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If you do requests can you please do a Mike Faist x reader (if you don't do cast can you do Connor Murphy) where they play 7 minutes in heaven

this was originally going to be short but i got carried tf away and now it’s 3800+ words SO
i have never done connor so like i KNOW this is going to be wildly out of character???? I JSUT RLLY LIKE SEEING CONNOR HEALTHY AND HAPPY IM SORRY SO let’s see how i Fuck this up

this is……….. probably not what u requested 

connor x fem!reader - seven minutes in heaven

Seeing Jared Kleinman and Evan Hansen at a party was a wonderful rarity. Seeing Connor at a party was even crazier. But seeing Connor at a party, enjoying himself with friends and not angrily smoking a joint in the corner of the living room until the host kicked him out? It was nearly unheard of. It was borderline impossible. And it simply made your heart swell.

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  • Harley: Did you take my gum that was in the car?
  • Joker: Probably.
  • Harley: I'm going to shoot you the next time you take my gum.
  • Joker: Shoot me? Really?
  • Harley: Yup. With a shotgun.
  • Joker: Jesus.
  • Harley: He can't help you now Puddin' ;)
Sharing a room with Jesus for the first time would include:

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

- You knowing that you rarely experienced feelings of awkwardness anymore since you had been with a group since the beginning of the apocalypse.

- But when Jesus had lended his trailer to Maggie and Sasha when they first arrived at The Hilltop and came to you asking for a place to stay you realized that that feeling of awkwardness was still very much present.

- You and Jesus being super close friends so you really don’t mind him staying with you.

- The issue is that you had taken an extra special liking to Jesus lately (wink wonk you had a crush on him).

- The first night he insists on sleeping on the couch so that you’re not uncomfortable because even though you guys are close you’re not that close.

- The first few nights that he stayed with you you kinda just stayed up late to watch him sleep because that’s not creepy at all but like, he has a really nice face and he looks so peaceful when he’s asleep.

- One night you finally insist that he sleeps in your bed with you because he’s going on a run the next day and he needed to have a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

- Sleeping a literal arms length away from each other.

- But the next morning you wake up to two very strong and very warm arms wrapped around you.

- You can feel the tickle of Jesus’s beard on the back of your neck because he’s now sleeping so close to you.

- You realizing that you really could get used to waking up like this every day.

Gasoline: Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k

Warnings: Language, sort of fluffy

A/N: Have already started on Part 3; decided to cliffhang ya’ll a bit so everything is spaced apart. Again, this is an AU fic. Please do send feedback and let me know if you enjoy this/would like this to be a mini series or anything else. Thankyou!

Part One

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You were pacing your room in your robe and slippers, arms crossed over your chest wondering what the fuck just happened. Bubbles were still trailing down your slick legs and dampening your slippers, but you failed to notice due to how wired you were.

Jensen motherfucking Ackles, the man whom you shamelessly fantasised about on a regular basis on your favourite show, just accidentally walked in on you masturbating.

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Being sent on food runs wasn’t exactly your favorite activity, but stepping away from the chaos that sometimes went on in your group was good too. Dragging your exhausted body was work enough, but having to carry bags of food back to base was even more work your body could not handle. However, you forced yourself to remain alert and awake; it was the zombie apocalypse for Christ’s sake, you had no other choice.

“Hurry it up Y/N, ya gotta get back before it gets dark.” you heard Rick’s voice say in your head. He was the reminder; your leader. “I’ll be there…” You mumbled to yourself, sighing and stopping for a break, putting the bags, and your guard, down. You leaned against a nearby post and sighed, looking down and closing your eyes.

“Damn, you look pretty tired.” you heard a voice say. You suddenly looked up to find a gun to your face and your groceries no longer by your side but in the hands of another–a tall man, with long hair and striking eyes, a bandana covering half of his face and a beanie covering his head. You looked at the gun and then at him. “Are ya gonna shoot me? Or make small talk?” you said, not daring to stand up. You didn’t know the man, you had no idea what he was capable of.

The man shrugged lightly. “Depends… what’s a pretty thing like you doing out here. All alone in the evening darkness?” he said, still holding his gun on guard. “Food run, but it’s pretty clear you plan on taking it.” you said. The man shrugged and took out some bread, looking at it, and tossing it to you. “Maybe. I’ll be a good Samaritan today.” he said, letting you have some and few of the groceries you got.

