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Why do you still like Touka? Her character has been a huge let down in re. She hurts Kaneki without reasons, she refused to help Hinami escape from Aogiri and her relationship with kaneki (after part 1) has been nothing but toxic

Why do you still like Kaneki? He’s a mass murderer who pretends to be a vigilante, confessed he only cares about people if they are within 5 meters of him at the moment, can do absolutely nothing himself, and was fine with letting Hinami rot in literal prison for close to a year.

“Letting Hinami escape from Aogiri” is fucking rich, anon, please check yourself. Hinami is her own woman, responsible for her own decisions. Nothing we’ve seen suggests she was there against her will. Aogiri wasn’t mafia, she could walk out if she wanted - lots of other ghouls did when it first started to wobble, which was specifically mentioned in the Rushima arc.


*gets out fandom stick* jesus christ. the shit lin puts up with. ANYway HIGHLIGHTS

i’m melting over a seventeen year old audition flyer?

if that next line isn’t “peruse at your leisure” i’ll eat my hand

we have done nothing to deserve lin-manuel miranda
it’s a meme and a cliche but i can’t apologize because it’s true
thank you for sharing this @linmanuel

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The preview - it's so beautiful how aware Aaron's always been of Robert, and Rob's boundaries. From the first lay-by kiss when Robert mumbled "no" and Aaron backed up into the car door. So respectful. I bet Robert is used to being treated like an object of desire by men (Lawrence) and women (Rebecca). Treated like he hasn't got much agency of his own. Aaron has always loved something beyond that. Something much deeper than the beautiful surface that Robert projects. That's what he connects with.

That Walking Dead trailer is a diversion from the not be deceived.

Remember when terminus happened and they made you believe Garett was going to be all up in that season. He was giving these super long rallying quotes in the trailer, and they made him all sinister. He was killed episode three. And it shocked me because I was expecting him to be there all season. 

There was a lot of filler in that trailer. A lot of the same repetitive shots. Jesus covering fuel..Daryl shooting up fuel. Morgan in the woods. Jesus in the woods. Morgan and Jesus with stick. Tara and Carol. Shots of Ezekiel. Negan and his silly shitting pants quote. Michonne and Rosita. It was maybe one or two episodes crammed into a long 6ish minute trailer, of really nothing but gazing shots into a horizon for most characters.

They wouldn’t just show Rick in the future. It is a smoke screen. Why would they give away that important time jump info. I know its coming, but the average show fan does not.

I’ll wait. You won’t trick me into thinking one way and it doesn’t happen. They have done this multiple times. Kirkman says Rick will die, everyone panics…tunes in…he doesn’t die.

That whole sequence with Rick laying down is so smoke screen. Why would they even give a plot away like that. Hell, we knew about Negan coming since 5b and he wasn’t shown until 6x16. 

This is reverse psychology, Make it look like it’s something else, then hit us with the bait and switch. You are not fooling me Kirkiman and Gimple. I know this way. I know this ruse. Try harder. 


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call out post for virgo

you guys are so fucking bland. swallow some hot sauce or something?? i swear, no one can deal with your sense of order - do you carry a personal filing system in your purse because you genuinely look like a bitch that would. if someone ever needed an assistant then you would be great, but everyone already has their mother yelling at them to clean up their mess.. so maybe you should chill. and don’t get me started on the fake deep. you guys are as shallow as a kiddy pool but you know how to write some pretty great words, so people melt into your hands. your standards are so fucking high, though and i’m not even sure the tallest man in the world could reach them. maybe that’s why you’re always so damn sad and grumpy. oh and jesus, stick to write poetry because your passive aggressive notes are enough to drive a person mad. you’re born writers, but keep some opinions to yourself because not everyone works to your level of expertise. so stop being so hard on others when they fail to meet your expectations. you guys are the worst kind of overachievers. oh and stop nagging so fucking much - we’re all sick of hearing your voice.

+ other signs.

mayor drawings!! im quite happy with them huhu~ @minisparrows @mayor-aby @mayorintheshadows @acnl-peachy

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wow, if you think that trans wlw are men who just want sleep w/ lesbians you are fucking stupid. why would someone change their pronouns, their life style, the way they look (depending on their transition), their name, possibly be disowned just to get into someone’s pants who thinks that transgirls trying to find love some how equals oppression. 

