jesus take the entire car


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Jesus take the entire car at this point.

When watching the show as a young girl, I hated seeing InuYasha easily give into his guilt because Kikyo was dead and he wasn’t. That episode where he thinks he needs to say goodbye to Kagome even though he clearly does not want to near killed me.

The worst part of that episode, or any episode regarding InuKik and their supposed bond, was having to watch as he willingly but hesitantly makes himself miserable even as he attempts to make things right by attempting to protect Kikyo.

The fact that Kikyo doesn’t give him any sort of comfort when she probably could is the most fucked up thing about it because I mean how hard is it to tell your once “lover” that you understand what happened? that you’re letting him off the hook?

Reason # 1 why Kikyo was never in love or simply loved InuYasha:

IF she ever loved him she would have let him go because when you love someone you want their happiness, not drag them into an unhealthy loop.

She’s dead for fucks sakes like how is it okay for her to expect him to give up his life for her? his chance to be happy? It’s selfish, manipulative and just gross.

I cannot stress enough just how unfair and uncalled for that was. It will always be something about this series that upsets me.

Here you have this young boy whose suffered basically all of his life and he finally finds a speck of happiness, finally makes friends who wholeheartedly accept him for who he is and what he is, and he can’t even enjoy that? Kikyo even asked Kaede about it.

She can see the change in InuYasha so you can’t say she doesn’t yet she tries her best to make it hard for him because again she is selfish and just doesn’t give a fuck but I digress.

This pleases me so much because while the guilt is still there, the difference is (at least for now) that he isn’t letting his guilt get the best of him. He wants to be with Kagome.

MangaInuYasha seems way more open about his Kagome feels than AnimeInuYasha ever was and I love it.