“Good Samaritan? Robbing me at gunpoint–” “If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead by now. You wouldn’t even know what hit you sweetheart.” he said, cutting you off. You looked at him and looked into his eyes. “Can I at least get the name of my so called “Good Samaritan.” you asked, as he gathered his stuff ready to leave.

He held the gun on you and backed up into the road. “Paul. But some call me Jesus.” he said, winking at you as he fired two shots into the air. A truck pulled up, and your eyes widened, recognizing it as your own. “If you ever get bored or tired of getting robbed, meet me here at this spot and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you join me and the disciples at the table.” Jesus said, his cheeky religious banter, along with his bright eyes and charming smile, striking something in you.

You looked at him and then at the truck. “I could kill you right now–” “But you won’t. And you can’t mae yourself understand why.” Jesus said, climbing onto the truck. Y ou glared at him as he looked at you and lowered his bandana, smiling a charming smile at you. “Hope I run into you again.” he said, biting his lip and winking at you, banging on the truck as it started to drive off, your groceries and new acquaintance along with it.

What You Want |Victor Zsasz x You|

    A/N:  100 Kinks Challenge - 60/Jealousy Sex - Another request from @taintedmarker! Smut and love ensue. Enjoy!

           Penguin sat at the head of the long table sorting through some papers with you standing at his side. At the opposite end of the table, fingers itching to grab the pistol tucked into his pants, was Victor Zsasz. The ame Victor Zsasz your mother mad you con into performing a free hit for you. The same Victor Zsasz you had tried desperately not ot get attached to, only to end up spending nine months sleeping in his bed at night. The very same Victor Zsasz that Mother made you abandon without so much as a goodbye when she heard Penguin had become King of Gotham.

               Yeah, that Victor Zsasz.

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I am a ..... a scientist! Yeah, that's right. *wink wink*

Jesus Christ my readers are murderers

I never knew we had so much in common

Part 2, Imagine you and Happy didn’t like each other, but you eventually get closer. Based off Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece.”

Part 1 here. Part 1 does have child abuse mentioned!!!!

Originally posted by lutherbarkwills

“Alright everyone! Have a seat!” Gemma yelled as she came to the dining room table with a ham on a tray in front of her. “Y/n, Hap, sit down.”

You and Happy had grown particularly close in the last week since you told the club of your misfortune with your father. You weren’t completely sure why, but you were totally fine with it. Happy had even spent time with your son. Tyler was enamored with Happy. He loved spending time with “his new best friend.”

“Happy!” Your son squealed, pointing to the empty chair next to him. “You sit by me!!”

Happy looked at you and laughed. You nodded your head letting him know it was okay. You took the empty seat next to Happy. You gathered a plate for your son and started to cut up the ham for him.

“I can do that.” Happy said. You stared at him confused for a few moments before handing him the plate. You turned your head to see if anyone else had heard Happy offering to cut your child’s ham. You made eye contact with Gemma, who must have heard the whole thing. She looked away with a smirk.

“Tyler, make sure you thank Happy.” You told your son while gathering up your own plate of food. 

“Yes mama. Thank you Happy!” Your son grinned to Happy. At this point, all the guys were starting to take notice of the moment going on between your son, Happy, and you. 

“No problem bud. I know how to handle a knife.” You spat out your wine a little bit after hearing Happy say that. You knew very well that there was a reason the Sons called him Killa. The rest of the guys at the table started to laugh at you spitting your wine out and at Happy’s remark.

“Nice one Happy.” You were trying to gather your breathing again while coughing and laughing simultaneously. Tyler and the other kids looked around at all the adults who were laughing around them, thankfully, not understanding the joke.


“Thank you so much for dinner, Gemma. It was delicious.” 

“Not a problem sweetheart. So, what’s going on with that?” Gemma nodded toward Happy who was holding your sleeping son against him. 

“Honestly, I don’t know. A lot of shit changed since he found out about my dad.” You sighed. You wanted something to happen. He was so good with your son, he was kind and smart, and you knew you had developed something for him in the last few weeks.

“You should find out.” Gemma winked. 

“Jesus, Gemma. Goodnight.”You laughed walking past her and out to your car. “Thanks for helping me with him Happy. It really means a lot.” You told Happy as he was putting your son in his car seat. 