Barrio Slums and More Ch.2

Click Here for Chapter 1

Let me know if you need translations! – Feedback appreciated!!! – edits and fanart too!!!

Watching everyone rushing to make food and set the table couldn’t be more painful. Lance felt like he was falling apart and he couldn’t show it. He couldn’t bring himself to disappoint them.

He’d rehearsed so many times. As he worked on his mom’s car, as he showered, as he got dressed, and as he watched. But it never made it easier. Not once, did it feel like he could tell them without bile rising up in his throat.

His little cousins were running around the adults, being ushered out to the front yard, but they were too hyped to listen. Suddenly, his cousin Lily shrieked and began bawling. “Guys, give her back her doll,” Lance scolded the two twins that were her older brothers. “You know how she gets, and unless you want me to tell Tia Carla what you did-”

“Ugh, Lance you’re the same as before you went to college,” Jose grumbled, tossing back the doll.

“Just go back to college,” Jesus, the other, muttered, sticking his tongue out. They ran out, screaming after their other cousins.

Lance sighed and mumbled, “Wish I could, buddy.” He went to be sure the kids weren’t fighting. The boys were running, and the girls were playing with dolls. Until Lance’s brother, Miguel, decided to pull their cousin Rosa’s pigtail and began a gender war of tag. He shook his head and turned back to look at the house. His tios were drinking, claiming to toast to them. His tias and his mom were cooking, gossiping in Spanish. His Papo was asleep on the couch with a cup of soda in his hand. His buela was cleaning, setting out a new mantel for the table.

It was too much. It was way too much. Despite the humid heat, Lance left the house and went to the back where the dogs were. At his Papo’s house, they had a chicken coop. Lance hated those chickens. He could still hear the shrieks of laughter and anger from the kids in the front, but from where he stood, Lance could close his eyes and pretend that it was a normal day. That he wasn’t about to drop the worst news in months to his family. That he wasn’t about to explain what a failure he was, and how he didn’t deserve anything they were doing for him.

He could pretend he had never gone to college, that it was last summer and he was filled with hope to envision all the possibilities the future would bring. He was still Lance, the jokester, the fun cousin, the fun brother, the troublemaking son, the smart one.

Lance!” one of his tias called. “Your friend is here!” Lance frowned and went inside, surprised to see Keith at his front door with his tios and tias and mother and buela surrounding him, inviting him, offering things, asking him questions.

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  • *Daryl and Maggie are walking in the woods, when they suddenly see Morgan pointing his stick at Jesus*
  • Daryl: *Starts to go to stop Morgan*
  • Maggie: "What are you doing?"
  • Daryl: "H-he's going to hurt him"
  • *Maggie pulls him back*
  • Maggie: "No he's good"
  • *Jesus sneaks from the stick like a ninja*
  • Daryl: *whispers to Maggie* "that was really cool

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Have you met Sidon, the Zora prince yet? If so, isn't he dreamy? For a fish guy that is. xD Also he cracks me up. Most of the Zora crack me up in this game.

I LOVE SIDON I need to draw him ahh,

I was in the middle of hunting along a river side before I got to the zora people and once I interacted with one it was just a shit storm and I got accosted by 5 different zora at that point chillin in the water and they were all like ARE YOU A HYLIAN??? You SHOULD GO SEE THE PRINCE- like yes yes I know the Fish Prince of Bel-Air needs help ok I got it the fist four damn times actin like JabuJabu’s Witness BUT IM BUSY

I’m a ho for side quests and THEY JUST KEPT interrupting me SO IM LIKE FINE ILL GO SEE THE FISH STICK JESUS- then when I got to him I was like holy damn your Fineness I’m so sorry I didn’t know forgive me???

you’re so cute and happy Hyrule needs you ok; please stay precious and pure;;

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Imagine like being Shawn's best friends but your also friends benefits with Shawn for a while but Shawn starts to kinda gain feels for you. Like he decides to tell you one like after hooking up together.

“That was amazing… as always” you laughed, resting your hand on your naked, pounding chest. You couldn’t stop the wide smile that ran across your face. 

Sex with Shawn as always great. He knew just the right place, just the right speed, just the right way to touch you. Shawn did you better, than anyone ever had. 

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