jesus take the wheel i cant


Reasons To Date Dean

Face times together  

When he wants to snuggle

And snuggles turn into well… this

Him singing to you 

Late night phone calls 

Him being a dork and a cutie

Him snapping you 

Dean making you take pictures of him

Jam sessions together

When you cook him food, him devouring all of it and being a happy little Deanie

Adventures and dates together

Him getting all shy

Car rides together… just being able to watch this in the car… Jesus take the wheel.. please

His weird little pose he always does

Him being FOINE


how did talking about Dean in the car turn into this @clubeskimo i dont know if this killed you or not but… 

*these gifs and pictures are not mine credit goes out to the original gif makers as well as stills*

*except the snapchat’s i made those hehe ^^*

im starting to practice giving up worrying about what i lack the insight into to make a move/something i cant control, and just aligning myself with the feeling of best possible outcome being fulfilled. bc i know that higher power can see the best path for me down to the tiny details and its out of my human mind’s comprehension to understand, so all i can do is let “Jesus take the wheel” lol..


damn it all to hell. just when i thought i was gonna take a break from drawing gio, EoH decides to give him the half-naked “costume” and i am dead. lookit all these damn scribbles, i am ashamed of myself. why must the youngest jojo be the naked one, lay me to rest. good bye.

wow i cant believe god woke me up with this wonderful thunderstorm so i could contemplate teeth zenyatta eating flesh while random snippets of jesus take the wheel replay in my head