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honestly newt is probably one of those people who keep photos of their family in their wallet, except of his creatures. and there’s that plastic slip that falls out when his wallet is open and he tries to keep it to his favourite animals but he loves all of them, so there’s basically a photo album of photos in his wallet. and its not just one of each animals, he probably has two or more for every each individual animals. i love him.

wow, if you think that trans wlw are men who just want sleep w/ lesbians you are fucking stupid. why would someone change their pronouns, their life style, the way they look (depending on their transition), their name, possibly be disowned just to get into someone’s pants who thinks that transgirls trying to find love some how equals oppression. 

Holy jesus on a pogo stick.
Guys, have you ever noticed Riku dual wields? for like 0.3 sec. there, but he does.

No but, really. Look at this:

Here Sora is lending his keyblade to Riku. Notice how Sora’s hands are free:

Then Sora takes both back.

Which leads me to: look at how they dance around each other to perform this Limit.

I mean… not that I never paid attention to it but it always happens so fast there’s things you just miss, I guess? I’m just…. who plans the animations for this stuff? They are genius.



i had some idea once about some kind of like “season 2″ au kinda idea for a second story thingy mawhatsit like forever ago and i drew up refs and made up a story line and creatures and everything

this is the main cast of that

the story will have to be another post bc im literally on page 5 and im not even out of the first half of it someone stop me

i do know that the new order is still in the story bc they’re cool and the portal network is involved as well as the nether and also the blaze rods for a little bit. might find places for others too.

killfrost2  asked:

Have you met Sidon, the Zora prince yet? If so, isn't he dreamy? For a fish guy that is. xD Also he cracks me up. Most of the Zora crack me up in this game.

I LOVE SIDON I need to draw him ahh,

I was in the middle of hunting along a river side before I got to the zora people and once I interacted with one it was just a shit storm and I got accosted by 5 different zora at that point chillin in the water and they were all like ARE YOU A HYLIAN??? You SHOULD GO SEE THE PRINCE- like yes yes I know the Fish Prince of Bel-Air needs help ok I got it the fist four damn times actin like JabuJabu’s Witness BUT IM BUSY

I’m a ho for side quests and THEY JUST KEPT interrupting me SO IM LIKE FINE ILL GO SEE THE FISH STICK JESUS- then when I got to him I was like holy damn your Fineness I’m so sorry I didn’t know forgive me???

you’re so cute and happy Hyrule needs you ok; please stay precious and pure;;
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Okay, so admittedly I am only half way through, but do you remember the amazing anon I got the other day about the retired special agent Yuuri?  

Here it is and I am so excited jesus on a stick, and the writing is good I cry.
The Scars of Our Love, a supergirl fanfic | FanFiction
CollegeAU! After Lex Luthor is put into jail, National City is introduced to Lena Luthor the secret sister of Lex. No one trusts her except for our beloved Supergirl, Kara Danvers. While their friendship comes easily, the road to their relationship is long, rocky, and a complete mess.

I finally posted it. Jesus on a stick