“It’s no big deal, y/n. I like hanging out with the little man.” Happy replied ruffling Tyler’s hair.

“It is. He’s never had a father figure or anything close to that. It means a lot.” Happy nodded and looked at the ground. He strangely seemed nervous. 

“I’m going to follow you both home, make sure you get there okay.” You raised an eyebrow at him. “If that’s okay with you.”

“Sure, Lowman.” You smirked and walked away to get into your car. On the way home you were thinking about what was about to happen. Of course, you didn’t want to get your hopes up or expect anything, but you were secretly hoping that something would finally happen with Happy. At last you arrived at the home you had bought for yourself and Tyler after realizing your father would most likely not be coming after you. Your home was only a few houses down from Jax’s in case you needed any of the club members. You jumped out of your car and went to the other side of it to grab Tyler, but Happy beat you to it. 

“I have him.” Happy said while taking Tyler gently out of his car seat. You smiled and walked to the front door, holding it open for Happy and your son to get through. You followed Happy to Tyler’s room. You leaned against the door frame and saw Happy tucking your son into his bed. 

“Story?” You heard your sons tiny voice say from under his quilt. Happy crossed the room to a small book shelf that had your sons books on it. 

“He likes Dr. Suess.” You told Happy. Happy grabbed Green Eggs and Ham from the shelf. 

“My mom read me this.” Happy told you while he was flipping the book around in his hands. 

“He loves that book.” Happy crossed back over to Tyler. “Goodnight baby, don’t be up too long.” You walked to your son, leaning down and kissing his cheek. “I’ll be in the kitchen.” You told Happy.

A few minutes after you entered your kitchen and started on dishes from the weekend, Happy came up and leaned on the counter next to the sink. “Is he asleep?”

“Yeah.” Happy crossed his arms and looked deep in thought. Once you realized he wasn’t exactly mentally there with you, you turned to him with furrowed eyebrows.

“Everything okay?” 

Happy waited a few more moments before answering. “He said goodnight daddy before I left the room.”

You stared at Happy. Your son called Happy daddy? He’s never called anyone that before, not even his own father. “what did you say?”

“Goodnight, son.” You continued to look at Happy with tears forming in your eyes. You threw your arms around him. He stiffened up, unsure of what to do for a few moments before he relaxed his body and wrapped his arms around your waist. The both of you stood in the kitchen for at least five minutes, just holding onto each other. You didn’t want to let go of him; he didn’t want to let go of you, either. You were melting into him, tears freely falling from your eyes down onto the shoulder of his cut. 

“thank you.” You whispered into his ear once you felt like you could finally part from the man. You moved you head a little bit, enough to look into his eyes, and he look into yours. You were searching his eyes for something, anything to tell you to kiss him. He seemed to have known what you were thinking: he looked down at your lips. You slowly moved your head towards him, placing a soft kiss onto his lips. You parted from him which he did not want to happen. He quickly moved his hand from your waist and onto the back of your head, wrapping his fingers into your hair. He crashed his lips into yours for a passionate kiss. Your lips started moving in sync while your hands moved to the sides of his face. His other hand moved down to your lower back, pulling you closer to him. Right as he started to slide his tongue along your bottom lip, his burner rang.

“God dammit.” He groaned. He gave you another peck on the lips before he answered his phone. “Yeah?” He was listening intently on the phone call from one of his brothers as you were attempting to distract him by placing kisses along his neck and jaw. “Mhmm….mhhmm…” He continued agreeing while also trying to contain his moans. “Yeah. I’ll be right there.” He slammed his phone shut and gave you another passionate kiss. “That was your uncle. He got a call from another club. Gotta go.”

You groaned and kissed him again. “Will you come back?” You asked while taking his hand and playing with the rings on his fingers. 

“Only if you want me to, little girl.”

“I really want you to, but under one condition.” He cocked his eyebrow at you. “You can never call me that again.” Happy looked at you, confused for a moment until he remembered.

“Shit. Your dad called you that.” You slowly nodded your head at him. He placed both of his hands on either side of your face and looked at you directly in the eyes. “I swear on my life I will never call you that again.” You nodded again and kissed him.

“Thank you. Now go to your brothers. I’ll be waiting here.” You whispered.

“Yes ma’am.”