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This is the last thing I’m going to say about Larries today because I’d much, much rather be practicing my deep breathing exercises until April 7th, but I think it’s important for people to understand the influence that Larries think they hold in this fandom and I for one will not be participating in any project their hateful, entitled asses come up with for Harry’s music. (x)

(Now back to alternating between looping Harry’s teaser vid and staring at  blank white boxes on Instagram. )

I was just thinking about when Daryl was at the sanctuary he glanced up at Jesus on Negan’s Truck, what do you think was going on in his head?? I just came to thought, what if he got worried they were going to leave without him? or Jesus was just monitoring Carl and seeing where Negan would take him? forgeting about Daryl. And when Daryl was handed the note under the door… he wouldn’t just leave? He probably then thought Jesus slid the not under the door and that’s why he left, and when Jesus said “Daryl” meeting up with him he most likely didn’t question it until Jesus maybe brought up how Daryl got out. Daryl doesn’t know Sherry let him escape, my guess is that they were chatting about the situation, and that right there my friends, is some clips I would like to see.

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Since Alfred did created Bonnet, So does that mean in a way Alfred is Bonnet's father?

Technically yes? In a way to say it, they don’t share blood or anything

jesus, taking that idea, William create a fuck ton of animatronics, the spin set line, toy line, circus line, spring line……

jesus christ it’s so late why is the sun so deceiving

  • find non-scientific source
    • comment on it
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  • analyse similar system
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My favorite story on the Bible is the one where the friends take their paralyzed friend to Jesus, but the house is packed and they go up on the roof to get him to Jesus. That’s true love and friendship.



THAT PROPOSAL WAS EVERYTHING! The entire episode was pure poetry. Be still my heart. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but … that may have just landed the number one spot in my favorite proposals. I never ever ever thought that would happen. And good lord, it’s not even just the proposal, but the entire episode. The magic and heartache and pure adoration floored me. Listen, this show is cheesy and overdramatic af, but I’ve never in my life felt so satisfied with an entire episode to bawl my eyes out this much.

And the “take a walk with me.” OH MY GOD. JESUS CHRIST UP ABOVE THANK YOU FOR THIS. The simple few words that started it all. The conversations they’ve had on their walks. The closeness they established. The love they strengthened. So simple yet so remarkably profound. There was so much magic in that little statement. So much heart. It’s the most exquisite promise – a promise to come back and take more walks. A promise to just be. 

THE CINEMATOGRAPHY. I mean listen, Canada is magical and beautiful, but that scene at the church with her head on his shoulder wearing his jacket!? CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE YO. And zooming into their faces – you could feel the tenderness and adoration. You could feel everything.


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omg we got a couple minutes of Daddy and it was so amazing. No jacket, that southern drawl and that lean! There can be 20 fics written about that scene. A close up of that gorgeous face, too! love him.

Lord Jesus. This scene is gonna take me to church and bless tf out of me. Always happy to see Daddy, and have some scenes of him to add into the fic 😍😍


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tws with sam with piercings and tattoos would be so iconic?? sam opens the door for steve and nat with a whole sleeve on his right bicep and those arms + ink? hydra who? neither of them can think past how amazing sam is, absolutely ethereal!

how did I miss this but this is absolutely true, omg.

Sam probably has tattoos all the way up to his neck. Like it’s basically fanon that he has one of a wing on his back and Riley had the matching half, okay? And his biceps? They’re already godly, but with some floral sleeves all the way from his shoulders to his wrists? Jesus take the wheel.

He also probably has some really dumb drunk dare tattoos, like a fucking dog or “RILEY WUZ HERE” somewhere you can’t see it. Or a tramp stamp, because you will have to pry that head-canon out of my cold dead fingers. Cover up tattoos for the scars he got while in the military? A given. Sam probably had an ex’s name tattooed on him at one point, but now he’s got this really intricate rose vine there instead because fuck that guy.

(Y'all don’t even want to get me started on the piercings, because all of them are…a mess.)

I swear

I swear if I see another possessive mikayuu fanfic where mika is so jealous of yuu hanging out with practically anyone else I’m going to throw a glass at the wall! This is not healthy or ok! It’s not cute! It’s disgusting and abusive! Stop taking mikas character out of context! Jesus I’m gonna lose it!

  riko (5′5″) moriyama and jean (i am ready for the sweet embrace of Death™) moreau

the foxes (boys)

the foxes (girls)