bad other people are.  News at 11.  
  • Marco Polo is the least interesting part of the whole show, and he is the title character.  
  • WHY DOES ANYONE GIVE A SINGLE SHIT ABOUT HIM  oh God he’s onscreen on God why is everyone talking about him JESUS FUCK WHY IS EVERY CONVERSATION ABOUT HIM HOTTIE MCVIZIER WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT HIM.  Mr. Rhod liked him more by the end, but pretty much my entire attitude towards him is that is this one really famous (to war nerds) historical thing that’s shown in the show? Like, it’s one of my fave war nerd stories and shows the scope and span and power of the Mongol empire.  Like, fuck you, the Chinese know a thing or two about building GIANT ASS WALLS and DIVERTING RIVERS and SHUTTING THE GATE AND WAITING FOR THE UNWASHED BARBARIAN HORDES TO JUST GO AWAY ALREADY.  But no, this is Kublai Khan, so he asks his relative who rules what is modern day Iran/Turkey/Azerbaijan to lend him some genius-ass mathematicians.  And what I basically understand to be the Persian versions of Tony Stark show up a little bit later and build some fucking counterweight trebuchets.  It’s a great moment in war nerd history.  Annnnnnnd in the show, it’s the white boy figures it out.  ofc.
  • oh my god the amount of lady nudity for male gaze.  We’re talking GOT-level shit here.  and the amount of girl-on-girl either explicitly in-the-text for the male gaze, or for the male viewer gaze??? 
  • I don’t know if there’s any queer representation beyond the girl-on-girl-for-male-gaze. Like there are ladies who seem to be into having sex with other ladies?  But???? So much??? male gaze??? It’s hard to tell what is being presented as being character for the lady, and how much is the show showing you sexy ladies sexily writhing around. 

FINAL VERDICT FOR RHOD CHANG: In a better world, this show would be my trash pleasure while waiting for Masterpiece Theater to broadcast the next season of the Emmy award-sweeping, cultural phenomenon known as The Secret History of the Mongols.  A-fucking-las, it is not.  On the other hand, you can take Khutulun and Byamba out of my cold dead hands.