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Conversation I Overheard at a Church Function
  • Kid: Moooommmm...That girl hit me!!!!!
  • Mom: okay honey, don't get upset..
  • Kid: but mom she hit ME, she's asking to get it!!
  • Mom: but what would Jesus do?

Sometimes I worry that I’m not posting enough DN content, then I remember that I don’t run a DN blog. This is my main. I can do what I want.

Life Update #5
  • Me, playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and in the Path of the Deathless: Shit, that surprise me (referring to the soldiers that first came out of nowhere when you first enter Kitezh)
  • Phoenix: Haylie... Ancient Stone Warriors. Don't they remind you of them?
  • Me, nervously trying to sneak past the Deathless Army: Oh, yeah, they kind of do. With the weird language and how stiff they are.
  • Phoenix: What dialect are they speaking?
  • Me, now panicking: I don't know, but shut up, shut up, shut up.

Concept: Hal talking shit in eldritch tongues.

Everyone is concerned even though he only does it at their enemies.

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i feel like if aliens do exist, we are one of the youngest planets ever so like we are just the babies and they probably don’t want to ever hang with our lame asses until we are at like a trillion years old and have sorted out our shit. 

anonymous asked:

I truly adore your posts, and wanted to ask you some questions about our favorite couple: 1) Who do you think is more dominant, Rick or Michonne? 2) Who is Michonne's BFF? Rick's is Daryl, I think, tho I know he considers him a brother. 3) What exactly would Rick have told Carl had it not been for Jesus' intervention (heh, that's funny) and 4) I know some fans want Michonne to have a baby, but do you think that is something Rick and Michonne want? Why or why not?

Thanks so much ^_^  And interesting questions!

1.) If you mean in the bedroom, mos def Rick.  He seeks her out, reaches for her first…he is the big spoon.  To me, Rick is the dom in the bedroom, with Michonne as the sub.  The only way to describe it is hungry.  Rick is so hungry for Michonne. I just see him being a straight up predator. *shivers*

Outside the bedroom though?  Rick might as well be walking on his knees.  He is the total sub.  Even more so now that they’re sharing a bed.  I just keep thinking of that grudging, “…yeah” Rick gives Jesus when Michonne said they can wait immediately after Rick had said, “We came here for food, and we’re gonna get it.” So yeah, depending on the setting, they are both equally sub and dom.

2.)  Thought about this, and I am unsure…if I had to put my money on someone, it’d be Daryl or Glenn, though lately, I’m leaning more towards Glenn.

3.)  Hmm….

I imagine he would have told him that morning at breakfast.  They’d all sit down to eat, and Michonne and Rick would try to not make direct eye contact and fail, smiling at nothing, thinking about the night before, then Rick notices Carl’s “WTH are you laughing at?” face, and he takes a deep breath and says, “Carl…there’s um…Michonne and I are…”

He trails, off, not sure how to finish.  Carl looks between them, waiting.  Rick then reaches across the table to Michonne, taking her hand, rubbing the top of it with his thumb.  Michonne looks at him with that starry gazed look she sometimes gets when looking at Rick, and he looks right back at her with a similar expression.  “We’re together, now.”  Rick and Michonne smile at each other, then both turn to Carl simultaneously, expectantly.  

He looks between the two of them and at their joined hands, smiles a bit, and shrugs.  “Okay,” then goes back to eating his cereal.

4.) What Rick and Michonne want…I don’t think that that’s necessarily what Rick wants, no.  But I do think he doesn’t not want it, either.  What matters to Rick in his relationship with Michonne is to 1. Make her happy, 2. Not let her down 3. Provide for her and 4. Keep her safe, and not necessarily in that order.  If Michonne wants a baby (and I sincerely believe she does after this:

Then yes, Rick will want it because she wants it; because he loves her and wants to give her the world, or as much of it as he can.  He would not hesitate to make this happen if she gave the go ahead, and I do believe after the big loss they are about to suffer, that she will.  This Negan business will be a (forgive the pun) a “come to Jesus” moment for them and their relationship.  How much time do any of them have?  Might as well make the best of it.

Wow.  Thanks for all of those questions.  That was so much fun ^_^